Top 20 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands In The World

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Who won’t be in a top position? To be at the top implies being a perfectionist. But being a perfectionist means being precise and match in any place, not everybody’s tea.

Who in the universe does not want to be beautiful? Being beautiful means having those incredible aesthetic powers which would allow others to get attracted to them. When we look around this beautiful world, we come around several ornaments that elevate and uplift our elegancy and class.

Jewelry is essential because a refine and graceful do not look complete without it. Jewelry is like icing on the cake, which complements our looks. Several brands have made trademarks in the history of jewelry and will continue to do so with their hard work and efforts. Here is a list of the top expensive yet refined names of jewelry brands in the world.


20: H. Stern

Expensive Jewelry Brand In The World

Source: Carbondale

Only one from Brazil, H. Stern, is of the most magnificent and lavish jewelry brands globally. Detail artistry, architecture, and craftsmanship have led them to several notable collaborative projects and world records worldwide.

The brand is costly not only because of its artistry style but also because of the ingredients and materials to shape every piece of jewelry.

It has a net worth of $400 million. The brand created wonderful and vibrant gems following the deep creative mentality. The artworks of jewelry can also sense the spirit of music, elegant fashion, dignity, etc.


19: David Yurman

David Yurman Jewelry Brand

Source: TIVOL

This expensive jewelry brand was named after the man who conceived his craft, vintage, and love in his jewelry. Most Hollywood celebrities prefer this brand over other brands, which is a pleasing truth about this brand.

Since the company offers the best creative items, many people cannot withstand the desire to shop. Surprisingly, the brand has exposed its most delicate cable bracelet after three years of its inauguration.

This bracelet has been added to its enduring popularity and accelerated its worth up to $400 million.


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18: Givenchy

Expensive Brands

Source: Catawiki

Another one is emerging from the list of France with a net worth of $1 billion. We wonder that France is the fortress of jewelry brands. Givenchy’s finest invention until now was the sharp and fancy-looking gems.

From the day of the brand’s foundation, it climbed so high that it could make suit-joys. Without any surprise, this company is struggling to be at the forefront of the 15 most expensive brands in the world.

They are not only famous for gold items but also for diamonds and other metals.


17: Valentino

Valentino Jewelry Brand

Source: Valentino

Italy brand Valentino is one of the expensive jewelry brands in the world, with an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion.

This costly brand has won a great deal of renown in jewels and by manufacturing and delivering its customers with great honesty other necessary items. This company is filled with exquisite inventory, from shiny bracelets to graceful and dignified pendants.

This brand does not only have trendy jewelry, but it also demonstrates and reflects art through it.


16: Swarovski AG

Swarovski AG

Source: CapitaLand

Swarovski Ag is an expensive jewelry brand from Austria with a net worth of $3 billion. Swarovski’s finest jewelry sets as the brand’s jewelry are costlier than glass.

Since many criteria can be met in the production process and therefore the requirements fulfilled, the brand can uplift you with those best gems.


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15: Chanel

Most Expensive Jewelry Brands In The World

Source: Authentic Luxuries

Our class gets boosted by us wearing any of the products of Chanel. Be it jewelry or perfumes. Chanel wanted to enter the luxurious market of jewelry in the late 1920s.

Together with Duke Fulco di Verdura, Coco Chanel developed a cross pattern (also referred to as the Almalfi cross), and today it stands with an estimated $9 billion net worth. Chanel jewelry is a timeless beauty that does not shed or dull, and it shines our personality.


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14: Boucheron

Boucheron Jewelry Brand


One always dreams of wearing one of Boucheron. This jewelry house has surpassed the test of time with more than 160 years of creativity and development and today now stands as one of the competitors of all jewelry brands with a massive net worth of $20.18 billion.

Its French house has become a constant for those with an eye for majestic and characteristic gemstone as generations have grown and tastes have shifted. Both their gems are delicately sculpted, cultivated, and polished.

They are made with the highest consistency, from their little pendant to their heavy jewels.


