Top 10 Beautiful Philippines Actresses In The World

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The Philippines is home to a handful of the most stunningly gorgeous ladies on the planet.

Any guy on the face of the earth is capable of falling head over heels in love with a woman because of the structure of their bodies, the form of their faces, and a variety of other alluring traits.

If you are thinking about how lovely Filipino actresses are, you should also consider how beautiful Filipino ladies are.

They are, without a shadow of a doubt, some of the most stunning actresses anywhere in the whole globe. When shown on television, Filipino women emanate such appeal and beauty that it is impossible to remain emotionally detached from them.

God has made women his most exquisite works of art on our planet. There are a lot of gorgeous ladies in the world, but Filipino women’s beauty is extraordinary.

The Philippines are well-known worldwide for its stunning beaches, islands, mountains, historical monuments, and delectable fruits.

In addition to this, the Philippines is well-known for the stunningly attractive ladies who live there. Examples of this may be found among the top ten most beautiful women in the Philippines, which are listed below.

Let’s go down the list, and when we get to your favorite stunning Filipina beauty, be sure to give us her name in the comments area.

God allowed this planet to be created with such splendor so that people might enjoy and celebrate every moment. The concept of beauty will also be discussed in girls.

Yes! Of course, females are already rather gorgeous when they are born, which is why they are often referred to as beauties. When this is taken into account, there is nothing, in particular, to educate about the female celebs.

They are, without a doubt, the most beautiful people on the planet. The beauty of female stars would cause us to give in to their seduction and follow them.

In these circumstances, many film industries have the loveliest female celebs; nonetheless, Filipina stars have some appealing bodily constructions and different attitudes.

Below is a list that we have compiled of the top ten most beautiful young female stars from the Philippines that are from the Philippines.


10.  Laura Lehmann

Laura Lehmann

Source- YouTube

Actress, model, and host on television, Laura Lehmann was just crowned Miss World Philippines 2017, in addition to her other accomplishments.

Her birthday is July 16, and she was born in Makati, Philippines, in the year 1994. She was the first runner-up in the Binibining Pilipinas competition in 2014, and she also won the beauty with a purpose competition and placed in the top 40 in the Miss World competition in 2017.

Because of this, many people in the Philippines believe her to be among the most stunningly gorgeous ladies. Lehmann has been in the movies “The Annulment” and “Elise,” and he has also hosted several television series, including “Upfront at the UAAP” and “Shakey’s V-League.”

This stunning Filipina model signed a management deal with GMA Network in 2020 and began working as a host for One Sports the same year. She tied the knot with Von Pessumal in 2021 and has 192 thousand people following her on Instagram.


9.  Katarina Rodriguez

Katarina Rodriguez

Source – YouTube


Katarina Rodriguez is a Filipina model, actress, and athlete in addition to being a working professional in those fields. She was born in Orlando, Florida, on August 1, 1992, to parents from the Philippines.

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After graduating high school, she and her family relocated to the Philippines. Rodriguez has light brown eyes and brown hair, along with his lovely face and nice body size.

He stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall. Because she has several championships in beauty pageants, there is no question that she is also one of the most attractive Filipino women in the year 2022.

She was awarded the title of Miss World Philippines in 2018, and she was just crowned. She also has the title of Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2017, which she won in 2017.

Aside from that, this Filipina beauty queen rose to international fame after competing in the second season of the television program Asia’s next top model in 2014 and finishing in third place.

She is an ambassador for Save the Children Philippines and several well-known businesses, and she campaigns against HIV and for peace. She is the wife of Nio Barbers and the mother of their kid.



8.  Mutya Johanna Datul


 Mutya Johanna Datul

Source – YouTube

Another stunning Filipina working in the entertainment and modeling industries is Johanna Datul. She is from the Philippines.

In 2013, she was declared the winner of the beauty contest known as Binibining Pilipinas Supranational. She has also won several beauty pageant titles in the past.

She was the first person from Asia or the Philippines to win the Miss Supranatural title in 2013, and she continues to maintain the title to this day.

Fans are drawn to Datul because of her outstanding charisma and down-to-earth character, making her more approachable. After achieving this success, she went on to star in several films and television shows, including “Sleezebag Cheaters,” “Indak,” and “Luv U.”

She will serve as a judge for the Mister and Miss Supranational 2022 competition representing Thailand. In addition to this, she is affiliated with Viva Films Talent and will soon be seen in the films Sanngano, Santiago, and Sanggwapo.



7.  Kelsey Merritt

Kelsey Merritt

Kelsey Alaine Merritt is a well-known Filipina model in the United States. She was born and raised in the Philippines. She entered this world on October 1, 1996, in the Philippines.

She is the first Filipina model to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and be included in the United States edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

The seventh spot on the list of the top ten most gorgeous Filipino women in 2022 is where she belongs. Merritt completed her education in the Philippines while she was still active in the modeling industry in New York.

After that, he moved his base of operations to New York and signed with Wilhelmina. 2019 was the year that she made her appearance in Sports magazine, marking the beginning of the formal beginning of her partnership with The Society in New York. Viva Artist Agency will begin representing her beginning in June of the year 2020.



