Top 15 Most Expensive Dolls

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Dolls date back to ancient times. Humans are naturally nurturing and protective, so it seems to reason that we would design toys that need the same level of tender care as a natural infant.

This list shows everything from clay figurines to dolls made of precious stones. If you added up how much money individuals are willing to spend on the dolls on this list, you could get a vehicle or perhaps a home. One may be “wealthy” or “absurdly rich,” with the latter category allowing for purchasing a doll priced at $5 million.

Famous people and the ultra-wealthy often shell out for these dolls. You should take our word that these dolls are inappropriate for children. The thought of coming back to see a child dunking a $300,000 Barbie in the public pool while saying, “She wants to go swimming!” is mind-boggling.

These dolls are not toying so much as they are political statements. These items are supposed to be displayed in opulent showcases. Because they saw the lives and deaths of so many wealthy people, maybe in another century, they will also seem haunted and eerie.

15.  Dolls of the Raggedy Ann and Andy kind $3,000.

Dolls of the Raggedy Ann and Andy kind $3,000.

Famous dolls were copyrighted in 1915; they’ve been around for almost a century. Dolls with cardboard hearts may fetch up to $3,000 at auction. Although these dolls are often thought of as having red hair, they were first produced with dark hair. Despite coming with their own set of books, wardrobes, and accessories, the only item that has proven financially lucrative is the doll itself.

14.  Cabbage Patch Kid of James Dudley $3000

Cabbage Patch Kid of James Dudley $3000

In the 1980s, Cabbage Patch Kids were among the most widely distributed toys. You may be sitting on a nice chunk of money if you still have one of these 1980s dolls.

Antique Cabbage Patch Kids fetch high prices from collectors. The fact that it’s possible to use it until 1985 contributes to the high asking price. Still sealed in its original packaging further significantly increases the asking cost. The vinyl heads and cloth bodies of these 1980s dolls are instantly recognizable.

13.  Mint Condition Kirsten Larson and Accessories – $2,000

Mint Condition Kirsten Larson and Accessories - $2,000


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The model was discontinued in 2010, which caused her price to rise. Due to her lovely simplicity, she became a favorite among collectors. One of the first three historical dolls in the series, Kirsten Larson’s narrative involves a Swedish immigrant to Minnesota.

In 1986, she was given her freedom. Since Kirsten is one of the first three in a top-rated doll series, her value will only increase. This doll may fetch up to $2,000 if it is in mint condition and has all its accessories.

12.  Barbie as Marie Antoinette: $1,250

This doll represents a divine deity from the 18th century. She has a museum-quality appearance. She’s wearing a dress that covers her pantaloons and shoes with blue satin ribbons, and she’s holding porcelain roses. She was inspired by the real-life Marie Antoinette, the French monarch who became queen after the coronation of Louis XVI.

With its golden tassels, tassel bows, and layered skirt, this dress exudes opulence. You could hide an entire another doll under this doll’s dress from how poof it is. Many girls have dreamed of trying on a dress like this just once.

11.  Doll by Devi Kroell, $1,075

Doll by Devi Kroell, $1,075

Auctioned off in 2010 to benefit the Council of Fashion Designers, this doll had a hefty price tag owing to its high-end clothing and accessories. Both Mattel and Devi Kroell deserve credit for this Barbie.

Handbag designer Devi Kroell is well-known for her luxurious creations from Italy. In 2010, an auction was placed to sell the only doll with golden boots. It’s safe to say that this doll’s most eye-catching features are its boots and purse. She’s completely ready to walk the red carpet.

10.  Louis Vuitton Monogram Teddy Bear – $9,000

Louis Vuitton Monogram Teddy Bear - $9,000


Only 500 of these Teddy bears will ever be produced. In addition, this is the only teddy bear Louis Vuitton has ever produced. French luxury goods retailer Louis Vuitton has been around since the early 1800s, making it a historical figure.

Bear is covered in the Louis Vuitton logo, so it’s hard to miss. This 2004 release features a collar made from genuine cowhide leather. Its $9,000 price tag is in line with its current market value.

9.  Barbie by Lorraine Schwartz: $7,500

Barbie by Lorraine Schwartz: $7,500

What exactly sets this Barbie apart from the rest? New York City jeweler designer Lorraine Schwartz, whose clients include Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, came up with the concept. In 2010, an auction of this doll brought $7,500.

