Top 15 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

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Today, more than half of the population in the world lives in urban spaces. That means more people live in apartments and condos.

Urban dwellers who love dogs often think they have to sacrifice their four-legged companions when they move on up. But that is not true.

Man’s best friend has also adapted to urban dwelling. There are dozens of dog breeds that have learned to thrive in apartments. Here is a list of the top 15 dog breeds suited for apartment living.


15). Greyhound

Greyhound 15 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Source: The Guardian

Lastly, the fastest dog breed is also one of the best dogs for apartment living. Greyhounds are like highly paid athletes.

They do all the activities when on the track. But when at home, they are calm and like to lie down. They are also great company, require little grooming, and seldom bark. They also follow instructions very well.

They are excellent dogs for apartment living. Here are some features of a typical Greyhound.

  • Height: 27-30 inches.
  • Weight: – 60-70 pounds.
  • Temperament: Gentle, Calm, Loyal


Final thoughts

Most of the apartment-friendly dogs mentioned above have the following traits:

  • They are intelligent and easy to house train.
  • They do not yap too much.
  • They get along with other animals and children.
  • They are okay with lying on the couch or in their space for a couple of hours.

Consider the dog’s needs and if you can meet them. Then select the best dog to live in your apartment.


14). Chinese Shar-pei

Chinese Shar-pei

Source: Daily Paws

The Chinese Shar-pei is one of the few large dog breeds that have made apartments their preferred homes. Despite the large size, the breed is calm and only requires moderate exercise.

They are loyal and love to hang out with the owner – perfect if you live solo. However, they can be protective of their turf and could respond to perceived threats with tenacity. Here are other features of the Chinese Shar-pei.

  • Height: 18-20 inches.
  • Weight: – 45-60 pounds.
  • Temperament: Loyal, Calm, Intelligent


13). Bulldog

Bulldog 15 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Source: Daily Paws

Perhaps you thought the bulldog was a better fit in our article about the top dangerous dog breeds in the world.

But its personality often does not match its looks. It is an easy-going and calm breed. It loves to hang out on the owner’s laps. However, do not mistake this for laziness.

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They require little grooming and are clever. But they tend to bark and can become obese when fed the wrong diet. Other features of this breed are:

  • Height: 14-15 inches.
  • Weight: – 40-50 pounds.
  • Temperament: Friendly, Calm, low-key


12). Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

Source: PetPlace

This lamb-like dog is a masterwork of hair and athleticism. It is an intelligent dog that loves attention. It is also loyal and protective of its family members. Bedlington Terriers do not require lots of exercise.

Moderate walks within the apartment block and mental stimulation will be sufficient.

Although the Bedlington terrier requires regular grooming, it doesn’t shed, making it a top pick by apartment dwellers. Other features of this breed are:

  • Height: 12-13 inches.
  • Weight: – 13-18 pounds.
  • Temperament: Graceful, Affectionate, Gentle


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11). Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

15 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Source: Westend61

Yet another athletic breed but perfect for apartment living is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Apart from stunning looks – which makes it a favorite for celebrities – this dog breed is social and friendly.

You will need to put in extra grooming effort to maintain the great looks. But they don’t mind staying at home.

So you can save the grooming for the days you both go out. The dog loves the outdoors. You will enjoy hanging out with your four-legged buddy whenever you are out hiking, running, or walking around the block. Here’s more about the breed’s features:

  • Height: 12-13 inches.
  • Weight: – 13-18 pounds.
  • Temperament: Graceful, Affectionate, Gentle


10). Basset Hound

Basset Hound 15 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Source: AZ Animals

The Basset hound is the perfect companion for the urban dweller who would like nothing more than a laid back family-friendly pooch.

It is an easy-going dog that you could consider somewhat lazy due to its tendency to gravitate towards a comfortable area and lie down. The dog also does not require much exercise or running around.

But it has great stamina and an uncanny sense of smell. If you are considering a Basset hound, note that this breed tends to drool. Other features of this breed are:

  • Height: 15 inches.
  • Weight: – 40 – 65 pounds.
  • Temperament: Friendly, low-key, patient


9). Basenji


Source: GeoMedia.TOP

Known for its quiet nature, this native of Africa is also known as the barkless dog. It is a medium-size dog, intelligent, independent, and athletic.

When they vocalize, it sounds like something between a chortle and a yodel. This dog has cat-like habits; it self-grooms meticulously and is independent.

