Top 20 Most Expensive Town In The UK

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If you are purchasing a home in the United Kingdom, you will most surely have a number of factors to consider. After all, you may want to consider the area’s public schools and transit options.

If you are on a tight budget, it is in your best interest to investigate the total cost of living in the locations that you are considering moving to, as this will assist you in forming an opinion that is more accurate overall.

It is often believed that living in the United Kingdom, particularly in its major cities, may be too costly. But how much does it set you back if you go to the top of the scale?

The following is a list of the twenty localities in the United Kingdom that have been determined to have the highest property prices relative to annual earnings by research conducted by the Lloyds Banking Group.

20. Cardiff

20.	Cardiff

Cardiff is fast growing into one of the UK’s most desired locations. With its history, culture, green areas, entertainment, and more, it’s simple to understand why property prices are soaring in Cardiff.

Cardiff’s average property price is £276,851 and shows little indication of slowing down, despite its low yearly income of £31,946.

19. Worcester


Worcester’s postcard-like splendour makes life there appealing. This West Midlands city is more than simply pretty. Worcester often tops UK safety and happiness rankings.

It’s noted for its independent merchants, restaurants, transit connections, and educational institutions. Worcester home prices average £303,132.




Gloucester is now one of the UK’s best places to live. This rise raises the cost of becoming a city resident—houses average £287,600.

Gloucester’s location is one of its most significant advantages, alongside its period homes, shopping, and schools. Gloucester has beautiful outdoor space between the Forest of Dean and Cotswolds and excellent transport links.


17. Southampton


Southampton’s green spaces, sports, music, arts, and entertainment attract students, families, and others. On the south shore, the city often welcomes cruise ships, perfect for ship-based travellers or those who wish to see them up close.

Trains take less than 80 minutes to reach downtown London. Southampton’s average property price is £310,435, and his average salary is £34,429.


16. Canterbury


Canterbury’s particular appeal combines historic and modern elements. The city centre has stores, events, and renowned eating choices, and its high educational standards attract families and students.

Canterbury is near the sea and Margate. The average property price in Canterbury is £365,168.


15. Bristol


Bristol’s average home price is £346,902. The city’s development has made it one of the UK’s most populated. Bristol’s universities have contributed to its rise, providing something for everyone.

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Vibrant nightlife, stunning outdoor areas, historic houses, sports, history, and good transit connections. Bristol is the SW’s retail capital.




Norwich often ranks well on lists that evaluate the most significant locations in the United Kingdom due to its vibrant culture, low crime rate, and busy nightlife. Even though the city is relatively compact, it offers a wide variety of things for residents and visitors to enjoy.

In addition, there are various festivals and fairs held throughout the year, an abundance of retail choices, and excellent educational opportunities. It is pretty simple to travel about because of the excellent transport connections, which are perfect for venturing into the beautiful Norfolk countryside. The current average home price in Norwich is £306,946, as of right now.


13. Leicester


The city of Leicester is now undergoing a significant amount of renovation. The town is a popular selection because of its many parks, open spaces, and rich cultural legacy; thus, there is a clear indication of high demand for residential real estate.

Leicester is considered one of the most expensive locations in the United Kingdom despite having one of the lowest average property prices at £279,080. This is because the average pay in Leicester is just $28,725, the weakest of any of the 20 cities on this list.


12. Exeter


No other city in the UK is quite like Exeter because of its unique location adjacent to the ocean while still immersed in the beautiful countryside. Although it is a peaceful and beautiful part of the South West, the area provides many amenities to inhabitants to maximize their comfort level.

Independent boutiques coexist with well-established stores on the main street. There is an exciting and active nightlife scene. History can be found around every bend, with the Exeter Cathedral serving as the city’s undeniable centrepiece.

In addition, given its location, it has impressively good connections with both Exeter Airport and the M5. The average cost of a home is now £323,554.


11. Salisbury


The Sunday Times gave the award for “Best Place to Live in the UK” to Salisbury in the year 2019. Others were motivated to begin their property hunt in Salisbury due to this kind of recognition, which highlighted the city’s attractiveness at the time.

