Top 10 Best Landscape Photographers

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Photographers that focus on landscapes are, first and foremost, adventurers. Helping viewers feel more emotionally connected to nature while traveling across the globe to photograph some of the most remote and undiscovered locales.

In a similar vein, they are forced to endure severe weather, risky trips, and even sometimes hostile landscapes.

When it comes to the best landscape photographers from across the world, this list will assist you in finding fresh talent to follow as well as new sources of inspiration. After that, you are free to go outside and maybe add your name to the ever-growing list of others who have done so.

We trust you’ll like our choice. Be on the lookout for these exceptional photographers who share a deep commitment to capturing the essence of landscapes from all around the world.


10. Ted Gore

TED2016_021716_1MA8228_1920 | Al Gore speaks at TED2016 - Dr… | Flickr

Ted Gore’s compositions, which verge on being both ambitious and alluring, give each of his images a powerful punch. Gore, who is based in California, has become famous all around the globe because the photographs in his portfolio are so representative of nature.

He uses innovative methods to capture landscapes and gives back to the community by means of seminars and educational films that detail his approach to photography.

He is an artist who likes to test the limits of reality while depicting the natural world. He is a modern photographer who has no trouble understanding the significance of post-production and who uses a variety of tools to make his photographs convey the messages he intends.

Here, you may take in some of his most recent creations. If you want to catch sneak peeks of his work and glimpses into his everyday life, you should follow him on Instagram.


9.   Daniel Kordan

2015 photo workshops | Daniel Kordan

Because of its potential as an artistic medium, Daniel Kordan is completely enamoured with photography. Kordan is an expert landscape photographer since he grew up in the Russian Lake area just south of Moscow.

He, like many other landscape and travel photographers, gives lessons in the art.

We call Kordan’s work a “travel motive,” an unending appeal to any and all people, photographers included, to get out into the world and let themselves be inspired by the beauty that exists all around us.

He is not your typical landscape photographer who distances himself from humanity; rather, he is drawn to demonstrating the existence of humanity among the boundless wonders of nature.


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8.   Max Rive

Person Standing on the Mountain · Free Stock PhotoDutch photographer Max Rive has been traveling to Switzerland’s mountains since he was five years old. Rive’s passionate travel has led to some of the most fascinating travel and landscape photos we’ve ever seen because of his multifaceted love of racing, cycling, and photography.

Something happened in Rive’s life when he missed a deadline at the university and made the decision to leave higher education behind in Favor of travel. Just a few weeks later, the 2015 Nepal earthquake almost took his life when he leaped out of a perfectly good airplane on his way to see the Himalayas.

From Chile to New Zealand, he’s been recording all the travel adventures he can uncover since then.



7.   Michael Shainblum

Baru | Attended a workshop with Michael Shainblum, Toby Harr… | Flickr

Michael Shainblum began his career as a professional photographer and videographer at the tender age of 16.

Since he was young, Shainblum has wanted to be an artist, and now he has a wide range of skills in fields as diverse as commercial time-lapse photography, aerial photography, aerial filmmaking, travel and adventure photography, and fine art landscape photography.

It’s little wonder companies like Nike, Samsung, Disney, and even Google have commissioned his work.

After seeing Shainblum’s Cityscape Dubai, you will realize why it is one of our Favorite works of architecture. Incredible architecture shapes the skyline of Dubai, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing cities.

Michael has artistically preserved that spirit while maintaining the visual consistency and elegance of one of the world’s most exciting attractions.

Shainblum exemplifies the power of combining dedication and skill in professional photography across a wide range of projects, from fine art to tutorials and presets.



6.   Callum Snape

Callum Snape | LinkedIn


The greatest adventures are what inspire photographer Callum Snape. His landscape paintings are excellent representations of his adventurous spirit and love of nature.

The ingenuity with which he was able to combine the thrill of human exploration with the splendour of nature is what we like most about his work.

Snape’s masterful incorporation of the spirit of exploration into his photography is unparalleled. That’s why he’s such a fantastic role model for all landscape and travel photographers.

