Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In California

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Unfortunately, California, which is the third-biggest state in the United States, has a high rate of all types of crime. In California, like in other states, high crime rates tend to be concentrated in cities, yet the top spots on the list of the most hazardous places to live are held by several very small cities.

These high rates are often connected to factors like the frequency of gang activity in the city, high rates of poverty, and high rates of drug usage.

Whenever a crime is reported in the state of California, the unfortunate reality is that the general public often only gets one side of the story. Criminal defence attorneys are aware that there is likely more to your tale than meets the eye if you have been accused of committing a crime.

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10. Anaheim

Angel Stadium of Anaheim, California - PICRYL - Public Domain Media Search Engine Public Domain Search

With a population of 345,940, Anaheim is confronted with enormous obstacles when it comes to ensuring the safety of its residents. The city has a significant problem with violent crime, with aggravated assault and robbery being the most prevalent types of offenses committed.

Only in the year 2020 were there a total of 396 cases of robbery and 575 cases of assault that were considered to be serious.

One concern that those living in Anaheim as well as those who are just visiting the city should be wary of is pickpocketing.




9.   Barstow

Sunset over the Soda Mountains, and the Barstow Freeway (Interstate Highway 15) east of Baker, California - PICRYL - Public Domain Media Search Engine Public Domain Search

There are 25,442 people living in the city of Barstow, California, which is ranked as the sixth most dangerous city in the state. Its crime rate is far higher than the norm for the country, which is a huge obstacle for them to overcome.

Unfortunately, this city has developed a reputation as a centre for gang and drug activity, which has contributed to increased levels of crime.

When looking at crime rates throughout the United States, it is clear that Barstow stands out above all other communities.

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8.   Commerce

File:Chamber Of Commerce Rocklin California - panoramio.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

On our ranking of the most hazardous cities, Commerce, which is located in the state of California, comes in at number eight. It now has a population of 12,063, and its crime rate is staggeringly 306% higher than the average throughout the country.

The city is confronted with the combined challenges of a poverty rate of 14.1% and an unemployment rate of 5.6%, both of which have a substantial influence on the city’s residents as well as the ability of law enforcement to provide their safety and security.



7.   Compton

Compton, California | A small city in the South Los Angeles … | Flickr

A substantial percentage of the city’s 93,597 residents live below the poverty line, which is a difficulty for the working-class community that is Compton. It is unfortunate that it also has a reputation for high levels of crime, but unfortunately,

it does. Even with all of these worries, Compton’s hip-hop community continues to thrive while keeping a strong emphasis on safety.

Based on the information provided by Niche, Compton was given a rating of C for crime and safety. Assault and larceny of motor vehicles are the most common types of crime that occur in this region.


6.   Modesto

File:Modesto California photo D Ramey Logan.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The crime rate in Modesto, a city with a population of 218,771, is greater than the average for the state, both in terms of the number of violent crimes and the number of property crimes.

It is one of the most notable cities in the United States for the number of automobile thefts, and as of 2012, it was ranked first in the country for the number of automobile thefts committed per 100,000 residents.

The current rate of violent crime in Modesto is 35 incidences per 1,000 people in the city. This means that a person has a one in 29 chance of being a victim of a crime, whether it be one involving violence or one involving property.

These concerning figures shed light on the issues that the city has with the preservation of public safety and the prevention of crime.


5.   San Bernardino, California

File:San Bernardino Santa Fe depot in San Bernardino, California. South side facing Third Street.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The city of Stockton, which has a total population of 222,203 people, has the dubious honor of being ranked as the third most dangerous city in the state of California. It continues to deal with high crime rates, which are much higher than the average for the state.

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With 11,402 incidents of violent crime per 100,000 residents, Stockton has a shockingly high incidence of this kind of crime. This percentage is an astounding 261% greater than the average for the state. The severity of the safety challenges facing the city is shown by these data.

Theft and other forms of property crime are a big source of concern in Stockton. The city has 2,800 occurrences for every 100,000 residents, which is 43 percentage points more than the average for the state of California.





4.   Susanville

Susanville, California | Susanville (formerly, Rooptown) is … | Flickr

The city of Susanville has a population of 16,315, and it is struggling to overcome enormous obstacles in the fight against crime. The current poverty rate in this region is 17.3%, which contributes to the already high levels of criminal activity in the city.

In comparison to other parts of California, Susanville has an exceptionally high crime rate that is more than 65 percent of the state’s overall average. To be more specific, the rate of violent crime is now at an alarming 50.4, which is much higher than the average rate of 22.7 throughout the country.


3.   The city of Stockton

Find a Change of Pace in Stockton, California - Invest | Relocate | Explore | Visit Stockton

Stockton, which has a total population of 322,120 people, is considered to be the second-most dangerous city in the state of California. There are 1,277 violent crimes committed for every 100,000 people in Stockton, making the city’s crime rate a very concerning one.

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This number is much higher than the average for the state, which is 442. This region has a high prevalence of property crimes, with 2,981 reported incidents per 100,000 residents.

These crimes are rather common. This number is much higher than the state average of 2,139.





2.   Oakland

Oakland – Store norske leksikon

In the state of California, the city of Oakland, which has a total population of 433,823 people, stands out as having the highest rate of violent crime. The shockingly high incidence of violent crime in this area is 1,291 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants, which is far higher than the average for the state, which is 442.

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Additionally, there is a prominent concern about property crime due to the fact that there are 5,166 reported crimes for every 100,000 individuals in the area. This amount is significantly higher than the state average of 2,139, which has been more than doubled.



1.   Vallejo

Vallejo | Vallejo, California | Patrick Nouhailler | Flickr

Another dangerous city in California is Vallejo, which is located in Contra Costa County. Vallejo, which has a population of 124,886 residents, has seen an alarmingly high incidence of violent and property crimes.

The number of recorded violent crimes is now at a frightening 845, while the overall number of reported crimes has reached an astounding 5,290.

This indicates that there are around 4,324.5 criminal acts committed for every 100,000 people residing in the city of Vallejo. These figures shed light on a reality that is unsettling: your likelihood of becoming a victim of crime.





What is the state of California’s most common crime?

Drug crimes are the most frequent kind of crime in the Golden State. Possession, distribution, and trafficking are all considered to be part of this category of crimes.


Where in California is crime the worst?

Oakland, California, has the state’s highest crime rate.


Where in California is safety the highest?

Danville, a city in California, often ranks among those having the lowest crime rates in the state.


How Bad Is California’s Criminal Activity?

California has one of the highest crime rates in the country. When compared to the rest of the country, California had a higher rate of violent crime in 2021, at 25.2 per 100,000 residents.

California had a higher property crime rate (37.1 per 100,000) than the rest of the country (35.4%).



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