Top 10 Rarest Motorcycles In The World

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We really wish they had made more of these great bikes since it’s almost hard to get your hands on one now. The market for vintage motorcycles is thriving at the moment, with even commonplace types fetching significant amounts at auctions and private sales. We may never be able to afford to have one of these collectible motorcycles in our garage because of how rare they are, but that doesn’t stop us from desiring one. Motorcycles from the early 20th century are the rarest, although there are a few surprise types that were made in vast quantities but now only survive in small numbers. Some 21st-century bikes have also been made in very limited quantities, making them eligible for inclusion here as well.


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10. Traub

Traub Motorcycle | Jimmy Smith | Flickr

Only one Traub, out of an unknown number produced, is known to exist, and that’s about all that is known (or can be surmised) about it.

It spent 50 years hidden behind a wall in Chicago until being found in 1968; after being owned by many people, it ended up in the Wheels Through Time Museum in North Carolina.

No one can say for sure who made the Traub, what its original purpose was, or even its exact location.



9.   Crockers

Crocker 1939 (USA) - the first superbike | Photo by Ralf Tur… | Flickr

Between the wars, Crocker was to American motorcycle racing what Brough Superior was to British racing.

In 1936, Albert Crocker released his first road motorbike with a V-Twin engine, having previously specialized in manufacturing speedway bikes.

They were powered by a 1000-cc Hemi-head V-Twin that generated roughly 60 horsepower, outperforming the 40 horsepower of competing Harley-Davidson and Indian V-Twins at the time.



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8.   Brough Superior SS100s

File:1928 Brough Superior SS100 Alpine Grand Sport (31841011825).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Nothing less than perfection would do for George Brough, so he followed Crocker’s lead and made most of his bikes to order based on feedback from individual buyers.

With only a 17-year production run, only 3,000 Brough Superiors were ever made; even fewer were the top-tier SS100 models, so named because each one was guaranteed to achieve 100mph; after construction, each vehicle was tested to see if it could reach that speed; if it couldn’t, the vehicle was disassembled and rebuilt until it could.



7.   Vincent Black

Vincent Black Lightning | via… | Flickr

Phil Vincent was a motorcycle maker in the vein of George Brough; nothing was ever good enough for him, and his bikes were always packed with cutting-edge technology.

If the 998cc V-Twin-engineered Black Shadow wasn’t quick enough for you, the race-ready Black Lightning was available as an option.

It included lightweight magnesium alloy parts, racing tires on lightweight alloy wheels, rear-set foot controls, a single seat, and aluminum mudguards.


6.   Mammuts in the Year 2000

File:Münch Mammut 2000 (37608815076).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The fastest, most potent, and most expensive motorcycle of its time was the Friedel Münch-built Münch Mammut (Mammoth), which used an NSU four-cylinder automobile engine mounted transversely on a sturdy motorcycle frame.

In comparison to the $1,695 price of a BMW R69S in 1969, this item cost $3,995. There were only around 500 units manufactured.



5.   RC166 Hondas

File:Honda RC166.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The rarity and desirability of any given racing motorcycle are certain to vary. In the 1960s, Japan’s participation in Grand Prix racing exploded, and the country went all out in its chase of glory, spending what seemed like an infinite amount of money on technological advancements.

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When Honda introduced its new competitor, replete with a six-cylinder, 250-cc engine that revved to an astonishing 18,000 rpm and an exhaust tone (actually, six exhaust notes!) to match, race spectators knew they were seeing the realms of dreams.



4.   X132 Hellcats of the Confederacy

Confederate X132 Hellcat | www.toybotstudio… | Flickr

Motorcycles like the Confederate Hellcat X132 should offer you hope if you feel that the industry has hit a creative roadblock.

The hellcat was hand-built, powered by a 2,163-cc V-Twin engine, and drenched in carbon fibre, resulting in a weight of under 500 pounds according to Pierre Terblanche’s design.

The Hellcat X132, which was manufactured between 2012 and 2017, had an original retail price of roughly $50,000. Only 65 were ever made, and you’ll seldom find one on sale these days.


3.   Norton Manx

File:Norton 1952 Manx 500 cc dohc.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The prototypical British racing motorbike debuted in 1947 but was still dominating in the hands of privateers in the late 1960s.

Before the Italians showed the way with their multi-cylinder racing bikes in 1954, the Norton Manx was almost impossible to beat. It even had its day in the sun in Grand Prix racing after Norton officially withdrew from participation.



2.   Hesketh V1000s


Lord Alexander Hesketh, owner of the eponymous racing team that gave young James Hunt his start in Formula One and brought aristocratic pleasure to the pit lane, made a bold but ultimately failed effort to establish a new British motorcycle company.

The Hesketh V1000’s in-house designed and built V-Twin engine, according to Motor Cycle News, had “a classic simplicity, delivering a modest 86 bhp at just 6500 rpm.

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” Customers should be aware that this is a hand-made, vintage British motorcycle that is well-known for its quiet demeanor.



1.   Turbo Honda CX500

File:Honda CX 500 turbo.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

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What gives with the inclusion of an 80s-era motorbike here? Plus, it’s a Honda, and they usually aren’t made in tiny quantities. But there are a few notable outliers.

To capitalize on the fad for turbocharging at the time and to improve the performance of the otherwise unremarkable CX500 with its transverse V-Twin engine, the CX500 Turbo was developed. Unfortunately, the CX500 was one of the most uninteresting bikes Honda has ever produced, and many were used until they broke down before being trashed.





Motorcycle fans usually have a personal wish list of their ideal bikes, but some of these models are so uncommon and special that even finding one may be a challenge. The world has been enthralled by the incredible performance and stunning beauty of these one-of-a-kind machines. We’ve simplified the process of selecting one of the top ten most desirable bikes in the world or we can say rearrest bikes, each of which is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Explore the intersection of your passion, independence, and adventure to find out what makes these bikes so special. Get ready for a taste of the unrivalled attraction of these highly sought-after treasures.




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