Top 20 Most Cutest and Beautiful Birds Of All Time

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Who in the universe doesn’t want to be beautiful? To be pretty means to be able to draw you to such unbelievable aesthetic effects.

When we look around this beautiful world, we come around some pleasing creation of nature, Birds. Birds in scientific language are called Aerials because of their ability to fly.

Fortunately, our world is home to countless unique yet astonishingly beautiful birds which work as an ointment to a despairing soul.

Although there are myriad birds that are beautiful with their vibrant and captivating features, we track down the top 20 beautiful birds in a go.

Let’s Check Out Our List of the Top 20 Most Cutest Birds In The World:


20). Blue Jay

Blue Jay Beautiful Birds

Source: National Audubon Society

The blue jay is studied and examined as one of the most graceful and dazzling birds globally. Blue Jay is black in the majority, it has a white chest with a blue crest underneath, and its collar is black, shaped, and black behind the border.

The size and plumage of males and females vary not during the year. Four subspecies were identified. The blue jay mainly feeds on seeds and nuts, like corn, which can later hide to eat.

Human beings are fortunate to co-exist in this world where nature has been merciful on us to beautify this world with its magnificent and marvelous creatures. Birds are precious creations with their vibrant colors and fascinating and splendid features.

Keeping them at home, going out to see them, or browsing about them never fails to make a big grin on our faces and swell in our hearts with joy. We should make efforts to cease these creations to extinct and make this world a beautiful place for all creations to live.


19). Indian peafowl

Indian peafowl Beautiful birds of the world

Source: Pet Keen

Being the national bird of India, the peacock is the prettiest creation of nature.

The Indian peafowl, also known as peafowl and blue peafowl, is an Indian subcontinent species. In many other countries, it was introduced. It has long, beautiful flowers, and it is famously said that when it rains, peacock dances, and that sight is the rare, alluring, and dazzling sight to see. It’s the sight to behold.

When its feathers were shed, they were used as pens or kept in books in ancient times. That is how much importance given to peacocks.


18). Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

Source: The Tarpan

The unique character of Macaw is that it is the world’s most giant flying parrot. The Hyacinth macaw is a Hyacinthine native to central and eastern South America.

Longer than any other parrot species, it is approximately one meter longer. It is the most significant Macaw and flying parrot; the flightless New Zealand kakapo is 3.5 kg higher.


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17). Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant Beautiful Bird

Source: eBird

Chinese Pheasant and rainbow pheasant are other names for Golden Pheasant. It is a game bird of the order Galliformes and the family Phasianidae.

The male’s adult length is 90 – 105 cm. The tail represents 2/thirds of its length, originates from the forests of mountainous areas of western China.

The golden crest, rump, and red body are unmistakable. The deep orange “cape” can be displayed and appear as a black and orange alternating fan covering the entire face except for the pupil’s light yellow eye with a pinpoint black.


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16). Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Wilson's Bird of Paradise

Source: eBird

One of the strangest creations of nature is Wilson’s Paradise bird, yet it gives soothing pleasure to eyes because its beauty is magnificent and ointment to eyes. The paradise bird of Wilson is relatively tiny.

It is possible that a man can reach 16 cm in length and 53 to 67 g in weight, while women may have 16 cm in length but 52-60 g in weight.

The male is a Paradise bird in red and black, with a yellow mantle, light-green mouth, rich blue feet, and two violet curved tail feathers on his neck. The head is blue naked, and the pattern is black with a double-cross. The woman is a brown bird with a bare blue head.


15). Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet Beautiful birds of the world

Source: eBird

Commonly found in the USA, Austria, and Australia, it is a bright-colored and beautifully crafted bodied parrot. The Rainbow Lorikeet is a medium-sized parrot and is 25 to 30 cm long, including its tail.

The length ranges from 10 to 12 inches. It is 75 to 157 g (2.6–5.5 oz) in weight. As with all subspecies, the plumage of the nominated race is very bright.

Being a parrot and extraordinarily colored, it catches the attention of pet keepers. That is why people tend to keep these rainbow birds as their pets.


