Top 15 Most Expensive Tattoo Artists in the world

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Art is in whatever form; art is art, and it can never die. The same goes for tattooing. Who thought that the art of making and bland tattoos on the skin and different parts of bodies can be an incredible skill? Well, it is considered one of the most remarkable skills and is being done throughout the world.

Many renowned artists and other than them, familiar people have craze of having tattoos. Many marvelous tattoo artists have made their name in the list of most expensive and wealthiest artists, but they are deserving because their art is spellbinding and fabulous.

Do you want to explore them? Maybe it would ignite a fire in you to have one in your skin. Let’s explore the top 15 most expensive Tattoo Artists in the world.


15: Oliver Peck ($100/Hr)

Oliver Peck Tattoo Artists

Source: MEAWW

Oliver Peck has a world record, Guinness, in 24 hours for making the most tattoos. He already has done 415 tattoos in that short time. He was also an Ink Masters judge.

He currently owns tattoo stores in Texas otherwise. If he’s not on the screen, he holds and runs two shops in Texas that are around one hundred dollars per hour in his service.


14: Mike Rubendall ($125/Hr)

Mike Rubendall Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Source: Tattoodo

Mike Rubendall is a tattoo artist based in New York, but mainly in Massapequa. In 2015, his resident studio on Bowery, Kings Avenue, was ranked as the top 5 studio in New York City by Inked, while the Huffington Post called him one of the tops “cities incubators” in 2014, followed by Instagram and New York (magazine).

This hot name in the world of tint is owned by Kings Avenue in Long Island. He is internationally well known for winning fifty awards for his work.

In VICE, as part of Tattoo Age, seasons 2 and 5 of the Ink Master, Tattoo Wars, Prick, was Inked’s guest editors, as well as the Garage magazine’s Inked propagation, together with Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst.


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13: Dave Tedder ($150/Hr)

Dave Tedder Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Source: The Custom Tattoo Company

Before becoming a tattoo artist, Dave worked as a piercer in South Carolina. First, he was to Florida, where he learned more about specialist tattooing, and his career began.

Dave Tedder started his career as a piercer, but only because he knew it would bring him into the world of ink. He was right, as it turns out, and he soon moved from piercings to tattoos, a long dream in his life.

Like many artists, he is well renowned for his massive and complex Asian background.


12: Bob Tyrrell ($155/Hr)

Bob Tyrrell Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Bob Tyrrell

Bob Tyrrell is an American tattoo artist currently located in Eastpointe, Michigan, born on November 4, 1962. Tyrrell was born in Detroit, Michigan, and in his thirties, he started to tattoo.

He was in LA Ink and London Ink and is best remembered for tattooing the back of Kid Rock. Like most unbelievable artists, Bob also makes other forms of art and advertises his own commodities.

The work of Bob is known for his photoreal qualities and pieces of horror. As a jury member in 2012, he took part in the first Chaudesaigues Award, an award that honors the career and work of tattoo artists.

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The 2012 World Wide Tattoo Conference was also attended by Tyrrell. In late 2012, he popped up as a special guest judge on an episode of the Ink Master.

If you want Frankenstein’s Bride of a still shot of your arm’s original film, you need this artist, but you should also keep in your mind that he charges $155 per hour, which cannot be affordable for everyone.


11: Keith Underwood ($200/Hr)

Keith Underwood

Source: Taylor Street Tattoo

Austin Tattoo Company and Taylor Street Tattoo are owned by Keith. In the tattoo world, he was raised as a mainstream tattoo artist.

Keith learned conventional inking methods from being a Mike “Rollo Banks” apprentice Malone, who worked with Ed Hardy and Collins, both unbelievable and customary tattooist artists. He is also known for the art of his street style.

You ought to go to his new shop in Austin, Texas, with at least $200 in pockets to get one of his tattoos engraved on your skin. His first shop in Chicago, Illinois, was Taylor Street Tattoo and Body Piercing.


10: Katherine Von Drachenberg (Kat Von D) ($210/Hr)

Katherine Von DrachenberMost Expensive Tattoo Artists g


The United States tattoo artist, model, venture capitalist, and recording artist Katherine Von Drachenberg (born March 8, 1982) is recognized as Kat von D.

