Top 20 Richest Bodybuilders In the World

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For the year 2021, we’ve collected all of the information we could find about the top 20 wealthiest bodybuilders who have recently come to public attention because of their net worth.

These bodybuilders have very rigid muscular body structures, which have been refined to the point of perfection via their efforts.

For others, bodybuilding is more than a recreational activity or a habit; it is a burning passion that consumes their minds and bodies. Bodybuilding is a sport that is very different now, in that it is about more than simply winning money, getting notoriety, and getting product endorsements anymore.

Though most people have to psych themselves up for days before finding the motivation to travel to the gym, the folks on this list have created a living out of it and done all right in bodybuilding.

Greeks and Romans were few of the traditional civilizations who considered the event of the male musculature admirable; this was why they came up with the Olympic Games in the 1st place.

Bodybuilders have gained notoriety and renown on a larger scale due to social media, which has often resulted in movie appearances. Even though bodybuilders earn less money than other sportsmen, they have made significant contributions to the worlds of sport and daily life regardless of their financial status.

The following are the world’s wealthiest bodybuilders, ranked in order of lower to higher wealth.


20). Jay Cutler (Net Worth $ 30 Million)

Jay Cutler

Source: Wikimedia

A four-time winner of mister. Olympia, American bodybuilder Jay dealer is worth $30 million as of 2016. He planned on becoming a corrections officer once getting a degree in criminal justice. One of richest bodybuilders in the world

That wasn’t his path right along because he would later be inspired to travel into bodybuilding. He is one of the fittest bodybuilders who broke many records with his best shape of the body.


19). Ronnie Coleman (Net Worth 2 Million)


Source: Muscle & Fitness

Ronnie Coleman is among the best stars among the historical past of bodybuilding and one can freely say that Schwarzenegger apart, he’s probably the most well-known bodybuilder right this moment. 

With eight Mr. Olympia wins in a row, Coleman has skillful all of the perks of being among the limelight, amassing an internet value of $10 million through the years.

Other than his quite a few wins, he’s well-known for his batty work sort and rattling work ethic. Coleman incorporates a B.S. in accounting; thus, we assume he’s aware of learning how to deal with his huge pile of cash!


18). Arnold Schwarzenegger (Net Worth $400 Million)


Source: Man of Many

The Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger! many years when retiring from bodybuilding, the slayer star and ex-Governor of California continue to air the high of the game.

His “rags to riches” story continues to be an idea to several aspiring bodybuilders everywhere the world.

Except for bodybuilding and politics (as if it wasn’t sufficient), he to boot had a good performing profession. He is one of the richest bodybuilders in the world.

To this purpose, he has amassed $400 million in net worth, and if we dare say, he attained every cent of it!


17). Gary Strydom (Net Worth $8 MILLION)

GARY STRYDOM Richest BodyBuilder

Source: Greatest Physiques

We all know Vince McMahons that has revolutionized to be the World bodybuilder Federation, during its era Gary Strydom won a title making him the only bodybuilder to ever win a championship title in its era.

This American bodybuilder, although he took a chance from the competitions from the time WBF, felled has won four IFBB professional titles. He won many other titles too Arnold Schwarzenegger is his true inspiration to be what he is known.


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16). Joe Weider (Net worth of $35 million)


Source: The New York Times

Joe Weider may be a legend within the world of bodybuilding – and in many ways the father of it. however, publishes did he create such a large net worth? Through start several leading bodybuilding competitions as well as the biggest bodybuilding championship in the world – Mr. Olympia.

To not mention that he publishes a spread of bodybuilding magazines, a number of that still exist to the current day.



15). Jeff Seid (Net Worth: $1.5 Million)

Jeff Seid Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: Generation Iron

Jeff Seid is an American bodybuilder who competes in the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB).

Mr. Olympian is one of the most promising young bodybuilders globally, and he is also one of the richest. While still in his twenties, Jeff Seif began to battle with his weight and his fitness regimen.

The transformation films created by Jeffrey are posted on YouTube, where millions of people have already seen them.

The fact that he is just 23 years old will astonish the majority of the audience. Jeff Seid has a net worth of $1.5 million, making him one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world, as we just learned at the beginning of this article.


12). Kai Greene (Net worth of $1.6 million).

Kai Greene Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: The Barbell

Kai Greene is also a member of the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB).

He is very popular among those obsessed with bodybuilding and workouts and among those who are not interested in bodybuilding in the traditional sense of the word. Previously, Kai Greene competed in the Mr. Olympia competition.

He has won the Arnold Classic more than once, and he has done it many times. According to the latest estimates, Kai Greene’s net worth is $1.6 million at this time. Because of his financial worth, he does not appear on the list of the world’s wealthiest bodybuilders.