13: Kering

Expensive Jewelry Brands

Source: WWD

The biggest name in the history of jewelry brands, Kering, is another biggest name from great France. We are calling it the most expensive because its net worth will give sauces to our eyes.

Its net worth is estimated to be $20.18 Billion. This group also owns the Gucci brand and other sports labels. This brand offers you jewelry that you can wear on any luxury party or marriage occasion with a complete art representation.

Kering produces products that are high-quality and luxurious. It is another name of class and elegance because it elevates us to the range of sophistication, distinction, and dignity.


12: Hermes


Robb Report Singapore

You get a different kind of looks from others when they know you are one of Hermes’ products. Ever wonder why? Because Hermes is such the biggest name in the history of most expensive yet elegant jewelry in the world.

Reflecting their tradition and legacy together, they make sure to make a super fantastic combo of jewelry. They are pricey, but it is worth all the luxury to wear their jewels.

This company is also known for its luxury handbags, in addition to its superior products. This French fashion house named Hermes stands for class, and its jewelry line confirms that.

The buildings had been renowned for using silver metal and motifs in the jewelry industry by 2008. The net worth of this super luxurious brand is $1.77 billion. We are not shocked, are we?


11: Dior


Source: Vogue Hong Kong

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We all know about Dior. One will lie for sure if they say that they have not heard the name of Dior. It is the Oscar-winning brand in the world, and we do not doubt why. It is France based brand with a massive net worth of $44.82 billion.

They surely make jewelry of excellent quality. All the adjectives to prove the luxury, elegance, and beauty of jewels are not enough. Even a simple ornament made by Dior will make a person shine like a star.

They may feel a little heavy to the pocket, but they are perfect for elevating the class of the person wearing jewels made by Dior.


10: Chopard

Chopard Jewelry Brand

Source: Chopard

Chopard is another renowned name from Switzerland with a net worth of $1.7 billion. Chopard is where the quality has joined hands with elegance.

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Chopard originated in 1860, is one of the greatest names in luxury watches and jewelry. At first, they concentrated on eyes but now went to jewelry and shoes decorated especially for the most prominent names of celebrities.

The network currently consists of over 100 shops worldwide. This company is regarded as one of the world’s most luxury and well-known jewelry and watch brands.


9: Mikimoto



Based in the United States of America, Mikimoto was established by a Japanese entrepreneur. The designer, Kokichi Mikimoto, began the brand in 1893 to give pearls to everyone.

He was the first man to successfully make cultured pearls because of his name ‘Pearl King.’ Since then, Japanese brands have established themselves as one of the industry’s biggest names with their sleek style and impeccable work. The company is renowned for its distinctive combination of Japanese and European types.

Mikimoto, one of the expensive premium jewelry brands, has been credit with having some of South Sea Pearl, Pink Capo, Titian pearls, and White Pearls’ most fine and stunning, rarest pearls. Utterly filling the customers’ desire, Mikimoto has successfully made a net worth of $1 billion and continues to do so.


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8: Bvlgari


Source: The Moodie Davitt Report

Bvlgari is considered one of the world’s most expensive jewelry brands globally and Italian’s first choice of diamonds to fulfill their quest for unique and rare jewels.

Bvlgari is renowned for its ornaments and watches, rare fragrances, and cosmetics or skincare products. Popularly known for colorful gemstones, they are famous for sapphires.

Several of the ornaments of Bvlgari’s Hallmark are rimmed with the bold formed, dynamic cabochon stones. It is known for the style of Italian classics, such as cuffs, chocolates, straps, and collars. Having a headquarter in Rome, Italy, Bvlgari has an immense net worth of $1.5 billion.


7: Piaget SA

Piaget SA Expensive Jewelry Brand

Source: Boutique – Humble And Rich

One coming down from the lane of Switzerland, the Swiss brand has a net worth of $6.6 billion. The world-known Swiss brand opened its first exhibition in Geneva in 1959 with luxury jewelry.

The accuracy and consistency of the watchmaking process flowed from nature to imaginative jewelry; Piaget differentiates itself from ultra-thin styles to expensive gems. The company was ranked seven on the ten most costly brands globally, making sophisticated jewelry and fulfilling fantasy desires.