The tattoo artist, model, and celebrity from Mexico is one of the world’s most paid tattoo artists. She is known primarily as a tattoo artist at TLC reality TV show LA Ink, which made its debut on August 7, 2007, in the United States and lasted for four seasons.

She’s also known for being Kat von D Beauty’s former head (renamed KVD Vegan Beauty). In May 2021, Kat Von D unveiled her newly released album Love Made Me It, her first single “Exorcism.”

Her 1st book, High Voltage Tattoo, gathering her works of art and tattoos, was released in January 2009 with a preface by Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe and reached #6 on the Best Seller list of The New York Times.

Her second book, The Tattoo Chronicles, was published on October 26, 2010, and was posted on the #3 best-seller list of the New York Times “Hardcover Advice & Misc.”

after a year in her lifetime. Von D developed and launched a Sephora maquillage line in 2008. Her style and elegance differ her from other artists. She has set her goals on another level and is recognized as a brand artist who takes $ 210 from her clients with a single appointment.


9: Jonathan Valena (JonBoy) ($300/Hr)

Jonathan Valena (JonBoy)

Source: New York Post

He is also known to incarnate the face of Justin Bieber. Besides Justin and Hailey, his client list includes Kendall Jenner, Travis Scott, and Zayn Malik, who are entirely attracted to JonBoy’s micro tattoos.

JonBoy, a former minister of the youth, met Hailey Baldwin Bieber through Hillsong’s Christian megachurch. When Hailey was 18, she got her first JonBoy tattoo: her parent’s Roman numerals wedding date on her wrist.

He has been a tattoo artist for years and is now releasing his first trademark clothing products in cooperation with the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.


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8: Paul Booth ($310/Hr)

Paul Booth Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Source: Big Tattoo Planet

Paul Booth is a New York City Tattoo artist, painter, filmmaker, and musician. Booth is recognized for his tattoo work of black and grey tint, which depicts pieces of dark surrealism.

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A cult follower worldwide, he was well-known to rock bands including Slipknot, Mudvayne, Slayer, Pantera, Soulfly, and Sepultura. Paul started his tattoo journey as a child when paul, even then, displayed a passion for art.

Extremely self, he found comfort in dark and horrifying paintings. He creates a hybrid approach that offers a texture and profound art that makes his paintings visually unique and realistic. If you can carry his style, it will cost you $ 310 for a single appointment.


7: Dr. Woo ($400/Hr)

Dr. Woo Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Source: Deadline

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Before becoming a tattoo artist for celebrities like Drake, Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles, Cara Delevingne, and Chiara Ferragni, Brian Woo is already known for his work to famous artists like Drake Kendall Jenner and Care Delevingne as well as for fans.

An opportunity to train with one of his tattoo idols, Mark Mahoney, managed to pull Woo away from the mode in those early years, but it also hurt him back into the industry in a circuitous way.

He started to work at Mahoney’s legendary Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, where he took Dr. Woo’s surname, developing his technique as a black and grey tattooist and specialized in single-needle fine lines.

The celebrity cliental of Shamrock began to notice Woo’s artistry, and ultimately his work became so demanding that he started his own shop, known by his name as Hideaway at Suite X. Your appointment with Dr. Woo will charge around $400.

6: Eva KRBDK ($400/Hr):

Eva KRBDK Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Source: Trend Hunter

Eva stands out since all her tattoos are in a small circle. Even if the tattoos are tiny, the prices are not. Eva Krbdk is one of Turkey’s most famous tattoo artists.

She’s presently in New York, and her personal talent is becoming increasingly popular every day, and her experience has made her more costly.

However, her work is very unique since she is one of the few artists recognized to create these aesthetically pleasing works of art.


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5: Bang Bang ($400/Hr)

Bang Bang Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Source: NY Daily News

McCurdy, Keith Scott “Bang Bang” (born November 28, 1985) is a New York-based American famous tattoo artist. To follow his passion, he left high school to pursue his tattoo love.

McCurdy got his 1st tattoo when he was 15 years old when his parents honored a deal to consent to the honor roll.

Soon he became a tattoo artist and tattooed a weapon on one corner of his neck, along with the lettering of his professional surname “Bang Bang.”

