Top 10 Most Expensive Pocket Knives In World 2024

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In our kitchens, knives are an essential tool. Knives of many kinds are available, including pocket knives. Pocket knives, on the other hand, are smaller knives that may be carried in a pocket.

We can carry them in our pockets since they are much smaller than ordinary knives. They may be used in a variety of ways and are always useful.

Folding knives are available in various blade lengths, ranging from 2 to 6 inches. Cutting ropes, opening envelopes, and slicing a piece of fruit are just some of the things they may be used for besides.

They may also be used in self-defense situations if necessary. Jackknives and penknives are other names for pocket knives. However, you may be perplexed why certain pocket knives are more costly than others, given that they are practically necessities for our daily lives.

So why are knives so expensive? Well, there are many reasons for this. The materials and bejeweling used in certain knives are of the highest caliber.

Additionally, a pocket knife is pricey because of the effort involved, its ancient heritage, and the designer. Since only the best designers can afford to charge top dollar, any product they create will be prohibitively costly by itself. Consider some of the world’s priciest pocket knives Below:


10.  Benchmade TI Monoblock ($400)

Benchmade TI Monolock

Source-BladeGallery: Fine handmade custom knives, art knives, swords, daggers

We rank the Benchmade TI Monoblock Family as the 10th most costly pocket knife on our list. It is one of the most well-known items under the Bench-made brand.

This TI monoblack is manufactured in the United States. Stainless steel M390 quality Australian stainless steel is used for the blades, while titanium is used for the handles. It features nice curved handles that add to the overall appearance.

On the other hand, it is equipped with a pocket clip. TI Monoblock’s from Benchmade are durable enough to be used regularly in short, and it’s a superb pocket knife that’s ideal for a gentleman’s daily carry.

It also boasts clean lines and superb quality machine work, which adds to its overall appeal. Because of the performance of its razor-sharp blade, this pocket knife is well-known. It is rather thin and opens simply with the thumb stud on the side.

A few years ago, it was selling for $400, but now it’s selling for about $340. The Benchmade Mini TI Monoblock Family is a smaller version with the same features.

Knives are designed to serve a variety of functions. While some are excellent for hunting, chopping, and slicing, others are more suited for collecting as keepsakes than anything else.

Other less costly pocket knives are available for those who don’t have the money for the world’s most expensive pocket knife.

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9.  Cold Steel Espada ($650).

 Cold Steel Espada

Source – YouTube

A more expensive pocket knife created by the cold steel brand, the Espada is another model from the company’s collection. Designed in the United States, this gorgeous pocket knife has a curved blade constructed of the finest American alloy steel.

The knife is a pocket sword, not a regular knife. It features a gigantic long handle that is around 6.75 inches in length. Polished G-10 aluminum is used to construct this handle.

It has outstanding shock resistance and strength. Although it is large, it can be carried easily in your pocket. Espada is available for purchase at $649.99 in cold steel. The cost of this pricey knife should be considered if you’re looking for a pocket sword for everyday carry use.



8.  Benchmade 535 – 191 Bugout ($ 700)

Benchmade 535-191 Bugout


This Benchmade pocket knife is a one-of-a-kind creation from the company’s portfolio. It is one of the most popular knives in the history of the world.

Designed by Benchmade, the 535-191 Bugout has a carbon fiber handle with blue C-Tek inlays that complement the design. Damascus steel and other high-quality materials are used to cover the blade of this sword.

A pocket clip, hardware, and PVD liners combine to make this a safe, robust, and simple pocket knife to carry with you. Furthermore, it is equipped with an ambidextrous lock and opener.

The simplicity and light weight of this one-of-a-kind Benchmade series have made it renowned. This pocket knife ranges from around $699.95 to $750, depending on the retail shop where it is purchased. You will fall in love with its silky appeal immediately because of the cutting-edge flip-open sensation it possesses.



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7.  XOC CRKT ($750)


Source- YouTube

Flavio Ikoma’s CRKT XOC pocket knife is yet another high-end pocket knife design. A clear, strong, and usable essence is used in constructing the system.

CTS0 XHP carpenter steel is used to construct the blade, which has a satin-like surface. Carbon fiber and titanium are also used in the construction of the handles.

The simplicity of this pocket knife makes it stand out among the crowd. In addition to being simple to use, it has a blade length of 4.26 inches.

