Top 10 Most Expensive Buildings In The World

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Human ambition has no limits, and this often reflects in the buildings that inspire the awe of all. From opulent hotels up to the skies, there are modern wonders of the world that can be seen by a moving traveler.

Such buildings are often costly but also magnificent symbols of the prosperity of a nation, but often make more of the anesthetic state. While these projects inspire a city or part of the world, they are not accessible.

Planning, materials, building and workplace costs regularly reach billions Today we will be discussing the top 10 most expensive buildings in the world and worth visiting experience.


10). PRINCE TOWER, DUBAI ($ 2.17 Million)

Top 10 Most Expensive Building In The World

According to Guinness World Records, as of May 2012, Dubai’s 414 meters high Princess Tower was the largest residential building in the world.

This is the second-largest building in Dubai, next to the infamous Burj Khalifa with 763 residential areas, one, two and three-bed apartments, duplex and penthouses of a high standard. Work on Tameer Holding Investment’s Princess Tower started in 2006 and ended in July 2012.

The project has 107 levels and consists of basement floors, a first floor, and a hundred floors. The complex includes an indoor pool, outdoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, steam room, exercise studio, multiple games areas, playground for children, a banqueting hall and a 97th-floor observation deck with wireless internet.

Some of the world’s major cities have tall buildings and beautiful architectural structures which can wow us. The buildings generally cost billions of dollars for construction.

Although all the buildings in question are skyscrapers, the cost of construction, in general, is not directly proportional to the height of the tower but is stepped up by ultra-modern facilities and lavish models that double as main attractions.

Year after year, magical buildings are built around the world, but certain is so incredible, some of them even contribute to its GDP, because they continue to attract tourists.

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9). CITY OF DREAMS, MACAU, CHINA ($ 2.40 Million)

 Most Expensive Building In The World

The US $2,40 billion City of Dreams combines hotel and casino and is built as a pinnacle of four towers: Crown Towers, Hard Rock Hotel and Grand Hyatt Macau (which covers two floors).

The hotel has four separate towers. Over 200 shops and 420,000 square feet of casino space were located on the three-level podium.

A fifth hotel, led by architect Zaha Hadid, is currently under construction as part of the development of the city of Dreams. The building is on 40 levels, comprising about 780 guest rooms, suites and sky villas.


8). VENETIAN MACAU, CHINA ($ 2.40 Million)

 Expensive Building In The World

Venetian Macau is the largest casino on earth and the seventh-largest on the floor in the world, located directly opposite No. 9 on the list of the city of dreams.

The hotel opened officially on 28 August 2007, has a maximum casino area of 550,000 square meters with 3,400 slot machines, 800 gaming tables and a Cota Arena of 15,000 seats for sport and entertainment.

The resort, including its 12-bay President Paiza four-bedroom suite and renowned architectural firm Aedes and HKS, is known for its luxury and exuberance.


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7). WYNN RESORT, LAS VEGAS, ($ 2.70 Million)

Top 10 Most Expensive Building



Wynn Resort is the 6th largest hotel in the world and covers an area of 615 hectares. Casino developer Steve Wynn was named after and won a number of prizes, among which were five AAA diamonds, five-star, five-star, and a five-star rating from Michelin.

The Wynn features a number of “firsts” casinos, such as the first Las Vegas casino to have a car dealer and the first to combine a room key with casino frequency cards into a single card.

By 2020 it will also expand to include the addition of the Wynn Paradise Park, estimated to cost US$ 1.5 billion in additional facilities, including a hotel and lagoon of around 35 acres. This plan has also been announced in August 2001 and completed by 2005.



Top 10 Most Expensive Building In The World

In 2013, the First World Trade Centre, known as the‘ Freedom Tower’ in New York City, was finalized in commemoration of the twin tower that fell during the attack on 9-11.

The Freedom Tower is also an industrial center for eleven NYC subway networks and accommodates 71 floors of offices, acting as a strong reminder of the original Twin Towers.

