Top 15 Most Expensive Horse Breeds In World 2024

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Here’s our list of the 15 Most Expensive Horse Breeds In the World & most expensive horse ever sold, Horse riding is considered one of the most expensive and uniquely amazing hobbies of people who can afford it. The horse is definitely the most beautiful creature of the Almighty lord.

Every horse is distinguished from others having different and unique characteristics, and the greater the qualities and physical beauty, the greater the price is and making it expensive to afford.

Here is the list of the top 15 most costly horse breeds heavy to the pocket, but one who has them enjoys the perks.


15). Appaloosa

Appaloosa Most Expensive Horse breed

In the United States, the Appaloosa horse breed is most recognized for the bright spots on its coat. Since 1975 it has been designated as the official state horse of the state of Idaho.

Appaloosas are distinguished from other horse breeds by their colorful and speckled coat. They are also noted for their kind temperament and intellect.

Approximately 950 to 1,200 pounds, Appaloosas are robust, have strong legs, and stand between 14 and 15 hands in height. Their average life expectancy is around 30 years old.

This breed’s eagerness to please makes it easy to educate and train, and they’re employed in various equestrian sports, including showjumping and cross-country. Also, because of their look, they are utilized in films and advertising.

Known as the “leopard complex,” Appaloosas have several distinct patterns on their coat. Predicting the color of an Appaloosa at birth is not always a simple task.

Almost all foals, regardless of breed, are born with a skin that darkens as they shed their newborn fur. Price ranges from $1,000 to $10,000, depends on the species and its age. A well-trained horse might fetch a higher price.


14). Mustang

Mustang Most Expensive Horse breed

Although most commonly associated with American West Mustangs, they’re actually a kind of Warmblood horse believed to stem from Andalusian and other breeds introduced by Spanish settlers.

Known for their intelligence and tenacity, they are short, muscular, and tough. Despite their small size, they appear to have been “born to run” and are well-suited to rough terrain and changing weather.

Its price ranges from $125, but when educated and taught, mustangs may cost upwards of $5,000 in price. The reason for this is their adaptability and versatility.


13). Morgan horse

Morgan horse Most Expensive Horse breed

In the United States, the Morgan horse was also bred. They are considered the state bird of Vermont and are distinguished by their compact and muscular physique, slender height, and arched neck. Morgan’s are very tiny compared to the other breeds on this list, standing around 15 hands tall and weighing under 1000 pounds.

Morgan horses have been employed on farms and to pull carts and cavalry horses because of their athleticism. They’ve also been bred as racehorses, although that’s not what they’re most often employed for nowadays, unfortunately.

There is a price range of $2500 to $4000, which is pretty affordable for Morgan horses’ extreme lovers.


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12). Gypsy horse

Most Expensive Horse breed

Gypsies in Great Britain carefully bred this breed to pull Gypsy caravans. As a “people-sized” draught horse, it is sometimes referred to. In 1996 the first breed was imported to North America, and a registry was set up to keep track of the dogs.

Because of their gentle nature and sensitive attitude, these horses make excellent family horses. They’ve also been employed as therapy horses for humans. Between $4,000 and $35,000 are typical ranges. Well-bred foals cost upwards of $20,000 each.


11). American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse Most Expensive Horse breed

The American Quarter Horse is often regarded as one of the world’s most versatile and adaptable breeds. There are several reasons for this, including their ability to perform and compete in nearly every equestrian discipline that is not breed-specific.

It is, of course, the horse of the American West. A mix between swift Indian ponies in Virginia and the Carolinas and the Spanish Barb, transported to Florida by Spanish explorers, is the most likely origin of this breed.

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In reining, cutting, working cow horse, barrel racing, calf roping, and other western riding competitions, especially those involving live cattle, the American Quarter Horse’s compact physique is well-suited for the complicated and fast moves necessary.

Besides English disciplines, the American Quarter Horse is utilized in many other equestrian sports like driving, show jumping, dressage, and hunting, among other things. About $3,500 is the average price for a new car. The annual cost of maintenance is estimated at $2,500.


10). Andalusian horse

Andalusian horse

Known alternatively as the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE, the Andalusian originates from the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of years.

A cave artwork in Spain depicts a horse with this name. For its beautiful mane and strong activity, the Andalusian is a well-known breed. When it comes to long-distance running, their athleticism and stamina make them a great choice! Bullfighting and stock horses are also common uses for Andalusians, as are warhorses.

