Top 10 Biggest Passenger Planes In The World

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Here we’ll take a look at some of the largest passenger aircraft ever built. To provide a more accurate depiction of the capabilities of these outstanding aircraft, we shall rank today’s biggest passenger aircraft sizes according to their regular three-seat configurations.

Attempts to fly by humans have been made for thousands of years. Humanity has always been drawn to the challenge of flying, from our first experiments with gliders and kites to our modern heavier-than-air supersonic planes.

Since the historic flight by the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, we have made great strides forward. The first jumbo aircraft, the Boeing 747, is made up of nearly six million different components. To meet the rising demand for air travel as mankind entered the golden era of flying, we developed some really remarkable airplanes.

Let’s have a look at some of the largest aircraft ever to fly!

First, an Airbus A380-800

The Airbus A380-800, with a standard passenger capacity of 575 and a maximum of 853, is the largest passenger aircraft in the world.

Here we see the world’s biggest passenger airliner, a Qatar Airways Airbus A380-800.
The height of this plane is close to 80 feet, and its wingspan is an incredible 261. The Airbus A380 is the most costly passenger airplane, at an eye-popping $445,6 million for a single unit. When you purchase an Airbus A380, you’re paying a lot for a lot of aircraft.

However, like with many wonderful things, production of this aircraft has been halted.

Airbus A380 manufacturing will end in 2021, about 15 years after the maiden flight of the aircraft, when the final of 17 jets ordered by Emirates and All Nippon Airways will be completed.

What went wrong with the Airbus A380?

It’s true that the aircraft has a hefty price tag, but it doesn’t even begin to cover the projected $25 billion in research and development expenses associated with the program. For financial considerations, it was reasonable to end manufacturing since the firm was losing money on every A380 it sold.

Second, a B747-8
Boeing’s largest airplane is the 747-8. There are 426 seats available on this big aircraft. That’s beyond the capacity of certain Airbus planes in their default configurations. This is the largest and most powerful member of the legendary 747 family, and its specifications bear that up.

Take a look at several Boeing 747-8s.
By Chuck Taylor (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) At Paine Field in Everett, Washington, stands Seattle Times aerospace writer Dominic Gates next to the RC-521, the second Boeing 747-8.
This is one of Boeing’s biggest planes, measuring in at over 250 feet in length. The biggest member of the 747 family is the undisputed king of airplanes when it comes to sheer size. The 747 will continue to be among the biggest aircraft, even if the days of flying these great jets are few.

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The Boeing 747 was the first airplane of such size to fly. Take a look at another one of the industry’s most storied planes from the manufacturer that popularized jumbo jets.

Thirdly, a Boeing 777-9
The Boeing 777-9 is the latest addition to the company’s 777x family of planes. These planes are among the largest Boeing has ever produced. There are 426 seats available on this aircraft. Now Boeing’s largest jets can again compete with those of its main rival, Airbus.

777-9 Boeing 
By Dan Nevill, Seattle, WA, USA (CC BY 2.0) Boeing 777X.
This plane measures over 251 feet in length and costs more than $442,2 million. Quite a sum for one humongous airplane. The interior of this aircraft has a whole new layout and style. Airlines like Emirates and Nippon, who have been consistent buyers from Airbus, are the target market for Boeing’s 777x series.

No list of the largest aircraft in the sky would be complete without including Boeing’s legendary 747, the company’s first large passenger aircraft.

#4. Boeing 747-400
The Boeing 747 is regarded as one of the world’s most recognizable airlines. When it comes to great aviation achievements, the Boeing 747 was the original.

Boeing 747-400 06, London Heathrow, United Kingdom
British Airways Boeing 747-400 at London Heathrow Airport with Boarding Lights On by Daniel Mennerich (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Although Boeing 747s had been in the sky since 1965, the 747-400 didn’t enter service until 1988. The 747 is widely regarded as the airplane that made international air travel accessible to the masses, and the 747-400 is an upgrade on the original model with room for 416 people.

Only the Boeing 747 has made contemporary air travel what it is today. As aviation has flourished throughout the years, the final 747 was delivered in 2020.

It’s possible that larger airplanes have flown the skies, but no plane has left behind quite the same kind of history.


