Top 15 Famous Turkish Actors in the World

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Who among us does not aspire to be at the pinnacle of something? Being at the top of your game involves being a stickler for details. The downside of being a perfectionist is that you must be right all the time, which isn’t for everyone.

The game changes when a person is not just attractive but also excels as an actor. There are just a handful of truly exceptional people on this list.

Incredible Turkish actors have delighted us and kept us on our toes in every age with their thrilling performances. Our generation has also had the good fortune to see several very talented actors. Let’s look at the top 15:


15). Kenan İmirzalıoğlu

kenan imirzalıoğlu Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: IMDb

Kenan mirzalolu (born June 18, 1974) is a Turkish actor and model who rose to fame in the early ’90s. For example, he appears in The Last Ottoman’s action flicks Knockout Ali and Kabaday as a character named Mirzalolu (For Love and Honor).

In 2009, he made a comeback on television with Ezel and appeared in Our Yücel’s action flick Ejder Kapan (Dragon Trap).

He entered the Best Model of Turkey contest in 1997 and won. The following year, he competed in and won the Best Model of the World pageant.

Osman Snav, producer and screenwriter, became interested in him and offered him a position in his T.V. series named Deli Yürek as the lead actor.


14). İbrahim Çelikkol

İbrahim Çelikkol Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Series Turkish

İbrahim Çelikkol (born February 14, 1982) is a Turkish actor and model who has appeared in television and film roles.

He was a member of the Turkish national under-20 basketball team. His mother’s side of the family is from Thessaloniki, Greece, and is of Pomak descent.

His father’s side of the family is Arab. His father was a professional football player who died tragically young. In the wake of his death, Ibrahim elikkol walked away from basketball.

His ancestors are mostly musicians and athletes. Before beginning his acting career, elikkol was a professional model. He began acting after meeting Turkish film producer Osman Snap. It was his debut role in Pars: Narkoterör as amil. In Fetih 1453, he portrayed Ulubatl Hasan.


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13). Halit Ergenç

Halit Ergenç Famous Turkish Actors in the World


In Muhteşem Yüzyl, he played Sultan Suleyman, in Binbir Gece he played Onur Aksal, and in Vatanim Sensin he played Cevdet. At the Dormen Theatre, Ergenç began acting in 1996 with his first lead part in The King and I.

It was thanks to his performance in Kara Melek on T.V. that he became well-known. He began playing Suleiman the Magnificent in the popular Turkish series Muhteşem Yüzyl in 2011, and he remained in the role till 2014.


12). Haluk Bilginer

Haluk Bilginer Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Daily Sabah

Nihat Haluk Bilginer, born on June 5, 1954, is a Turkish actor who won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in the television series Ahsiyet.

Turkish actor with two Emmys to his credit, he’s an actor who’s worked in Turkey and abroad, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

He appeared in a slew of international films, as well as Hollywood blockbusters. An incredibly talented actor who excels in both dramatic and comedic roles.

While he has had a successful acting career in Turkey, he is best known in the U.K. as Mehmet Osman from the 1980s BBC serial series EastEnders.

Minor roles in Hollywood films have also been a part of his resume. In the 1987 comedy Ishtar, he portrayed a ruthless guerilla leader, and in the 2001 dark comedy Buffalo Soldiers, he played a Turkish Mafioso.


11). Serkan Çayoğlu

Serkan Çayoğlu Famous Turkish Actors in the World


In addition to Kiraz Mevsimi, Yeni Hayat, Halka, and Wolf, Serkan Cayoglu was born in Germany and currently lives in Turkey.

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He began working as a model while still in college. Ümit Irak’s Modern Acting Techniques Atelier is where Serkan you learned acting from Dolunay Soysert and Ümit Irak. In the season finale of Kuzey Güney in 2012, he made his acting debut as Merve Bolugur’s buddy (2011).

In 2013, he also appeared in the Hande Yener music video “Ya Ya Ya.” With “Cherry Season (2014),” Serkan ayoglu became known as Ayaz. In Wolf, he portrayed the role of “Kaya Ülgen” (2018).


10). Kerem Bürsin

Kerem Bürsin Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Spain’s News

He is most recognised for his roles in Güneşi Beklerken (2013–2014), eref Meselesi (2014–2015), and Sen al Kapm (2020–2021) on Turkish television.

At 22, Burcin had his first acting break in Roger Corman’s Sharktopus (2010), and he returned to the director’s chair two years later to feature in Palace of the Damned (2012).

(2013). Burcin left Los Angeles after a few years to return to Istanbul, Turkey, where he was born and raised. After a short time, he returned to acting as a career goal.

It would only be a matter of months until his career in Turkey took off, winning him the main part in the critically acclaimed television series Waiting for the Sun (2013), directed by Altan Dönmez and produced by D-Production.

The 18-year-old high school rebel Kerem Sayer would introduce Burcin to the Turkish audience for the first time. The performance earned Burcin multiple prizes, commercial partnerships, and acclaim throughout Eastern Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East quickly.