6: Graff



Founded in the 1960s by Laurence Graff, “The fascinating Jewels in the World” was produced by the House of Graff. ‘The Graff Lesedi La Rona’ was recently presented by the British brand.

It is the largest square snap diamond in the world. Based in London, this brand aims to work for the bigger diamonds and stones. They produce the most lavish diamonds and jewels globally and make a net worth of $5.4 billion.


5: Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co Jewelry Brand

Source: Design Limited Edition

We all desire Tiffany’s diamonds, don’t we? American’s brand Tiffany is the world’s most expensive and famous brand in the history of jewelry.

Its design is matchless and eye-catching, that all people try to copy them and go crazy for its exquisiteness. ‘Paloma’s Graffiti,’ ‘The Tiffany Keys,’ ‘Tiffany True’ are just a few famous names in their collection.

Other than them, a number of them copied through the world for their timeless design styles that appeal to luxury and the aristocratic class.

They evoke the never-ending love for diamonds and swell the hearts with the desire to wear them. They are famous for just diamonds and watches, and we wonder when we will wear one of them. We do not doubt that why it’s worth s $2.2 billion.


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4: Buccellati

Top 20 Expenive Jewelry Brands In The World

Source: Lane Crawford

Around the globe, the name of Buccellati has been recognized for its quality ad exquisite jewels. With a net worth of $73.4 million, this Italian brand has made its roots intact in the ground of Jewelry brands.

Italians know the most about luxury architecture. First, in 1919, Buccellati opened its doors and became a customer success instantly with their skill of brushing and mattifying metals for enlightenment and texture.

Italy’s rich heritage of architecture inspires their new interpretation of the Roman Empire and Renaissance parts.


3: Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels

Source: Yatzer

From the very beginning, this jewelry brand has been on the top of the list of royals and elites. This luxurious French jewelry brand retains charm in Old World’s exquisite pieces, aside from the concept of Avant-Garde pieces.

The skill of using precious stones and the ideal use of advanced technologies to lay gems is very rare, and so is this brand. They are famous for gem-setting technology. It is based in the Netherlands, and its net worth is more than $6 billion.


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2: Cartier


Source: WP Diamonds

After Harry Winston, Cartier has a huge name in the history of top jewelry brands, and we cannot stop ourselves to not drool over them. Cartier is one of the world’s most expensive marks of premium jewelry with a net worth of $12.2 billion.

Cartier has a long tradition of auctioning some of the most costly and aristocratic jewelry in the world. Such historical auctions of invaluable royal ornamentation represent the brand’s greatness in the world of royal jewelry production.

It is a French brand that is better known for its gems and the Bestiary watches. ‘The Panthère,’ one of its most famous muses, has long influenced many other brands with its unique and elegant.


1: Harry Winston

Harry Winston


The name of Harry Winston is a brand itself. Harry Winston is the most magnificent and kingly name in the list of jewelry brands. Harry Winston, in 2021, is the world’s most luxurious gem brand.

It has been the overall leader among the world’s most costly and elegant jewelry labels for five years.

This business will continue to dominate the diamond world for years to come for its histrionic heritage and incredibly elaborate diamond masterpieces. In 1932, Harry Winston opened a store under his name and was popularly recognized as the King of Diamonds.

And we do not doubt it because it has been called the “Kings of Diamonds” with a net worth of $6.6 billion. The Hope Diamond, The Indore Pears, and The Louis XIV are the world’s most famous jewels, and all of them belong to the Harry Winston brand.



Being on the top list, one needs to be ideal and flawless. Even after getting perfectly ready, we do need a jewel to seal the name of perfection.  Jewelry has always been in sight of importance since the beginning.

The noun gives rise to several adjectives of elegancy, refinement, and gracefulness. It is jewelry that makes us look stand out in the crowd.

It is not only have been a desire of people but also has become a need.  Therefore, we must appreciate the talent and celebrate the versatility of the jewel makers and their brands, putting their efforts to make us look flawless and intact.

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