Top 15 Smallest Butterflies in the World

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Strong patterned wings and fascinating camouflage techniques, Butterflies are perhaps the best insects found in the world.

They are also some of the world’s most abundant insects and can be found in nearly any type of ecosystem. More than two hundred and fifty thousand butterfly species are recognized today and come in all sizes and colours.

This is a collection of the world’s 15 smallest and stunning butterflies.


15). Cardinal

Top 15 Smallest Butterfly in the World

The period is between 64- and 80-mm. A. Boat of pandora. (= F., Maja Cr.) (71c). The greatest agonist in Europe. Above, Valentina, but luminous greenish with a thick black spot.

The apex of the forewing and the hindwing are somewhat distinct, the disc is a fleshy red one with deep black, the hindwing is many narrow, whiter than silver, and has a strong ranging developmental and numerical effect.

The butterfly flying depends on the place between April and September (typically May and August in Europe). The species can be found in Switzerland at altitudes of up to 2600 m.

It prefers, among other environments, lagoon and open pine forests where the genera Cirsium, Carduus, and Centaurea generate a wide supply of nectar-rich plants.


14). Aglais io (European Peacocks

Smallest Butterfly in the World

European Peacocks are a vivid butterfly found in Europe and temperate Asia to the east of Japan, more generally known as peacocks butterfly.

It was previously known as the only one of the Inachis genus (the name is derived from Greek mythology, which means Io, Inachus’ daughter.

The peacocks of the genus Anartia should not be confused or grouped with them; they are not close relatives of the Eurasian group.

They are not close relatives. Peacock butterfly lives in several sections, mostly in buildings or trees. It also seems very early in the season, thus.

The pacifist butterfly has been part of the research that explores the role of the eyespots as an anti-predator system. The pavement extends its spectrum and is not considered to be under attack.


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13). West Coast Lady

 Butterfly in the World

Vanessa Annabella (Western Coast Lady) is one of three North American brush-footed butterfly species, widely known as “painted ladies.” V.

Annabella occurs in parts of western America and southwestern Canada. The other two species are the cosmopolitan lady Vanessa cardui and the eastern lady of Vanessa virginianuses.

This genus is also misplaced by anabolic traits and is often thought to be a subspecies of the South American Vanessa care. The hindwings are most notably lacking ventrally noticeable eyes; on V.

Virginia uses two major eyes and V. cardui four small ones. Like the latter, the ventral and dorsal forewing also lacks a white dot in the pinkish-orange subapical region. The upper wing has the purest orange of the three; the lady is normally very reddish.


12). Apodemia mormo

Top 15 Smallest Butterfly in the World

Conflicting findings of host plants used, distinctive morphologies and a wide variety of inhabited environments have led to several suspected subspecies inquiry.

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To date, two genetic experiments were conducted with A. mormo, with research finding that genetically and phenotype ally distinctive in disjunct populations.

These findings support a probable need for refined taxonomics, but to make clear conclusions a broader set of data is important. A. mormo populations are broadly spread throughout Western North America in Canada and Mexico, with peripheral colonies. Historically, experimental experiments have lacked the Canadian populations, leading to several investigations in the last decade.

The Riodinidae family, the predominantly Neotropics genus of approximately 1,500 species, is the only group remaining in Canada.


11). Parnassus apollo

 Smallest Butterfly

Parnassus Apollo has a period of sixty-two thousand males (2.4-3.4 in) and sixty-seven five thousand males (2.6-3.7 in) in females. The butterfly Apollo displays several different appearances, with an apparent polymorphism of the color.

These very large, elegant, and impressive white butterflies have five major black yards on the forewing and two bright red or orange yards on the rear wing.

These striking red eyespots will differ in size and appearance depending on where the Apollo butterfly is located and the light red hue sometimes disappears in the sun, causing older people’s eyes to look browner.

The wings are white, some of them partially clear, and others are black, a typical general occurrence in many butterflies. The velvet black and orange-red dots along the sides are the caterpillars of this kind.


10). Polygonia

Top 15 Smallest Butterfly in the World

Polygonia is an uncommon white markings butterfly species on the bottom of any hindwing and hence the common name of the comma.

They also have impressive angle marks on their foreheads, thus the other common name of butterflies. They are angled. Any angle wing species are often included in the related Nymphalids genus; Polygonia also is considered a Nymphalids subgenus.


9). Apatura ilia

 Smallest Butterfly in the World

The range of wings is 55–60 mm (2.2–2.4 in) in the females and 60–70 mm (2.4–2.8 in) in the males. [citation is required] The upper part of the wings is brown-dark with the masculine blue-violated metallic hues.

These clear areas can be viewed in two aspects: white on the nominal ilia butterflies and green fawns in the shape of Clytie. These areas are green.

The fore wing has also an orange ocellus for both types that makes it possible to differentiate the species from the Apatura iris. In both species, there is a related ocellus on the hind wing.

The opposite side of the fore wing is orange, and in A is dark brown on the rear of the hind wing. Iris, the large orange ocellus.


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8). The Sail Swallowtail

Top 15 Smallest Butterfly

This species is very popular, despite the name “scarce swallowtail.”

The English vernacular is blamed for the shortage of United Kingdom refugees. This species is common in the Eastern Palearctic and much of Europe except in the northern areas.

ntent -->

Its spectrum stretches to the north to low Lucia, and Central Poland to the east to the Arab peninsula, Pakistan, India, and western China in Asia Minor and Transcaucasia. Any specimens of scarce swallowtails from central Sweden and the UK were reported, but perhaps only streets and not migrants. They were not reported.


