Top 15 Rarest Animals In The World

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Take a moment to analyses how wonderful the universe is to exist. Are we only the beautiful and magnificent creatures of the Almighty and All-knowing Lord? If these are the questions, then let us answer that this world is a beautiful place because we are surrounded by the beautiful creations of nature other than us.

Be it animals or plants; the world would not be an exciting place to live without them.

Talking about the animal kingdom, it is rich with vibrant and splendid creatures that always manage to make us spellbound But unfortunately, human beings are not kind enough to respect these creations of God alongside them.

That is why they are becoming extinct, either from the climatic change or by the brutality or cruelty of human beings. This article is dedicated to all those species of animals that are on the verge of becoming extinct.

Here is the list of animals that are likely to get endangered, but about their uniqueness, they are considered the rarest animals in the world.


15). Hainan Gibbon

 Hainan Gibbon Rarest Animals in the world

Source: Mongabay

These are the majestic apes that our nature has gifted us with, but we are only left with 30 of them. The Hainan gibbon is a gibbon species that is only available on the island of Hainan, China.

Habitat depletion was the primary reason for the decrease of the Hainan gibbon. The pulp paper plant producers of Hainan Gibbon have declined by more than 25%.

The logging led people to less suitable environments at higher altitudes from lowlands. Just about 28 individuals are left all over the world in this rare group of Hainan Gibbon apes.


14). Madagascar’s Greater Bamboo Lemur

Madagascar's Greater Bamboo Lemur

Source: Zoo de la Palmyre |

Bamboo Lemurs are one of the rarest animals globally, and as evident from their name, they mainly feed upon bamboos.

At more than five pounds (or about 2.5 kilos), the bigger bamboo lemur, also known as the wide-nose bamboo lemur, and the wide-nose mild lemur.

The head has a length of around one and a half foot or 40-fifty centimeters, and it has greyish Brown and white ear tufts. The bigger bamboo lemur is a primate that is critically endangered and lives in the Madagascar forests.

Our wildlife is only left with 500 lemurs of them, which is why we feel awful as we are left with few of these unique and rare animals. The following species are threatened by hack, fire, mining, bamboo, other forests, and slingshot.


13). Red Wolves

Red Wolves Rarest Animals

Source: ASU News – Arizona State University

The red wolf has a rotten color to its surface, native to the southeast of the USA. It is morphologically transitional between the coyote and the grey wolf.

These species are known for being timid and life-giving. The wild red wolves are known to be 35 or less, and they are classified as critically endangered by the International Nature Conservation Union.

There have been conservation attempts to save the animals, but they are already on the verge of extinction. Only 40 of them are left. Will we ever get a chance to see this rare animal?


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12). Vaquita

Rarest Animals in the world

Source: The Ocean Foundation

Let us talk about Vaquita, the rarest marine animal in the world. The Vaquita is a species of porpoise endemic to the northern end of the Gulf of California in Baja California, Mexico.

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Illegal fishing operations off the Gulf of Mexico are partly to blame since vaquitas can get caught in nets and drown. With large gray fins and a dark ring around its eyes, this porpoise is recognizable immediately, though they will quickly swim away when approached.

It has been battling for survival against fishing nets and illegal operations ever since. It is a shallow person but a timid little creature, so it is uncommon to see them. The population has decreased significantly and significantly over the last five years.


11). Pangolin

Pangolin Rarest Animals

Source: CGTN

When talking about Pangolin, humans should feel ashamed as this animal is considered the most trafficked animal in the world. Pangolins are mammals of the Pholidota order, also known as scaly anteaters.

There are three generations of the one existing family, Manidae: Manis, Phataginus, and Smuts. Thousands of people trafficked in pangolins, two endangered species under international convention, boiling off their bodies for use in herbal medicine.

They are adorable and delicate, and they protect themselves when they feel threatened by curling in a ball. Unfortunately, It is estimated that up to 100,000 pangolins are caught annually, which is one of the reasons for them being rare and endangered.


