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Unfortunately, expensive plane tickets to Europe are still a usual event, but that shouldn’t stop you from going.

Those planning Europe travels for this or next year should focus on the most affordable places and work out the remainder of their (often very inexpensive) travel from there.

Currently, round-trip airline tickets from the United States to Europe may cost upwards of $1,000 during peak travel times. Know that there is an alternative to handing up your credit card information before you do so.

We’ve previously found some of the top American airports for low-cost transatlantic flights. However, the opposite is true on the European side of the pond: flights to certain European cities are routinely considerably cheaper than others. We keep discovering and providing our Thrifty Traveler Premium members with great deals on flights across the Atlantic.

The Emerald Isle, the Iberian Peninsula, and even Scandinavia and return may all be visited for under $500 round-trip, and often even less than $300. You should still consider taking one of these flights, even if you haven’t given it much thought. Why is that? Domestic flights in Europe are dirt inexpensive, so you can save a ton of money by booking a cheaper long-haul trip and connecting to your ultimate destination.

True enough. All that is required is your arrival. From there, all of Europe is open to you. So, if you’re set on visiting Rome this year, booking a trip from the United States to Rome (FCO) airport isn’t your best bet. You could also consider flying into Madrid (MAD) or Lisbon (LIS), since these airports may offer much cheaper fares.

Let’s start thinking about where to go on vacation now that we know affordable flights are available there.

4. Portugal

Portugal, town, view, sunset, travel - free image from

TAP Air Portugal has to thank us for the consistently inexpensive tickets we discover to this beautiful coastline country, whether you choose to travel with them or not.

Portugal is worth a trip in its own right, but if you’re looking for a cheap gateway or last destination in Europe, consider Lisbon (LIS) or Porto (OPO). Recently, however, Porto has become notably inexpensive.

Flight Discount to Portugal’s Porto

The beginning price of $413 was a significant discount compared to the typical final price of flights to Portugal (about $300).

TAP Air Portugal’s business class is a good option for people who want some extra comfort while seeing Europe.

Discounted Fares on TAP Air Portugal’s Business Class

These rates have expired; sign up for Thrifty Traveler Premium to get the latest deals sent directly to your email.
The cheapest flights are almost always to Europe, especially to Ireland, Scandinavia, and the Iberian Peninsula. However, that’s not the end of the cost-cutting.

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Reykjavik, Iceland’s Kef airport, comes in second. Thanks to Icelandair’s rock-bottom prices, it serves as a key hub for budget flights from all across Europe and North America.

Deal on Flights to Iceland

Plus, it’s made for stopovers, so you can spend some time in Iceland on the way to or from the west or east coast. After spending two extended weekends in Iceland over the last several years, I was inspired to create this ideal stopover itinerary.

Austria’s capital, Vienna, is located much farther east. As airfares around Europe skyrocketed, Vienna (VIE) was one of the few airports that maintained low-cost flights from the United States. Recently, it has become a surprising haven for low-cost airfares, whether you’re traveling directly from New York or all throughout the United States.

Ticket Deal to Vienna

In addition, Austrian Airlines offers an extensive network across Europe, allowing you to easily transfer to your next destination.

Last but not least, we have Budapest (BUD), one of our Favorite underappreciated European towns and the region where your money will go the farthest.

Affordable flights to Budapest

With this offer, you may fly out of Budapest (BUD) to Europe for less than $598.

Flying to popular destinations like Switzerland, Italy, or Germany will likely cost twice as much given all of these options. However, you may save a lot of money if you shop around for the best deals and figure out how much a connecting trip would set you back.

The remainder of the continent is literally within reach from any of these locations.

3. Spain

Spain-29 | Beautiful buildings in the downtown area of Madri… | Flickr

If you can go to Spain for a low price, it should be rather easy to get to the rest of Europe. You’re in luck, since low-cost flights to Spain are readily available.

Ticket Deal to Spain

If you’re looking for a cheap ticket, Madrid (MAD) is a wonderful airport to fly into. Across Europe, flights into Spain often provide the lowest fares. Every major airline flies in and out of the nation, and Iberia’s ridiculously cheap rates reliably drive up sales.