9). Barış Arduç

Barış Arduç Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Series Turkish

Barş Arduç (born October 9, 1987, in Bern, Switzerland) is a Turkish actor raised in Switzerland. Having met theatrical actress Ayla Algan, he decided to pursue a career in acting full-time.

The debut of Kiralk Aşk (2015–2017) was his big break. In addition to his work on television, he’s also appeared in films. As a result of his work on Kiralk Aşk, Arduç has won the Golden Butterfly T.V. Awards (2015 and 2016) thrice.

The Sadri Family Theater and Cinema Award went to him as well. Aside from that, he’s also been serving as the Turkish chapter’s Goodwill Ambassador since May of 2016. In March of this year, he was named “Mostly Spoken Man of the Year 2016” by G.Q. Turkey.


8). Engin Altan Düzyatan

Engin Altan Düzyatan Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: HNH Style

Engin Altan Düzyatan (born July 26, 1979, in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish film and television actor. He is of Turkish descent.

Düzyatan studied drama at the Dokuz Eylül University in his hometown of Izmir before making his acting debut in the film Ruhsar, which was shot in his hometown (2001).

After that, he appeared in Turkish films and television, playing a variety of characters. It was his portrayal as Erturul Bey in Diriliş: Erturul that garnered him worldwide attention.

Before accepting the part, Düzyatan had reservations about the show’s “ridiculous” nature. He prepared for the role by reading books from the 13th century, such as The Book of Dede Korkut.

Düzyatan praised Erturul’s “vision, strength, purpose in life and all of his principles” and felt that his portrayal was vital in giving a Turkish counterpart to Batman and Spider-Man. He termed Erturul a “genuine hero” and “clever, mature, and just.”

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Engin Altan (author) For the Turkey Youth Awards, Düzyatan got a total of four nominations, all in the same category as Best T.V. Series Actor: two each in 2016 and 2017.

At the Golden Palm Awards, Düzyatan took home two honors: the Supporting T.V. Series Actor of the Year and the Male TV Series Actor of the Year.

The Quality of Magazine Award went to Düzyatan, who was nominated in the Actor Award category. To top it all off, he was won Best International Actor at the Distinctive International Arab Festival Awards (DIAFA) in 2019.


7). Onur Tuna

Onur Tuna Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Series Turkish

Onur Tuna, a Turkish actor and singer was born on July 2, 1985, in Istanbul to a family of musicians and actors. Seen in films like as Filinta, Yasak Elma, Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi, and Mucize Doktor, he has a devoted following.

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Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Economics was where he finished his undergraduate studies. It was at Ege University Conservatory, too, where he learned Turkish classical music.

Onur Tuna, a guitarist, has two songs named Acn Verdi and Tpk Sen available for download. Since high school, a licensed player in both volleyball and basketball, he’s been a fan of both sports.

In Izmir, he also had a four-year career as a model under his belt; In addition, he’s studying acting at the Mujdat Gezen Art Center in Amman, Jordan. In 2011, he made his acting debut in the Turkish T.V. series Hayat Devam Editor (Life Goes On).

In addition to Huzur Soka, Filinta, Cesur Yürek (Brave Heart), Yasak Elma, and Mucize Doktor, he has appeared in several more television shows (Miracle Doctor). Onur Tuna has also appeared in two films in his native Turkey as a cast member.

The Turkish drama film Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi, in which he appeared as an actor, was released in 2014.


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6). Burak Deniz

Burak Deniz Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Turkish Actors

In Istanbul, Burak Deniz, a Turkish actor, and model was born on February 17, 1991. As Murat Sarslmaz, he was best known for his work on Aşk Laftan Anlamaz.

He went on to play Barş Aktan on Bizim Hikaye and Mehmet Kadir Bilmez on the online series Yarm Kalan Aşklar. He is also a well-known actor in Turkey.

In his role as Murat, he has gained a great deal of notoriety. This show has been dubbed and is now being aired in over 30 countries. One million people have seen it on YouTube.

Deniz began his acting career as Onur in the television series Kolej Günlüü (College Diary). He played Tark in Sultan’s second season in 2012. He played Burak Topçuolu in the Turkish T.V. series Kaçak in 2013.

Alongside Meryem Uzerli and Murat Yoldrm, he portrayed Mert in the 2016 TV series Gecenin Kraliçesi (Night Queen).

His next role was as Murat Sarslmaz in the T.V. series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz (Love Doesn’t Understand Words), where he starred with Hande Erçel.

Known for his performance in Ask Laftan Anlamaz, which means “Love doesn’t comprehend words,” Burak Deniz excelled in the lead role.

He was named the best television actor of 2017 by Adnan Menderes University’s edition. As the actor himself admits, he prefers to play villains. But we do not mind if we can see him onscreen, right?


5). Engin Akyürek

Engin Akyürek Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Daily Sabah

Do you recall Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne’s endearing leading lady? The only beautiful visage that comes to mind is Engin Akyürek’s.