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7). Small Heaths

Smallest Butterfly

The small hydrochloride (Coenonymphic pamphlet) are butterflies that come under the Nymphalidae family and are classified as “browns” in the Satyrinae subfamily. It’s this subfamily’s smallest butterfly.

The little heat is diurnal, flying near the ground with a remarkable fluttering flight pattern. It is common in colonies around the grasslands of Eurasia and northwest Africa and prefers dry environments over other Coenonymphic including salt marshes, alpine meadows, forests, and forests by sea (i.e. streams).

It is common in both the Eurasian and northwestern colonies. They are more sparsely inhabited. However, the loss of habitat due to human development in some areas has resulted in a population decline.

Grasses are the larval herbal host species, and adult butterflies feed on nectar from flowers in diverse environments. The males of this genus play a major role in securing a female partner.


6). Feeding on Nectar

Butterfly in the World

A nectarivore in zoology consisted of a diet mostly or entirely made by sugar-rich nectar from flowering plants, deriving its energy and its nutritional requirements.

Nectar offers a variety of advantages and difficulties as a source of food. The primary solution of sucrose, glucose, and fructose (up to 80 percent) which are readily consumed and digested, is a rich and effective nutrient source.

The plant that produces it is also diluted or by rain felling on a flower and many nectarivores have adjusts to remove any extra water consumed.

Nectar is still an insufficient food source. It contains a poor amount of proteins and amino acids and is highly lacking in minerals and vitamins.\


5). Eastern tiger swallowtail

15 Smallest Butterfly in the World

Papilio glaucus is a butterfly genus from eastern North America and is known for its eastern tiger swallowtail. It is one of the most well-known butterflies in East America and is widespread in many diverse habitats.

It flies from spring to fall, where two or three broods are produced. Many species of flowers are fed to the nectar by adults mostly from the Apocynaceae, Asteraceae, and Fabaceae families. P. Glaucus is a 7.9 to 14 cm wing (3.1 to 5.5 in) wingspan. The male is yellow and each forewing has four black “tiger lines.”

The woman may be yellow or black, dimorphic. It is similar to the male in yellow, but it has a distinctive band of blue stripes and nearly black in dark morphology.

Green eggs are raised on the Magnoliaceous and Rosaceae family plants separately. The young caterpillars are brown and white; the older caterpillars are green with the two thoracic purple, yellow, and blue skin.


4). Zygaena lonicera

 Butterfly in the World

Zygaena loniceras are 30-46 millimeters (1.2-1.8 inches) in wingspan. The force flows in the females exceed 16–19 millimeters (0.63–0.75 inches) long, while in the males they are much smaller.

Typically, the forewing displays five vermilion spots with a clear bluish or blue-green shadow and a black fundamental hue. The 3rd position is lower than the 4th. Black and lightly to heavily hairy, back, thorax, and abdomen.

The antennas are long (club-shaped) and slim, and slightly clavicle. The women are similar to males, except the top of the forewing is slightly rounded with fewer hair on both the belly and the thorax.

But it is very variable this species. The populations of moths in the mountainous regions are typically much bigger and darker in southern Europe.


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Top 15 Smallest Butterfly in the World

The white black-veined is 51 to 70 mm wing (2.0 to 2.8 inches). Women are typically bigger than men. The upper end is a glossy white, bravely and grim, in both forewings and back wings.

The underside of the male is similar, except the female veins are brown. Moreover, by rubbing their wings together, the female sheds most of their feathers, which is almost invisible.

This butterfly can be distinguished by its characteristic vein wings from other white butterfly members of the Pieris family. The eggs first of all are yellow, darkened with age. The caterpillars with transverse lines are greenish-yellow. The pupa is creamy white and is colored black with a silk girdle added to the branch.


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2).  White Admiral

 15 Smallest Butterfly in the World

White admiral, the Nymphalid family’s butterfly. It is present in forests in southern Britain, Europe, and many parts of the Palearctic, and ranges as far East as Japan.

Child admirals with white bands have black wings. Colors in comparison contribute to the separation of the wing and shield it from predators.

They are between 60-65 mm winged and have a defining, graceful flight consisting of fast wing beats accompanied by long glides.

The white admiral nourishes bramble flowers and blackberries and the woman lays her eggs on wipes of jellyfish emerging in thick trees. The caterpillars are green with red-brown feathers, with a combination of their droppings and silk camouflaged on one leaf.

When the autumn draws close, it develops a tent-like structure made of leaf-tissue known as a hibernacle that secures it before hibernating with silk.


1).  Western Pygmy Blue

Top 15 Smallest Butterfly in the World

At the base of both wings is copper brown with dull blue. The bottom of the hindwing is copper-brown at the base, white at the bottom, 3 small black spots at the base, and a black spot at the outside line.

The period is between 12 and 20 mm. It is present in alkaline regions, including deserts, salt marshes, and stormy regions. They are widespread throughout the natural ranges from California to west Texas and from Mexico to Venezuela, including the South-West of the United States.

It could be traveling to Arkansas and Nebraska. It has been released on the coast of the PAE, Bahrain, and eastern Saudi Arabia up to Kuwait.



Butterflies are fascinating insects and easy to observe in the field. They belong to the Lepidoptera family, a word of Greek origin meaning ‘wings with scales’, which includes both daytime butterflies and moths or nighttime butterflies.

It is these wings full of pigmented and reflective scales that give the butterflies their spectacular and striking color. Besides being so pleasant to observe, these colors play a very important role in the reproduction and survival of butterflies.

The above list of smallest butterflies around the world is a knowledge about species that are so small and beautiful you can’t take your eyes off from them but can they be dangerous to us?

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