Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

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List of Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020, Films and television shows featuring new generation actors and actresses are thriving and trying to improve the performance at the best level.

One common truth is that they are stunning for all movie actresses throughout the world. Their appearance is a bonus in their life.

We may address here in this article glamorous Korean actors, the most beautiful, talented, and beautiful of contemporary actresses.

We, as opposed to any Korean woman, have a special appearance trait, such as faultless eyes, lovely silky hair, innocents, and slender bodies. But, because everyone is excellent in her career, it is very difficult to rate them.



Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

She the South Korean actress Han Ji-min (born, 5 November 1982).In 2003, she starred in hit korean television dramas All In and Dae Jang Geum, making many commercial movies and music videos.

Han said that she didn’t think about being an actor, but she had changed her mind after playing in All In, where Song Hye-Kyo played the lead character of the teenage drama.

Han went on performing as a frustrated opposition fighter in Capital Scandal, with unforgettable turns in the historical drama Yi San.

In the coveted Blue Dragon and Baeksang Arts Awards and other valuable awards, Hans appeared in the film and won her the Best Actress Prize. In 2020, Han will be the star of Noh Hee-Kyung’s Here Series, which will revolve around NGO volunteers.

South Korean actresses are smart, attractive, beautiful and skilled (all not necessarily skilled). The list features popular South Korean actors, such as Jun Ji-Hyun, Shin-Hye Park, and 16 more. Many of South Korea’s most beautiful stars are here.



Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses

Son Ye-jin was the voice of Jung Mi-jo in 2000, filming Park Ki-hyungs Hidden Tears, who took the lead in tv dramas like Sun-hee and Jin-hee and Great Ambition.

In 2003 Summer Scent, the 3rd installment of the tetralogical show Endless Love, directed by Yoon Seok-ho, improved her status as a Hallyu star.

In 2006, she was made the highest-paying actress in the Korean television market, where her leading role in the SBS drama Alone in Love was promised a talent fee of KRW 50 million per season.

At the 25th Buil Film Awards, she won Best Actress and the 17th Busan Film Critics Awards for her achievement. In the hit-romance drama Crash Landing, 2019, Son met Hyun Bin as a wealthy heiress who fell in the heart of a commission officer from North Korea. This is the third highest-profile Korean drama in the history of cable television.


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 Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

Han Ye-seul is a South Korean actress born in the United States. She fluently speaks Korean and English. After winning the SBS Supermodel Contest in 2001, she started her modeling career in South Korea.

She debuted in the famous sitcom Nonstop 4 in 2003, under the stage name Han Ye-Seul. She has been playing leading roles since then in Couple and Trouble TV dramas (2006), Tazza (2008), and Birth of Love (2014), and in the movies Miss Gold Digger (2007) and Penny Pinchers (2011).

Han soon became popular and renounced U.S. citizenry in 2004 and proceeded to be an embodied South Korean citizen in Korea.

Her performances in Forbidden Love and That Summers Typhoon received poor reviews, where criticism rejects her mainly as a business model and not as an actual actress.


15). HAN GA-IN

Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses

The South Korean actress is Han Ga-in (born Kim Hyun-Joo on 25 February 1982). Early in her life, she appeared in the Yellow Handkerchief and Words of Endearment television series.

Her ventures in 2012 were highly successful, with her period drama Moon Welcoming the Sun leading the list of television ratings and reaching her movie, Architecture 101.

Hana-in was a high school student, and also was captured in interviews with other students, on KBS’s TV show, The Golden Bell Challenge.

She made his debut in a 2002 commercial by Asiana Airlines and was cast in Sunshine Fishing, the KBS2 drama. Afterward, she starred in Yellow Handkerchief and performed on a widescreen in high school, Once Upon a Time.

She was the lead in Terms of Endearment in 2004 and was awarded the KBS Drama Award with an Excellence certificate. She received the Han Excellence Award in MBC Drama Awards with strong viewing ratings in the region of 20 percent.


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14).  SHIN Min-a

 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

Shin Min-a (born on 5 April 1984 in Yang Min-a) is a model and actress from South Korea. She’s best known for acting in the movies “A Way to Kill,” 2005, “My Mother Is a Nine-Tailored Cat,” 2010 and 2012, Arang and the Magistrate, 2012. Shin concurrently played two roles in the 2007 film My Mighty Queen.

Shin came back to the big screen in 2014 in an introspective arthouse romance in Gyeongju, alongside Park Hae-il in The X, a 2013 Spy Thriller short film directed by Kim Jee-Woon.

Shin was cast in a romantic melodrama in 2016, Tomorrow, With You, starring Lee Je-hoon, about a 30-year-old aspiring photographer who figures out how her better half will fly for time. Shin was cast in the mystery movie Diva in 2018 and played a diver who lost memories after an accident.

