Top 15 Biggest Airports in the World

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Airport or we can say that port of air is a gateway for people to travel from one country to another.

The airport not only accommodates people, but it is also representative of its country. People come from various countries and they start judging the country just by the infrastructure of the airport.

Traveling by air has now become accessible to people and airports have become overcrowded that is why the need for biggest airports was felt and the countries gifted us with biggest, massive, and magnificent airports which not only serve the purpose of air terminal but also, they own their hotels, spas, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Isn’t that astonishingly amazing? Here is the list of the world’s biggest airports in the world which will make you go awe.


15): Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) Biggest Airport

Source: TripSavvy

Frankfurt Airport is one of Germany’s fifth-largest and one of the world’s biggest financial centers in Frankfurt and Germany’s main international airport, which serves it with pride.

Fraport operates and acts as Lufthansa’s major terminal and includes Lufthansa CityLine, Lufthansa Cargo and Condor, AeroLogic, and others.

The airport occupies an extension of 2,300 hectares of land and has a capacity of about 65 million passengers annually and a total of four runways. The airport covers two terminals.

Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s most busy airport but not only this but it is also Europe’s fourth most busy airport for passenger traffic.

In 2018, 64.5 million passengers and almost 70 million passengers were served by Frankfurt Airport, which itself is a massive record.


14): Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Source: Blacklane Blog

The airport of Amsterdam, the biggest international airport in the Netherlands known informally as Schiphol Airport, is situated 9 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam in the town of Haarlemmermeer, in the province of North Holland.

Europe’s third most busy airport is in terms of passenger numbers, with close to 72 million passengers in 2019 and the busiest aircraft transport airport in Europe. It is the fourth most busy in Europe with an annual freight tonnage of 1.74m.

Talking about its area, the mighty Amsterdam Airport occupies an overall surface area of 6,887 acres of land (10,3 sq mi; 2,787 hectares).

The airport is based on the principle of a single terminal: a large terminal divided into three large departure halls.


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13): Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) Biggest Airport In The World

Source: Airport World

Salt Lake City International Airport is located approximately 4 miles west of Salt Lake City, US, downtown.

Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah, is a civilian-military airport. The airport is more than 2,5 million people’s nearest trading airport and can reach about 1.3 million employees in 30 minutes drive.

The Delta Air Lines airport is a junction and the main gateway to the western and west of Intermountain. The airport departs from North America and Europe with 343 booked, non-stop flights a day.

The airport is 3,116 ha and occupies 7,700 hectares. Salt Lake City International Airport has a single terminal and two competitive tunnel connections with a total of 47 gates via a tunnel in the underground, making its name in the world’s biggest airports in the world.


12): O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Source: Blacklane Blog

O’Hare International Airport, usually known as Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

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The airport is located on the northeast side of Chicago in Illinois, 14 miles northwest of the commercial district of Loop.

As of 2018, O’Hare has been operated by the Chicago Aviation Department and covers 7,627 acres (3.087 ha) of non-stop flights in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania 228 destinations.

It is today the sixth busiest airport in the world and in 2018, serves 83 million passengers.


11): Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD)

Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD)


Suárez Adolfo Madrid-Barajas Airport is Spain’s major international airport for Madrid and Barajas, usually referred to as Madrid-Barajas Airport.

It is the second-largest airport in Europe after Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport and has a surface area of 3,050 ha (7,500 acres). In 2019, the company traveled 61.8 million passengers through Madrid–Barajas and became the sixth busiest in Europe and the busiest airport in the world.

There are five terminals in this airport. The airport is Iberia and Air Europa’s largest terminal and maintenance base. As a result, Iberia accounts for over 40% of traffic in Barajas.


10): Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK)

15 Biggest Airports in the World

Source: Airlines-Airports

Suvarnabhumi is one of two international airports serving Thailand, Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi is an officially known airport, whereas unofficially, it is named Bangkok Airport.

It is uneasy about pronouncing its name correctly because it is taken from a word in Sanskrit which means “Land of Gold.” The international airport of Suvarnabhumi is considered in Southeast Asia to be the biggest international airport with an area of 32.4 square kilometers.

