Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In the World

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Our List of Top 10 Hottest female news anchors in the world, This is especially true once we are sitting down and looking at the news, whether we’re doing this each day, or simply a couple of times every week.

Once it involves getting the news whether or not good or bad, it helps if it’s being delivered by a really, excellent trying lady.

That’s why the women on this list are among the most common within the world. Examine our list of Top 10 hottest news reporters and tell us how often you watch these Anchors work.



Julie Most Hottest News Female Anchors

Fox Report Weekend or America’s News Headquarters on a Sat, you’ll spot Julie Banderas. She’s the anchor for the AMH show on Sat and is also an anchor and tv news correspondent for the Fox News Channel. She is one of the hot news women.

it was truly in Massachusetts, Boston, to be precise, that she 1st started her career, at WLVI-TV. It wasn’t long before she was promoted to local’s news anchorwoman, and this was for a number of stations, covering New York town, Harrisonburg, Virginia, and more.



COURTNEY FRIEL Hottest Female Anchors

Born in Pennsylvania, US, 37-year-old Courtney Friel is an American journalist, known for working with KTLA-TV right now, in California (Los Angeles).

She has been connected to different stations, as well as the Fox News Channel, also as KTTV/Fox 11. Oh, and just to prove that she’s a value of her place on this list of top ten Hottest women News Anchors, she’s even been featured in the lads-mags FHM and Maxim.



Melisa Female Anchors 2019-2020

France and its beauty are eternal and ever-growing and this news anchor proves that. Melissa works at channel M6 in France and this French beauty brings life to the show. She is on number 2 and in hot news anchors list.

That smile and people hazel eyes are simply to die for She are of the hottest news anchors you will find in the world.



Megan Kelly female anchor

Megyn was a full-time legal counsellor for a long time before she changed her profession to news tying down and kid are, we happy she did for sure. She is one of the hottest news reporters in the world.

Kelly has a killer body, blue eyes to die for and just looks so hot when doing her program. I wonder however the guests at her show think about the subject being mentioned. She worked for Fox News from 2004 to 2017, and in January 2017, joined NBC News.




Anna Kooiman comes at range three amongst the top 10 hottest news anchors right now. This American baby served as anchor and reporter for Fox News Channel (FNC) and was as co-host on the weekend edition of FNC’s FOX & Friends.

She left Fox News in September 2016 and moved to Sydney, Australia, along with her husband She is one of the most beautiful women and hottest news anchors in the world.



Top 10 Most Hottest Female Anchors 2019

Australian TV anchorperson, previous spouse of California government official Gavin Newsom, the previous first lady of San Francisco Kimberly Gilfoyle is one of the most sizzling reporters now.

She is one of the co-hosts of “The Five” on Fox News Channel. Kimberly may be a contributor to “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hannity”. She has previously worked as an anchor for Court TV and as a legal analyst and commentator for Fox News and ABC.



Amanda one of Most Hottest Female Anchors

Mandy is originally from Australia and one among the hottest women news anchors for CNBC, hosting finance and business programming from New York.

She makes news over entertaining to watch, and it’s been reported within the past that CNBC told her to chop down on the cleavage. She is the co-host of Street Signs and has appeared on other various CNBC shows as an expert in finance and business.



Top 10 Most Hottest Female Anchors 2019

She was the girl of a minister, and he or she managed to rise up the ranks through sheer can and determination and eventually landed a spot at CNN Headline News, one of the most desired spots on Network TV.

She is also quite a multi-threat, having also released two country records, and landing her own show known as “Morning specific with Robin Meade”. And then, most relevant to our list, being voted “Sexiest Newscaster” in America.

She was the most desire news anchor in the works in her time and still make millions of the dollar with her Charm.



Top 10 Most Hottest Female Anchors 2019

Hall keeps quite a busy schedule for herself. Her day starts as a day-side anchor at MSNBC, once that she hosts a program called News Nation with Tamron Hall, and later co-hosts the nowadays Show with the likes of Willie Geist, Roker, and Morales.

She’s earned quite the fame for her strong looks and perfect vogue. coupled with easy grace makes her one in all the hottest female news anchors.

Hall perceived to always grasp exactly what she wanted, and her record bears that out.

She graduated Temple University, was a reporter at Dallas, before moving to Chicago, then shifting to MSNBCas a backup Anchor, before landing her very own show. Today she is in the list top 10 hottest news anchor in the world.


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JAMIE COLBY Female Anchor

Jamie Nell Colby is an American national news correspondent for Fox News Channel. She is the host of the Series, “Strange Inheritance”, on Fox Business Network and was the earlier co-host of America’s News Headquarters on Sunday mornings.

The anchor has been named within the listing of rising news megastar to watch and has the honor of Edward R. Murrow National Award for covering the 9/11 assaults.

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