Top 10 Highest Paid Sports In the world

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Sports is one of the world’s most passionate and common forms of entertainment. If it’s a competition, athletes work blood and sweat down to the top. And there are impressive benefits of immense hard work.

After the end of their career, athletes reap billions by approvals or get into the sport’s broadcasting and media market. Top stars such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Ronaldo have made millions in excellence.

But not all of them have the caliber to be highest. You may also want to take a peek at this list of the world’s best-paid sports before selecting a sports profession for you or maybe your little one.

This list is based on a typical sport where athletes being paid higher, So let’s start the discussion.


10). Auto Racing

 Highest Paid Sports In the world

Source: Britannica

Auto racing is a road racing sport involving competition from cars (also known as automotive racing), street racing, or automotive racing. Since the advent of the car, car racing has occurred.

There were numerous races, the first being registered in 1867. Many of the early activities have been reliability tests, which seek to demonstrate the realistic mode of transport for these modern vehicles but have quickly become an essential tool for automakers to demonstrate their machines.

By the 1930s, specialists were developing race cars. Numerous divisions now exist, each with separate rules and regulations. By 2021 the entire global car racing industry’s market cap has reached $5 billion.

The 6,5 billion dollar benchmark is scheduled for 2022. And that feat alone has this year won it the spot among the world’s wealthiest sports. By 2021 racing stars had an average annual salary of $70,000.

However, in major competitions such as the Grand American Rolex Series, pro drivers win up to $200,000 a race.

Formula One, one of the most significant auto racing events in the past season, has achieved an annual income of $1,830 million.

Any F1 team has a decent proportion of $166.4 million. This year Sebastian Vettel was also among the 20 top 20 athletes.


9). Tennis

Paid Sports

Source: The Economic Times

Tennis is a competition with rackets, played independently between two opponents and a single opponent.

The tennis racket is tied with the cord for each player to hit the hole rubber ball with felt-covered over or across the net and into the courtyard of the opponent. Olympic tennis is a sport practiced at every level of society in every generation.

In reality, tennis was referred to as real tennis, not lawn tennis, for much of the 19th century. Not only are some of the best tennis players in this sport, but also some of the wealthiest.

The tennis industry’s gross market caps this year amounted to $6.06 billion. In 2021, this importance itself contributed to making this sport one of the world’s wealthiest sports.

Although the total wage of professional tennis players grew just 1,1 percent last year, it reached almost 300,000 dollars.

And there are still millions of basketball players. The overall prize money granted by ATP Finals was nearly $4.5 million.

The French Open, or one of the best tennis tournaments, Roland Garros, has raised nearly $2.6 million this year in prize money.

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With a gross revenue of 77,2 million dollars, Roger Federer ranks in the top ten high-paying athletes in 2021. Furthermore, with net revenue of 41.4 million dollars, he also ranked in the top 20


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8). Boxing

Highest Paid Sports In The World

Source: The Guardian

These days, amateurs and experienced boxers are primarily seen in the country. In the Olympics, amateur boxers are typically honored with coveted honors.

But in professional boxing, the real money flows. Last year, only the professional boxing business of the promoter received $ 348.4 million.

Furthermore, a decent boxer earns an average annual income of around $50,000. Who can forget about the bout of 4.6 million buys of PPV from Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao?

Moreover, the war of the century produced a turnover of $410 million. This year, one of the most prominent boxers, Floyd Mayweather, has added gross earnings of 285 Million Dollars to the list of best-paying athletes. With his prize money, he won $275 million, and the rest came from his backing.


7). Cricket

Cricket Highest Paid Sports

Source: Hunter and Bligh

This sport is being performed by only 15 countries and is active in international competitions. However, it certainly merits its spot in the world’s richest sports this year because of its overall cash flow.

According to the latest estimates, the gross industry value of cricket has been estimated to have reached $6 billion this year. Also, in 2021 the professional cricketer’s annual gross earnings have affected almost $60,000.

One of the most significant cricket events, the Indian Premier League, had earned $633.62 million last season. Besides, each franchise of that tournament bagged $79.2 million in revenue on average.

Plus, every year, there are five significant leagues (BBL, PSL, BPL, T20 Blast, T10 League), which have a total revenue of 5.6 Billion in which IPL worth 4.16 billion alone.


6). Golf


Source: The Irish Times

Recently known as the rich people’s game, Golf has seen a sharp increase in popularity. It’s not about glory, but just for the money, this sport brings.

According to new studies, the world’s overall valuation of the golf industry has now reached $7 billion. A pro-golfer, on average, raises about $80,000 a year in golf tours.

And these days, millions of great players win. The United States Open was one of the best PGA tours last year with a cumulative budget of $10 million, enough to describe it as one of the wealthiest sports. Last year’s highest finisher won 1,8 million dollars alone from the tournament.

Tiger Woods won 43.3 million dollars last year, particularly from golfing stars, one of the best golfers ever. He has earned 29.9 million dollars by tournament awards and 13 million dollars through his backing deals.


