Top 15 Most Expensive showers in the World

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The elegance and class, are both features that can be found through anything but they always make sure to leave a long-lasting and forever impression on the other person.

When we talking about showers, we might hear people saying to buy any of them because all of them serve the same purpose, then this article must differ and give them a view of how every one of them is distinguished from others.

Showers do not only serve the purpose of flowing water, but also others. Several showers are expensive but they are luxurious and elegant.

Here is the list of the world’s most expensive showers and as well as the reason is attached for justifying it to be expensive. Stay tuned with us.


15). Rain Shower from Joerger

Most Expensive showers in the World

Source: Jörger Armaturen

An enormous rain shower like the latest Rainshower from Joerger is something unbelievable. An oversized shower of rain naturally gives you the pleasure to enjoy your showering experience.

The Rainshower looks are not only impressive in it. There are hundreds of outlets on a large square in stainless steel panel, so the waterfalls like a cloud explosion. It also has a futuristic look from the inside by the LED lights. Give your wishes to Joerger’s latest Rainshower.

This shower gives the impression of a person being so elegant and classy in his choice. This shower is considered the most expensive one but it gives the perks of being the witness of its relaxation. The price of a Rainshower from Joerger is USD 1,000.


14). Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter Expensive Shower

Source: Bath Fitter

If you want to feel like a large new tub or simply watch out for the shower easily, Bath Fitter’s bright, acrylic shower liners are the easiest way for your bathroom to be refurbished.

Custom shower liners from Bath Fitter match like a glove on your existing machine.

Simply remove the grout and scrub off smooth wall liners quickly. This Bath fitter is designed to work for a long period and it works even for a life-long. Not only for bathing purposes, but this shower is also designed for high qualities features.

It is made by seeing all the needs of a person; thus, it fulfills all of them with its super amazing features. It is manufactured by Dreamline.

The color of this shower is chrome and it has a corner shape. Because of these features, we do not doubt it is the most expensive shower. The price of this shower is USD 1000.


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13). Ariel Platinum DS202

Ariel Platinum DS202

Source: Ariel Bath

For anyone who loves spa a lot and tired of going to any spa then this is their right choice. It’s just like opening your spa at home.

Not just aromatherapy is provided in this shower but also Chroma therapy which is icing on the cake. It has features such as a combination unit for steam / dry sauna (220V), timer computer control, Steam sauna (3KW generator), Dry sauna (3KW heater), included hot stones and bucket water as well as sliding gates.

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But its lure is the massage of acupuncture jets. It is black in color and rectangular in shape. It’s worth is USD 1,900. Do you think the price justifies it?


12). Body Spa shower system

Body Spa shower system Expensive Shower

Source: EiEiHome

K-1000-H2-CP Kohler Kohler’s BodySpa Shower provides unparalleled Bodyspa Dusch massage with chromotherapy lighting and waterfall control, remote control and variable water flow control to ensure that any time you shower you will have a customized bathing experience.

Every shower has a specialty and this shower has the specialty of having 10 shower jets that flow 80 gallons of water in a minute.

It is customized in shape and gets adjust according to one’s wishes. This shower is for those who want to flow within the flow of water and for them it cost USD 2,000.


11). Royal B-602 Steam Shower

Royal B-602 Steam Shower


Discover the delight of your own Royal B-602 steam tub. These systems are fully loaded steam shower boxes equipped for your healing experience, with a built-in steam generator, water pump, and radio/CD ready.

We believe that with all the elements of this Steam Bath Cabin you will have absolute comfort and tranquility. Look down for all of this steam shower’s functionality and comprehensive requirements. The concept of this shower is to bring the sensation of steam water and relax the muscles of a being.

Its attraction is the sole massage. Transparent in color and rectangular in shape, the Royal B-602 Steam Shower worth is USD 2,730.


10). AmeriSteam P-219

Top 15 Most Expensive showers in the World

Source: PassionBuz

AmeriSteam P-219 shower is best for a therapeutic experience. It is enclosed in a kind of room which ensures the right pressure of water.

Its best feature is the balancing of hot and cold water. It provides the best and soothing experiences to its users. However, it is debatable because it is made of material and stuff which is considered incredibly awful.

It is transparent in color and rectangular in shape. The price of this shower revolves around USD 3,290.


9). Ariel Platinum DZ959 Shower

Ariel Platinum DZ959 Shower

Source: Atlas USA

By seeing its appearance, it gives a winning gleam in the eyes because it looks super luxurious and admirable. It is greatly beneficial for its users.

It has chemotherapy lightening, it provided the most soothing and relaxing bath. But its qualities do not halt here. It has massage jets and temperature controlling of hot and cold water.

It has a handheld showerhead and rainfall ceiling shower. It is classy black in color and rectangular. Ariel, the manufacture of Ariel Platinum DZ959 Shower has set its worth like USD 3980.

The way the water flows away from all the stress and tension from the body makes one realize that it is worth the price.


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8). PST Rain Shower

PST Rain Shower

Source: eBay

PST rain shower gives the pleasure of enjoying the shower. It has thermostatic faucets with a balance of cold and hot water which is its biggest feature.

It has a brass surface finish line. It has reliability which is known and spread worldwide. It gives a massage water shower which cools the senses of tiresome.

