Top 15 Most Well Known White Rap Artists

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Without a doubt, white musicians in rap music have had to work harder to be considered seriously. White rappers are generally seen as market exploiters in a subculture and industry that have traditionally been controlled by people of Colo.

However, white rappers remain flourishing and underappreciated despite their efforts to change the game and redefine the genre. The top 20 white rappers in history are listed below.

15.   Yelawolf

File:Yelawolf blueridgerockfest 2019.jpeg - Wikimedia Commons

Some may be surprised to learn that one of rap’s most fascinating vocalists, Yelawolf, hails from Alabama, a state more renowned for its country music than for hip-hop. Michael Wayne Atha’s talent as a rapper has been shown mostly via his work with others and in limited releases.

Did you know that Yelawolf’s mother’s boyfriend, an Aerosmith sound designer, was the one who first exposed him too hip-hop?

Two of his most famous songs are “Pop the Trunk” and “Till It’s Gone.” He may have found fame as a rapper, but he hasn’t forgotten his southern roots.


14.   Vinnie Paz

Vinnie Paz | Hip Hop Wiki | Fandom

Vinnie Paz is considered by many to be the finest rapper currently active. His signature sound is an explosive and infectious blend of hardcore punk and hip-hop. Paz’s songs are very intricate and often tackle heavy topics like violence and substance abuse. Paz is also a part of the groundbreaking hip-hop trio Jedi Mind Tricks, in addition to his solo career.

No matter your opinion on hip-hop, you have to admit that one of its most gifted rappers, Vinnie Paz, is one of the best. Listen to songs like “End of Days” and “Slight Rebellion off Madison” and you’ll see why many consider him a legend.


13. R.A. the Hardy Man

RA The Rugged Man live at Club 120 | Shot at Club 120 on Aug… | Flickr

American rapper and producer R.A Talorburn, better known by his stage name R.A the Rugged Man, is lauded for his innovative songwriting and production. His multi-decade hip-hop career is interesting beyond description.

He provoked a bidding war between many big labels after establishing himself as one of the most skilled unsigned MCs.

He received a gold disc for his work on the WWE Aggression album, and his music was included in the multi-platinum selling video game Tony Hawk’s Underground.


12.   Post Malone

File:Post Malone Stavernfestivalen 2018 (202156).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Post Malone, the stage name of American vocalist Austin Richard Post, has given him a household name in the fields of rap and songwriting. His distinctive voice is one of the things that sets him apart from other performers.

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His track “Rockstar” was a huge hit and peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. This also became his first number one single, which helped him break out into the mainstream.


11.   Pain’s House

File:House of Pain-IMG 6482.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

In the 1990s, American hip-hop group House of Pain put up a trilogy of albums. In the end, it was determined that DJ Lethal, Danny Boy, and Everlast made a good team.

After the release of their breakthrough single “Jump Around,” the white hip-hop group House of Pain went from relative obscurity to near-fame. After releasing three albums as a trio, Danny Boy decided to pursue a solo career.


10.  NF

File:NF 2021.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

What sets NF apart from other rappers is his ability to weave a compelling tale via his music. Rapper NF, real name Nathan John Feuerstein, is from Michigan. Those who are versed in and appreciative of rap music are aware of NF’s extraordinary skill.

His popularity is rising, but he hasn’t hit the heights of his contemporaries just yet.

The platinum success of “Let You Down” is evidence that his socially conscious raps resonate with listeners. His distinctive flow and rhythm styles are his only distinguishing features.


9.   Mac Miller

File:Mac Miller (27) – splash! Festival 20 (2017).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

When Mac Miller went suddenly, Pittsburgh’s hip-hop scene lost a bright star. After his untimely death from an overdose, his most famous song skyrocketed to the top of the charts. When he first began becoming recognized for his musical talents, he was only a teenager.

Mac Miller was a talented musician who took influence from a wide range of artists, not only the rap and hip-hop greats of his day. Miller was skilled at breathing fresh life into old songs by rapping and sampling over them.


8.   Logic

Logic (rapper) - Wikipedia

Logic’s musical career began with the release of the mixtape “Young, Broke & Infamous” in 2010. After releasing the Young Sinatra mixtapes, he had a meteoric rise in fame. Logic’s collaboration with Alessia Cara and Khalid on “1-800-273-8255” is perhaps his most successful single to date. This song is an inspiring anthem for suicide awareness and prevention.

