Top 10 Most Handsome Bachelors In The World

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Several men have been able to call themselves the “most handsome man in the world,” but which among them merits the title? This subject has been the subject of many discussions, during which participants have defended their preferred choices.

On the other hand, a few particularly noteworthy candidates for the award consistently manage to find their way into lists of this kind.

According to our forecasts, the ten guys listed below will collectively be regarded as some of the most gorgeous in the world in the year 2022.


10.  Drew Houston

 Drew Houston

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that was founded by Drew Houston, who is also the company’s CEO. Drew is the most significant stakeholder at Dropbox and holds the tenth spot on the list of the wealthiest bachelors in the world.

His net worth is now estimated to be $1.3 billion. He owns approximately twenty-five percent of the corporation. The digital entrepreneur, now 37 years old, first came to public attention in 2016 when he was ranked the 18th richest American entrepreneur under 40.

Two years later, in 2004, Forbes placed him at number 302 out of the top 400 people in the world. At the moment, there are at least a half-billion people using Dropbox. In 2007, when Drew was only 24 years old, he collaborated with Arash Ferdowsi to establish an online storage business.

In 2018, the backup service became public, and on the first day of trading, the value of its shares increased by at least 24 percent.

Drew’s forgetfulness over his flash drive was becoming more frustrating for him. Dropbox has conceived as a cloud-based backup solution thanks to his innovative thinking.



9.  Sergei Gordeev

Sergei Gordeev


Sergei Gordeev is a self-made millionaire who takes great pride in his extensive holdings in the real estate industry. He is ranked ninth on the lustiest and most eligible bachelors.

The last key to Sergei’s financial success has been his ability to acquire outdated manufacturing facilities, transform them into cutting-edge office complexes, and sell them for a profit.

The real estate developer calls Moscow home, where most of his operations are located. Currently, he serves as the CEO and is the primary owner of PIK Group, a real estate development firm located in Moscow.

Gordeev has been around for 47 years and has a bachelor’s degree in management from the Togliatti Academy of Management.

He was born in Moscow. His first venture was a real estate start-up known as Rebuilding, which he established in 1995. In 2013, he purchased a twenty percent share in the PIK Group.

In 2017, he purchased an additional 24.6% interest, which propelled him to the position of leading shareholder. As the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Gordeev supervises more than 14,200 employees, and the business generates annual revenue of at least $900 million.



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8.  Garrett Camp

Garrett Camp

Today, the name Uber is pretty well-known all around the globe, and we have Garret Camp to thank for his contributions to the development of such an incredible service.

Alongside Travis Kalanick, the Canadian entrepreneur and businessman co-founded Uber in 2009. The ride-hailing application gives users the ability to place requests for rides.

After that, you will be picked up by a contractor driver, no matter where you are. Even though Camp owns only 5% of the firm, the money he makes from trading on the New York Stock Exchange is sufficient to maintain him on the list of billionaires.

He is one of the wealthiest bachelors in the history of the world. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from the University of Calgary, from which he graduated.

After graduating in 2001, Garrett collaborated with others to establish StumbleUpon, a web-based discovery service. Users of the service would be able to find new things to explore online with only the click of a button.



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7.  Gustav Magnar Witzoe

Gustav Magnar Witzoe


One of the hottest and most wealthy young men is Gustav Magnar. At 27, the young Norwegian entrepreneur already has a net worth of $2.3 billion.

First is because of his 49% investment in Salmar ASA, a significant worldwide salmon producer. The business was founded and is still managed by Gustav’s father, but the patriarch decided to hand over control of the firm to his son.

However, Witzoe senior had to transfer such a significant interest to his son at such a young age because he wanted to safeguard his son from having to pay a large amount of tax on his inheritance.

As a direct result of the move, the young Norwegian immediately became a millionaire. According to Forbes, he is the third youngest billionaire in the world.

In addition, the family controls Scottish S.A. Farms, which is widely regarded as one of the most successful salmon farming operations in the United Kingdom. Witzke was born in the year 1993 in the city of Froya.

When the young man was 19 years old, he was arrested for speeding and sentenced to a few weeks in prison. He is a well-known face at many of Norway’s fashion events due to his insatiable appetite for the industry.

