Top 5 Historical Places to Visit in Asia

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List of Top 5 Historical Places to Visit in Asia, Let’s say you have visited the historic places in Europe. You have seen the Greek Parthenon and the Roman Colosseum.

You have tasted the European culture of lagenlook dresses and religious symbolism. If I told you, Asia’s historical sites’ significance and beauty far surpass the western world.

Here are the top 5 historical places you can and should visit in Asia.  


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5). Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar Historical Places to Visit in Asia

Source: Travel Daily

The ancient city of Bagan dates back to the 9th century. It is a place full of people and ornaments, a complete contrast to the pyramids. With hot air balloon rides, you can see the remains of over 2000 temples and pagodas in the ancient city.

While the previous items were monotones and simple, these temples are colorful and vibrant. The enormous statues are golden and are carved to show elaborate dresses instead of sitting priests. The figures of the guards outside rooms wear colorful robes.

And there are enough temples for you to visit for days and days without seeing it all.


4). The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Source: Lonely Planet

Three pyramids, three pharaohs, and three tombs. The pyramids will always be a testament to what humans are capable of, even without modern technology. The largest pyramid has around 2.3 million blocks of stone, standing at 5.75 million tons.

These 4500-year-old monuments are not alone. The Great Sphinx seems to be guarding the pyramids. After excavations, smaller buildings around the pyramids are being found, from smaller tombs for the pharaoh’s relatives to ancient bakeries and shops.

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There is somewhat less tourism here because it is the dead city; the pyramids were not meant to be visited and toured. The pyramids’ interiors are narrow and stuffed without ornaments and design. There is mold, it is boiling, and the air is still. But that is by no means an indication that this place is not the most historical and the most massive feat of human perseverance.


3). Borobudur, Indonesia

Borobudur, Indonesia Historical Places

Source: Lonely Planet

‘Boro’ means monastery. ‘Budur’ means hill. Borobudur, or the hill monastery, is the largest Buddhist temple of its kind. The mountain is in the iconic Buddhist shape of a mandala, a square with hour entrances, and a circular interior in the core.

This human-made hill has nine platforms or stories with over 2000 relief panels showing ancient history and culture from the 7th century. There are over 500 Buddha statues in the temple for you to find.

What’s unique about Borobudur is that it combines the ancient Indonesian culture of worshipping their ancestors and the Buddhist culture of working towards Nirvana.


2). Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Source: Velvet Escape

Petra’s ancient city is the oldest and most historical place on the list at well over 2000 years old and might be older than the pyramids. The Persians called it paradise on earth. Others call it Rose City.

Most of the city was made by carving into the mountain and the desert stone. This allowed the builders to construct the tallest doorways you will ever see. The sheer scale of Petra’s tombs will make you think they were made for giants.

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You will see monasteries, treasuries, tombs, and villas carved into the mountain. There are remnants of an ancient water system that allowed Petra to flourish with orchards in the middle of the desert. You will see statues from Greek culture, roman architecture, abstract religious art, and so much more.

And the streets of the city are not streets. They were canyons that were used as ancient trade routes and then became the streets of Petra. You will walk the same paths as thousand years old merchants looking to make a living.


1). Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Source: On The Go Tours

Angkor Wat, the largest religious structure in the world by land, was constructed in the early 12th century. It is the biggest temple in the Angkor Archaeological Park which covers 400 square kilometers. Tickets cost $37 for a one-day pass and $62 for a three-day pass.

First, this temple and its grounds are massive. Even if you visit during peak rush hours, you will still be able to find places with some quiet, just you and 1000 year old stonework.

Second, this was built as a Hindu temple which got converted into a Buddhist temple. This is a fantastic combination of themes, religious symbols, and cultures you will not find anywhere else.

Third, with the same ticket price, you have access to dozens of temples nearby, each with its great history and significance. This tourist attraction is massive enough that you can visit again and again and still not see all its glory and beauty.

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You might want to hurry, though. Over time Cambodian government is having difficulty in managing this tourist attraction. The original sandstone used was not meant for so much people’s volume, and it has started to erode and lose its sharpness and form.


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