Shin was thrown at Lee Jung-Jae in the legal drama; he turned politician as a lawyer. Shin will launch in 2020 in Noh Heekyung’s Here series, which revolves around volunteers from NGOs.


13). IU

Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

IU established itself as an excellent force in the music charts of its native land with the release of its 2011 albums Real+ and Last Fantasy, further reinforcing its reputation as Koreans little sister to the next door.

The Modern Times release from its third full-length album revealed a more adult look, a departure from its earlier girlish portrait, with several tracks at the top of 10 Gaon Digital Chart positions.

Whilst her later releases such as A Flower Bookmark, Chat-Shire and Palette albums kept on moving away from the pop style, IU remained the dominant player on the music charts. IU released four studio albums in its lifetime as well as nine extended plays, earning three first and 24 top-number singles for the Gaon Music Charts.

The all-time leading with the most number-one singles in Korea was recognized by Billboard as K-Pop Hot 100 list and the artist who kept numbers one for the most weeks.



 Beautiful Korean Actresses

Lee Da-hae is an Australian actress from Korea. She’s well known because of her appearance in Korean dramas including My Friend, Green Rose, The Slave Hunters, Miss Ripley, and the King Hotel, as well as the Chinese Lieve and Well Pairs.

Lee reassembled Lee Jong-hyuk and Sung Dong-il with the co-stars of her Green Rose. Earlier Korean actresses in Chinese productions spoke their lines in Korean and were subsequently dubbed.

But Lee worked hard to learn and memorize her lineages to make her the first Korea actress in Mandarin. Lee was next cast as a leading actress who has forced to marry an actor she hates at the Best Couple Korean / Chinese drama: the first chinese TV series produced by Alibaba in China at the beginning of 2016.

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Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

The South Korean actress and singer is Bae Su-ji, also known as Suzy.

She was part of the JYP Entertainment girl group Miss A. Suzy made her first appearance in the show Gu Family Book as an actress with a TV series Dream Big, Uncomplicated Fond When Sleeping and Vagabond.

She debuted in the 101st Architecture film.At the beginning of 2017, Suzy made her solo debut with the song Suzy released a duet in February 2017 entitled Don’t Wait for Your Love, featuring the singer Park Won.

At the beginning of 2018, Suzy was confirmed to come back at the end of January. The pre-recorded track In Love with Someone Else, which reached all dead in real-time, was recorded on 22 January.

On 29 January Suzy released her second album, Faces of Love, with the Holiday title. Suzy released a music video on her album Sober on February 14th. Suzy released on March 9, her fourth Midnight music video featuring Yiruma’s piano ensemble.


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18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

She became one of Korea’s best-known children’s actors since her debut as an actress in 2003 and has since been portraying the teen roles of Dong Yi, Moon Embracing the Sun, May Queen, and Angry Mom in the TV show.

From November 2014 to April 2016 she hosted the Inkigayo music show and took her first leading position in KBS2 ‘s historical theater Love in the Light of the Moon.

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As a young actor, Koreas was considered a little sister after having appeared in many well-known historical dramas throughout her career.

By then, Kim was called Sageuk Fairy. In August 2016 Kim was the star of the youth’s historic drama Love in the Moonlight, along with Park Bo-gum.

At the 30th KBS Drama Awards, Kim received the Excellence Award for the mid-length actress for playing Moonlights cross-dressing heroine.



Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

Yoon Eun-Hye is a South Korean actress, singer, entertainer, model born on October 3, 1984. Yoon made her big-screen debut and appeared as a boxer in The Story of Seven Slice.

Yoon received the best actress award on the Korean broadcasting station for filmmakers at the 2006 Grimae Awards. Yoon won a coveted Best Actress award at the 44th Baeksang Arts awards and was named as the youngest actress ever to win the award to veteran actresses Kim Hee-ae and Park Jin-hee.

Yoon debuted in 2012 in The Spinning, her first post at Chung-Ang University as a Graduate Student. At the 17th International Busan Film Festival, the film was screened and the Korean Short Film Competition participated.



 Korean Actresses 2020

Kim So-Hyun is a South Korean actress who started her childhood actress career in 2006 and was originally credited to the public when she played in Moon Embracing the Sun a cruel young Princess, and in Missing You a girl who fell into the disaster.

It appeared in the musical page Turner, in the historical melodrama of the Emperor: hats, the romantic comedy Radio Romance and TV shows based upon Naver Webtoons Hey Ghost, the Battle Love Warning, and the Nokdo Story, and has taken its first leading spot in teenage drama Whom you: school in 2015.

She has also anchored the Music Core program in MBCs and Under Nineteen 2019 Survival Reality show.

Kim was nominated Little Sister of Nations, a children’s actress, who since childhood combined performers and has established herself as the Hallyu Queen of the next generation. Kim has been a part of a prolific child actress.



Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

Her most notable roles in TV drama: Spring Waltz, Dong Yi, and W, and also in Cold Eyes for which Spring received the 34th Blue Dragon Film Award and the Beauty Inside film are Rome’s most successful films.

Rome’s most popular feature film. The first film of the 2011 Busan International Film Festival, with the sponsorship of director Song Il-gon. In the 2012 blockbuster film Masquerade, which became one of the biggest Korean films of all time, Han played the King to Lee Byung-hun Gwanghae.

In 2013, in the action-thriller Cold Eyes, the rework of the 2007 Hong Kong movie Eye in the sky, Han played opposite Sol-Kyung-gu and Jung Woo-sung. After its release, the film dominated the box office and became one of 2013 ‘s largest hits. Han has been voted the best actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Buil Film Awards.



 Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

As a stunning woman in South Korea, she’s best known to act in Korean dramas such as Stairway into the Heavens, Harvards Love Story, Iris, My Princess, and Yong-pal. Kim was tearful at the KBS Drama Awards, where she won a medium-length drama Excellence Prize, an award she got for the first time, save for new entrant and fame.

She appeared later that year in her very first Japanese TV play Boku to the Star No 99 Nichi, in which character is a Korean Wave celebrity who encounters a regular Japanese bodyguard.

Kim won a Top Excellence Acting Award at the Korea Drama Awards and received a strong rating for the show. In 2019 in the family drama show Hi Bye, mama! Kim returned to television.



Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

Park came into prominence when she played in comedy Scandal Makers alongside Cha Tae Hyun, which attracted 8.3 million viewers to the top rider in 2008 and one of the Korean movie theatres.

This was followed by double appearances in Oh My Ghost, Parks’ first 7-year TV movie.

Her $30 million in episode earnings made her the top paying actor on TV N. The show was a commercial and critical success and received the 4th APAN Star Awards’ Best Actress Award for Park.

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The film On Your Wedding Day, which was debuted by Park in August 2018, started to be produced in September 2017. Park was cast in TV Ns Abyss in August 2018, as a beautiful lawyer, who is transformed into a plain-looking teenager after a strange orb has been resurrected.



Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

The South Korean actress is Park Min-young. She was born on March 4, 1986. The University of Dongguk in Seoul graduated in February 2013 with a Theater degree.

Her first romantic comedy film, What s Wrong, and Secretary Kim, alongside Park Seo-Jon, was seen by Park in 2018 in the historical new-age film Sungkyunkwan Controversy and, ever since, has been performed on the television series City Hunter, Glory Jane, Glory Hunter, Dr. Jin, A New Leaf, Healer.

The show was a hit and Park became more popular. After her debut 12 years ago on My Day, Park held her first fan conference in October.

In 2019, Park was played alongside Kim Jae-Wook in her second romantic comedy, Her Private Life. Park will be presenting Seong Deok-mi, a curator in a museum of art, but a huge fan of idol groups, without work.



Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

Park was born in the Gwangju region of Songpa District (Seoul) on February 18, 1990. First Park appeared on Flower ‘s video by singer Lee Seung-hwan, then underwent systematic music, dance, and acting training.

Park attended Chung-Ang University after graduating from Young Girls High School. At the ceremony of the convocation of her work as an artist representative to the university, Park received a performance award.

Park has gained more acclaim for his appearance in the TV drama You re Lovely, Ancestors, Pinoche, doctors, and the history of the Alhambra, which was recognized as one of his most prolific actresses ever. Park ranked 33rd in Forbes, Korea, in 2015, and 12th in 2017.


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Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses

Cheon Soo-Yeon is a South Korean actress and model, known professionally by her stage name Song Ji-Hyo.

Since making her acting debut in Wishing Stairs, Song was a cover design for Kiki Magazine, the third installment of a film series called Whipping Corridors. Song was then highly remembered for her appearance in A Frozen Flower, New Planet, and the Emergency Couple TV show.

In addition to acting, Song is one of the main cast members of the Running Man South Korean Variety Show since 2010. Ji-Hyo Song was born in Pohang, in North Gyeongsang, as Cheon Seong-Im, on August 15th, 1981. After watching Park Shin-yang in the South Korean film Pledge of 1998, Song dreamed about becoming an actress during her high school years.



Top 18 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

Song Hye-Kyo is a South Korean playwright born on November 22, 1981.

Her starring roles in TV shows Autumn in My Heart (2000) have achieved worldwide attention. Jun Ji-Hyun and Soo Ae have been the original producers of the film, because the picture of Song was too nice, but Song had a tight diet and surprised him with her passion and ambition to be Hwang Jini.

In late 2008 she made her TV comeback with the Land That We Live In, a show on a television station that starred drama PDs from Song and Hyun Bin worked together and falling in love.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful Korean women, Song released in early 2011 a book shot by Song Hye-Kyo ‘s Moment by top photographers from Atlanta, New York City, Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Paris, the Netherlands and Brazil.


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