Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

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List of Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World, Most of us make choices in restaurants based on various factors: food quality, design, the venue, and, of course, the price of menus.

Nevertheless, what if one of them was never a problem? And what if there were no cash, and you could eat nothing, irrespective of cost? Not only the finest ingredients that a cook can buy are the restaurants below, but the best chefs that a kitchen is able to afford, the most lavish atmosphere for a businessman, and the most exclusive dinner experience.

This all justifies such absolutely astronomical prices, reserved for those who only have pockets large enough for a single meal to be paid for a whole week.

There are 10 of the world’s costliest restaurants. If you think of a food price as much as a mortgage payment (or two), it’s a lot of bread and wine for a couple of hours.


10). PLAZA ATHENEE, PARIS ($550 Per Person)

PLAZA ATHENEE, PARIS Expensive Restaurants In The World

Most of the hotel is classically French, except for the 7th and 8th floors in Art Deco. A red canvas over every window flies over Hotel Plaza Athénée and shows geranium window boxes.

In the building, you can find several restaurants. In 2000, for his high cuisine restaurant, Alain Ducasse opted for the Athénée. The hotel also offers dinners and luncheons on Thursdays and Fridays.

Relais Plaza, the Cour Jardin (cooking Riviera), La Galerie des Gobelins (breakfast, light lunch, tea, and pastries) and the Bar du Plaza are all popular restaurants.

Other restaurants also offer dinners on weekends and lunches. Jacques Pépin is a famous chef who worked before Ducasse. Plaza Athénée is also a popular chef’s restaurant, Alain Ducasse, in Romantic City, but you will not like the price.

The dining room itself is an artwork sitting under candlesticks made of 10,000 lustrous crystals. The menu includes unusual ingredients and a tray of steaming caviar lobsters costs more than 260 dollars alone.

One of the truest restaurants on the list, but it is one of the most desirable in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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You can find fantastic restaurants around the world. Some are fairly affordable and some are expensive.

The price list of a restaurant is subject to various factors.

Is it at the top place and does it include some high-profile and famous status names in the list of diners? Is the menu very distinctive, and the chef needs special rare and precious foods, is a master chef and is highly skilled in his art, is very rarely presented and there are some creative foods in the menu card that make the dishes the most expensive restaurant in the world.

The above list of the restaurants that are expensive but worth the value and you definitely have a good experience.


9). MISOGUIGAWA KYOTO ($168 Per Person)

PLAZA ATHENEE, PARIS ($550 Per Person) Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

As the least expensive but always incredibly expensive Misoguigawa mixes two types of cuisine, French and Japanese kaiseki, according to the average American norm.

The outcome is a truly original and exciting experience for lovers of both cuisines, which is backed by a lot of great feedback through food blogs.

You can try the more affordable $270 per Person Menu if you feel exceptional, but you must call and book it in advance at least five days. In the menu, potato sweeteners, buttered French beans, and roasted pumpkin are available for the beef filet.


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8). CRISSY, SWITZERLAND ($375 Per Person)

CRISSY, SWITZERLAND ($375 Per Person) Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

The late Chef Benôit Violier’s fine dining establishment and his mother Brigitte Crissier are very much respected by everyone who eats in it.

In an enticing setting, Crissier offers a variety of dishes to match many palates with a team that makes us feel like a king. The $375 menu includes the spruce saddle, purple sea urchin, duck foie gras and wild turbot.

You can eat quickly for less than $200 per person if you are in a hurry. This restaurant is one of the most beautiful and well managed as their staff are so accurate about time management, You won’t regrate after having breakfast or lunch or dinner.




At The Dorchester, Alain Ducasse proposes French modern cuisine in a restaurant built for Jouin Manku and the restaurant manager Enrico Baronetto and his enthusiastic group.

Managing Director Jean-Philippe Blondet interprets the cuisine of Alain Ducasse in a traditional and elegant way, actively promoting and rising existing seasonal items. The main dishes include lobster ‘ Sound gourmand,’ quenelles of truffles and household pasta; dry old beef, bone-marrow artichokes and delicate baba, such as the one seen on’ Monte-Carlo.’