13). Steve Cook (Net worth of $1.9 million).

Steve Cook Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: Coachmag

Considered to be one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world.

After Steve Cook, an IFBB professional and physique competitor from the United States comes a name from the United Kingdom. His victories have been recorded in several IFBB and NPC contests that have taken place over the last seven years.

Based on his current projected net worth of $1.9 million, Steve Cook has been ranked among the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world, as we previously reported.


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12). Mike Chang (Net worth of $2 million)

Mike Chang Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: Fitnesstipblog

How many of you are aware that Six Pack Cuts is the idea of Mike Chang? Yes, he certainly is! Six Pack Cuts is the spot where you can’t help but want to keep up with him on his YouTube channel.

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He has a large following on YouTube, and he updates his channel with fresh transformation and exercise videos regularly.

According to the information, Mike was the one who had gotten a lot of negative feedback in the past for his videos; however, things had changed by the time of the interview.

To grasp this concept, you must watch his films and note how he fights to get his body into shape. As a result of his YouTube fame, Mike Chang has a net worth of $2 million, according to some estimates.


11). Lazar Angelov (Net worth of $ 2 Million)

Lazar Angelov

Source: WallpaperAccess

Lazar Angelov- One of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world. Lazar Angelov is a superb bodybuilder, fitness athlete, and personal trainer from Bulgaria who has achieved great success in his field.

That Lazar is very active on social media and can engage millions of his fans and random followers in a matter of minutes is one of the most fascinating things about him! He has many followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

According to estimates, Lazar Angelov has a net worth of $2 million, which places him among the world’s wealthiest bodybuilders, according to Forbes magazine.


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10). Calum Von Moger (Net worth of $2 million)

Calum Von Moger Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: Fitplan Blog

In addition to being a well-known bodybuilder, Calum Von Moger is also one of the richest bodybuilders in the world. He is an Australian who has worked very hard to acquire the most acceptable body possible.

Calum Von Moger is a YouTuber who also happens to be an actor. We all know that no one will ever be able to take Arnold Schwarzenegger’s place, but Calum Von Moger has just been cast in the role of the action hero in the film BIGGER.

The plot of this film is mainly on the founding fathers of the Mr. Olympia Contest.

The result is that the net worth of Calum Von Moger is expected to grow significantly in the following years. At the time of writing, his net worth is believed to be $2 million.


9). Christian Guzman (Net worth of $2 Million)

Christian Guzman Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: Biography Tribune

Christian Guzman is a professional basketball player. Approximately $2 million in net worth Christian Guzman is an amateur bodybuilder from the United States, and he is our guest today. He is a fitness entrepreneur as well as a YouTuber.

Besides Alphalete Athletics, Christian Guzman is also the creator of UP energy drinks and the Alphalete gym situated in Texas.

Even though he does not have the same level of fame and recognition as bodybuilders such as Kai Greene, Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others on the list, he is still on the rise as a great bodybuilder.

Following his track record of achievement, it is projected that Christian Guzman has a net worth of $2 million.


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8). Mike Rashid (Net worth of $2.1 million)

Mike Rashid

Source: Livekindly

He is one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world.  Mike Rashid is one of the most well-known bodybuilders in the world.

Aside from being a bodybuilder, he is also a business owner, boxer, and YouTuber, which implies he is much more than a bodybuilder. Mike Rashid is also the proprietor of the Iron Addicts Gym in Miami, which he founded in 2003.

Furthermore, he serves as the President and CEO of IMSOALPHA. He is very well-known as a YouTuber, which is why he receives millions of views for each video of inspiration that he uploads.

Mike Rashid’s estimated net worth is now valued at $2.1 million, according to current estimates.



7). Mike O’Hearn (Net worth 2.5 million)

Mike O'Hearn Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: Muscle & Fitness

Mike O’Hearn Listed among the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world.  Mike O’Hearn is another one of the incredible bodybuilders on our list, and he is also one of the best.

He is a bodybuilder from the United States and an actor, personal trainer, and model. He is the creator of Power Bodybuilding, a hypertrophy training method that focuses on increasing muscle mass.

According to some estimates, Mike O’Hearn has a net worth of $2.5 million, making him one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world.

Mike O’Hearn is a formerly practiced person who contains a net value of $2.5 million. though coming from humble beginnings, mike has been among the highlight for over 20 years, showing on over five hundred journal covers and successful four Mr. Universe titles.

Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, mike was voted United of the many twelve best physiques of all time by the health trade.


6). The Hodge Twins (Net worth of $3.7 million)

The Hodge Twins Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: San Antonio Current

The Hodge Twins are the wealthiest of the wealthiest bodybuilders. The Hodge Twins broke into the bodybuilding industry with a unique approach that helped them achieve widespread recognition quickly.

