Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

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Driving on roads that are known to be difficult is something that those of us who have a passion for cars should always make an effort to do.

Imagine you are driving down a stunning route, taking in the sights, then suddenly, as you come around a curve, the road begins to narrow, and the high winds cause your vehicle to go over the edge.

We have compiled our own list of 10 of the world’s most hazardous roads to get your adrenaline racing, so make sure you have your seat belts fastened because you’re about to go on a ride!


10. The Stelvio Pass

stelvio pass | stelvio pass | Justin LaBerge | Flickr

The descent from the Stelvio Pass in Italy is characterized by a zigzag pattern that extends over a significant distance. When driving across the European Alps, this particular pass is one of the highest roads to go.

The road may not be the most hazardous on our list, but it is without a doubt the most twisting. It was selected as Top Gear’s pick for the greatest driving road in 2008, and it has an astonishing 48 hairpin curves.

Maintaining concentration is essential, so do your best not to ignore the breathtaking scenery of the mountains around you.



9.   The Highway Connecting Sichuan and Tibet China

Winding Roads | Sichuan, China | marroyo12 | Flickr

The route starts in Chengdu in the province of Sichuan on the eastern side and finishes in Lhasa in the province of Tibet on the western side; the journey may take around 15 days, so make sure you are not in a rush! Those motorists who are brave enough to navigate this potential death trap will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the region’s towering peaks and attractive surroundings.

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people throughout the course of its existence, and even the smallest error may be fatal.

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This elevated road will take you past several open landslides as well as some breathtaking scenery. During this voyage, you might encounter a variety of challenges, some of which include landslides and rock avalanches.


8.   The Atlantic Road in Norway (Norway)

File:The North Atlantic Road, Norway (14671755639).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Guardian newspaper voted it the finest drive in the world in 2006, and it is consistently ranked as one of the most picturesque drives anywhere on the globe. In addition, the route is home to Storseisundet Bridge, often known as “the bridge to nowhere,” which has an approach that resembles a stairway to the clouds! When traveling down this road, it seems as if you are perched precariously close to the water’s edge.

In stormy weather, the violent waves of the Norwegian Sea often smash over the road; thus, you should ensure that you are prepared for everything and everything, as this one is most certainly a roller coaster!



7.   Zojila Pass in India.

On the way to Zojila Pass | Dangerous road from Kargil to Le… | Flickr

Ladakh is cut off from the rest of the world during the winter months because the perilous circumstances cause the pass, which is an essential connection between Ladakh and Kashmir, to be closed for most of the winter.

Even when the sun is shining, the roads are very small, and there are no barriers to protect drivers from falling. There are overturned buses, crushed automobiles, and even dead cattle all over the place.

This high-altitude pass will force you to confront a wide range of conditions, from intense snowfall to blustery winds.



6.   The Road from the Siberian Peninsula to Yakutsk in Russia

Siberia is traversed in its entirety by this dirt route that spans across Russia. Because of the very low temperatures that occur during the winter season (which lasts for a total of ten months), it is impossible to wear glasses because the metal will stick to your face.
The route travels through a variety of landscapes, including mountains, woods, deserts, and more. The frozen road melts over the summer, turning into mud and making driving conditions far more hazardous. Between the months of July and August, the road becomes a muddy blanket that completely engulfs passing cars.

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5.   The route to the North Yugas in Bolivia

It is believed that between 200 and 300 individuals die every year after falling from moving vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, and buses. One of the most popular things for travelers to do these days is ride their bikes along this route.

It’s barely wide enough for one car to pass through, and there are no guardrails to protect you from the up to 2,000-foot drops on each side. Along with mudslides and waterfalls, visibility is almost nonexistent as a result of adverse weather conditions such as fog, dust clouds, and rain. This makes the situation much more dire.




4.   New Zealand’s Skippers Canyon Road

File:Skippers Canyon Queenstown (19) (8115480718).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

More than 140 years ago, miners manually carved out the road, which is 16.5 miles long. It may be found in the southwestern region of New Zealand. If you drive on this route, even if you have auto insurance, you won’t be covered if

anything happens to your vehicle. Because the journey offers some of the most breathtaking scenery and a plethora of wonderful options for photography, you shouldn’t leave home without bringing your camera. It has a very limited width and is made of gravel, despite the fact that the scenery is breathtaking.




3.   The Fairy Meadows Highway in Pakistan

File:Jeep safari to fairy meadows.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

This breathtaking and perilous mountain path spans a distance of 16.2 kilometers and may be found in the Gilgit-Baltistan area of Pakistan.

Combined with winding roads that are covered with loose gravel, dangerously high altitudes, and tight bends A ride is almost certain to be in store for you if you decide to drive down Fairy Meadow.

The lack of guardrails and other obstacles at this location means that there is nothing that can stop a car from driving down the edge of the cliff, despite the fact that it is a lovely site. This path is not for those who are easily frightened or intimidated.


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2.   The Road to Keylong and Kishtwar in India


Most dangerous road Kishtwar to Killar - Tripoto

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The route is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India, and it has a mind-numbing vertical drop of thousands of feet; thus, you may want to avoid doing this one on a day when there is a lot of wind.

It is one of the most hazardous highways, and it will put your skills to the ultimate test. One of the few beautiful sights you will see is a panorama of mountains stretching out in front of you, and this is only one of the few gorgeous vistas you will see.

It may be difficult to navigate a road that has become muddy and slippery due to weather conditions like wind and rain, even with a vehicle with four-wheel drive.



1.   The Bayburt D915 model of the Turkey

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This road is 66 miles long and has 29 hairpin turns, yet there are no guardrails or barriers along it to prevent vehicles from going over the edge. The website only recently announced that it is the most hazardous road in the world. As a result of its risk factor, it surpassed the Yungas route in Bolivia.

During the winter months, owing to snow blizzards and other hazardous weather conditions, some sections of the route are closed to traffic. Everyone who drives on this route will be put to the test, both in terms of their driving ability and their mental fortitude, and there is no room for mistake.

When attempting to travel on the most hazardous road in the world, you need to be prepared for a variety of hazards, including avalanches, landslides, and severe snowfall.





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