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6.  Rabiya Mateo

Rabiya Mateo

Source- YouTube

Regarding the most beautiful women in the Philippines in 2022, we can’t forget about Rabiya Mateo, the current Miss Universe. Miss Iloilo Universe 2020 was also worn by her.

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She was born on November 14, 1996, and is an actor and model by profession. She was the first Filipina to represent the Philippines during the Covid.19 era, finishing in the Top 21 in Miss Universe 2020. She is a remarkable lady who exudes genuine attractiveness.

Mateo has a contract with Geo Network that runs until 2021, and he has appeared in KMJS: Gabi ng Lagim IX, Wish ko Lang: Magkaibigan, and Agimat ng Agila.

She works as a lecturer and reviewer in Manila and has a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. She presently dates actor Jeric Gonzales, who has 2.4 million Instagram followers.



5.  Janella Salvador

 Janella Salvador

Janella Maxine Desiderio, Actress, model, singer, and composer Salvador was born in the Philippines. She also has a background in acting.

She is now a Garnier brand ambassador, making her one of the company’s youngest representatives. In 2022, she is widely considered one of the sexiest and most stunning women to come out of the Philippines.

Be Careful with My Heart was a smash TV drama from 2012 to 2014 and marked her debut. It was this show that gained her attention and accolades.

She has been under contract with Star Magic and Regal Entertainment since 2014 and continues to be so now. Salvador has been in various television episodes, films, and online series, including The Heiress, U-Turn, Click, Like, Share-Barter, and Mars Revelos Darna.

Among his other credits is also Mars Revelos Darna. The actress has 7.2 million followers on Instagram, in addition to her 2.5 million admirers on Facebook.


4.  Ivana Alawi

Ivana Alawi

Source – YouTube

Mariam Alawi is ranked number four on the most attractive Filipino ladies list. She is also an actress and model and has a YouTube channel.

Her initial performance on GMA 7’s Star Struck pushed her into the Top 22, and she went on to sign a deal with GMA Center and Star Music as a result.

She has made appearances in several movies, television programs, and music videos, some of which include Open, A Family Affair, Sitsit, and Inferno.

Alawi has amassed 15.3 million subscribers, making it one of the most successful YouTube channels in the Philippines. This Filipina beauty maintains her audience’s interest by often publishing stunning photographs and video blogs on her website.

Ivana Skin, her very own skincare brand, serves as the platform through which she shares her beauty tips and product recommendations.



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3.  Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto

Model and actress Julia Barretto were born in the Philippines in 1997. Her birth year is 1997. She first gained notoriety via her work with Kokey; then, she signed with Star Magic, where she went on to win accolades and star in high-quality films and series.

She has appeared in quite a few films and television programs, some of which are titled after her, such as Block Z, Bahaya Pula, I am U, Masked Singer, and Between Maybes.

This stunning Filipina beauty prioritizes both her physical and emotional wellbeing, and she is an advocate for leading a healthy lifestyle and getting regular exercise.

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After 2021, she will no longer be represented by Star Magic since she has signed a deal with Viva Artist Agency. Barretto presently has a relationship with actor Gerald Anderson and has over 11 million followers on Instagram and 3 million followers on Facebook.



2.  Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano

On this list of the most beautiful Filipino women in 2022, Liza Soberano, considered one of the sexiest actors in the globe, comes in at number two.

She arrived on January 4, 1998, in the state of California, in the United States. She is a model, actor, singer, and Influencer from the Philippines and the United States.

Soberano’s childhood was spent in the United States, where her mother raised her. When she was ten years old, she decided to go permanently to the Philippines to be with her father.

This stunning performer is from the Philippines, and her acting credits include roles in several movies and television programs, including “Just the Way You Are,” “Make it with You,” and “Bagani.”

She is ranked number one on the list of the hundred most beautiful faces of 2017 and is considered the most admirable lady in the Philippines in 2018.

Liza, who has one of the most stunning appearances in all of the Philippines, has her sights set on achieving success in Hollywood. Enrique Gil, an actor and a singer professionally, is Hanley’s boyfriend.



1.  Silvia Cortesi



Source – YouTube


In the year 2022, Silvia Cortesi is widely considered to be the most beautiful Filipina. She entered the world on December 15, 1997, in Pasay, Philippines.

This stunning model from the Philippines also took home the crown for Miss Universe Philippines 2022. She started in the modeling industry in Italy, where she also won the title of Miss Earth Philippines 2018 before heading on to the Philippines.

Cortesi is the third Filipina to win two national championships, having previously taken home the crowns for Miss Earth and Univers.

She recently graced the cover of a fashion shoot while dressed as Cinderella, and her appearances were published in several publications.

In addition to her work in the modeling industry, Cortesi is eager to get her real estate license in the Philippines to finish her Bachelor of Science degree in real estate management.

In December, she will compete in the contest to choose the next Miss Universe on behalf of the Philippines. Matthew Custodio, a Philippine national football team member, is Silvia’s current boyfriend.

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