He has worked with leading customers, including Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lebron James, and is considered by many to be the best. However, Bang Bang is most likely renowned for tattooing Justen Bieber at 30,000 feet (while flying).

You can fix your art, whatever your style, at Bang Bang shop, but you have to pay the bill for top-level work, which can extend to $ 400.


4: Anil Gupta ($450/Hr)

Anil Gupta Most Expensive Tattoo Artists


Do you want to hear an astonishing fact? This universal tattoo artist who is insanely famous for his tattoo artistry didn’t have a single skin tattoo until he became one.

He broke all the stereotypes that artists must experiment with art upon themselves first. Only years after his victory, Guy Atchison and Paul Booth finally spoke of getting a few small tattoos.

In contrast to other tattoo artists, Anil only had several tattoos on his back. Gupta stepped out for his realistic portraits, and he even tattooed people’s pictures of Leonardo da Vinci.

His work is truly stunning, in other words. His biomechanical wonder is probably our favorite of any other Biomech artist than H.R. Geiger in the world (and he never tattooed). His tattoo studio is in Manhattan, New York.

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You will be charged $450 an hour for a tattoo meeting with Anil Gupta. Can you afford it?


3: Ami James ($500/Hr)

Ami James Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Source: Behance

Ami James is famous wildly, which is why he can afford such exorbitant costs for his work. The blockbuster tattoo reality TV shows Miami Ink and NY Ink are incredibly popular. Ami is an American-Israeli tattoo artist, famous, and businessman.

He is a tattoo artist who has trained under the artist Lou of Tattoos by Lou. After having received his tattoo at the age of 15, he was determined to become a tattoo artist. In 1992, he began his apprenticeship at Tattoos by Lou with the tattoo artist Lou.

He is co-owner (in conjunction with Chris Núñez) of Miami Beach, Florida’s Love-Hate Tattoo room, the subject of TLC reality TV, Miami Ink.

James also co-founded Tattoodo, a customized tattoo design online platform launched on May 9, 2013. You are charged $500 an hour for each Ami James tattoo session because it is insane, as its name is called a brand.


2: Scott Campbell ($1,000/Hr)

Scott Campbell Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Source: Page Six

The American artist and tattoo artist Scott Campbell, born May 13, 1977, has impressive customers such as Howard Stern, Sting, Robert Downey Jr, Courtney Love, Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett & Marc Jacobs.

Although he might be best known for his breathtaking art, Scott could be the only painter known for his excessive rates on this list.

The artist from Williamsburg does impressive work in nearly any style you can dream of. Scott owns the Tattoo Saved, and he’s got a long queue.

A Scott Campbell tattoo session costs not less than $1,000 per hour. He is known for his abilities in typography and antique tattoos.

He has also chosen to make some curated paintings. His art skills go beyond the tattoo artists. As he is second on the list and is considered one of the most talented and fabulous wealthiest tattoo artists, getting his appointment is like finding a needle in the water.


1: Ed Hardy ($1,500/Hr)

Ed Hardy Most Expensive Tattoo Artists

Source: MoMA

Who thought how much tattoo artists have expanded their wealth through tattooing? Ed Hardy is undoubtedly the finest and excellent example of it.

Don Ed Hardy (1945) is an American tattoo artist born in Newport Beach, California He is famous for his tattoos, his strong influence on modern styles, and his eponymous clothing and accessories brand.

Don Ed is the highest-paid tattoo artist and the wealthiest, with a net value of 250 million dollars. This is not even close to the value of other tattoo artists worldwide; he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Institute of Art in San Francisco.

He analyzed under Hori hide, a Japanese tattoo genius who greatly influences his style with Japan’s aesthetic beauty. He was assigned by Mayor Jerry Brown to the Oakland Cultural Arts Commission.

One of Hardy’s defining features is lifting tattoos from flash, preset and preformed tattoos to customized and personalized work. He was charging around $1,500 for an hour of tattooing before he retired.

But that doesn’t mean that Ed stopped for once. He still works in personal art and owns a tattoo room in San Francisco called Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City.

Ed was very serious about his work and even at the San Francisco Art Institute, where he graduated in printmaking with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Today Ed Hardy clothes are sold in Europe via mono-brand stores in Zalando, House of Fraser, and USC throughout China and in department stores worldwide.



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