In addition, he has a significant number of dog and travel-related Instagram followers (about 110,000 followers). Aside from that, he enjoys golf, yachting, and modeling in his spare time.

His family got a professional modeling contract for him with Teams Models, the largest modeling agency in Norway. The young man is reportedly represented by Next Models, as seen on his Instagram page.


6. Patrick Collison

Petrick Collison

Stripe is a company that processes payments made online, and its co-founders are Patrick Collison and John Collison, Patrick’s younger brother.

Currently, Patrick is in charge of running the business as the Chief Executive Officer. During their college years, the two Collison brothers conceived the concept that would become Stripe.

They never even entertained the idea of being in the company of millionaires, much fewer billionaires. Currently, the value of the payment software is around $20.25 billion.

Patrick Collison was born in 1988 in the Irish town of Domineer. The computer nerd attended his first computer class when he was eight years old and began studying programming when he was ten.

He came in second place at the “40th Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition“; however, he won first place during the “41st Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition.”

He was compensated in the amount of $300,000 for developing a programming language. Patrick could have continued his education at MIT, but instead, he chose to work with his brother John to launch a software company called Shuppan.

Because of difficulties obtaining finance, the two Collison brothers and two graduates of Oxford University came up with the idea for Automatic, which is still a software brand.

After some time, in 2008, they decided to sell Automatic for $5 million and instantly became billionaires. Patrick will continue to serve as the company’s engineering director in his current capacity.



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5.  John Collison

John Collison

John Collison and his elder brother Patrick have a net worth of $3.2 billion because of the interest they both have in the company Stripe.

He unquestionably holds the fifth spot on the list of the richest singles. John Collison was born in 1990 in the Irish town of Domineer.

After graduating from Castle Troy College, he continued his education at Harvard University. Unfortunately, he decided to focus all of his energy on Stripe rather than continuing his education at Harvard.

Both he and Patrick have followed a like course in their professional lives. Together, they established Shuppa, ultimately leading to Automatic and Stripe when eBay acquired it.

John, like Patrick, had a strong interest in computer programming. In the process of developing Stripe and Shuppa, his knowledge of the programming language served as an indispensable resource.

In addition to his work as a programmer and inventor, John Collison has a license to fly aircraft. In addition to that, he is quite enthusiastic about music, and the piano is his instrument of choice.

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John and Patrick continue to increase their wealth due to the recent increase in Stripe’s worth. Because the two individuals possess a majority position in the firm, they will certainly keep control of the business even after it is public.

John and his brother Patrick both have the title of America’s 15th wealthiest entrepreneur under 40, awarded to John by Forbes.



4.  Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov is well recognized for being the founder of the popular social messaging program Telegram Messenger. He controls the bulk of shares in Telegram, which boasts more than 300 million users at the moment.

It’s interesting that Telegram, a more formidable rival than WhatsApp, is free to use. Pavel Durov was raised in Italy for most of his youth despite being born in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.

Even his primary education was completed in Turin, where his father had worked before the family’s return to the United States in 2001.

In 2006, he graduated from St. Petersburg State University with honors in the highest possible category. In 2015, Pavel established the social networking platform known as Vkontakte (V.K.) before going on to build Telegram.

After co-founding V.K. with his brother Nikolai, the two successfully grew the company’s worth to around $3 billion. In addition to that, Durov is a generous donor.

He has provided the Wikimedia Foundation with a donation of at least one million dollars. Durov now does not have a partner. However, he does have two children from a previous relationship.



3.  Robert Pera

Robert Pera

Source-Money Inc

Robert Pera, the founder of Ubiquiti Networks, comes in at number three on the list of the wealthiest bachelors in the world in the year 2022.

When Robert Pera took Ubiquity Networks public in 2011, he officially became one of the world’s billionaires for the first time.

One year later, though, the firm suddenly imploded, and Pera’s net worth had considerably decreased. But because of his never-say-die attitude, Robert was able to give Ubiquity Networks a new lease of life, and the company propelled him back into the ranks of the billionaire club in 2013.

Robert Pera, an American entrepreneur who is 42 years old, managed to quadruple the value of his firm by the end of 2019, at which point he had accumulated a net worth of $7.3 billion.