If you live in an apartment with strict noise regulations, you will love this dog. But you have to keep up with its exercise requirement, and that could be demanding. Here’s more about the breed’s features:

  • Height: 16 – 18 inches.
  • Weight: – 22-24 pounds.
  • Temperament: Independent, Intelligent, Fastidious
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8). Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu 15 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Source: Unsplash

Bred to keep royalty company, the Shih Tzu is one of the best dog breeds for apartment living. Their size, personality, and adaptability complement this reputation. Shih Tzus are friendly and outgoing.

hey, are not shy around strangers and love to play. But they can also hang out on the couch all day. Shih Tzus have a lush coat of hair and could be a little stubborn.

So owners need to put in extra effort when training and grooming. Here’s more about the breed’s features:

  • Height: 9 – 10 inches.
  • Weight: – 9-16 pounds.
  • Temperament: Affectionate, Playful, Outgoing


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7). Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Source: American Kennel Club

The Yorkshire terrier is a small dog, slightly larger than the chihuahua but not as sassy. They are calm and quiet dogs. However, an encounter with an excited Yorkshire terrier might cause you to think otherwise.

They get along well with strangers and other animals and love to cuddle around their owners. If you like to watch movies throughout the night, you can count on the Yorkie to be the perfect companion. Here’s more about the breed’s features:

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  • Height: 7 – 8 inches.
  • Weight: – 7 pounds.
  • Temperament: Energetic, Affectionate, Sociable


6). Chihuahua

Chihuahua 15 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Source: Daily Paws

Although tiny, the chihuahua has a larger-than-life attitude, and they love hanging around people.

Experts recommend this spirited little dog as one of the best watchdogs. Although they love exercise and are playful, their miniature body size disqualifies them from homes with rough little kids. But they are excellent companions for adults and grown-up kids.

Chihuahuas also do not like it when it is cold. You may need to heat the apartment during cold days.  Here’s what you need to know about the Chihuahua breed:

  • Height: 5 – 8 inches.
  • Weight: Under 6 pounds.
  • Temperament: Charming, Playful, Sassy


5). Havanese

Havanese 15 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Source: American Kennel Club

The Havanese are intelligent and affable.  They love to hang around their owner’s side and are incredibly affectionate to humans, other dogs, and other animals.

Havanese is the perfect dog for you if you already have another pet living in your apartment.

The flamboyant hair of the Havanese will require some extra grooming effort. But some people clip it to cut down on grooming. Whatever you choose, the Havanese still looks and feels fabulous. A typical Havanese will have the following features:

  • Height: 8.5 – 11.5 inches.
  • Weight: 7 – 13 pounds.
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4). Pug

Pug Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Source: Metro

If the clever little French bulldog feels more like your type, you may also want to consider the pug. It is a playful, mischievous little dog that is also fun to hang out with and quick to adapt to any environment.

Pugs also enjoy it when the atmosphere is not too hot or too cold. They do not require lots of grooming but have a ravenous appetite.

Owners must take care of what and how much they feed. Their facial features give pugs a range of human-like expressions. It is almost like the dog understands when you talk. Here are quick tips about the breed.

  • Height: 10 – 13 inches.
  • Weight: 14 – 18 pounds.
  • Temperament: Charming, Mischievous, Loving


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3). French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs

Source: BBC

According to the American Kennel Club, the French bulldog is the most popular dog breed in cities like Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City.

There is no doubt why this little dog takes the hearts of city dwellers. They are easy-going, intelligent, and have a quiet nature.

They also prefer moderate conditions. So, good air conditioning would be a great plus in your apartment. French bulldogs also don’t require much exercise and are perfect for apartment living.

  • Height: 11 – 13 inches.
  • Weight: – 28 pounds.
  • Temperament: Adaptable, Playful, Smart.


2). Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Source: Daily Paws

The Bichon Frise is a small and excellent dog for apartment living. They are playful and cute little fellows that love to hang out with kids and other animals.

The Bichon Frise has cute fluffy fur. Thus, it requires some extra attention in grooming. They are also peppy and very playful – a perfect combination if you have active kids who know how to take care of it.

  • Height: 10 – 12 inches.
  • Weight: 12 – 18 pounds.
  • Temperament: Playful, Curious, Peppy


1.) American Hairless Terriers

American Hairless Terriers

Source: Dogs pictures

The American Hairless Terrier is a feisty and protective little dog. Anyone living in an apartment solo would love to have it as a companion.

It fiercely protects its owners and home. So no burglars or nosy neighbors can take advantage of your absence. It is also energetic, alert, and loves to play.

Due to the little fur, the Hairless Terrier requires little grooming – perfect for the busy bachelor. Here are some quick facts about the American Hairless Terrier:

  • Height: 12 – 16 inches.
  • Weight: 12 – 16 pounds.
  • Temperament: Playful, Alert, Curious








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