Since its start in 2006, Thai Airways, Thai Smile, Bangkok Airways, and Thai VietJet are currently at their main hub. There are two runways adjacent to the terminal. The international road to Hong Kong is its most busy.

In addition to the information about its area, Suvarnabhumi’s name includes some amazing facts. It occupies 8000 acres in Thailand, served more than 63 million passengers in 2018, and was the most famous spot-on earth in 2012 for photographing Instagram.


9): Cairo International Airport (CAI)

Cairo International Airport (CAI)

Source: Daily News Egypt

The only airport from Africa to show grace in the world’s largest airport in the world is Cairo International Airport.

Cairo International Airport is Cairo’s main international airport and Egypt’s most busy airport with an area of 36.3 square kilometers. The main hub of Cairo is EgyptAir and Nile Air and several other airlines. Its presence began in 1945.

Cairo International Airport. It is the busiest airport in Egypt and the main hub for Egypt Air and Nile Air, based in Heliopolis. There are four terminals at Cairo International Airport.

There are two paths at the terminal. Cairo International Airport gas has always been the busiest airport in Egypt. And to prove this, we can see that in 2017, it counted more than 15 million passengers.

Thus, it is not only the world’s largest airport but also the busiest airport in the world.


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8): Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

Shanghai's Pudong International Airport.

Source: Landrum & Brown

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After Beijing Daxing International Airport, this airport serves the dignity to China of having its name twice in the world’s largest airports in the world.

Shanghai Pudong International airport is a major aviation center in East Asia and one of the two international airports in Shanghai with 39.1 square kilometers.

The city’s other big Shinhai Hongqiao International Airport primarily handles domestic and regional flights in East Asia. In contrast to it, Pudong Airport operates only on international flights. In 1999, the airport began its business operation.

A major aviation center for Shanghai Airlines and China Eastern Airlines is Shanghai Pudong Airport. Several Chinese airline companies, such as Air China, China Eastern, China Southern Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, and Spring Airlines, owe much to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It has been a hub for them for several years.

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7): George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Biggest Airport

Source: Indian Eagle

Just from the name, we understood that it is also named after a politician, George Bush, like Washington Dulles Airport.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is a class B airspace international airport, serving the metropolitan area of Greater Houston in Houston, Texas, USA.

The airport was opened in 1969, initially called “Houston Intercontinental Airport” but later changed after George Bush’s name.

Today, the airport acts as United Airlines’ second-largest aviation hub with an area of 40.5 square kilometers. There are five terminals in George Bush Airport and all of them serve both: international and domestic operations.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, is the last American airport to rank among the largest airports in the country, which lends weight and depth to its significance.


6): Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX)

Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX)

Source: Shopping in Beijing

Beijing Daxing international airport is situated on the boundary of Beijing and Langfang, Hebei province. It is considered one of the largest airports in the world with 47 square kilometers area.

The airport is the second airport of Beijing after the Beijing International Airport, Beijing Capital. As the 6th largest airport in terms of its population, Beijing Daxing Airport is the biggest single-built airport in the world.

But the terminal is the world’s biggest single construction terminal with five competitions and looks like a celestial starfish. Four runways are in the “starfish” airport.

The Beijing Daxing terminal building, with its grand opening in September 2019, covers more than 7.5 million square feet with a land area of 18 square miles. And what research has conducted is that the second international airport in the city is Beijing, and it is projected to be the busiest in the world by 2040, with over 100 million people. To get approved, we need to wait till 2040, or it might occur before it.


5): Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Source: Airport Industry-News

Orlando! What comes to our mind when we hear about Orlando? Of course, Disney world.

Who would not want to have tickets to travel to Orlando to enjoy the world’s Disney world? The main public airport in Orlando is a 6-mile southeast of downtown Orlando, Florida.

The airport was the busiest airport and the 10th most operated airport in the US in 2019, with 50,613,072 passengers. Surprised, right?