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Architect David Childs designed the steel and concrete structure and has a commemorative museum of 9/11 and a retail area measuring 55000 square feet.

One of the big landmarks of New York City during its lifetime was the World Trade Center. It played an important role in popular culture and was shown in 472 movies, according to an estimate. After the destruction of the World Trade Center the complex was altered or removed and several hundred “memorial movies”


5). COSMOPOLITAN OF LAS VEGAS, US ($ 3.90 Million)

Most Expensive Building

The Las Vegas Cosmopolitan is a luxurious Las Vegas Strip casino and hotel resort consisting of two tall towers, every 184 meters in height. Constructed by Deutsche Bank based in Germany, it later sold the Blackstone Group Company, headquartered in New York City, for US$ 1.73 billion, less than half its original building value of US$ 3.90 billion.

The resort is still seen as a financial failure after it initially collapsed in 2008 despite its prime position and its gaming credentials. It has 30,000 sq. ft. (10,000 sq. ft.) of casino and restaurant area, 300,000 sq. ft (28,000 sq. m) of space for retail and restaurant operations, 40,000 sq. ft (3,700 m2) of spa and fitness area, 3, a 200-seat theater and 150,000 sq. ft (14,000 sq. m.) of conference and office facilities.


Therefore, it is also possible to provide a private room and leisure center. A view of the Las Vegas Strip can be found on Cosmopolitan’s 100,000 sq. ft. (9,300 sq.). The Cosmopolitan swimming pools have three types: relaxation pool, night club, and day club swimming pool.


4). EMIRATES PALACE, ABU DUBAI ($ 3.90 Million)

 10 Most Expensive Building In The World

It has been designed in cooperation with Reza Rahmanian (HDC architects) by British architect[ John Elliott (WATG architects)]. The hotel was designed to create an appealing mix of prestigious Islamic architectural elements such as balance, symmetry, proportionality, rhythm, and hierarchy.

The wide influenced dome with sophisticated geometry dominates over 114 smaller dome spreads across the tower. The building’s color is designed to reflect the various shades of sand found in the Arab desert.

In December 2001, construction began. Deepa Interiors, Abu Dhabi carried out interior fit-out works, with the hotel in February 2005 opening its doors. It is said to have a palace of 110,000 m3 of 13 marble forms from China, India, Italy and Spain and a total of 1002 crystals of Swarovski, designed as a showcase of Arab culture and luxury hospitality.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Building In The World

The resort was originally designed by American architect Michael Graves, who offers a total of 1840 accommodation rooms from the six hotels, each with a different theme for both leisure and business guests.

The design of the Resorts World Sentosa is created of hotels, casinos and many entertainment attractions, such as the Universal Studios theme park.

With more than 100,000 animals of over 800 species, the interconnected oceanarium covers an area of 20 acres, the largest of the world. The resorts were established in 2009 but continued to expand, with the addition of the Marine Life Park in November 2012.


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 Expensive Building

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Marina Bay Sands is the costliest resort ever built with a construction cost of US$ 5,50 billion. The building consists of three 55-story linked towers and is located on an area of 38 acres, the most luxurious, self-contained building worldwide.

Constructors were supervised by SsangYong Engineering and Construction Contractors with design by Moshe Safdie and completed in 2010 one year late as expected due to increases in material costs and a shortage. Feng shui consultants approved the architecture and design of the resort.


1). ABRAJ AL BAIT, SAUDI ARABIA, ($15 Million)

Top 10 Most Expensive Building In The World

Abraj Al Bait, with an area of 1,500,000 meters and a capacity of 100,000, is the tallest hotel in the world at a height of 601 m. The complex was designed and features the world’s tallest and most large clock with the highest height of 530 meters and 43-meter diameter, which was also known as the Makkah Royal Clock Tower.

The complex is located in Lebanon, with a height of over 30 km. A 23-meter-high crescent, made of fiberglass-backed mosaic gold was attached to the top portion of the clock tower by the German design company SL Rasch.

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