5). Football

Paid Sports

Source: The Physio Company

Football is a team sports family which takes a ball to score a goal to varying degrees. The term football, unqualified, usually means the most common type of football used.

Football sports are also known as football; football gridiron; Australian soccer; football rugby; and Gaelic soccer. These different football types have similar roots and are recognized as football codes to differing degrees.

The codification of these games at the English public schools in the 19th century is new football codes.

By the end of the 19th century, different regional codes had already developed: Gaelic football intentionally adapted the rules of local traditional soccer matches to preserve their heritage.

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Created in England in 1888, The Football League became the first competitive soccer contest. Several different types of football have developed into one of the most common team sports in the world since the 20th century.

The world’s most famous games, soccer or soccer, have a high share of all sports in the industry. Premier League generated revenues of $5,430 million last year, estimating its income by a team of $267 million.

And this feat helped him win his right nowadays position among the world’s wealthiest athletes. This year’s top 3 high-pay athletes are ranked by two of the best footballers of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

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Messi made a combined of $111 million and $108 million this year bagged by Ronaldo.


4). Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Sports

Source: Imperial College Union

The national hockey league of North America is the top level for men’s ice hockey and the world’s strongest professional ice hockey league.

The International Ice Hockey Federation, which runs and holds the IIHF World Ranking is a formal governing body for international ice hockey. Ice hockey federations are formed in 76 countries worldwide.

The name “ice hockey” is more common in areas where hockey is more often referred to as field hockey, like South America, Asia, Africa, Australasia, and some European countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

In Canada, Nordic countries, and some other European countries, the sport is commonly referred to as hockey. In the 1880s, Amateur ice hockey leagues started, and about 1900, professional ice hockey began.

First honored in 1893 with the recognition of the Canadian amateur champion, the ice hockey club’s logo was given the Stanley Cup, which eventually became the NHL Title Trophy.

Since 1953 teams outside the Big Six have won just five awards. Unlike the annual World Championships and Quadrennial Olympic Competition administered by the International Ice Hockey Federation, the National Hockey League, and the National Hockey Players’ Association organize the World Cup.


3). American Football

American Football

Source: Collins Dictionary

U.S. football is a team of sports played on a rectangular field by two teams of eleven, with goals at either end known only as football in the U.S. and Canada and also known as Gridiron.

The insult, the oval soccer squad, tries by rushing or passing the ball down the line, while the defensive team without the possession of the ball is trying to hinder the advance of the offense and gain care of the ball itself.

Canadian football is also presented several of the characteristics that differentiate American football from rugby and soccer. American football sometimes dubbed the Gridiron, merits a third spot ranking the world’s wealthiest sports in 2021.

According to new estimates, the industrial sector now has a valuation of around $200 billion. The gross salary of the National Football League members this year amounts to $2.4 million. Of course, both franchises’ signature players receive even more.


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2). Basketball

Basketball Highest Paid Sports

Source: MasterClass

Basketball is a competition for teams where two teams, usually five players each, compete against each other on a rectangular court, with the primary purpose of shooting basketball at the defender’s hoop while stopping opponents from fired at each other.

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The top player is the center, the second-highest and most vital is the power forward, while the smallest is a marginally shorter but agile forward, and the shortest players or best ball handlers are the shooter and the point guard.

They manage offensive and defensive gaming by implementing the game plan of the coach. First, Michael Jordan raised the world’s awareness of these sports, but it is very popular in the USA since the start.

According to new estimates, basketball currently has a worldwide market cap valued at $90 billion. And the U.S. has the most significant share of it, without any hesitation.

Any NBA player will now get an estimated annual salary of almost US$3.8 million in 2021. In their investments, they even have major support deals. Profit generated by the National Basketball Association last year was $6,271. And every NBA franchise reported $209 million in annual sales this year.

These statistics, of course, led to it being the second largest in our 2021 ranking of the wealthiest sports.

This year’s LeBron James basketball star won $85.5 million. His staff paid him $33.5 million in salaries, and his approval agreements paid him $52 million.


1). Baseball


Source: Barnes & Noble

Basketball has a smaller market share and the world’s richest sport, but its top ranking is thanks to the players’ great annual gross wage. Today, an athlete who is involved in MLB makes an $8.5 million gross yearly wage.

Other than that, the players of the flagship benefit. The income of baseball today is about $40 billion for the industry. Significantly few countries are participating in this sport, however.

The Major League baseball tournament produced 8,957 million dollars last year. Also, every team raised $298.6 million on average this year.

The first one to win $34.5 million last year was Clayton Kershaw, one of the top Baseball stars. Baseball is not surprisingly the top-paying sport in the world.

As well as earning millions a year in salaries, the top basketball players in the MLB earn a lot more money than any other sport from their additional support.



Sport is a very profitable market in the 21st century, producing annual revenues of billions of dollars.

It is not an easy job to develop which sport is the richest in the world, with experts vary in their opinion of how this can be calculated.

These above sports are the richest and most viewed sports worldwide, and watching them live on the ground is a dream come true feeling for a fan.


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