The A350-1000 from Airbus

File:Airbus A350-1000 F-WMIL 22.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to airplanes, “biggest” may be defined in a number of various ways. As the firm has been developing new methods to attain astounding dimensions in flight, it is not surprising that another Airbus aircraft has made the list.

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The A350-1000 is the aircraft in the A350 family with the longest fuselage. The whole length of this plane is around 243 feet! This plane has a quiet interior and bigger seats than most others, and it can carry from 350 to 410 people.

The maximum take-off weight for this aircraft is 319 tons, yet it still has a maximum range of 16 thousand one hundred kilometres. The craft’s engines are the most powerful ever installed on an Airbus passenger plane. At take-off, the combined thrust of the engines is 97,000 pounds. The aircraft can handle so much power because of its 159,000-liter fuel capacity.

Let’s go back to Boeing and check out one of their 747 replacements.

Jets: 6 B777-300ERs
Boeing is more than simply a historical relic. When it comes to huge passenger planes, Boeing is still a leading brand.

The Boeing 777-300ER exemplifies Boeing’s dedication to both space and efficiency. There are enough seats for 396 people on this vessel. By any measure, it is an extremely large number of traveller’s. You can tell why Boeing is still a household brand in the aerospace industry.

At nearly 242 feet in length, this aircraft is also among the longest aircraft ever flown.

Boeing is a household name, so it’s only natural that they would fill a couple slots on our list. However, its rival, Airbus, is hard at work developing some of the most advanced airplanes in the world.

Aerospace Corporation’s Airbus A340-600
The Airbus A340-600 is the most capacious plane in the original A340 family. This magnificent plane can carry between 320 and 370 people. The pilots were quite happy with the updated cockpit that was made with them in mind. This contributed to the plane’s increased range of 7,900 nautical miles.

New aerodynamic design characteristics were also introduced into this plane, which cut down on airline operating expenses.

There’s a good chance we won’t be done seeing an airplane from Airbus on this list anytime soon, since they consistently produce some of the most fuel-efficient planes now in use.

A350-900 from Airbus
Despite its enormous size, Airbus has modernized the A350-900 to make it a useful extreme long-distance transport vehicle.

Between 300 and 350 people may be accommodated on this humongous airplane. It can still go up to 15,000 kilometers even with all that room to spare. The carbon fiber-reinforced plastic fuselage reduces fuel consumption and makes maintenance simpler, allowing for the aircraft’s exceptional range.

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There is still plenty of power available for all of this performance. It can carry up to 280 tons of cargo and has a wing span of 64.75 meters.

Airbus is continually pushing the limits of size and efficiency, but Boeing is ready to add another plane to the fleet whenever it’s needed.

Aircraft No. 9: Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
When it comes to air travel, the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner is unrivaled. The 330 people may be comfortably accommodated in the aircraft’s 224-foot-long fuselage. That plane is truly cool.

The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner is impressive in more ways than one, however. This plane was ahead of its time in a number of aspects that contributed to the betterment of commercial air travel and passenger convenience.

A greater humidity within the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner’s cabin may seem unpleasant at first, but it really helps alleviate the dryness that passengers suffer on lengthy flights. This helps long-distance travelers combat jet lag by reducing their weariness.

The 787-10’s younger siblings, the 787-9 and 787-8, also belong to the Dreamliner family.

Let’s take a closer look at yet another Airbus aircraft as we near the conclusion of our list.

The A340-500 from Airbus

The 9,000-nautical-mile range of this four-engine, twin-aisle aircraft is more than enough for the 270–310 people it can carry in luxury.

Airbus A340-500 of Singapore Airlines

This aircraft’s exceptional wing spread of 63.45 meters allows it to carry a maximum takeoff weight of 380 tons.

Airbus’s flagship airliner has the industry’s greatest range. It can carry as many people as possible and travel long distances without stopping for gas. The travel time from Singapore to New York City on this plane is around 18 hours.

Airbus is always improving the A340 range with new features and upgrades so that travelers, no matter how far they have to go, have a pleasant experience.

The A340-500 tops this list because of its large passenger capacity and ultra-long range.



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