Top 10 Best Handgun Brands In The World

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Like the instrumental knowledge that we can use for our good and use for destruction and devastation, the idea of arms and guns is not separated from it.

We can either use them for our practical shootings, personal defense, and safety or use them for harming our society.

Likewise, the influence of arms and weapons can be harmful or good. But let us focus on the bright side and keep the idea of guns as a medium to protect ourselves from any harm.

Therefore, several arms and weapons brands have been made to ensure our safety and security and contribute to their country’s economy.

There has also been an intense rivalry in this sector with weapons technology for easy use, management, power, precision, reliability, and design.

There are various companies in the course, and among them, those companies which are topping the list are as follows which are our list of 10 best handgun brands in the world:


10): Browning Arms company

Browning Arms company Handgun Company

Source: Wikiwand

Considered one of the most reliable handgun brands globally, Browning Arms company is on number 10 in the list. Browning Arms is a weapon and fishing gear marketer from the United States of America.

The enterprise was founded by the brother’s John Moses Browning and Matthew Sandefur Browning in 1878 in Ogden, Utah. There are many weapons in the business, including firearms, firearms, and cannons.

The Browning Weapons Corporation is notable in the world for producing fishing gears and guns. It began in Ogden, where there is a wide range of weapons, including handguns, rifles, and short spears.

Its contribution is not halted until here, but Browning Arms Company also contributes to various sporting products, such as swords, bobbins, fishing rods, and sports arches. The world of guns has launched several new gun models by doing various innovations and applying several innovative techniques.

The Browning Arms Company is best known for bolt action rifles A-Bolt and X-Bolt, semiautomatic B.A.R. rifles, pump-action rifles, bolt action rifles B.P.R., semi-auto-fired shotgun Auto-5, and hi-power pistols.

Browning Arms is involved in the sale of many brands, such as handgun shots, rifles, shotguns, buckets and rods of fishing, bicycle, knives, and sports bows, in the sporting arms industries.


9): Glock Ges. M.B.H

Top 10 Best Handgun Brands in the world

Source: EPICOS

A brand that is accessible to all ordinary people, Glock Ges. M.B.H produces ultra-fine, outstanding, and excellent weapons according to the needs of people for personal protection and serving military forces.

Glock Ges m.b. H is the weapons production company primarily based in Austria and named after Gaston Glock, the company’s founder. What increases its value is that armed services and law enforcement bodies, like most law enforcement departments in the United States, use Glock weapons globally.

The Glock Ges.m.b.H brand is a familiar weapon brand with a booming worldwide market in countries like the United States of America, Argentina, and Australia.

In its three size, three calibers, and seven cartouche versions, the enterprise produces at least 25 pistol models. It has the best-known models: Glock 17, 26, 19, 20, 31, and 21. Highly popular among ordinary people and the military, Glock Ges. M.B.H has successfully made its name a synonym of excellence and credibility.


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8): Walther Arms

Walther Arms

Source: OutdoorHub

Working in the field of arms and weapons, Walther Arms has been serving the world for more than 100 years and is ranked on number 7 as one of the world’s best handgun brands in the world.

Walther Arms is a German arm and weapon manufacturing and production company; It was successfully funded in 1886 by Carl Walther.

The company has produced firearms and air weapons for more than 100 years at the Company’s German facilities. It has produced many significant finest and successful discoveries in the manufacture of handguns worldwide.

Walther Arms is known for making several legendary handguns, such as P99 and P38, and the German army used some during World War II by the fictitious character James Bond.


7): Sturm, Ruger & Co, Inc

Sturm, Ruger & Co, Inc

Source: InvestorsObserver

The fact about this company is that they have deep roots with militaries as they have been providing arms to them for an extended period.

Ruger is presently the largest maker of firearms in America according to 2015 A.T.F. figures, along with the second-largest producer in the United States of pistols and revolvers and rifle fabricators.

It is listed among the world’s best pistol brands in the 8th position. Sturm Ruger & Company, Inc. is an American firearms factory with manufacturing facilities. It also operates in Newport, New Hampshire, Mayodan, North Carolina, and Prescott, Arizona.

Ruger & Company, Inc. Sturm, Ruger is classified as semiautomatic, firearms, handguns, bolt action, and double-action revolvers to produce various types of weapon with its shorter name. Hawkeye M77, SR-762, Ruger Security-9, Ruger American Pistol, Bearcat, Blackhawk, and Single-Six are some of its versions of durability and excellence.


6): Heckler & Koch

Heckler & Koch Handgun Company

Source: The National Interest

Heckler & Koch has always been an important German brand name in the history of handgun brands. Heckler & Koch is a German manufacturer of handguns, shotguns, submachine weapons, and grenade throwers.

Its production company produces military rifles, ammunition, pistols, and launches for grenades. The firm has offices and branches in the UK, France, and the United States in Oberndorf, Neckar in Baden-Wurttemberg.

The weapon of this brand is very pricey but for a reason and has a stunning and luxurious style. It has a legacy of firearms creativity, such as using polymers in weapons construction and using an integrated rail for pistol lamps.

They are famous for MP5, UMP submachine firearms, G3, HK417 fighter weapons, HK33, G36, HK416 attack rifles, MG5, HK21 machine guns, personal defense weapon MP7, handgun series U.S.P., and high-precision sniper rifles, all of which have been designed for a variety of reasons. To sum up, Heckler & Koch is a well-off brand of a handgun because of its qualities of safety, quality, durability, and reliability.


5): Springfield Armory, Inc

Springfield Armory, Inc


They are now talking about the handgun brand, which has been ranked on number 3 as one of the world’s best handgun brands in the world.