14). Kingfisher

Kingfisher Beautiful Bird

Source: AZ Animals

Who has not heard of this kingbird which is known as kingfisher? In the order of Coraciiformes, the Kingfish or Alcedinidae families are small to medium-sized, bright-colored birds. Most plumage species have only minor gender differences and are blue.

While royal fishers tend to live near rivers and eat fish, many species do not use water and consume small invertebrates.


13). Keel-billed toucan

Keel-billed toucan

Source: Baltana – HD Wallpapers

Sulfur-breasted toucan or rainbow-billed toucan is another name for this beautiful, rainbow-colored toucan family member.

The unique trait of this bird is its colorful beak. It’s sporadic for a bird to have this feature; this makes it distinct from others.

Other than that, it is an omnivorous bird that feeds on fruits and as well as animals.  Toucan-tailing with the toes in various ways includes zygodactyle feet (or feet with the toes facing down) – two front toes and two back faces.

Because touch trees spend a great deal of time in the trees, it encourages birds to stand in the twigs and spring from branch to branch.


12). Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal Beautiful Bird

Source: eBird

As red as the northern cardinal, it is a breathtaking sight to see the north cardinal bird sitting on a trunk. The average of men is slightly higher than that of female birds.

The adult male is brilliantly red with an over-the-eye mask of a black face that extends toward the top of the thigh. On the back and the wings, the color becomes more dull and dark.

The female is faint, mostly greyish-brown, and the flanks, crests, and tail feathers are slightly reddish.

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11). Horned Sungem

Horned Sungem Beautiful Bird

Source: Mindblowing Planet Earth

Seekers of birds would find this beautiful and gracefully colored species in Bolivia and Brazil. This southern American Hummingbird has feathers that are similar to horns.

Hence it is known as horned sung. However, males are most likely to be adorned and cladded with horns rather than females, sadly.


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10). Nicobar pigeon

Nicobar pigeon

Source: eBird

Being the closest relative of the extinct dodo bird, unfortunately, it is the only living member of the genus Caloenas. Fortunately for the fact that it exists and we should keep these birds safe, which are precious creations of nature.

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It is a large pigeon with a length of 40 cm. The head is grey, like a plumage in the lower neck that becomes green and cotton hackles.  The tail is pure white and very short. The majority of its plumage is green metal.

A little blackish button is formed by the dark bill cere; the heavy legs and foot are dull red. It is black with irides.

Females are much smaller than men; they have smaller buttons, shorter hacks, and under-pieces. Untimely birds have a black tail, and nearly all iridescence is missing. There is no difference in the wide variety of birds. Even the elevenses Palau subspecies has shorter neck hairs on the back but is virtually the same.


9). Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck Beautiful Bird

Source: The Times

Leading the duck’s reign, the Mandarin duck is the most beautiful duck to exist that is colorful to count and variant.

Male species craft Their beauty. Various mutations are found, but the most common one is the white mandarin duck. The male adult is red, has a big white crown over the eye, a reddish face, and whisks.

The woman has a wood duck similar to the woman, with a white ring and strip from the eye.


8). Victoria Crowned pigeons

Victoria Crowned pigeons Beautiful Birds

Source: One Big Photo

Who says that the crown only belongs to a monarch? This beautiful pigeon is born with a beautiful crown on its head; its name recalls and respects Queen Victoria. It is a large, blue-grey pigeon with eligible lace-like blue crests, red irises, and maroon breast.

Talking about their physical appearance, they can grow up to the height of turkey, but they are light weighted. It is illegal to hunt these precious birds to sell and earn money.


7). Gouldian Finch

Gouldian Finch Top 20 Beautiful birds of the world

Source: Educalingo

These beautiful and rainbow-colored small finches are also known as the Lady Gouldian finch, Gould’s finch, or the rainbow finch.

Gouldian finches have a length of around 125–140 mm. The heads of the guardians might be red, black, or yellow. It is now common knowledge that these are color variants, formerly considered to be three different types of finches.

Like many other finches, they feed upon seeds. If one wishes to see this rainbow finch, one will go to Australia.


6). Resplendent Quetzal

Resplendent Quetzal

Source: Insight Guides

Well known for colorful plumage, Resplendent Quetzal, needless to say, is an astonishingly beautiful bird.