Having even a small number of accumulated miles and points is a huge plus. Barcelona (BCN) was one of the Spanish cities covered in this AAdvantage mileage promotion for flights all throughout Europe.

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Discounted flight to Barcelona

To travel to Europe and return with so few miles is quite remarkable. Our greatest point offer to Spain requires just $45 in taxes and fees, making this one of the most cost-effective trips ever.

This sale to Spain completely blew our minds. Now is a great time to visit Spain because of how inexpensive it is to travel across Europe. Let’s have another look at the map.

Find cheap flights from Madrid to Europe on Google Flights.

As with other budget-friendly European destinations, the ideal time to book a summer flight is now, in late August or early September, when prices often drop. You may save a lot of money if you plan your trip for those certain weeks.


2. Scandinavia

Schitterend Uitzicht Op Ålvik Dorp, Hardanger Fjord, Hordaland, Noorwegen. Prachtig Winters Noors Landschap Met Bergen En Sneeuw Bij Zonsondergang. Royalty-Vrije Foto, Plaatjes, Beelden en Stock Fotografie. Image 142502356

That’s correct; you spotted a typo. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden may have a bad record for high airfare (and high prices in general), but recently we’ve seen prices drop.

A small number of carriers, such as SAS, Norse Atlantic, Icelandair, and even Finnair, have increased competition and pushed prices down.

Deal on Flights to Norway

Prices for flights to Oslo, Norway (OSL) from the United States were in the hundreds of dollars a few months ago. Even if prices have dropped for travel to Norway, you can still obtain ridiculously inexpensive tickets to Stockholm, Sweden.

Discounted flights from Chicago to Stockholm, Sweden

Finally, another perk of Copenhagen (CPH) is that tickets tend to be inexpensive. These prices ranged from less than $500 to less than $599 for a round-trip from coast to coast. Our list of over 200 cities in North America includes several of the smaller airports on this list. Deals like this are available to passengers departing from airports as diverse as Corpus Christi (CRP) and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (MDT).

Ticket Deal to Copenhagen
The average cost of a flight from North America to Scandinavia is between $70 and $80 per person. However, some airlines often provide substantial discounts on their flights. You may save a lot of money if you act quickly.

Low-cost airlines like SAS and Norwegian make it simple and inexpensive to travel between Scandinavian nations and the rest of Europe.



1. Ireland

What Is Ireland Most Famous For? | Best Known Hot Spots in IRL

Due to the fact that Aer Lingus, the flag carrier of Ireland, as well as significant U.S. airlines and ultra-low-cost European carriers, serve Dublin (DUB), it is a great location to book a cheap flight and embark on a European vacation. What a steal!

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Deal on Flights to Ireland

ntent -->

Amazing airfare discount from Thrifty Traveler Premium. Dublin flights from dozens of U.S. locations cost less than $600. The cost to go to Dublin from the United States is about $750.

Great news if Dublin is on your route! If it isn’t, you may still get reasonably priced round-trip tickets and spend a few days exploring before continuing on to Europe.

Not just low-cost airlines are involved. Do you recall our discussion on Aer Lingus? The Irish airline offers nonstop service throughout the continent. They sometimes have major sales on particular routes.

Deal on Flights to Ireland

Cheap flights to Dublin and the rest of Europe are available with Thrifty Traveler Premium.

This contract cements Ireland’s status as a first-ballot, hall-of-fame contender for scoring low-cost transatlantic airfare. Nonstop journeys on Aer Lingus might cost in the hundreds of dollars, but the airline often offers significant discounts like this.
Ticket sale in first class to Dublin

Imagine this: you splurge on a first-rate business-class trip and wake up in Dublin (DUB) eager to see the sights of Europe. The next step is to begin your trip with a brief, $50 flight inside Europe. Do other people find that appealing?

It’s preferable to spending the average price of a flight, which may be between $2,000 and $4,000.

These reward notifications for using points and miles are only available to Thrifty Traveler Premium+ members.



You may save a lot of money on travel by beginning your European summer vacation in Spain, Ireland, Portugal, or the Scandinavian nations.

While we have seen a general decrease in airfare to Europe, several locations stand out as offering the lowest prices.

You may save money on your next trip to Europe by beginning your travels here and continuing on to your ultimate destination via connecting flights or trains inside Europe.


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