The American industrial weapons company Springfield Armory, Inc. is in the capital of Geneva. The Golden Bullseye Prize was also awarded to Springfield Armory by the National Rifle Association for the fourth time.

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Founded by Bob Reese in 1974, the company manufactures weapons such as M1A and imports firearms such as the X.D. and the Hellcat range.

Talking about the brand’s specialties then the M1911 handguns and the M1A rifle series are the essential products of the brand.

The Croatian HS2000 pistol has been imported into the X.D. range since 2002. The firm previously sold the clones of M1 Garand, Berets BM59, FN FAL, H.K. 91, and M6 Scout.

Springfield Armory P9, Springfield Armory M6 Scout, Springfield Armory P91, and Springfield Armory 911, among others, are also included in the line of items.


4): Colt’s Manufacturing company

Colt's Manufacturing company

Source: Sketchfab

Samuel Colt founded another one from America, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, L.L.C. in 1855 as an American manufacturer of weapons.

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Colt’s first weapons activities began in 1836, and it is the successor company. The business is recognized worldwide for manufacturing, engineering, and marketing of weapons used in the First World War, and mainly for its new technology, it is regarded as the leading company in this field.

Any of the styles are very costly and have raised revolver success in the industry. It addresses handguns, weapons, long-wheel drives, carburizes, sub-machine guns, infantry automation guns, and grenade launchers in the marketing, production, development, and testing.

It covers the demand, manufacture, development, and testing of weapons such as handguns as revolvers and pistols, long spears, carbines, sub-machine guns, automatic assault guns, and grenade launchers.

Colt Defense has a unique role in the arms industry and has successfully left its trademark in the history of the arms industry.


3): Smith & Wesson

AGM140.test_3.SmithWesson_MP_01 b297eb9afed64a1d8741c5dc88494740

Source: Airgun Shooter

Smith & Wesson is a U.S. weapon, ammunition, and restraints maker brand; Wesson and Smith are renowned gun makers in the U.S.A. It began in 1852.

Its main products are revolvers and handguns manufactured according to military and police specifications since primarily firearms are designed for them, and their products are ubiquitous among armies. Smith & Wesson grew and changed throughout history.

The business manufactures various weapons such as CarTridges Revolvers, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 Semiautomatic Handgun, Smith & Wesson Governor, Smith & Wesson X-Frame Revolvers, and Smith & Wesson Performance Center, Smith & Wesson Guns and Shotguns.

These include the 1940 Smith & Wesson Model Light Rifle, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380. Not only this, Smith & Wesson is also a maker of restriction systems such as handcuffs, leg iron, belly links, haulage chains.


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2): Beretta

Beretta Best Handgun Brands in the world

Source: Wikiwand

Another big name in the list of best handgun brands globally is an Italian private company called Beretta.

Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta is an Italian private company that manufactures weapons in many countries. Beretta is an international Italian brand known for its armaments; It is a brand of Italian origin established in 1526. It serves as the brand subsidiary for Beretta Holding, the parent company.

It is an Italian private enterprise that manufactures weapons in many countries. Beretta was established as the oldest working weapons producer in the world in the 16th century.

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Beretta M1915, Beretta Silver Pigeon, Beretta ARX 160, Beretta Model 1918, Beretta M12 Series, Beretta Silver Pigeon, Beretta ARX 160 are some of the most delicate and excellent lines for the brand.

As it manufactures semiautomatic handguns, shotguns, revolvers, sub-machine guns, carbines, rifles, and machine pistols, Beretta is synonymous with the weapons industry, one of the reliable choices of handgun users.

Beretta is considered one of the world’s oldest arms and weapons production companies and listed in 4 of the world’s best pistol brands.

Beretta is responsible for one of the world’s first submachine guns, supplied its combat handguns, and, after World War II, produced weapons for Germany for some time under pressure and making its name in the world’s most splendid and magnificent brand.


1): Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer

Source: Police1

Discussed different kinds of brands but never discuss the significant industry: the industry of arms and weapons. Talking about the top handgun brands, we would never miss the name of Sig Sauer to include in it.

Sig Sauer is a corporate name used in the design and manufacturing of arms and weapons by many sister firms. The founding corporation was the Swiss Waggon Fabrik, which was later the Swiss Industry company but was then launched, and the SIG-Sauer brand is now distributed through various businesses.

Sig Sauer is the famous company that controls Swiss Arms AG, a division of the distribution company named L&O. It was established in 1985 and now operates in the U.S.A. as an independent and dominant arms business in the world.

To know why it is ranked as first, we should understand that It is listed among the world’s best pistol brands in the 1st range and is also in several other lists because of its undying and unmatched reputation professional use of premium materials.

Sig Sauer has laid the groundwork for its distinguished business to deliver outstanding and best goods. The creative product line, prudent marketing, thorough analysis, technical developments, and up-to-date strategy are only several qualities that have led the weapon industry to create a unique position within luxury brands for itself. In addition to these, they have grown to produce some of the finest weapons in the market.

Not only these but, there are also some of the finest accessories in Sig Sauer scopes, ammunition, and air rifles.

The guns it provides are the finest and excellent for training young aspiring weapons owners and all adults, minimizing as much as possible the gaps between the air weapon and the truth. P220, P229, P938, 1911, P226, LEGION, SIG716, SIG MPX, TANGO6, WHISKEY5, SIG516, MCX VIRTUS, TREAD, P365, ARMED PRO, and SIGM400 are a few of the famous models of the brand.



Guns are one of the most acceptable sources of self-defense, and several companies and brands are established to provide us with excellent and exceptional arms and weapons.

The shape, consistency, weight, price, and precision of all brands and companies are different from each other with distinctiveness.

Therefore, we should thoroughly study all the products they provide and use them for a good purpose, which would benefit us individually and collectively.

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