That’s a lot of money, but just the doll’s jeweler was appraised at $25,000. Diamond earrings, diamond-studded high heels, diamond bracelets, and a diamond “B” pendant all contributed to this doll’s high price tag. Mattel produced a total of twelve of these exclusive dolls.

8.  Barbie with a Pink Diamond $15,000

Barbie with a Pink Diamond $15,000

To celebrate spring 2013, Phillipe and David Blond of The Blonds unveiled their Barbie creation at New York Fashion Week. MAC Aids Fund benefited from the proceeds of the doll’s auction.

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Those unfamiliar with it should know that New York City is home to the high-end clothing label The Blonds. Perhaps you have noticed a correlation between these dolls and high-end New York City fashion labels? Creating dolls to promote your company seems like a lot of fun and is an intelligent marketing strategy.

7.  Vinyl Jawa Cap- $18,000

6. Bat-Elastic from Mego $15,000

Kenner, the toy manufacturer, discontinued production of this item because they chose to switch from vinyl to a fabric robe. The cloth was used instead of plastic because the toy’s original price was too high for its size, so manufacturers wanted to ensure they were giving customers value for their money.

This, however, has resulted in the vinyl cap becoming extremely scarce, and it is now worth an arm and a leg to collectors of Star Wars collectibles. However, a lot of knockoff vinyl cap Jawa’ has appeared on the market recently, so be wary.

6.  Bat-Elastic from Mego $15,000

MEGA elastic batman

There have been seen just two of these dolls. In 1979, Mego released an elastic Batman toy; toymaker Kenner filed a lawsuit against Mego, claiming that their “Stretch Armstrong” series of toys was unfairly copied.

As a result, Mego Elastic Batman is now one of the most sought-after and valuable dolls in the world, fetching upwards of $15,000 at auction.

I can confirm that in 2006, an auction brought in $15,000. Someone’s Batman toy was more important to them than a trip to Fiji or a new automobile, and they were willing to forego either one to get it.

5.  Signed Bebe Mothereau Doll – $18,500

Signed Bebe Mothereau Doll - $18,500

What makes these dolls expensive is their old age and rarity. They were created by a Frenchman named Alexandre Mothereau in the 1800s. From 1880 through 1895, he had a successful doll manufacturing company.

Bebe produced very few dolls in its first fifteen years of operation. You may do so at this price to purchase a Bebe Mothereau Doll personally autographed by Mothereau himself. Dolls’ bodies were disproportionate, including slender waists, tiny hands and feet, and wooden upper limbs with rounded joints.

4.  Megumi Kato $19,600.

Megumi Kato $19,600.

These dolls, of which there are only 10 in existence, are among the rarest and most costly items in any serious anime figure collection. What’s remarkable is that it towers above everything under five feet in height.

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How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend is a manga and anime starring a character named Megumi Kato. Figure designed by Ani plex. The only way to get your hands on this figure was to pay for it, which was contingent on the luck of the draw.

3.  G.I. Joe Manimals Vortex Figures $20,000

G.I. Joe Manimals Vortex Figures $20,000

The G.I. Joe Star Brigade line included the Manimals as an accessory. The product line was canceled before it ever hit shelves. Spasm, Vortex, Zig Zag, Iguanas, Slythor, and War Wolf are just some of the six figures in this collection.

This was a parody including toys that looked like Transformers and included transformations and other gags based on the toys’ namesake. Several versions were built but never released; nonetheless, some found their way to eBay. This photo of the hammer mill, Vortex, just sold on eBay for $20,000.

2.The first Superman action was $25,000

.The first Superman action was $25,000

In the world of collectors, the phrase “original” carries a lot of weight. The “original” Superman figure was the first to be manufactured under license by the Ideal Toy Company in 1939. Believe it or not, collectors out there claim this was the very first superhero action figure ever made.

The vast majority of these statues need expert restoration. As the cape is seldom preserved, it is usually an afterthought or a tacked-on addition. However, you should have a professional repair it since they will know strictly which parts to maintain and which to replace.

1.  Barbie, the Original, Mint Condition, $27,450

Barbie, the Original, Mint Condition, $27,45

In 1959, Mattel released the first Barbie doll to the public. She had golden hair and blue eyeshadow to accompany her black and white swimsuit. One of these vintage Barbie dolls, in mint condition, recently sold for $27,450, far exceeding the average price of $8,000.

The Richest claims that the original models all had flaws in the form of holes in the soles of their shoes. This Barbie was promoted as a “Teenage Fashion Model” when it first came out. Back then, this doll was just three bucks!


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