Top 10 Richest Body Builders In the World 2019

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Top 10 Richest Body Builders In the World of 2019-2020, Though most people have to psych themselves up for days before finding the motivation to travel to the gym, the folks on this list have created a living out of it and done all right in bodybuilding.

Greeks and Romans were few of the traditional civilizations who considered the event of the male musculature admirable; this was why they came up with the Olympic Games in the 1st place.

Bodybuilding could be a larger industry which in recent years has seen major fan following. people love looking bodybuilders as a result of their proof that hard work and sweating off can do greatness.

Today we will discuss the top 10 richest bodybuilders in world of 2019:


1. PHIL HEATH ($ 5 Million)

Top 10 Richest Body Builders In the World 2019

Mr. Olympia titleholder has been given the nickname ‘the next huge thing’ for obvious reasons. He has been defending this title for seven years from 2011 to 2017, tying him with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the most title wins.

Despite having a successful bodybuilding career, he needed to put his business degree to smart use so he started the Gift Athletics franchise that did pretty well.

Once the success of his fitness apparel line, he partnered with Joey Firestone to begin his supplement line, Gift Nutrition.


2. DEXTER JACKSON ($7 Million)

Top 10 Richest Body Builders In the World 2019

Dexter Jackson, also called ‘the blade’ in the bodybuilding community, is thought for having won 28 IFBB skilled titles that could be a record.

He has been active since 1992 and was recognized when his win in 1999 Arnold Classic. when his third placement in Mr. Olympia 2007, critics said that he would never place


3. TRIPLE-H ($ 25 Million)

Richest Body Builders In the World

Paul Michael Levesque aka Triple H is amongst the top 10 richest bodybuilders in the world. he’s considered one in every of the best wrestlers of all time. He was born on July 27, 1969.

Before selecting wrestling as his skilled career, Triple H was a well-known bodybuilder. he’s also the manager vice chairman of Talent, and artistic for the world popular show, WWE.

With identical, he’s also the senior producer and founder of NXT and also the creator of the tv series of NXT. He earns a complete internet value of 25 million greenbacks. Triple H has won the globe heavyweight champion of WWE, 5 times and a complete of 25 championships


4. RICH GASPARI ($ 90 Million)

Rich Gaspari is better known by the name of The Itch or The Dragon person. He was one of the best-skilled bodybuilders of the 1980s and 1990s. within the year 2014, the wealthy were also inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame. he’s the second richest muscleman within the world.

Except for earning from his exercise profession, he adds to his fortune through his company known as the ‘Gaspari Nutrition’ the popular manufacturer of the nutrition supplements like the Super Pump 250, My fusion, Intrabank much more.

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5. JAY CUTLER ($ 30 Million)

JAY CUTLER Body Building

A four-time winner of mister. Olympia, American bodybuilder Jay dealer is worth $30 million as of 2016. He planned on becoming a corrections officer once getting a degree in criminal justice. One of richest bodybuilders in the world

That wasn’t his path right along because he would later be inspired to travel into bodybuilding. He is one of the fittest bodybuilders who broke many records with his best shape of the body.


6. MIKE O’ HEARN ($2.5 Million)


Mike O’Hearn is a formerly practiced person who contains a net value of $2.5 million. though coming from humble beginnings, mike has been among the highlight for over 20 years, showing on over five hundred journal covers and successful four Mr. Universe titles.

Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, mike was voted United of the many twelve best physiques of all time by the health trade.



Ronnie Coleman is among the best stars among the historical past of bodybuilding and one can freely say that Schwarzenegger apart, he’s probably the most well-known bodybuilder right this moment. With eight Mr. Olympia wins in a row, Coleman has skillful all of the perks of being among the limelight, amassing an internet value of $10 million through the years.

Other than his quite a few wins, he’s well-known for his batty work sort and rattling work ethic. Coleman incorporates a B.S. in accounting; thus, we assume he’s aware of learning how to deal with his huge pile of cash!

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The Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger! many years when retiring from bodybuilding, the slayer star and ex-Governor of California continue to air the high of the game. His “rags to riches” story continues to be an idea to several aspiring bodybuilders everywhere the world.

Except for bodybuilding and politics (as if it wasn’t sufficient), he to boot had a good performing profession. He is one of richest bodybuilders in the world.

To this purpose, he has amassed $400 million in net worth, and if we dare say, he attained every cent of it!



GARY STRYDOM Richest Body Builder

We all know Vince McMahons that has revolutionized to be World bodybuilder Federation, during its era Gary Strydom won a title making him the only bodybuilder to ever win a championship title in its era.

This American bodybuilder, although he took a chance from the competitions from the time WBF, felled has won four IFBB professional titles. He won many other titles too Arnold Schwarzenegger is his true inspiration to be what he is known.



Richest Body Builder

Joe Weider may be a legend within the world of bodybuilding – and in many ways the father of it. however, publishes did he create such a large net worth? Through start several leading bodybuilding competitions as well as the biggest bodybuilding championship within the world – Mr. Olympia.

To not mention that he publishes a spread of bodybuilding magazines, a number of that still exist to the current day.


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