The CRKT XOC is available for purchase for $750. Although it is a touch on the expensive side of a pocket knife, the superb quality of the blade makes it well worth the investment. It is appropriate for daily usage and will easily fit in your deep-end pocket, regardless of its size.



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6.  The Lancet Ouroboros $5,500.

Lancet 'Ouroboros' Pocket Knife

Source- William Henry

A common characteristic of Lancet Ouroboros is that it exudes an old sense of tranquility. It is a knife created by William Henry that has been hand-engraved.

According to the manufacturer, it is adorned with 24-carat gold inlays and copper, and its blade is made of Hornets’ Nest Damascus Steel.

It boasts a one-hand button mechanism that is comfortable while holding the device. The Lancet Ouroboros is well-known for its exceptional characteristics and exquisite detailing.

This item is packaged in a leather case and presented in a wooden presentation box. Every engraving on this pocket knife will tell you why it is worth $5,500, so you will know exactly why you are spending that much money on it. Lancet Ouroboros is among the costliest drugs available for various reasons and a good cause.



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5.  Black Panther Knife (about $8,150)

Black Panther Knife


You can tell just by looking at the knife’s name that it exudes a certain amount of power and elegance. The Black Panther knife is a beautifully designed pocket knife that may be bought at high-end internet retailers.

It has a beautifully designed blade made of Damascus steel embellished with an image of a panther’s head on the handle. The handle is walnut and features a sterling silver panther head embellished with jewels on the end.

The blade is additionally adorned with gold engravings for a more luxurious appearance. When the occasion calls for it, this pocket knife may also be used as a hunting knife. It is a wonderful present to give to someone you care about. The purchase price is reasonable.

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4.  Gentak Makaran knife (about $12,500)

Gentak Makara knife

Source – ALUX.COM

Another high-end pocket knife worth mentioning is the Gentak Makaran Knife, which has a retail value of $12,500. It is a mind-boggling knife designed and manufactured by William Henry.

It features a one-hand button lock comparable to the Lancet Ouroboros pocket knife; It is stainless steel. Damascus steel from the Hornet’s Nest is used to craft the blade.

The remarkable designs on this knife, which are full of beauty and expertly constructed, are what make it so alluring. Another attractive element is the handle, which is etched with 24-karat gold inlays.

It also incorporates gemstones and walnut wood into the design. The Dental Makaran pocket knife is a high-quality item worth the price. A lovely pocket knife that you may give as a present, it is said, is what it is.



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3.  The Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife $18,500.

Monarch 'Steampunk Dragon' Pocket Knife

Source- William Henry

The Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife is the third most costly pocket knife on our list, and it is made of stainless steel. It is embellished in terms of beauty, elegance, and sophistication; It was created due to a partnership between three outstanding designers.

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Exceptional creativity, utility, and elegance combine to create a harmonious whole in Monarch steampunk. Inlays of 24-karat gold, silver, and copper are used to create the sculptured intricacies of the piece.

Its blade is made of Damascus steel, which is hand-forged. The Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife is a one-of-a-kind creation by the artist Monarch. It is priced at $18,500, a hefty sum in today’s market.



2.  Lace knife with a spearpoint – $25,000

Lace' Pocket Knife

Source- William Henry

An additional one of William Henry’s exquisite designs is the Spearpoint Lace Knife. It is well-known for its elaborately ornamented blades and ornately carved grip.

The blade is made of Damascus steel, a cutting-edge material that is hand-crafted. It has a gold handle carved with 24-carat gold, which gives it a very fashionable appearance.

A one-handed button lock that is simple to flex makes this pocket knife an excellent choice. The high-end quality of this item is reflected in the cost. It is a wonderful sculpture with a $25,000 price tag worth the investment.



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1.  The Gem of the Orient ($2.1 million).

The Gem of the Orient

Source – YouTube

You may be thinking, what is it about this pocket knife that makes it so pricey? A pocket knife known as the Gem of Orient is the costliest pocket knife in the world right now. Its materials are of the highest possible high-end grade.

The blade alone has 10 carats of diamond and 9 carats of diamond. Taking a closer look at this knife, you will note the subtle elegance with which it was created.

A heavenly masterpiece, the Gem of Orient, created by Buster Werenski, is a must-see attraction in every city. It has 153 emeralds and a total weight of up to 5 karats.

This pocket knife, valued at $2.1 million, is embellished with exquisiteness as if it were created expressly for a member of royalty. You can never go wrong with a piece of artwork that costs a lot of money.


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