According to the source, the Hodge Twins rose to prominence and established themselves as comedians by filming some of the most amusing conversations, many of which were connected to bodybuilding topics.

Because of the overwhelming reaction to this concept of bodybuilding conversations, they are receiving letters daily with various questions about exercises, diet, supplement usage, dating, and their kid, among other things.

The Hodge Twins then produced films to respond to all of the questions, resulting in a direct dialogue with their fans.

The Hodge Twins’ YouTube channel is a must-see for anybody who wants to learn more about them and their extraordinary work.

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According to estimates, the Hodge Twins’ net worth as bodybuilders is $3.7 million, which places them among the world’s wealthiest bodybuilders on the list.


5). Dorian Yates (Net worth of $4 million)

Dorian Yates Richest Body Builders In the World


Dorian Yates is a well-known figure in the world of bodybuilding, particularly at the professional level. He is a former professional bodybuilder from England who has worked very hard to achieve this level of achievement.

Dorian Yates is the one who has made it to the finals of the Mr. Olympia competition and has done it for the last six years.

According to Mr. Olympia’s all-time victory total, this accomplishment places him in the 5th position in the overall rankings.

Dorian Yates estimated net worth is $4 million, based on his excellent track record in the entertainment industry. That is why he is considered one of the wealthiest bodybuilders on the whole globe.


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4). Phil Heath (Net worth of $5 million)

Phil Heath Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: Muscle & Fitness

He is the one who is linked with Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of popularity. Phil Heath is a bodybuilder from the United States who rose to prominence quickly by putting out his best efforts in the profession.

That is the genius of his exercise and battle that has put him in a tie with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the most wins in the Mr. Olympia competition, with both having the same number of victories.

Phil Heath has won the Mr. Olympia competition for the seventh time. Phil Heath has a net worth of $5 million, according to the information available. That isn’t nearly as significant as the fact that he is considered to be associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mr. Olympia’s titleholder has been given the nickname ‘the next huge thing’ for obvious reasons. He has been defending this title for seven years from 2011 to 2017, tying him with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the most title wins.

Despite having a successful bodybuilding career, he needed to put his business degree to smart use so he started the Gift Athletics franchise that did pretty well.

Once the success of his fitness apparel line, he partnered with Joey Firestone to begin his supplement line, Gift Nutrition.


3). Lee Haney (Net worth of $ 5.5 Million)

Lee Haney

Source: Muscle & Fitness

Another professional and one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world, Lee Haney, has an estimated net worth of $5.5 million. Bodybuilding is a highly competitive industry, and professionalism is essential to achieving success.

When it comes to Lee Haney, he is a former IFBB bodybuilder from the United States. His record shows that he has won the most Mr. Olympia competitions of all time, and as a result, he was inducted into the bodybuilding hall of fame.

With an estimated net worth of $5.5 million, Lee Haney is among the world’s most successful bodybuilders, making him one of the world’s most successful athletes.



2). Lou Ferrigno (Net worth of $6 million)

Lou Ferrigno Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: Wallpaper Flare

Lou Ferrigno is a professional bodybuilder and trainer who is 14 years old. So, here we have Lou Ferrigno, who has worked very hard to achieve this level of fame and fortune. He is an American actor, trainer, and former professional bodybuilder who has worked in various fields.

He dedicated himself to making the most of his profession, and as a result, he won three IFBB bodybuilding championships while continuing to put in the effort. In the contests, he has won the titles of Mr. America and Mr. Universe on two separate occasions.

Lou Ferrigno has an estimated net worth of $6 million, reflecting his many accomplishments during his career.



1). Dexter Jackson (Net worth of $7 million)

Dexter Jackson Richest Body Builders In the World

Source: The Barbell

Those legends are usually remembered as such, and when it comes to Dexter Jackson, he is exceptional. Furthermore, Dexter is one of the American IFBB professional bodybuilders who has won many professional bodybuilding contests, as no one else in history has ever accomplished.

The fascinating truth is that if you look at the overall number of contests he has won, the first thing that will strike you is how many he has won. In the year 2002, he was victorious in eight professional contests, according to his record.

That is quite an incredible accomplishment considering that he has competed in a total of 85 professional bouts throughout his career too far. According to the latest estimates, Dexter Jackson has a net worth of $7 million.

Dexter Jackson, also called ‘the blade’ in the bodybuilding community, is thought for having won 28 IFBB skilled titles that could be a record.

He has been active since 1992 and was recognized when his win in 1999 Arnold Classic. when his third placement in Mr. Olympia 2007, critics said that he would never place. 



It is no longer simply about prize money, fame, and product endorsements that bodybuilders compete for these days; it has evolved into something far more complex.

Bodybuilders are becoming more well-known and famous due to social media, which often results in movie appearances.


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