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The restaurant offers a 3-course menu that includes wine, food, and is perfect for a savvy lunch.




You can try Ithaca in the Maldives for a restaurant that is a feast both for your eyes and for the palate.

This small resort is situated 10 feet below the Indian Ocean shore, surrounded by marine life and coral and accommodates 14 guests for lunch, dinner, and cocktails.

Expect mascarpone and dumplings of truffle, Carpaccio of lobster and duck agnolotti. There’s no easy time to book, one of the most beautiful in the world restaurants. But it’s an experience, unlike any other when you actually do.


5). MASA, NEWYORK CITY ($ 600 Per Person)

MASA, NEWYORK CITY Expensive Restaurant

Masa is not just costly; for Hollywood A-Listers and fat cat business people, it is often considered overpriced and just a chic restaurant. In 2004 the renowned chef Masa Takayama opened a Japanese sushi restaurant.

For a single ice cream set, $45 is anticipated for maki rolls and $60 for grilled scampi. $40 is planned. What is the draw? It’s good food, but it’s the firm. People come here to rub the elite with their shoulders and prove a point.

It is the 1%  restaurant. While it might be a privilege for you and me, this is a normal restaurant for the rich and famous.


3). GORDON RAMSAY, LONDON ($178 Per Person)

GORDON RAMSAY, LONDON Expensive Restaurants

The food in the Restaurant Gordon Ramsay seems like a bargain compared to the first restaurant on the list. Yet, of course, you still search for approximately $500 for a meal for two if you take part in wine, tip, and other additions.

The location of his signature is one of the many restaurants of Gordon Ramsay’s infamous chef. You will have three-course meals: classic French cuisine including panfries, grilled foie gras, and Cotswold lamb.

Ah, don’t fear the temper of Ramsay. It is unlikely that you would ever see him appearing with so many restaurants around the world and all his TV shows.


2). MAISON PIC, FRANCE ($442 Per Person)

EMAISON PIC, FRANCE Expensive Restaurants

Maison-pic is one of Valencia, Drôme, France’s top five-star hotels and restaurants. The restaurant was first founded in 1889 under André Pic (1893–198 4) by Eugene and Sophie Pic. In 1939, the restaurant won the prestigious three Michelin stars.

In 1946 she lost her third star and in 1950 her second star. Jacques Pic, son of André who did not want to be an initial chef, decided to train as a chef and finally take over his dad to get the stars back.

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The restaurant earned its 2nd star again in 1959 under Jacques and its 3rd star in 1973. Three years after Jacques ‘ death it lost its third star until 1995, after which it lost its third star.

Like a three-star restaurant called Michelin, the menu is foggy. You will never forget this trip, from pickles and fries, Banon goat-cheese berlingots and melt-in-your-mouth desserts. The bank balance won’t be either.


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2). ARAKAWA, JAPAN ($ 370 Per Person)

ARAKAWA, JAPAN Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

Arakawa may be one of the finest steaks you like to add to your bucket list— if you’re, of course, in Tokyo’s Shin-bashi area. You’d think the price alone makes getting a table relatively easy but think again.

To make a reservation it may take months or longer. The explanation for this is the Wagyu beef that comes from just one local farm. It is commonly called Kobe in America.

It is a long and painful process to raise Tajima cattle which results in high prices. But for sure one thing— nobody whoever tried it said that the cost wasn’t worth it.


1). SUBLIMATION, SPAIN ($2,173 Per Person)

SUBLIMATION, SPAIN) Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

Sublimation, a Hard Rock Hotel restaurant in Ibiza, is the top of its list. With more than two grandsons per person, you know this is an experience only the rich can afford for a few hours of dinner.

You can expect a 15-20 course meal focused on the art of molecular cuisine if you want to make somehow savings on experience.

This sensory experience not only combines food with music, visual stimulation, art, and high tech headsets. This sensory experience. The opinions are fantastic, but they should, of course, be for this type of money.



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