Two years after getting his bachelor’s degree from Istanbul, Engin Akyürek participated in the Turkiye’nin Yildizlari television competition (Turkey’s Star).

He was cast in a supporting role in the Turkish television series Yabanci Damat after winning this competition.

Engin Akyürek won the “Most Promising Actor” award at the Turkish Cinema Awards and the CASOD (Cagdas Sinema Oyunculari Dernegi) Awards in 2006 for his performance of Cevat in the film.

Born in Istanbul, Turkey on October 12, 1981, Engin Akyürek is most known for playing Kerim in Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? Kara Paraşk’s Mer Demir, together with Sefirin Kz’s Sancar Efeolu and Demir Demir.


4). Can Yaman

Can Yaman Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Al Bawaba

Coming on number 4th, Can Yaman (born November 8, 1989) is a Turkish actor, model, and lawyer who has worked in various roles.

His work in Erkenci Kuş earned him the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actor in a Romantic Comedy in 2018 and the Murex d’Or Award in 2019.

He was also the recipient of the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actor in a Romantic Comedy in 2019.

In addition, he was nominated for an international PRODU2020 award in 2020 for his most recent series, “Mr. Wrong.” Can Yaman has been named the seventh G.Q. Men of the Year for 2019.

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He has also appeared in television shows such as Gönül şleri, nadna Aşk, Hangimiz Sevmedik, Dolunay, and most recently Bay Yanlş, which will premiere in 2020.

From 2018 to 2019, he co-starred with Demet Demir in the Turkish romantic comedy series Erkenci Kuş (Daydreamer), in which he portrayed one of the main characters, “Can Divit.”


3). Çağatay Ulusoy

Çağatay Ulusoy Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Al Bawaba

His face is the crush of millions of girls in the world. Yes, this dapper man with super handsome features is a heartthrob. Emir used to shower his love for Feriha; his unconditional love is one every girl dreams of.

The Turkish actor and model Cagatay Ulusoy (pronounced (born September 23, 1990) began his acting debut as Emir Sarrafolu in the television series Adini Feriha Koydum (2011–2012) in which he played the title role.

His subsequent main roles include Medcezir (2013–2015), a version of the television series The O.C., in the television series çerde, and The Protector (2018–2020), the first Turkish Netflix series to air in the United States and Canada.

Ulusoy collaborated with Leyla Lydia Tuutlu on the film Delibal, which was released in 2016. That year, he has named the face of “Colin’s” in Turkey, and he appeared in the commercial Bize Uyar for the firm, in which he co-starred with Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill.


2). Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Daily Sabah

Behlul! Do you recall something? Yes! Here we are talking about Behlul, Khalil and Kuzey, and many more character’s bearer Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ. I mean, who does not know him.

His most well-known part was in the film Kvanç Tatltu, in which he played an ex-basketball player. Kvanç Tatltu was born on October 27, 1983, in Ankara, Turkey. This artist, one of Turkey’s most well-paid actors, has won three Golden Butterfly Awards and a Yeşilçam Cinema Award, among other honors.

The tattoo was named Turkey’s Best Model and the World’s Best Model in 2002. Aside from the critically acclaimed and internationally recognized roles, he has had in several highly successful television series, including Menekşe file Halil (2007–2008), Aşk- Memnu (2008–2010), Kuzey Güney (2011–2013), and Cesur ve Güzel (2016–2017), Tatltu has also appeared in Netflix original series Into the Night (2020–2021) and Into the Deep (2020–2022). (2022).

As a result of his work in the films Aşk- Memnu and “Kuzey ve Güney,” he received nominations for two Golden Butterfly Awards: Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.


1). Burak Özçivit

Burak Özçivit Famous Turkish Actors in the World

Source: Dizi firework

Burak! He is a sight to behold, and what an amazing combination of beauty and skills. A Turkish actor and model, Burak zçivit, was most recently seen in the films Alkuşu (2013) and Kara Sevda (2014, 2015). (2015).

He presently appears as Osman Bey in Kuruluş: Osman, a historical adventure series set in the Ottoman Empire (2019). zçivit has received a slew of honors and awards throughout his acting career.

zçivit was named Turkey’s Top Model in 2003 and began modeling professionally in 2004. As a model, he appeared in a number of the world’s most prestigious fashion shows. Afterward, he began his career as an actor, focusing on Musallat (Impossible love).

He was named the world’s second-best male model in 2005. In Muhteşem Yüzyl, he played Malkoçolu Bal Bey, a character. After that, he appeared as Kamran in Fahriye Evcen’s adaptation of the alkuşu book.

He co-wrote and directed the film Aşk Sana Benzer with Even before appearing in the film Kardeşim Benim with Murat Boz.



Our generation has been so lucky to have stunning and super special personalities who have many tons of records through their super amazing skills.

These guys are the true game changers and the show makers. They are making their country proud and owning their fortune of having limitless wealth.

Thus, one thing we should keep in our mind is the talent much be cherished and acknowledged because their skill needs effort and hard work, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.


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