We can hint that most of the passengers were going there for Disney world. In 1981, this airport began to operate commercially.

The main service site of JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines is Orlando Airport. There are four paths/runways in the terminal.

Disney World calls Orlando home with an estimated annual trip of 52 million to Disney World, which shows how much Disney World influences it.

Silver Airways uses the International Airport of Orlando as its headquarters. Talking about its size, which matters, is 50.9 square kilometers, allowing it to make its name in the world’s biggest airport.


4): Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Washington Dulles International Airport

Source: Live and Let’s Fly

Where is America not present? Another name in the world’s biggest airport is from America again. Dulles International Airport is located at Loudoun County and in Fairfax County in Virginia, about 26 miles west of downtown Washington D.C.

It is often referred to as Dulles International Airport, Dulles Airport, Dulles Airport, or simply Dulles International Airport.

Washington Dulles International Airport was opened in 1962 and is often referred to as Dulles International Airport. The airport is United Airlines’ first and only base. About runways, then there are four runways at Dulles Airport.

The airport was named after the 52nd Secretary of State John Foster Dulles as the White House is in Washington DC. And not only this, but The Dulles airport covers a total of more than 13,000 hectares, amazingly handling more than 24 million passengers per year. Area-wise, Washington Dulles International Airport is 52.6 square kilometers.

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3): Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) Airport

Source: Aviation International News

It is not only on the list of the biggest airport in the world, but Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is also making its name the world’s busiest airport in the world.

The only international airport serving the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area of U.S Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, also known as the DFW airport. In 1974, the International Airport of Dallas/Fort Worth began to operate.

The airport is a major gateway for airlines from the United States. This is the world’s fourth most busy airport (by aircraft movements). There are five terminals at Dallas Airport. The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has four asphalt runways over 4,000 meters and is the only airport in the country with an area of 69.5 square kilometers.

The international airport of Dallas/Fort Worth is so large that it has its ZIP and emergency services. The Dallas/Worth International Airport is called home by American Airlines.


2): Denver International Airport (DEN)

Denver International Airport (DEN)


 Talking about the largest North American airport as per area, it is none other than Denver International Airport by covering 135.7 square kilometers.

Denver International Airport, locally known as DIA, serves mostly the Metropolitan Denver, Colorado, and the Broader Urban Corridor.

The international airport of the Western United States is an international airport. In 1995, the airport began operations at Denver International Airport. It is a hub of United Airlines and Frontier Airlines, a hub of Southwest Airlines as well.

Airport Denver has one terminal linked to three big A, B, and C midfield competitions.

There are six paths to the airport. The airport operates over 23 separate airlines, serving as the hub of several prominent American airlines, including United Airlines and Frontier Airlines.


1): King Fahd International Airport (DMM)

King Fahd International Airport (DMM) Biggest Airport


Not surprisingly, for the people who have been to King Fahd International Airport (DMM), It is the world’s biggest airport in the world with which is estimated to be 776 square kilometers in size.

King Fahd International Airport is an international airport serving Dammam, Saudi Arabia, also known as Dammam International Airport.

This airport is 31 km northwest of the center of Dammam and is named after Fahd ibn Abdulaziz, the former king of Saudi Arabia. Saudia, Saudi-Gulf Airlines, and Flynas are the nucleus of the airport and it serves as the core and center of them.

Talking about runways, then there are two runways in Dammam Airport. A 250-room Hilton hotel and a Mosque host 2,000 admirers are also available at the airport. Astonishingly, more than 12 million passengers a year are assisted by the airport.

Its significance comes from a style that mixes western forms with Islamic overtones in the Eastern Gate of the Kingdom. It is the biggest land area in the country, and we all wish to travel by this airport again and again.



There is much more in an airport now than to catch a flight. It represents the country’s interest for their people and takes their comfort in accordance.

Squeezing into one building and parking all aircraft into one spot has become challenging for all passengers. The countries have begun to expand their aviation hub to include new terminals and runways.

Thus, these above biggest airports have been serving their own country and other countries, making us yearn for visiting them.

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