Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The World

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Cats are among the most common pests in the world. They are undoubtedly adorable, cute, funny, and intelligent. They are affectionate and convenient and do not need any special training to groom themselves.

Therefore cat lovers are always searching for the most popular cat breeds in the world and the best cat food. In this article, you will find the top 10 most popular cat breeds in the world.

Three leading associations recognize cat breeds. In 2019, The International Cat Association (TICA) acknowledged 71 breeds, Cat Franciers’ Association(CFA)recognizes 44 species, and the Fédération Internationale Féline acknowledges 43.

There is a large variety in their physical appearance. They may have short hair, long hair, or no hair. Some may have significant and rounded ears, while others can have triangular, floppy ears.

Some cats are fussy eaters, so choosing the best cat food is very important for their nourishment and satisfaction. This article covers the top 10 most popular cat breeds in the world with their characteristics.

Cat Breeds

Here they are :

10). BOMBAY:


Source: PetSultan

This breed was originated in Kentucky by Nikki Horner. The breed was recognized by CFA in 1976 and give it a companionship status.

· Appearance:

They are closely related to Burmese and have muscular bodies. They have long, slender bodies, round heads, medium-sized tails, and hair with a deep black coat. Eyes are mostly copper or green in color.

· Temperament:

They love to play with people and highly suitable for children. They are clingy cats and become depressed when left alone. They are highly energetic, playful, and attention-seeking.


9). Toyger:


Source: Daily Paws

This short hair breed is first originated in the U.S in 1980 by Judy Sugden. It was registered in  1993 by International Cat’s Association.

· Appearance:

The head is oval-shaped with a cylindrical muzzle, circular rich deep colored eyes. The body is very muscular and athletic, and it has a short coat, having long and horizontal patterns. These cats weigh 9 to 15 pounds and are 9 to 13 inches tall.

· Temperament:

They are intelligent, easy to train, and highly energetic. They are very friendly and bold and go along well with children and other pets.


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8). Birman:


Source: The Pedigree Paws

This “Sacred Cat of Burma” is recognized when brought from Burma to France. The exact history of Birmans is unknown, but many historians believe that it is originated from Burma.

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The breeds found in Burma were bred with Siamese and produce Birmans we know today. They are long-haired with shiny fur, blue eyes, a pointed pattern, and a medium-sized rectangular body.

CFA recognizes different colors of this breed, including cream, brown, grey, seal, and chocolate.

· Temperament:

They are among the most private breeds and show jealousy if they don’t get attention. They enjoy snuggling with their owners and become unhappy when left alone. They love to communicate with people, but they aren’t too noisy.


7). Ragdoll:


Source: Cats – LoveToKnow

It was first discovered in Riverside, California, by a woman named Ann Baker in the 1960s.

She bred it with a white long-haired cat, and the resulting offsprings produced were the ancestors of  Ragdoll. This breed was brought to the U.S in the early 1960s and then exported to the U.K.

· Appearance:

They are large and robust, with medium size hair and silky fur. The Ragdoll cats come in three patterns, i.e., color paint, bicolor and mitted; they have a long coat with a pointed design.

They are pale as a newborn kitten, and their skins darken into different permanent shades gradually as they grow up. Male cats weigh around 12 to 20 pounds and female cats from 8 to 16 pounds; therefore, they are the world’s most giant domesticated cat breeds.

· Temperament:

They are large, cute cats with extraordinary patience and calmness. They follow you from room to room, greet you at the door, and always cuddle you. If you search for an independent cat, Ragdoll isn’t for you as they want a lot of love and attention.

Their extraordinarily loyal and devoted nature makes them among the top 10 popular cat breeds in the world.


6). American Short Hair Cats:

American Short Hair Cats

Source: Cat Breeds List

They are originated from Europe and brought to North America. They are regarded as the seventh most popular breed in the U.S by Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1912. Their powerful and muscular body made them working cats used for hunting and killing rats and rodents.