Ubiquity Network is an American producer of wireless hardware and software with headquarters in Silicon Valley. Robert Pera, the current CEO of the company, is its founder.

In addition to his involvement with Ubiquity Networks, Pera owns a large financial investment in the NBA team known as the Memphis Grizzlies.

In 2012, he became the owner of the business. 1978 was the year of Robert Pera’s birth. He earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, where he also completed his education.

In addition to that, he has a degree in Japanese. Robert had a lot of respect for Steve Jobs while still in school. After receiving his diploma, the very first thing he did was apply for a position at Apple Inc.

At Apple, the concept of developing a Wi-Fi module with improved performance and lower costs came to mind. At the time, he presented the concept to his superiors, but they chose to disregard it.

Robert, being the dogged person that he was, went ahead and made his very first invention. In 2005, he decided that the time had come for him to launch his own company.

After that, he parted ways with Apple Inc. and established Ubiquity Networks. Rural areas, newly developed regions, and other underserved sectors may now benefit from the availability of fast networks thanks to wireless technology. The Grizzlies Foundation is an organization that Pera now manages.



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2.  Jan Koum

 Jan Koum

If you are someone who uses social networks often, there is a good chance that you are familiar with Jan Koum. The wealthy candidate is the one who was instrumental in the creation of WhatsApp (alongside Brian Acton).

The two individuals who developed the messaging program in 2014 sold it to Facebook for around $22 billion. This explains how Jan’s wealth now stands at 9.7 billion dollars.

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However, despite having sold WhatsApp, Jan continued to serve as the company’s CEO until 2018. During the same year, he also stopped participating on the Facebook board.

Jan Koum was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1976; however, he presently lives in California, United States of America. Koum came from a modest background, even though he is now worth a billion dollars.

He came from an impoverished Jewish household in Kyiv, where he was born. Ukraine’s political unrest exacerbated the challenges his family was already facing.

The family was forced to relocate to the United States as a result of the difficult circumstances that they were forced to endure.

After that, Jan would assist customers in a grocery store while his mother would care for their children so the family could make ends meet.

He signed up for classes at San Jose University and began working at Ernst & Young part-time. While working at Ernest & Young, he became acquainted with Brian Acton, who later became his business partner in the establishment of WhatsApp.

However, before the company’s formation, the two had previously held positions at Yahoo after their departure from Ernest & Young. Unfortunately, the amount of pressure at Yahoo was excessive, so Koum had to give up his studies.

As a result, he was deprived of the opportunity to graduate. But before Jan co-created WhatsApp, he worked for Yahoo for nearly nine years before pursuing other endeavors.

Interestingly, Koum donated 1.15 billion worth of Facebook shares to charitable organizations just before he left the social network.

Therefore, not only is he wealthy and unattached, but he also has the personality of a guy dedicated to charitable giving. After working at Yahoo for nine years, the two developed WhatsApp in 2009 and WhatsApp Messenger the following year. In 2014, Facebook made an offer that Jan and Brian could not refuse, so they accepted the company’s invitation to join.



1.  Mikhail Prokhorov

Mikhail Prokhorov

In 1965, Mikhail Prokhorov was born in Moscow, Russia. He is presently considered to be one of the most handsome men above the age of 50.

After graduating from Moscow Finance Institute, he got his first employment at the International Bank for Economic Corporation.

Before that, he was educated at Moscow Finance Institute. After gaining experience as a manager at the company for some time, he went on to work for MFK Bank and the United Export-Import Bank.

In the business realm, Mikhail’s first partnership was with Potanin, and the two of them established Interros, a Russian holding company.

They purchased the enormous mining conglomerate Norilsk Nickel using the money from the firm. Mikhail is well known to be a ladies’ man, but he has no plans to settle down anytime soon.

He has access to private planes and is known to associate with attractive women. He competes in both the biathlon and the professional boxing circuit.

In 2007, Mikhail made news in the United States for the wrong reason when he was accused of importing prostitutes from Russia.

This caused him to get unwanted attention. The incident was so embarrassing that he had no choice but to liquidate his holdings in Norilsk Nickel. The deal netted him around $7.5 billion for him.


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