Top 10 Android Games

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You may find some real jewels in the Android game industry, and they all deserve a spot on your Android phone or tablet.

The Android platform has a wide variety of games, including indie successes, old classics, and even Nintendo-published originals. Some Android games are even on par with the best PC and console games.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of recommended games that spans a wide variety of genres.

Finding hidden treasures that are worth the investment is now simpler than ever, thanks to subscription services. You can access hundreds of games and applications without having to worry about microtransactions with the Google Play Pass, which costs $4.99 per month. Game Club, which offers comparable subscription pricing, brings back old mobile games.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the best cloud gaming service for Android. Even Netflix, formerly known for its lack of mobile games, now offers its own original titles.

Most mobile gaming gear is designed with Android in mind, thanks to Google’s openness to licensing Android to additional partners. While we admire the desire to try new things, we’ve seen that many of these efforts ultimately fail. Don’t forget about the Razer!

Google’s own forays into the game industry may not last much longer than that, at most. The virtual reality device that converted your Android phone into a consumer product, Google Cardboard, has been retired.

Google Stadia, the company’s cloud streaming service, has closed due to technical difficulties, and payments will be available in 2023.

The Android smartphone platform, like Apple’s iOS, is rife with gimmicky money-making schemes and useless garbage.

However, this in no way diminishes Android’s superiority as a widely used gaming platform. Android provides a wide variety of games, from simple card-swiping to high-end gaming with a dedicated mobile controller.

Mobile entertainment that isn’t Twitter drama is a treat you owe to yourself. Read on to learn more about some top-notch Android games you can play on the go.

We have a list of the best Android apps that focus only on productivity software, in case you’re not interested in games.



10. Gwent: The Witcher Arcade Game

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

The multiplayer card game Gwent from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been reworked for the Android platform. It blends deck-building with strategic thinking to give you access to a wide variety of fighting and support troops.

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Each card has its own unique benefits, but when combined with those of its faction, you may completely alter your strategy for a given battle.

While playing Gwent doesn’t cost anything, purchasing card kegs to unlock more troops will. You may also purchase new cards with the unique cash you earn by performing tasks.


9.   Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Event Background 26 by DEG5270 on DeviantArt

Enter the fantastical land of Teyvat, controlled by ancient gods and buried in centuries-old secrets, in this epic action role-playing game.

However, none of it is known by your protagonist. Genshin Impact has you searching the globe for your missing brother while fending off monsters and aiding the people you come across.

The wide world of Genshin Impact is reminiscent of Zelda in design, and the game’s steady stream of new events should keep you occupied for a very long time.

The presentation is excellent as well, with stunning visuals, excellent voice acting, and a mind-blowing score. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play MMO that pushes you to roll for new characters using a gacha-style monetization structure.

These rolls may be acquired with in-game currency or purchased with real money.


8.   Fortnite

How to play Fortnite on an iPhone | Trusted Reviews

Fortnite’s popularity likely skyrocketed because players could play the game’s battle royale mode for free on their mobile devices. How many students, after all, play this version on their phones behind their teachers’ backs?

Please be aware that Google Play does not currently support Fortnite.

Access the game from the Galaxy Store on your compatible Samsung mobile. If it isn’t already installed on your Android smartphone, there are a few extra steps you need to complete. To learn more, have a look at our helpful guide.


7.   Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Remake by sXeven on DeviantArt

Play the original PlayStation game that made Final Fantasy a cultural phenomenon before diving into the high-budget remake.

The mobile version of Final Fantasy VII may lack the polygon count of its console and PC predecessors, but Cloud and his comrades are just as heroic. With the new cheat codes, you may focus on the plot rather than the combat.


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6.   Down well

Downwell on Steam

In Down well, you play with firearms attached to your feet while your freefall down randomly generated levels. To what end? Run as stylishly as you can till you die. In addition to taking down foes, bullets allow you to stay airborne and maneuver yourself in the heat of battle. The levels themselves have a vintage aesthetic and are mostly black and white with some red accents. The sense of impending doom is well conveyed by the vertical position.

5.   Crossy Road

You will definitely attempt to get the chicken across the road again if you give me a device that can play Crossey Road. The basic idea of the Frogger is perfect for a methodical, unending runner.

The chickens are hilarious, and the voxel art style is instantly recognizable.


4.   Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger By Locus21 by locus21 on DeviantArt

You may play one of the most well-known and cherished role-playing games ever made on your Android smartphone. Explore a fun RPG set in the past that features fluid and strategic fighting, beautiful sprite-based aesthetics, and time travel.

The scenario of this portable chrono trigger has been adapted from the Nintendo DS version, which is a significant improvement over the original SNES release.

Due to the rapid speed of battle compared to traditional turn-based RPGs, the game’s touch controls may sometimes be imprecise, which can be frustrating. Even still, Chrono Trigger was a landmark RPG in its day, and it still manages to stun with its level of immersion even now.


3.   Castle Vania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Icon by VigorzzeroTM on DeviantArt

Android phones now have access to one of the most recognizable titles in the Castle Vania franchise. Take command of Alucard, the vampire, and rid the castle of the demons trying to bring Dracula back to life.

Symphony of the Night has a robust role-playing game inventory system with a wide variety of weapons, Armor, and magic items.

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Castle Vania: Symphony of the Night is a must-own Konami classic because of its massive castle, wide variety of skills, and long list of monster fodder.


2.   Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor : Alice by shnichii on DeviantArt

ntent -->

Dota 2 and League of Legends have a stranglehold on the PC multiplayer online battle arena industry. However, things are more level on mobile devices.

Tencent, a Chinese tech giant, created Arena of Valor, one of the best ways to experience this incredibly strange real-time strategy genre on the fly.



1.   Among Us

Steam Workshop::Among Us Model Package

Despite releasing in 2018, Among Us became the most popular video game in 2020 because it was ideal for paranoid, quarantine-based leisure.

A group of hidden saboteurs is trying to assassinate you while you and your other astronaut mates are busy fixing your spacecraft.

Never put faith in anybody or anything; instead, employ social manipulation to uncover the truth or fabrications to maintain the charade.




It is well-known that free Android games are not always free in this day and age, but many of them are really near to being free if you are willing to exercise a little bit of patience.

The majority of bottlenecks in free-to-play games are caused by eager gamers.

Putting your faith in patience may often help you avoid such dangers.

We have compiled a list of the top free Android games that you should be able to play without having to spend a lot of money on additional content inside the app itself, and we really hope that you enjoy playing them.

Because this is a list in the form of a hall of fame, the alternatives that are shown here will not change until something better appears.



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