Top 10 Best Weather Places In The World

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Climate is important in everyone’s life. People are drawn to reside in a city that has better conditions than their current location.

This is done in the same way. It is also why many wealthy Americans want to relocate to San Diego due to its lovely environment, which has been noted several times in Hollywood productions.

In our search for the countries with the best climate, we looked at not only the hard data temperatures, rainfall, and humidity but also the comfort level of each destination’s climate, which we determined by speaking with ex-pats and our correspondents on the ground in each country during our research.

With everything from sunny beaches to damp jungles, we’ve examined every sort of locale that each nation has to offer to help retirees discover the location that best meets their needs.

Here are the Top 10 Best Places around the world which has the best Weather throughout the year.


10. San Diego (USA)

San Diego (USA)

San Diego, the southernmost of the South Pacific U.S. towns, has a wonderful climate that has developed due to the impact of the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

The summers in California are pleasant because of the cold streams that run across the state, preventing excessive heat. At the same time, the steady warmth of the water ensures that winter temperatures remain reasonably high throughout the season.
The temperature in the city ranges from 19 to 25 degrees Celsius, and the Weather is bright and dry during the whole calendar year. The climate in the area is eerily similar to the climate in the southern Spanish province of Andalusia, which is not surprising.

The nice temperature of San Diego has been highlighted several times in Hollywood productions, and it is also one of the reasons many wealthy Americans want to relocate here.

9. Costa del Sol (Spain)

The southern coast of Spain is a favorite wintering destination for millions of Europeans and visitors from other colder parts of the globe.

The Mediterranean coast of Andalusia is Europe’s hottest and sunniest area, with temperatures averaging 27 degrees Celsius (except for the Canary Islands).

In contrast to the Caribbean, the winter here is brief, but it is still recommended to visit during the 2-3 months when daytime temperatures are about 17-18 degrees, rather than during the 6-month wet season. The Mediterranean Sea has a significant effect and helps maintain a pleasant and healthy climate throughout the year.

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Some experts believe that the shore of the Costa del Sol has a tropical micro-climate of its own, owing to the unusually high temperatures for Europe. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures averaging approximately 29°C. This region has a usually arid environment, with plenty of sunshine available throughout the whole year.


8. The city of Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Brazil’s biggest city is situated amid the tropics of South America, making it a popular tourist destination. A high plateau not far from the ocean’s edge serves as the setting for this town. While both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are located at about the same latitude, the temperature in Sao Paulo is much colder and more pleasant.

Throughout the year, temperatures fluctuate between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius. The moderate environment of Sao Paulo, like that of Mexico City, impresses the city’s enormous population.


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7. Mexico City (Mexico)

Mexico City (Mexico)


Mexico City is a capital city with a pleasant tropical mountain environment that is ideal for outdoor activities. The city’s high altitude protects it from the unbearable heat that is characteristic of tropical climates.

Temperatures here vary from 21 to no more than 27°C throughout the summer months, with wet Weather prevalent during the latter part of the year. The hottest month is May, and the coldest month is December, respectively. The mild temperature of Mexico City is one of the factors contributing to the city’s large population.

6. Bermuda Islands

The Bermuda Islands have one of the greatest climates on the planet, and they are located in the Atlantic Ocean.
Even though the islands are situated in the subtropics, they have a tropical climate that is neither hot nor cold.
This is due to the warm Gulf Stream, which transports warm water from the United States to Europe.

From 21°C in January to 30°C in August, the temperature here is rather pleasant. The water functions as a natural air conditioner, keeping the temperature fairly nice all year.

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5. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, located near the Pacific Ocean’s equator, have a spectacular tropical environment because of their location.

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The temperature ranges from 21 to 28 degrees Celsius. Weather is usually dry and pleasant at this time of year.

The first six months of the year are warm and fairly humid, with little precipitation. Beautiful Weather is one of the reasons why the animal and plant worlds of this region have thrived to such an extraordinary degree.

The lack of high temperatures makes the Galapagos environment tolerable for visitors. In addition, there are no storms, and the Pacific seas are quite nice and reasonable in temperature in the summer.

4. The country of Costa Rica

Costa Rica, like Kenya, has a pleasant mild sub-equatorial climate with plenty of sunshine. Climate is consistent throughout the year, ranging between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius, making the nation particularly popular among those looking for a tropical paradise to invest in property.
The environment is humid, although the rainstorms are typically brief. Days with no sun are quite unusual in practice. You will find the Weather to be fairly pleasant, without feeling overheated or too chilly.

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3. Hawaii Islands (USA)

Hawaii is the sunniest and hottest in the United States, yet it does not have particularly hot summers. There is no rainy season, no hurricanes, and no general severe weather conditions in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Dust levels in Hawaii are very low, comparable to those in the Canary Islands. The islands are situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have a major role in the moderate climate.

This explains Hawaii’s reputation as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Throughout the year, temperatures fluctuate between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Precipitation increases significantly in the winter but is generally average throughout the year, except for the summer.


2. Mombasa is the second-most populous city in Kenya (Kenya)

Because of its proximity to the equator, Nairobi, Kenya’s second-biggest city, and the surrounding resorts enjoy a pleasant temperature throughout the year. From January through December, the temperature is constantly between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Neither more nor less is required. There is usually constantly changeable cloudiness, which serves as a constant reminder that you are near the equator and should be prepared for light rain at any time. Light clouds make the Weather seem a bit colder throughout the year, with temperatures ranging between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. As we all know, it is the sun that makes the heat so unbearable to endure.

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Aside from that, there is practically never any wind near the equator. Generally speaking, the Weather and circumstances are good for tourism and enjoyment throughout the whole year.


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1. The Canary Islands (Spain)

The Canary Islands, which are located on the coast of Africa, are part of Spanish territory. They have one of the nicest climates on the planet, if not the best.

There is summer every month of the year, or, to put it another way, there is perpetual spring. Normally, locations situated south of the 30th parallel suffer from the very hot tropical temperature, but these islands are an exception to the rule.
Climate is chilly because of the cold Canary stream that flows across the islands.

The water temperature remains between 19- and 25-degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

This keeps the temperature from fluctuating too much. During the summer, daytime temperatures reach around 26°C, while winter temperatures reach approximately 21°C. Even the most discriminating individuals can withstand the Weather to a great extent.

The Weather is generally dry, and the likelihood of encountering wet conditions is low. The northern section of Tenerife, on the other hand, receives very significant rainfall, with wet days occasionally exceeding 15 in a month.
Hurricanes are absent because they occur in warm ocean waters, which are not present since the seawater temperatures are moderate.

With very minimal annual temperature fluctuations, the islands are neither chilly nor hot. Furthermore, it is comforting to know that the Canary Islands are among the areas on the earth where the air is the purest and the dust is the least.



Personal tastes may play a role in determining what constitutes “the finest weather.” It is possible that some individuals like warmer Weather, while others prefer colder temps.

The nations in this list have various climates, including hot, chilly, humid, and rainy conditions. Take, for example, Mexico, which has primarily sunny days and is ideal for those seeking a warm climate. For a moderate environment, visit Spain. For Weather that spans from tropical to arctic, go to the United States.


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