Exploration is one of humanity’s greatest joys; as a species, we’re natural explorers, and Snape’s photographs reflect this essential aspect of our nature.

Please check out his landscape work and his adventures in his portfolio. If you’re looking for trip photography ideas, you should check out Callum’s blog, The Adventure Passport.



5.   Sean Bagshaw

Sean Bagshaw f-stop Ambassador

Sean Bagshaw is out of this world. He is an outdoor instructor and photographer living in Ashland, Oregon.

Even though he wasn’t a professional photographer until much later in life, he nevertheless had enough of an inquisitive spirit to record his climbing and mountaineering adventures in the 1980s and ’90s for the sake of future slide presentations.

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As he progressed in his studies of photography as an art form, he found that it allowed him to convey his greatest enthusiasm for exploration.

These days, rather than climbing, he’s more interested in photographing mountains on his travels. In reality, he spends about half of each year traveling around in pursuit of the optimum lighting conditions for his photographs, often sleeping in his van or on the ground.

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We hoped you liked this in-depth look at 12 of the most accomplished landscape photographers working today.

There has never been a time when travel photography and landscape photography have been more intertwined than they are now.

Never lose sight of the fact that nature is a gift we must pass on to future generations. Take nothing for granted.



4.   Guy Tal

Guy Tal - RockyNook

Guy Tal’s website turn you off. If you have an interest in landscape photography or travel, you should definitely keep an eye on Tal’s developing portfolio.

Tal has a strong connection to the outdoors and devotes his time to taking pictures that will aid in preserving the natural world before careless human behaviour destroys it.

While some may regard his works as strange, others have argued that Tal’s art is properly classified as abstract. For us, his art only represents his take on the world.

There is no denying the extraordinary skill with which he handles Color that he displays as a photographer.



3.   Michael Frye

Michael Frye to Receive NANPA's Fine Art in Nature Photography Award - NANPA

Michael Frye is quite the interesting guy; he enjoys imparting wisdom in the hopes that it will aid his fellow photographers in developing a consistent and creative style.

His blog is full of invaluable insights as he discusses the process of creating landscape images and the inspiration behind his work.

We recommend reviewing Frye’s portfolio for educational purposes because of the wealth of information it contains. Consider his portfolio as your own personal masterclass in photography.

If you don’t believe us, just read his blog entry on the latest solar eclipse.

Frye is a traveler who stays true to his American origins, but even so, he paints a picture of a place that is unlike any other, particularly when the sun sinks below the horizon.

Check out his remarkable night work right here.



2.   Joshua Cripps

Joshua Cripps: Wilderness Landscape Photographer, Teacher & Presenter


Since photography freed Joshua Cripps from a life of tedium in a cubicle, the hobby has particular significance for him. He worked on design for a satellite company after graduating from college with an engineering degree. He quit his office job and is now an official Nikon photographer based in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

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Cripps’s work has been published in outdoor photography magazines such as Outdoor Photographer and popular photography magazines such as Popular Photography.

Cripps has kept up with the trends and now works with the Sea to Summit Photography Workshops’ original team. In addition to starting a Nature Photography Academy in 2014, where students learned outstanding photography and post-processing methods, he also started an extraordinary YouTube channel the same year. Finally, we highly recommend checking out his blog and eBooks.




1.   Erez Marom

Interview with Erez Marom

Erez Marom is a superb landscape and travel photographer who captures the world with incredible zeal and a unique and insightful point of view. Like many photographers, he pursued a different line of work first, and it wasn’t until he experimented with macro photography and then landscapes in 2008 that he realized photography was his true calling.

He found a way to turn his two greatest interests—travel and photography—into a rewarding line of work.

In 2012, after experiencing a dramatic shift in his personal and professional life, Erez decided to pursue photography as a career.

His interest in photography has not only led him all over the globe in the past five years but has also given him the chance to contribute to prestigious publications like preview and Landscape Photography Magazine.

He loves to teach others, so he often holds seminars on a wide range of topics; many of them have waiting lists stretching for two years.





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