Top 15 Most Badass Presidents Of U.S

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These presidents have shown over and again that they are not to be taken lightly, from military heroes to innovators.

They constantly managed to triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles, whether they military foes or political rivals.


15. Ulysses S. Grant

File:Colorized portrait of Ulysses Grant.png - Wikimedia Commons

One of the toughest military commanders in history, his efforts helped the Union win the Civil War. His wartime leadership changed the trajectory of American history, and he was a brilliant strategist recognized for his dogged pursuit of victory. After the Civil War, Grant became president of the United States and helped rebuild the nation.


14. Theodore Roosevelt

File:Colorized portrait of Theodore Roosevelt.jpeg - Wikimedia Commons


Recognized for his tenacity and aggression on the battlefield and off. He was a brilliant military strategist who helped American forces win the War of 1812 battle of New Orleans and who also commanded an expedition against

Native American tribes in the area now known as the southeastern United States. Jackson was notoriously unflinching in the face of adversity, as seen by his many infamous duels with political opponents. In a cane battle, he once defeated an assassin.


13. Teddy Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt laughing] - Presidence of Theodore Roosevelt - LOC's  Public Domain Archive Public Domain Search



A genuine badass, he is well-known for his daring nature and lack of fear. He survived an assassination attempt during a campaign speech but continued his lifelong passions of hunting and the outdoors.

During the Spanish-American War, he commanded a troop of men known as the Rough Riders. Known as “The Bull Moose,” Roosevelt is largely regarded as one of the most badass U.S. presidents of all time due to his strong, no-nonsense approach to politics.

After being shot in the chest, he continued speaking for the next 90 minutes. He was an avid bear hunter. What a badass move.

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12. Ronald Reagan

President Ronald W. Reagan - U.S. National Archives Public Domain  photograph - PICRYL - Public Domain Media Search Engine Public Domain Search

A former Hollywood leading man and one of the most beloved US presidents. He was an inspiring leader, full of self-assurance and renown for his firmness and dedication to American ideals.

Strong military policies implemented by Reagan contributed to the rise of the United States to global superpower status and contributed to the eventual demise of the Soviet Union.


11. President Johnson

President Johnson speech Nov 1967 - PICRYL - Public Domain Media Search  Engine Public Domain Search

A strong and resolute chief executive, his administration witnessed the passage of landmark legislation including the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act.

He was an accomplished politician with a reputation for getting things done, and his outsized character had a significant impact on the course of American politics in the 1960s.

Johnson’s dedication to social justice and equality made the nation a better place, and he was also a talented orator who could inspire and encourage people with his speeches.


10.  George W. Bush

George W. Bush - Wikipedia

A strong and steadfast head of state who saw the nation through the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent war on terror. He was an accomplished politician who stood firm in the face of criticism and resistance, earning a reputation for tenacity and the capacity to make difficult choices.

As a leader, Bush had a lasting impact on American foreign policy, and he was a staunch supporter of American ideals and democracy.


9.   Kennedy, President

President John F. Kennedy | President John F. Kennedy in the… | Flickr

A president who was both charming and courageous at the height of the Cold War. It is generally agreed that his leadership during the tense Cuban Missile Crisis is one of the finest diplomatic achievements in American history because of how he stood up to the Soviet Union. Kennedy also fought with Honor in the United States Navy during World War II, winning the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his valorous actions. When he was in the navy, he once dragged a wounded sailor to safety using just his teeth.

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8.   John Quincy Adams

File:Colorized portrait of John Quincy Adams.jpeg - Wikimedia Commons

He’s a masterful politician and a total badass in his own right. A skilled diplomat, he represented the United States as an envoy to various European nations before rising to the position of secretary of state in the administration of James Monroe.

The foreign policy of the United States was significantly influenced by Adams’ term as president. He was also a staunch supporter of democracy and freedom, two principles that had a significant impact on the development of the United States.


7.   James Madison

File:James Madison by Chester Harding (detail), 1829-1830 - DSC03224.JPG -  Wikimedia Commons

A genuine badass who had a significant impact on the development of the United States. He was an accomplished politician who contributed to the creation of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

In addition to being a brilliant politician, Madison led the United States to victory in the War of 1812 thanks to his steadfast determination to protect American independence and territorial integrity.


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6.   George Washington

AI tribute to George Washington by 789DigitalDesign on DeviantArt

One badass who saw the Revolutionary War through as commander of the Continental Army. His leadership throughout the war was crucial in gaining American freedom, and he was a great military strategist noted for his courage and resolve.

Washington was also a staunch advocate for freedom and democracy, and his dedication to both causes had a significant impact on the development of the modern United States.


5.   George H. W, Bush

President George H.W. Bush addresses the crowd upon his arrival on base.  Bush is visiting Rhein-Main following the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium  - PICRYL - Public Domain Media Search Engine Public

A stern and seasoned leader, he was instrumental in establishing the course of American foreign policy throughout his presidency. Before becoming Vice President under Ronald Reagan, he served as Ambassador to various nations, demonstrating his proficiency as a diplomat. As president, Bush witnessed the conclusion of the Cold War and the Gulf War, among other significant shifts in American foreign policy.


4.   Franklin D. Roosevelt

53-227(199) | Portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt ta… | Flickr

In every sense of the term, a badass. During the Great Depression and World War II, he was in charge of the country, and his relentless leadership and resolve helped pull the country back from the brink.

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The capacity to inspire and encourage others was only one of Roosevelt’s many political and strategic talents. His renowned fireside talks served to calm and console the American people through some of their darkest hours.


3.   Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower | Smithsonian Institution

A former five-star general in the American Army who became the nation’s leader. He was a brilliant military tactician who was instrumental to the Allies’ WWII triumph and the first supreme commander of NATO. For decades, American policy was influenced by Eisenhower’s renowned warning about the military-industrial complex, and he was also a talented politician noted for his cool and collected leadership style.


2.   Barack Obama

Barack Obama | Biography, Parents, Education, Presidency, Books, & Facts |  Britannica

He was the first black president of the United States and a total badass. He overcome bigotry and discrimination on his way to become a great politician and leader. Obama was also a gifted orator, whose dedication to social justice and equality inspired millions. During his administration, he oversaw several difficult situations, like as the Great Recession and the war against ISIS, but he always maintained his composure and kept his eye on the prize.


1.   Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln | In September 1906 Henry Hughes of the Pate… | Flickr

One fierce leader who saw the nation through the perilous periods of the Civil War. He had a strong reputation for being forthright, honest, and dogged in his pursuit of political office. Lincoln was a superb wrestler who, according to legend, never lost a bout in his whole career. His physical strength and endurance likely contributed to his ability to lead the nation through its darkest hours.


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