As a direct consequence, the current national average for the price of a home is £392,355. Nevertheless, inhabitants get to take pleasure in a well-known city for its attractiveness, beautiful history, many activities, and kind and friendly neighbourhood


10. St Albans

St Albans

Among the most expensive areas to buy a home in the United Kingdom is St. Albans, which has shockingly high average property prices of £604,423. Its highest-in-the-country median pay of £59,391 keeps it from placing higher on our list as the nation’s most expensive city to live in. It is possible that the most appealing aspect of this property is its proximity to London, which can be reached by rail in less than twenty minutes.

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However, in contrast to the bustling city of London, St. Albans has a more laid-back atmosphere and is surrounded by beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. The city’s attraction is bolstered further by its world-class educational institutions, cultural offerings, and culinary scene.


9. Chelmsford


Chelmsford, which is located in the middle of Essex, is a city that many people choose to call home for a variety of different reasons. There is a low crime incidence, lovely green places to explore, and the city’s nightlife is among the finest in the nation

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. It is a terrific spot for work and schools. However, the primary reason housing prices are so high on average is relatively straightforward: getting into London takes just half an hour on the train.


8. London


It should not be surprising that London is included on the list. The fact that the capital does not rank among the top five most expensive locations to live in the UK, on the other hand, may come as a surprise to some people.

The sheer magnitude of London is the most critical factor that keeps it from holding the number one rank. The average price of a home in the city centre is £564,695, even though prices there are ridiculously high.


7. Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove

It is not difficult to see why Brighton is considered by many to be the happiest location in the United Kingdom. The city is distinguished by its unique seaside position, excellent connections to London, and flourishing culinary and independent retail cultures.

Another incentive to stay in Brighton is its unofficial designation as the LGBTQ+ capital of the United Kingdom, which is accompanied by an art and cultural scene that is both dynamic and diversified. It also has a beach that is eight miles long!


6. Cambridge


Cambridge, in East Anglia, is famous all over the globe for one reason: its renowned university. Cambridge is the only location in the top twelve that is located outside the South East and the South West.

In addition to having a thriving student population, the city is often regarded as one of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing, historically significant, and endearing locations.

Residents will want to stay in the area due to its great eating, shopping, and work prospects; nevertheless, visitors will find it a good base from which to explore the rest of the UK due to its great transit connections. Currently, the average price of a property in Cambridge is £482,300.


5. Chichester


The average asking price for a home in Chichester is an eye-watering £446,899. This cathedral city’s reputation as a desirable location may be attributed to various factors.

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Its place is crammed with history, beautiful facilities, and charm. A city is an attractive option for families due to the availability of good schools.

Because of the city’s strong transportation connections, it is possible to reach major cities such as London, Brighton, and Portsmouth in under an hour and a half.




Despite its high rating, it may be a surprise to learn that the average property price in Truro is £356,788. However, the median pay of just £29,558 contributes to the fact that it is seen to be so pricey.

This cathedral city in the heart of Cornwall is brimming with charm, providing a superb blend of culture, commerce, and eye-catching architecture within its compact downtown area.


3. Bath


Bath is considered to be one of the most attractive destinations to visit in the United Kingdom. Each year, millions of visitors from around the globe come to Bath to take in its incredible Roman architecture.

The city’s appeal may be attributed to several factors, including its lively atmosphere, many theatres and museums, high-quality shopping, and delicious eateries. The typical cost of a home in Bath is now £476,470.




Along the same lines as Cambridge, the most notable feature of Oxford is its illustrious academic institution. However, the city is not merely a paradise for students looking to further their studies.

Incredible architecture can be seen at every turn, and the countryside surrounding the town makes for a fantastic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In addition, Oxford offers a wide variety of great dining and drinking establishments, shops, employment prospects, museums, and the list goes on. The typical cost of a home in Oxford is now set at £486,928, while the city’s average annual salary is a more manageable £39,220.


1. Winchester


That’s right—Winchester tops the list of the most costly places to call home in the United Kingdom. The current national average for the price of a home is a staggering £630,432. Despite this, the average annual salary in the city is just £45,059, which propels the town to the top rank on our list.

Its rating results from several factors, including its historical history, gorgeous homes, busy markets, low crime rate, hospitable society, and good educational opportunities.

One of the primary selling points of Winchester is its unique position, which places London only one hour’s drive away and the seaside right at its doorstep.

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