Top 10 Biggest K-pop Groups in The World

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You may have heard nothing but good things about K-pop lately and finally decided to give it a go. You’re at the right place now. Korean pop music, or K-pop as it’s more often known, has gained a global fan base. Pop, rap, R&B, electronic dance music, rock, and others fall under its umbrella.

But K-pop comes from more than its catchy tunes; the Korean wave of a popular culture known as Hallyu also features slick choreography and chaotic music videos. My list of recommended artists is infinite, but here is a handful to get you started with some really addicting tracks. Here are some pieces of K-pop that you will adore.

Before we go any further, it’s vital to point out that the author chooses the items on this list. None of the bands on this list are better than the others; this is not a competition. The arrangement of the groups is arbitrary and not based on ranking or quality.

10.  BTS


Is it fair to talk about Korean pop music without bringing up BTS? Don’t think so. There is no denying that BTS is the most well-known K-pop band in the world. In addition to shattering a US stadium tour and being the first artists in iTunes history to have eight songs rank at number one in 100 countries, they also set the mark for the most viewers for a YouTube debut and broke the record for the most views in a single day.

Are you astounded as I am? The seven-member group (three rappers and four singers) blends hip-hop, pop, some electronic dance music (EDM), and rap into their record and sings about love and mental health. One glance at any of their videos will show why they’ve grown so popular throughout the globe.

9.  Submit



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It’s not only groups that makeup K-pop, you know. Even though Sunmi isn’t the only solo artist making waves, she deserves your attention. Sunmi shines when creating upbeat dance music with expressive vocals; her acts are something to behold in and of themselves. And she made a great soundtrack as well.

8.  Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation

Do you want to complete your playlist with some timeless tunes? If so, then you should listen to Girls’ Generation. Although they are no longer performing together, it’s possible that you or someone you know was first exposed to K-pop because of these artists.

They developed their own distinctive electro-bubblegum sound as they progressed, and their fans saw them grow up from young ladies to lifelong devotees as they listened.

7.  EXO


With powerful vocals, good-boy-gone-bad vibes, and music videos you won’t be able to stop repeating, EXO has captivated the hearts of its fans for a reason…or, well, many reasons. This nine-piece band has been available to the public for nine years and has been making waves on the charts ever since.

As they’ve reinvented themselves, EXO has gone for every conceivable tone, from hot to adorable to lousy boy to effervescent, and they’ve succeeded well in everyone.

6.  Red Velvet

Red Velvet

With Irene, Seulg, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri, you get the best of both worlds: the sugary and the bold, the glittery and the sexual, the crimson and… the velvet? I can attest that they are really engrossing.

The group has been making waves in the global music scene for some time now, surprising listeners with innovative new sounds, ideas, and English covers of fan favorites.

5.  Monsta X

  Monsta X

The villains of K-pop should have a place on your playlist too. You’ll understand why Monsta X continues to increase in popularity after pressing play; their songs have topped several charts and broken hearts all around the globe.

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Monsta X’s music combines elements of hip-hop, electronic dance music (EDM), and pop to create an immersive listening experience. You’ll become a Monbebe in an instant when the songs’ layers upon layers of emotive singing give way to equally fervent rap lines.



In response to each trending tweet, you can always count on this band’s diehard followers to chant, “STAN LOONA!” The 12-person band has undoubtedly earned its fans’ undying loyalty.

They’ve got groundbreaking graphics to go along with their unforgettable K-Pop classics. I would suggest “Butterfly” and “Hi High” as good places to begin your ascent to LOONA standards.

3.  Twice


Due to their infectious stage presence, catchy songs, and wide range of musical influences, TWICE is one of the most popular South Korean artists to catch live. From their 2015 debut, the nine queens of the bubblegum style were bound for fame.

Thanks to a sound as flashy as their personas. Since then, it’s taken hit after hit. You can get started with any of their tracks, but you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of room to dance.

2.  (G)I-DLE


Do you need a group that can play any style you can imagine? Listen to (G)I-DLE instead, who deftly blend genres such as a tropical house, Latin, hip-hop, and trap.

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To put it another way: what could be cooler than that? Members of (G)I-DLE, such as Soyeon, Minnie, and Yuqi, have significant roles in making their albums, from composing songs to working as producers.

1.  Black and Pink

Black and Pink

Once you let Jennie Kim, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé into your life, you won’t be able to bear to see them leave. I dare you to listen to one of BLACKPINK’s songs and not have it stuck in your head for days; the group is one of the most successful K-pop acts of the current era. The group has a rich history of groundbreaking music and choreography that you will feel obliged to learn.


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