Temperature controlled and qualitative water pressures are the perks that make it on the list of most expensive showers.  It is rectangular in shape, black in color, and manufactured by PST as evident by the name.

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7). Steam Shower Room

Steam Shower Room


ntent -->

Have you not guessed from the name yet? It may have a room and high technologies items. Yeah, right. But, it has not a mere relaxation machine; it has got a computerized massage steam room.

It has waterproof LCD TV of 8.4 inches. The eye-catching features of this shower are acupuncture massage jets of 12 points, 6 big whirlpool bath jets, and 13 whirlpool bubble baths.

In addition to it, the most amazing features it has are the radio and mp3 system. What else one needs the shower to be like? If you want to have the perks of this shower then you need to spend USD 4299 on this.


6). Axor Shower

Axor Shower Expensive Shower

Source: Hansgrohe INT

When we look at the Axor shower picture, we may ask ourselves that will it fit in. so do not be afraid of how it looks because it really can be customized to anywhere in your home. Bring it is like bringing your spa in your home.

Sounds interesting, yeah? It can be set vertically and horizontally. It has a single jet which can be changed into many according to one’s wish and preference.

The manufacturer is Phillipe Starck. Its price depends on the user choice as I have already mentioned about the customized options according to the wish of the user but it revolves around USD 6,810.


5). Colore Chemotherapy shower

Colore Chemotherapy shower


Don’t you think that with this busy life, we have forgotten to bring colors into our life? Yes, we do have. To pull us out of the shell of colorless life, Ponsi has manufactured an amazing creation, to color our lives and give a new breath to us.

The specialty of this shower is LED lights and not only one but 9 different LED color lights. And we can change them as per our wish.

The soothing temperature of the water, when it gets mixed with monochromatic led color lights, it gives a sensational and spellbound feeling which arises a calm feeling in a person. It is rectangular and it has got the price of USD 8,000.


4). Rainsky shower

Rainsky shower Most Expensive showers in the World

Source: Dornbracht

As it is evident from the name, it gives a person the feeling of nature or maybe the rain? So if you have guessed it the same then you are right.

This shower is specially designed for people who want to have the feeling of standing under the raindrops and hear the pitter-patter of raindrops. It has got an electronic control panel which is controlled by the school system.

The head spray, body spray, and as well curtain are selected through the panel. It depends on the person if he wants to have access to all three options or just one. It is silver in color and it has a square or rectangular shape.

It is yet another amazing creation of Dornbracht and its worth in the market is matching with its capabilities. It is $12,000 USD.


3). Horizontal Shower

Horizontal Shower

Source: Dornbracht

This shower is dedicated to all those people who yearn to enjoy the shower in a lying and comfortable position. As it is evident from the name, this shower is available in a horizontal position. It is another expensive and super luxurious shower in the world.

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It has got shower jets that are customized with the temperature setting module which makes it easy for a user to set the temperature to whatever suits them. The manufacturer of this shower is Dornbracht who has made efforts to make it as relaxing as possible.

The color it has is white grey which is soothing for the eyes. The price at which a person can buy it is USD 24,549.


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2). Aqua Symphony

Aqua Symphony Expensive Shower

Source: REUTER

Being the perfect combo of Modern SPA and digital technologies, Aqua Symphony is known to the object which has been taken from heaven to earth. Have you ever seen how does it look like? It is a super luxury-looking shower that has a calm, soothing sound and the multi-colored light curtain gives a person peace of mind.

It’s a spa area, a spot where the water takes its own life. Aqua Symphony deals with water to create complex harmonies that are continually evolving. Think of the joy you expect.

The quality that has been used here is of Grohe and technology is used of the finest Germany which makes it valuable for the life-long.

Bokoma spray gives the luxury and aesthetic feeling of massage. Not just a one but it has got 6 different spray modes and still do we ask ourselves that why it is the second most expensive shower in the world? If one wants to enjoy the luxury of this shower then it would cost them USD 24,866.


1). Omega Morphosis

Omega Morphosis Most Expensive showers in the World

Source: ArchiExpo

Leading the list and winning the charm, Omega Morphosis by Jacuzzi has been considered as the world’s most expensive shower in the world.

It is designed like a timeless and universal object, and not influenced by passing fashions and trends. It provides an esthetical effect that reflects emotion through the purity of its shapes, never before experienced and experienced.

The wooden seat is the ideal rain tub, 4 hydraulic massage jets, a steam generator, and the icing.

It is provided with the sitting position because it has been provided with a wooden seat and one can enjoy it in a standing position as well.

It depends on the user. Its transparent and dark colors give aesthetic pleasure to the one who has been tired the whole day.

It has a water gliding system that is smooth and does not suffocate one. Being the most expensive shower in the world, the market worth of this shower is more than the rest. The value of this shower is USD 27,000.



The best way to relax your body and give a note of peace to your soul is to take a shower. We start our day with a shower and do end it with it.

The shower does not work for a single purpose, but plenty of them. It depends on what people want they want it to be. These modern and high technology showers are stylish, dignified, and graceful and most of them are even customized to which we can make with our wish.

Having one of them for once is like having it for a lifetime. They do differ in qualities and features but every one of them is greater than the other and they give immense pleasures of bath in them.

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