Top 10 Hottest Female Ufc Fighters

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk, a Polish Muay Thai boxer who now competes in MMA, is currently the most dominant female mixed martial arts fighter in the world. She was victorious in mixed martial arts (MMA) 16 times and in kickboxing 27 times during the course of her career.

It would be appropriate to include both Ronda Rousey of the United States and Amanda Nunes of Brazil on the list of the best female mixed martial arts athletes.

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), these women are champions and regarded as the best P4P, or pound-for-pound, fighters.

In this article, we will discuss some of the hottest UFC fighters in the world. They have all won over their fears and have become true fighters and winners as a result.


10.  Jessica Eye

Jessica Eye ("Evil") | MMA Fighter Page | Tapology

She combines a variety of boxing assaults, defensive jab techniques, and nimble punches to knock down opponents. “Evil” Eye is as difficult as they come for female fighters in the UFC.

The native of Ohio began her career in mixed martial arts with a record of 10-1, and she is renowned for her powerful body kicks, deadly elbow strikes, and takedowns. Even the President of the UFC, Dana White, has lauded her performance.



9.  Felice Herrig

190330-D-SW162-1563 | Professional mixed martial artist Feli… | Flickr

The talented kickboxer known as “Lil Bulldog” has quite the bite in the Octagon, using Muay Thai and powerful leg attacks to knock down her opponents.

Her ring name is “Lil Bulldog.” She began her kickboxing career in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and has competed in a total of 28 bouts, of which she has won 23.

She won her first bout in the UFC against Lisa Ellis by submitting her with an armbar, and then went on to win 10 of her next 16 contests.


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8.  Randa Markos.

Randa Markos | UFC


“Quiet Storm” does not feel any trepidation when she enters the Octagon since she has experienced sufficient hardship in her life to believe that she is capable of overcoming any challenge.

Her family was arrested during the Gulf War for attempting to flee the nation, and she was born in Baghdad, Iraq. Eventually, they were able to find a way to go to Canada, but not before they spent some time behind bars.

Markos draws inspiration from her history, and in addition to having a reach of 63.5 inches and muscular legs, she utilizes a mixture of wrestling and jiu-jitsu tactics to beat her opponents.


7.  Bethe Correia

Bethe Correia | UFC

“Pitbull” is just as ferocious as her namesake, as she takes down her opponents in the Octagon by using a variety of martial arts techniques, including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, Kung Fu, and jujitsu.

The Brazilian fighter is as strong as anybody else in the UFC, and she began her career in mixed martial arts by winning 10 of her first 12 bouts, including a victory over Jessica Eye at UFC 203. She is now undefeated in her mixed martial arts career.



6.  Rose Namajunas

Rose Namajunas by kungfufrogmma on DeviantArt

Compared to her refined look, the American fighter goes by the name “Thug,” and she fights through her challenges using a mixture of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and taekwondo skills.

The native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a specialist in hitting and has an outstanding reach of 65 inches. Because she has black belts in karate and taekwondo, she is on par with any other fighter in the UFC in terms of her ability to do leg kicks and takedowns.

Namajunas got off to a strong start in her career by winning five of her first eight contests, including a victory over Angela Hill at UFC 192.


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5.  Joanne Calderwood.

joanne calderwood ufc | Adam Crowther | Flickr

As a young adult, “The Whispering Assassin” began her training in Muay Thai, and now she fights her opponents using a combination of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, strong leg strikes, and lethal jabs in addition to the skills she learned in Muay Thai.

The Scottish fighter, who is also known by nicknames such as “JoJo,” “Badmofo JoJo,” and “Dr. Kneevil,” was an exceptional kickboxer, losing just two of her 21 bouts, and she began her career in mixed martial arts by winning her first nine fights, four of them by knockout. She is also known as “JoJo,” “Badmofo JoJo,” and “Dr. Kneevil.”


4.  Alicia Carla Esparza


“Cookie Monster” is widely considered to be one of the most accomplished grapplers in the UFC. When she’s in the ring, she combines movements from wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu to create a diverse arsenal of kicks, punches, and other strikes.

She began her career by winning 11 of her first 14 mixed martial arts battles, and she went on to become the first ever UFC strawweight champion. Her hometown is Redondo Beach, in the state of California.


3.  Cat Zingano

Cat Zingano | UFC

“Alpha” is one of the most ferocious female fighters in the UFC, with skills in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and Muay Thai that can knock down any opponent.

Her nickname comes from the Greek word for “alpha.” She was born in Winona, Minnesota, and she has a reach of over 70 inches. In 2013, she made history by being the first woman to win a UFC bout by technical knockout by defeating another top fighter named Miesha Tate.

In the process, she also became the first woman to win a UFC battle. Zingano began her career in mixed martial arts with nine consecutive wins, earning five of those victories by knockout. At UFC 184, Zingano suffered her first loss, which came at the hands of an improving Ronda Rousey.


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2.  Holly Holm

Holly Holm - Biography - IMDb

“The Preacher’s Daughter” is renowned mostly for her victory against Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 in Australia; yet, she is much more than just that accomplishment.

With a background in both kickboxing and boxing, Holm started her career in mixed martial arts with ten consecutive victories, the most notable of which was a devastating knockout victory against Rousey, which essentially forced the superstar to take a yearlong break from the sport.

Holm made a name for herself as a professional boxer, amassing a record of 32-2-3 in the ring while collecting various championships and successfully defending her belts an astounding 18 times throughout the course of her career.


1. Paige VanZant

paige-vanzant-ufc-213-panel | MMA Junkie

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“12 Gauge” is widely regarded as one of the most talented female competitors in the sport. To prevail in competition, she relies on her exceptional defensive prowess and ruthless Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques.

Her hometown is Dundee, Oregon, and she has a height of 65 inches. In the ring, she is an aggressive grappler who uses elbows, ground strikes, clinches, and quick punches to get the upper hand.

VanZant has had a very outstanding start to her professional mixed martial arts career, having won seven of her first nine bouts despite the fact that she is still a young woman (she began her MMA career when she was only 18 years old).




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