10). Sumatran Rhinoceros

Rarest Animals in the world

Source: National Geographic Society Newsroom

This animal is in the red zone of being extinct as in the last 15 years only two successful captive birth of this animal has taken place.

The Sumatran rhinoceros, or Asian rhinoceros, are an uncommon member of the Rhinocerotidae family and one of the five remaining rhinoceros’ animals. It is the last remaining Dicerorhinus species.

The wildlife in Malaysia was declared extinct in 2015 and Malaysian Borneo in 2019. Sumatran Rhinos are only available in protected areas where Rhino Protective Units and Wildlife Protection Units physically patrol them.

The Sumatran rhinos are killed for their horns, much as other rhino animals. Attempts in captivity have not been fruitful, and in the past 15 years, only two female Sumatran rhinoceros have bred successfully.


9). Black-footed ferret

Black-footed ferret

Source: Britannica

You would call them warriors or, better Phoenix because they are reborn after being extinct twice. The polecat or prairie hunters, Black-footed Ferris, or American, are a genus of mustelid from Central North America.

Talking about their size, they are rough of the size of a mink. Black-footed Ferrets are once believed to be internationally extinct. Although the black-footed fern has taken great strides, habitat destruction and disease are the main threats against this critically endangered species. In the wild, we have only left with three hundred to four hundred Black-foot ferrets.

Their primary feeding force, prairie dogs, are rare, as their natural ecosystems continue to be ruined by people, and they are also threatened with extinction. To help them from being extinct, we need to stop hunting Prairie dogs as well.


8). Giant Otter

Giant Otter Rarest Animals in the world

Source: World Wildlife Fund

Despite being cute and innocent looks, Giant Otter has been a reason of annoyance to anglers for many years. The giant otter or river otter is a carnivore mammal of the South American nation.

Talking about their specialty, they are six feet tall and the world’s most significant otters. Giant otters resided only in South America, which over the years had been hunted for their pelts.

Hunters will not be able to hunt them down, luckily, but they are now facing the possibility of destroying their habitats which is a threat to their existence.  The food stock of fish dies as the rivers and lakes in which they live are devastated.

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7). The Bornean Orangutan

The Bornean Orangutan

Source: World Atlas

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The reason other than illegal hunting that is related to human beings is its reproduction growth. They tend to produce their young ones after a gap of six to eight years, which is the primary reason for its extinction.

The Bornean orangutan is an orangutan species that originates in Borneo Island. It is one of the only genera of great apes originally from Asia and Sumatran orangutan and Tapanuli orangutan.

In the last 60 years, Bornean Orangutan numbers have decreased by over 50%, and the species’ ecosystem has declined by at least 55% in the previous 20 years. The population of these individuals is projected to continue decreasing by 22% by 2025.


6). Peruvian Spider Monkey

Peruvian Spider Monkey Rarest Animals In The World

Source: New England Primate Conservancy

Significant to the Rainforest, but alas, they are also at the brick of becoming extinct.  The Peruvian Spider Monkey is a spider monkey species that occurs in Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia.

They are comparatively large amongst monkey species and can be up to 1 m long by 60 cm long. These monkeys are important for the conservation of the biodiversity of the Rainforest since they mainly eat fruit and scatter the seeds as the tree swings.

Since the 1970s, the population of these monkeys has declined by more than 50%. The loss of the Rainforest and fragmentation and hunting are primarily the fault of their dwindling population. It has contributed to figures falling and is now being classified under the IUCN’s critical threat.


5). Saola

Saola Rarest Animals in the world

Source: World Wildlife Fund

Who says that Unicorn does not exist in real life? It does in the name of Saola. Yes, Saola has come to be called Asian Unicorn by many scientists, making it rare for other animals.

Saola is a rare large mammal of the world, and it is a foresee-resident bovine present only in the Annamite ranges of Vietnam and Laos. Saola is sometimes referred to as Siola, Vu Quang ox, spindle horn, and Asian Unicorn.

