Top 10 Biggest Clock Towers In The World

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If you find clocks to be fascinating, you may be interested in travelling to see some of the largest clocks in the world. Not only are they helpful for determining the passage of time, but they may also be used to showcase art, culture, and history.

In order of their diameter, these are the ten clocks that are considered to be the largest in the world.

10. Grozny City Towers Clock, Grozny, Russia

In Grozny, Russia, the Grozny City Towers Clock may be found in the general vicinity of the Grozny City Towers’ apexes on both the northwest and southeast sides of the towers. Each clock has a dial that weighs about 5,200 kilograms (5.7 tons), which includes the weight of the hands and the mechanism of the clock.

Each of the minute hands weights 400 kilograms (880 lb), while each of the hour hands weighs 250 kilograms (550 lb). Each of the movements in the clock weights a total of 500 kilograms (1,100 lb).

The “Bri-Curtain” LED arrays composed of aluminium that make up the dials of each clock were intended to both conserve weight and give less resistance to wind in order to achieve the desired effect. Each set of hands is constructed out of aluminium that is resistant to salt water and is statically and dynamically balanced.

9. Istanbul Cevahir Mall, Istanbul, Turkey

File:Inside of Cevahir Shopping Center.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The clock known as the Istanbul Cevahir Mall Clock may be seen above the vast glass roof of the Istanbul Cevahir Mall, which can be found in the işli area of Istanbul, Turkey.

It has a diameter of 32 meters, which is 105 feet, and it was built to break the record that was previously held by the Floral clock in Tehran, which is located in Iran.

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The clock was built in 2005, and each of the digits is around 3 meters (or 10 feet) in height.

The shopping centre is one of the biggest in the globe, and from 2005 to 2011, it held the title of having the greatest leasable space in all of Europe.

8. The Abbas Abad Floral Clock, Tehran, Iran

File:World's largest floral clock

Source: Wikipedia

The Abbas Abad area of Tehran, Iran is home to the floral clock known as the Abbasabad Floral Clock. It is one of the largest clocks in the world and the installation of it cost 600,000,000 rials (about $30,000 USD).

The diameter of the clock is 15 meters, and it has a total weight of 750 kg. Within that time frame, it was constructed by the private sector in collaboration with the Tehran Municipality.

7.  The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower in Milwaukee, USA

Allen-Bradley Building | Worlds largest 4 faced clock. Each … | Flickr

On the south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States of America, the Allen-Bradley Building, which is now known as the Rockwell Automation Building, is home to the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower. The local architect Fitzhugh Scott was responsible for the design of the clock tower, which was unveiled on October 31st, 1962. It is elevated to a height of 280 feet (85 meters) above the surrounding area.

Each of the four clock faces has a diameter of 40 feet, 3-1/2 inches (12.27 meters), making the total circumference of the clock 52 feet.

While the minute hand is 20 feet (6.1 meters) long and weighs 550 pounds (250 kg), the hour hand is 15.8 feet (4.8 meters) in length and weighs 490 pounds (220 kg). The height of the hour marks is four feet (or 1.2 meters).

Harry Bradley, who was one of the original founders of Allen-Bradley, had the idea that the tower would serve as the “village clock” for the community.

Due to the fact that the faces can be seen for miles out into Lake Michigan on a clear night, it also became a navigational marker.

6. The Central do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

File:Torre do relógio da Estação Central do Brasil (3792956672).jpg

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Central do Brasil railway station, the clock known as the Central do Brasil Clock may be seen atop a tower that is 135 meters in height.

The height of the clock tower is 122 meters, which is equivalent to 400 feet. The clock has four different faces, each of which is 20 meters (66 feet) in diameter.

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5. The Clock Tower of the Abraj Al Bait in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

File:Clock Tower Makkah from Marwa.jpg

In Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the complex of seven towering hotels known as Abraj Al Bait has a clock tower known as the Abraj Al Bait Clock Tower.

The central hotel tower is also known as the Makkah Clock Royal Tower, and it is the world’s fourth-tallest building as well as the world’s sixth-tallest freestanding structure.

The diameter of the clock face within the clock tower, which spans 43 meters (141 feet), makes it the biggest in the world. The clock has a diameter that is more than five times that of Big Ben in London.


4.  The Colgate Clock, New Jersey, USA

Free Vectors, PNGs, Mockups & Backgrounds - rawpixel

The Colgate Clock is an octagonal clock that is located in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, next to Exchange Place. It faces the Hudson River.

The diameter of the clock is about 15 meters (50 feet). After its original location on top of the Colgate-Palmolive business headquarters was destroyed in 1985 to make way for the Goldman Sachs Tower, the building was relocated to a ground-level spot 1,300 feet (400 meters) south of the previous structure.

The surface area of the clock is 1,963 square feet, and the length of the minute hand is 25 feet. The hour hand extends out to a distance of twenty feet.


3.  The Duquesne Brewery Clock, Pennsylvania, USA

Brewery Clock

Source: Wikipedia

The Duquesne Brewery Clock may be seen on the building that houses the Duquesne Brewing Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America.

When it was first placed in 1933, it had the title of being the world’s biggest single-faced clock.

The clock face has dimensions of 60 feet by 60 feet (18 meters by 18 meters). The length of the minute hand is 11 meters (35 feet), while the length of the hour hand is 25 feet (7.6 meters). Aluminium that has been laminated makes up both hands.

The clock was produced by Audichron in Georgia for the price of $12,500 and then transported to Pittsburgh. It was conceived of by John L. Franklin, the creator of Audichron, and it is propelled by a Janett motor that produces 1.25 horsepower (0.93 kW).

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2. The Floral Clock of Surat, Surat, India

File:The clock tower surat.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Late Navinchandra Mafatlal Garden in Surat, Gujarat, India is home to the famous Flower Clock known as the Surat Flower Clock.

It is the biggest flowery clock in the world and the third largest clock in the world overall. The clock was erected in 2010 as a means of paying tribute to the event that marked the fiftieth anniversary of Gujarat’s statehood.

It is constructed on natural soil and surrounded by plants.

The diameter of the clock is close to twenty-five meters. The massive hand of this creature weighs very close to one tonne.


1.  The NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building, Tokyo, Japan

File:NTT DoCoMo Yoyogi Building 7 Desember 2003.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

A tall building known as the NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building may be found in the Sendagaya neighbourhood of Shibuya in the city of Tokyo, Japan.

It is the seventh tallest skyscraper in Tokyo with a height of 240 meters (790 feet) and stands tall at this location.

The NTT Docomo group is the owner of the building, which has a few offices but is mostly used to store the technological equipment necessary for the operation of the company’s cellular telephone service.

In November of 2002, to mark the occasion of NTT Docomo’s tenth anniversary, a clock with a diameter of fifteen meters was installed on the building’s north side and placed into operation. Citizens were responsible for the creation of the clock, which glows as it becomes dark.

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Clocks have been around for millions of years. One of the first skills developed by humans was the ability to keep track of time, and this ability has gone a long way since then.

The French term cloche, meaning bell, is the etymological ancestor of our English word clock. The introduction of clocks into popular culture coincided with the incorporation of this term into the English language in the 14th century.

Time was kept using the sun’s shadow and water clocks before the invention of mechanical clocks. But in comparison to the clock, these techniques fell short.

The first mechanical clocks appeared in the Middle Ages, and the ever-popular pendulum clock is today and always will be regarded as a timepiece.

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