Top 10 Most Beautiful And Comfortable Cheap Countries To Live In

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List of Top 10 Most Beautiful And Comfortable Cheap Countries To Live In, Would you take a look at your own cubicles, think of foreign adventures, and exploring new worlds on a regular basis? Escape from the 9-5 routine is a dream that many of us share, and people are increasingly realizing this. world.

Teaching is an alternative, but a number of work opportunities are also known that can pay greatly.

The cost of living is about 350 US dollars for a 1-bed apartment and around 5 US dollars for a meal at a bargain restaurant.

You will work and live in many beautiful, very cheap countries when making money. Making use of your salary in a cheap country can give you the opportunity to save and travel again when the job is done.

Every cheap country you choose from, make sure you compare wages and inquire if any perks or incentives that might make your money go even further. And above all, have a fun adventure!


9). PERU

Most Beautiful And Comfortable Cheap Countries To Live In

If you are on a budget after a once-in-a-lifetime trip, Peru could be the dream place to live and work–it’s one of the cheapest countries in the world.

The dollar can cover far more than other South American countries, which is ranked among the cheapest countries in the world.

Take a walk on the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu, but there are many others that are not as well known to be discovered. Experience the Incan empire from the sand dunes of Ica to the Amazonian rainforest and stay and work in Peru.

English teaching or working with NGOs and environmental programs or advertising and tourism are also available. Living costs: rent for a 1-bedded apartment can amount to $250, while a meal in the local market costs $1-3.


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 Comfortable Cheap Countries To Live In

Without mentioning Thailand, there would be not a list of the best and cheapest countries in the world. Everywhere in the world traveler had fallen in love with the country of Smiles even before the film “The Beach.”

Here, even in big cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, living costs are incredibly low. Beach resorts are somewhat cheaper than other beach resorts around the world but are still slightly more expensive.

Thailand is the perfect place to live and work, thanks to crystalline nice, interesting people and incredibly delicious food. Thailand is also one of the best and cheapest places in the world to add to this.


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Top 10 Most Beautiful And Comfortable Cheap Countries To Live In

The cheapest place for work and life in South Korea is not, however, South Korea has created this list because wages are very fair, often include free housing, thus substantially reducing the cost of living.

Learning English is the obvious choice since South Korea is one of the best places worldwide for foreign language teaching English.

New towns in Korea are a competitor in the USA and Europe; the scenery is beautiful and vibrant, the cuisine is excellent and the people are friendly and make this a wonderful place to work and to save money and to fly.

Although living expenses in Korea are far from inexpensive, your travel does not have to be exorbitantly expensive. Other parts of the journey through Korea (hospitality, always and usually transport) will be expensive, but in other places, you can pay for equivalent travel costs.



Top 10 Most Beautiful And Comfortable Cheap Countries To Live In

It may not be your usual overseas job, but working in China at the same time can be both very inexpensive and highly lucrative.

The wages here are lower and the economy is booming than in many other Asian countries, which makes it possible to choose plenty of jobs.

For example, the larger cities such as Shanghai and Beijing will be more expensive, but compensation is also much lower. China is a wonderful country to visit, and many research programs, including free Mandarin courses, are offered in other countries so that you could also start studying a completely new language.

China has grown a lot after a disaster they have faced, they have shown us a real example of hardworking.



You want to work and live in foreign countries, but are you concerned about losing yourself? Don’t think about this, because some inexpensive nations, such as South Africa, are also on our list of the best and cheapest countries in which English is spoken.

South Africa is perhaps the cheapest English speaker in which to live.

Not only can you travel around without attending a language school, but many towns in South Africa also have a high standard of living, close to western cities, which will ease the change a bit.

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This makes it the cheapest English speaker in which to live! If that is not enough, the Southernmost nation in Africa is also one of the most diverse socially and biologically. You probably won’t be bored in South Africa in terms of safaris, catching dolphins, river rafting, zip lines.



 Comfortable Cheap Countries

Experience Mexico! If Mexico is just a hop and a flight for most Americans and Canadians, why travel further than you need to? There’s something Mexico has to sell to all.

Think about Mayan ruins on the coast, the turquoise seas of the Mediterranean, and the laid-back American beach towns.

Yeah, and we still talked about street food? The food is not just great, but also super cheap, from tacos to tamales and ceviche to frescoes.

In west cities, living costs are a fraction of those if you skip tourist drops like Cancún and Playa del Carmen and look for more urban resorts such as Merida and Guanajuato.



 Comfortable Cheap Countries To Live In

You may be shocked to see Bulgaria on our list of the cheapest nations, but listen to us.

Switch your attention to Eastern Europe whether you love to work in Europe or stay there, but are delayed by high prices in countries like Italy and France. Bulgaria is one of European’s lowest-cost countries and rapidly became a traveler’s favorite.

A small budget will allow you to live like a king in Bulgaria and the central location of the country is a good place to explore the region and to see countries such as Greece, Turkey, and Romania.

Renting an apartment for 1 room starts at $250 a month, you get a discount dinner in a cheap restaurant for about $5 and a public transport tour will cost you up to $1.


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Top 10 Most Beautiful And Comfortable Cheap Countries To Live In

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Costa Rica is perhaps the most common and for a very good reason (not just because it is one of ten countries that is one of the cheapest to live in) in Central America.

You should fall into love with this land through lush jungles, tropical beaches, and friendly locals and it is’ Pura Vida ‘ environment straight away.

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And while living and working there, you don’t have to break away because Costa Rica is one of the easiest places for Americans to live in.

Bargain flights from America are also easier to find and even more appealing for your trip to Costa Rica. Even if Costa Rica is more expensive than other countries in the region, such as Guatemala and Nicaragua, salaries continue to become lower.

A meal in a local restaurant will take around $3-6. Local transport will start at $0.70 for each trip, depending on the size of the apartments and the locations.



 10 Most Beautiful And Comfortable Cheap Countries To Live In

Vietnam is the vision of any budget travelers for those who want to live and work in an exotic place, but don’t pay a fortune.

It is one of the cheapest and best countries for expatriates. While Vietnam is still a little insider tip in the cheap countries for living and flying, it has lots to see and do.

Vietnam has beautiful scenery, excellent local cuisine for foodies and is also a bit adventurous. The cost of living in Vietnam, like most nations, is depending on the town and province in which you spend time.

For example, cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are more costly than rural areas.

You can rent a small flat for some $250 a month at a meal price of around $1–3, when you stick to local restaurants or street food, and around $10, in restaurants in Western-sty

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