· Appearance:

They have a muscular body, strong jaws, and a pointed muzzle. It is a medium-size cat bearing a grey tabby coat which is dense and solid.

They come in more than eight different shades and patterns from brown to silver patches, deep tones of cameo, black, smoky, and many colors in between.

· Temperament:

Their gentle and even temperament are making it a family favorite. They are the best for people looking for a pet with fierce loyalty and a good disposition. They are easygoing with strangers, children and love to cuddle with them if appropriately introduced.

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5). Siberian:


Source: CatTime

Siberian is among the top 10 most popular cat breeds in the world originated from Russia. They are the natural breeds of Siberia and the national cat of Russia. Imported in the U.S.A in 1990 and now famous outside Europe as well. They are considered the ancestors of modern long-haired cats.

· Appearance:

They come in a broad spectrum of colors and patterns. The head is wedge-shaped, medium to large ears, round eyes with shades of green, blue, copper, and golden.

The muscular body is supported by strong legs and round paws and bears a long, thick tail. The three layers of fur protect the cat from extreme cold weather.

· Temperament:

They are affectionate but not clingy. They are known for playful and energetic personality. They enjoy playing and jumping the hights. They aren’t so aggressive, but their loyal nature leads them to attack other animals they consider dangerous.


4). Persians:


Source: Vetstreet

As the name indicates, these long-haired cats are originated from Persia(currently known as Iran). From Persia, they were imported to Italy and in the 19th century to the U.S.A.In 2021, they are regarded as the fourth top popular breed in the world by FDA.

· Appearance:

The Persian cats have around the large head with a short thick neck and long hair. They bear short noses, chubby cheeks, and small pointed ears. The body is muscular and supported by short legs.

· Temperament:

They are known for their quiet and friendly nature. They like to remain in a serene environment and are often irritated by noise. Persians are loving but discriminating as well. They are affectionate towards their owners and whom they can trust.


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3). Siamese:


Source: Cozy Cat Furniture

These cats are originated from Siam(the old name of Thailand).In 1900, they became popular in Europe and North America. Their unique appearance and pointed features are fascinating.

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· Appearance:

They have an elongated, slender, and muscular body with a triangular head, almond eyes, large ears, and a pointed pattern. They have soft and glassy fur with a long tubular tail.

After birth, they are pure white or cream, and the sharp practice on the coat appears after a few months.

· Temperament:

They are very social cats with loving and clingy nature. They are brilliant and don’t need any virtual training. They also suffer from depression, being very affectionate therefore bought in pairs.

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2). Maine Coon:


Source: BBC

It is known as the  gentle giant because of its large size and friendly nature.’ The Book of the Cat mentions the breeds of Maine coon first in 1903. In the late 19th century, they were popular in cat shows and honored with silver collars and medals at a cat show.

· Appearance:

They possess a solid muscular body with a broad chest and long, tapering tail. Covered with a double-layer coat;  well adapted for winters. Their long, bushy tail curls around their body and provides warmth and protection from snow.

· Temperament:

They are famous for their extraordinary intelligence and being very vocal. They are loyal and affectionate towards their owner and family members. They like to be around their owners rather than depending on them.


1). Abyssinian:


Source: Nationwide Pet Insurance

Abyssinian cats were first bred in Great Britain and originated from Ethiopia, for which they are called Abyssinians(old name of Ethiopia). It is commonly named abys.

According to archaeologists, it is one of the oldest breeds with signs of existence in ancient Egyptian tombs and is currently ranking among the top five breeds globally. Their round and bright eyes are fascinating.

· Appearance:

They have medium size and slender bodies with a black ticked tabby coat. They have large pointed ears, wedge-shaped heads, long body proportions, and strong muscles.

· Temperament:

They are passionate, curious, and highly spirited. Although loving and devoted, they aren’t ” lap cats”; they like to sit beside you rather than on you. They are called the “clowns of the cat kingdom” because of their playful and energetic nature.






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