Fast as lightning, Logic’s “100 Miles and Running” is certain to raise your heart rate and get your blood pounding.

His 69-word rap was quicker than Eminem’s “Rap God” stanza by more than a full second.

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The world of rap music lost a true master flow machine when he retired.


7.   Lil Dicky

File:Lil Dicky at Stubbs - Austin Texas.png - Wikimedia Commons

A wide variety of techniques and methods have been used to create rap music. Different rappers place more emphasis on lyrical skill or on flow and delivery. Then there are the songwriters who want to make listeners laugh. Among the latter group is Lil Dicky, undeniably one of the greatest and most fascinating rappers working today.

Though he lacks Kendrick Lamar’s conventional rhyming talents and J. Cole’s lyrical profundity, Lil Dicky more than makes up for it with his inventive composition and hilarious delivery.

His tunes are memorable and inventive, and they tend to stick in your brain.

Lil Dicky is swiftly becoming one of the greatest names in rap because his unique style breathes new life into a tired genre.


6.   G-Eazy

File:G-Eazy - Openair Frauenfeld 2019 33.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

As a result of the success of his 2011 mixtape The Endless Summer, G-Eazy was invited to go on tour with two of the greatest artists in rap at the time: Drake and Lil Wayne. As of November 2022, when he signs with RCA Records, he has a $12 million fortune.

He worked with Kehlani on the 2017 Britney Spears album single “Good Life.” With over 13 million YouTube views in the first month after its release, the song was an immediate success. There is no question that G-Eazy is now one of the most successful rappers in the industry.

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5.   Eminem

File:G-Eazy - Openair Frauenfeld 2019 33.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known as Eminem, is a white rapper from Detroit who has had massive success. His life story was turned into a film since he is regarded to be one of the most skilled rappers and producers in the industry.

More times than we can count, Eminem has released chart-topping hits like “Lose Yourself,” “Not Afraid,” and “Stan,” proving that he is a true master of his trade. Of course, “Godzilla” with Juice WRLD is not to be forgotten. In 2020, Eminem rapped an astonishing 7.5 words per second in a single verse, earning him the title of “king of rap” from Guinness World Records.


4.   EI-P

El-P (Run The Jewels) | The Come Up Show | Flickr

An important presence in the American underground rap scene for the most of his career, El-P is a rapper, composer, and record producer from the United States. His blend of lo-fi old-school sound and progressive rock edge has earned him a reputation as a trailblazer in the hip-hop industry.

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El-P first entered the mainstream of hip-hop with the creation of Run the Jewels in 2013. El-P had already amassed a strong fan base among underground hip-hop listeners with his four previous solo studio albums.


3.   All-pervasive

Why Desiigner, 21 Savage, and Other Young Rappers Want to Sound Like Future.

Ubiquitous is a seasoned hip-hop performer who rose to prominence in 2002 as part of the rap duo Ces Cru. In 2012, he released his album “Matter Don’t Money” after signing with Strange Music. Ubiquitous has a distinct flow and intricate rhyme schemes that set him apart from other rappers.

Ubiquitous, as one of the world’s most famous and admired musicians, is undeniably among the best rappers of all time.


2.   Ali, Brother

File:Brother Ali Come Up Show 4 (35015423552).png - Wikimedia Commons

Eight of Brother Ali’s albums have been met with critical acclaim throughout the years. He’s done both solo and collaborative work, in addition to his solo efforts. He’s become well-known in the music business because to his prolific output.

He’s not only a rapper; he’s an activist as well. Racism, slavery, and criticism of the American government are common themes in his writing. Although these are the central concerns of his work, there are also strong undercurrents of optimism, acceptance, and the ability to move on from tragedy.


1.   Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock [FYF Fest 2012] | Paul Narvaez | Flickr

The name Aesop Rock is a wonderful allusion to the classic children’s fable Aesop Fables. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that he’s also one of the most prominent New York City-based East Coast rappers. The album ‘Float’ catapulted him to fame, and he’s maintained that status with subsequent releases including 2020’s ‘Spirit World Field Guide.

One of the most well-known underground rappers of the ’90s and ’00s was Aesop Rock. During that period, he rose to prominence as one of the most popular independent and alternative hip-hop acts around. As a producer and a performer, he has worked with many different individuals.



There are several talented white rappers who have achieved widespread success. The twenty listed below are just a small sample of the most successful and well-known musicians. It is the individuality of each artist’s approach and background that has contributed to their success.

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