They have a green body and redbreasts. Depending on the light, quetzal feathers are so splendid that they can shine in a variant of colors: green, cobalt, lime, and yellow, to ultramarine.

They belong to a trogon family; being a member of its family, it has large eyes that adapt quickly to its forest home’s dim light. Its beauty is everlasting; it can mesmerize a person when they see its beauty.


5). Gurney’s Pitta

Gurney's Pitta Beautiful Bird


The Gurney’s Pitta is exceptionally a beautiful bird. If one wants to encounter its exceptional beauty, one will go to Thailand or Myanmar, where only a few are left.

Discussing its pleasing description, the male has a blue crown, and the under pieces are black and yellow; the other head is black, and the over piece is warm-brown.

The woman has a brown authority with white-Buffy substrates. Unfortunately, Gurney’s pitta is endangered. They were first thought to be extinct, but my fortune cracks and they got rediscovered again.


4). Marvelous Spatuletail

Marvelous Spatuletail Beautiful Bird

Source: eBird

Seeing this beautiful yet tiny bird, we realize how this world has been beautifully created. This bird’s distinctive characteristic is that it is among few birds that have just four feathers on its tail.

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The male’s two long, racquet-shaped outside tail feathers cross each other and end in large violet-blue discs or “spatulas” He can move them autonomously and independently.

This bird is no less than a celebrity since it has been featured on the PBS TV series Nature and the BBC TV series Natural world.


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3). Greater Bird of Paradise

Greater Bird of Paradise

Source: Charismatic Planet

This bird’s distinctive feature is that they are the most prominent member of the genus Paradisaea with males if measured is up to 43cm, but what surprises us is that females are larger than males measuring up to 48cm.

The male’s face is iridescent, and its look is yellow, and its head and nape are silver iridescent. The rest of the body feathers are brown-maroon.

The flank plumes are yellow, white, and striped with maroon at the base in the displays. On the other hand, the female’s brown plumage unbarred.

The iris is yellow, and the bills are blue in both sexes. Talking about their diet, they mainly feed upon fruits, seeds, and small insects.


2). Splendid Fairy Wren

Top 20 Beautiful birds of the world

Source: Bird Ecology Study Group

Splendid Fairy Wren’s breeding male, or in simple known as Blue wren, is distinctive with a bright blue forehead and ear coverts, a violet throat, and deeper rich blue back wings, chest and tail with a black bill eye band, and chest band.

In contrast to it, the blue wren female is more likely to resemble the non-breeding blue wren with chestnut bills and eye patches.

While talking about where they exist then, one should know they are not habitual of human occupation of landscape and have vanished from some of the urbanized areas where they can reside in peace.

The stunning blue wren feeds on insects and supplements its diet with seeds. They keep themselves away from photographers, so they have to take a close look to take their perfect photograph.


1). Blue Bird of Paradise

Blue Bird of Paradise Beautiful Bird

Source: eBird

With a bright blue tail, a bluish ivorybill, and white ringed eyes, several bird experts consider the Bluebird of Paradise the most beautiful bird, fabulous and extravagant of all birds of the world in the world.

Bluebird of Paradise is the only species in the genusParadisornis which makes it worth more valuable.

We should not neglect when talking about its peculiar features that the fine, silky, extending flank feathers of the male are the most glowing and distinctive feature, but they are primarily a dull amber; they are lighter blue below with two dark squares lines at either side of the bowel.

These beautiful and graceful features aid the male in creating an illusion for his audience.

The female bluebird of Paradise, on the other hand, resembles the male in appearance. But in comparison with the male, the female bird lacks sport bright blue wings and tail feathers. However, it doesn’t lessen its astounding beauty.



Human beings are fortunate to co-exist in this world where nature has been merciful on us to beautify this world with its magnificent and marvelous creatures.

Birds are precious creations with their vibrant colors and fascinating and splendid features. Keeping them at home, going out to see them, or browsing about them never fails to make a big grin on our faces and swell in our hearts with joy.

We should make efforts to cease these creations to extinct and make this world a beautiful place for all creations to live.

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