The rarity of this animal can be estimated from the fact that even scientists have been lucky to encounter this rarest and unique animal.

The two horns on its head and the white stripes on the forehead are often referred to as Asian Unicorn.  Saolas, though they sound a bit more like antelopes, are relatives of cattle. The fundamental causes of Saola’s extinction risk are hunting and human loss of its natural habitat.


4). White-rumped vulture

White-rumped vulture

Source: eBird

Considered as the fast-declining bird species globally, the White-rumped vulture is regarded as one of the rarest animals in the world.

The white-haired vulture is from South and Southeast Asia is considered an Old-world Vulture. Since 2000, the IUCN Red List has listed it as critically endangered, as the population has fallen seriously.

White-rumped vultures suffer from diclofenac poisoning due to kidney failure. Since the 1980s, the population has fallen shockingly to 99%, and it has been labeled the quickest declining species of birds.


3). Darwin’s Fox

Darwin's Fox

Source: GoodFon

This Fox is unique because it was named after the scientist Charles Darwin who found it. Darwin’s fox is a threatened Candide of the Lycalopex family or Darwin’s zorro.

Notwithstanding recent findings, scientific researchers also believe that Darwin’s fox population totals less than 1,000 people, and the IUCN categorizes the species as endangered.

The fox of Darwin is named after Charles Darwin, the first fox in 1834 to be discovered. They now settle in Chile in Chiloè Island and the National Park Nahuelbuta.

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You will find Darwin’s fox between dusk and dawn. Considered as “an umbrella species” population that also keeps most of the ecosystem healthy, Darwin’s fox is exposed to habitat destruction as well as hunting losses.


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2). Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard Rarest Animals in the world

Source: Green Global Travel

Amur Leopard, a leopard native to the Primary province of southeast Russia and northern China, is called an endangered cat with only 60 left.

It is included in the IUCN Red List as critically endangered. In 2007, in southeast Russia and northeastern China, only 19-26 wild leopards were expected to survive.

This breed of wild cat is highly at risk of extinction, as only around 60 Amur-leopards are remaining worldwide. One can only locate them in the Amur River Basin of eastern Russia, initially living in Russia, China, and Korea because of how few of them are left.

The Amur Leopard is unusual because it is in the Russian Far East instead of the savannah. The Amur is a genuinely magnificent rarity and distinctiveness of the universe, hot fur and its ability to travel 37 miles per hour, one of the few reasons to save it from extinction.


1). Ili Pika

Ili Pika Rarest Animals in the world


Animals are such beautiful creations for whom the world has been made other than humans. Just like we find a rarity in humans, we find them in animals too.

Pika is one of the rarest animals in the world. Ili pika is an extinct species in Northwest China of the Ochotonidae tribe.

The Ili pika has had scientists eluded for over 20 years in Northwest China’s Tianshan Mountains, a kind of small mountain-living mammal with a teddy-bear muzzle. A few times, people have seen the furry criterion since it was found in 1983 just by coincidence.

These species are found in the far-away Xinjiang area of China, 7-8″ long, and they like to live on the bare rocks of the slope. Since 1983, the number of spikes in the globe has dropped by a substantial 70%, primarily due to the climate change that pulled them into the mountains more and more.

There are only 1,000 of them left, and all 1,000 can be found or left to eat grass at high altitudes, which makes them rarer than the panda.



Human beings are fortunate enough to coexist in this universe where nature has been kind to humanity to enlighten this world with its splendid and wonderful developments.

Trees and plants with their lively colors, attractive and magnificent characteristics are precious inventions. Wild habitats now decline across the globe.

It means the beautiful views for which we have been traveling are deteriorating and the extinction of the animals that live within them.

These are the rare and unique creations that need to be saved from being extinct on all bases. Therefore, we should stop them from getting endangered because they are the key factors for this world to be an enchanting and mesmerizing place.

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