They have a unique stride, and they move beautifully and dynamically. Andalusian horses have long, thick manes and tails and are compact and beautiful in appearance.

Although they come in a variety of hues, grey is their most frequent. Intelligent, sensitive, and docile, they’re well-known for their wits. A Spanish breed that has spread throughout the world. It is believed that there are about 200,000 of them on the globe, which is still a small quantity.

An Andalusian may cost anywhere from $3,000 to $60,000, but a top-notch show dog will cost at least $50,000.


9). Akhal-Teke

Akhal-Teke Most Expensive Horse breed

One of the rarest and expensive horses globally is Turkmenistan’s national horse, the Akhal Teke. There are just a few hundred of these dogs left in the world, making them one of the costliest.

Its meaning is “gift from the desert” (Akhal Teke in Arabic). In addition, they have a record for speed and endurance. They also have a metallic shine that sets them apart.

Golden Horses got their moniker because of their glossy coats. Adapted to harsh climate conditions, these horses are considered to be amongst the oldest horse breeds.

It is estimated that around 6,600 Akhal-Tekes live worldwide today, with the majority living in Turkmenistan. However, they may also be found in Europe and North America.

Because of its unique hair structure, the hair has an incredible sheen that makes it appear almost metallic. It is worth noting that Akhal Tekes are also outstanding endurance horses.

As a result of its innate athleticism, the Akhal-Teke may be a sport horse capable of dressage, showjumping, racing, and endurance. Akhal Teke’s pricing will vary depending on their location, age, and education. As much as $100,000 can be spent on the best Akhal Teke.


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8). Holsteiner

Holsteiner Most Expensive Horse breed

There is a German horse breed called the Holsteiner that originated in Schleswig-Holstein, in northern Germany. In the 13th century, it was believed to be the earliest warmblood breed.

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Holsteiners are a strong force in international showjumping and dressage, combined driving, show hunters, and eventing, despite their small population.

As a descendant of German warmbloods, the Holsteiner breed is distinguished for a strong and graceful stride. It’s easy to see that the Holsteiner is slimmer and more athletic than a warmblood or thoroughbred when you look at it.

A trail horse, it is regarded as a lighter horse breed, weighing in at around 1,500 pounds.

As well as ranch labor, these horses are equally at home in the racetrack or show arena. As a result, black, dark bay, and brown have become the preferred colors, while lighter hues like chestnut and grey are still acceptable.

Youngsters and prospects cost $3000 to $4000, while a well-trained Holstein costs $50,000 or more.



7). Oldenburg

Oldenburg Most Expensive Horse breed

Originally from the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony’s northwest region, the Oldenburg is a warmblood horse. They were often raised to be used in warfare or as presents to kings and the privileged. In the past, Oldenburg’s were employed as farm horses before being specifically developed to compete.

Aristocrats acquired fame as beautiful riding and carriage horses in the 17th century, and they’re in high demand. Horses of this breed are tall, athletic, and have a great pace and leaping aptitude.

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There are various colors to choose from, including bays, dark bays, and liver chestnut varieties. Since these horses have such a relaxed and genuine disposition, they are appropriate for a larger spectrum of riders.

Other warmblood breeds cannot compare to Oldenburg because it is bred on privately held farms instead of state-run studs, allowing more liberty to reproduce especially for performance enhancement. On the other hand, an experienced rival may cost as much as $250,000 for an Oldenburg.


6). Hanoverian horse

Hanoverian horse Most Expensive Horse breed

For one thing, Hanoverians are regarded for being elegant and well-mannered. Their legs, back, and entire physique are powerful, and they are a super large breed.

Aside from exhibiting, they are employed in a variety of equestrian disciplines. Hanoverians have been utilized in agriculture and as distinguished presents for royalty throughout history.

In times of war, they served as dependable steeds. Due to its aptitude for dressage and showjumping. Several traits of the Hanoverian breed have been concentrated on in contemporary times.

You may expect them to be willing and trainable, as well as having an athletic movement and limbs that are robust.

Breeders have focused on qualities that make the breed stand out in the showjumping and dressage worlds throughout the years. Seven thousand dollars to one million dollars $1.125 million was the price of the costliest Hanoverian horse ever sold.


5). Friesian horse

Friesian horse Most Expensive Horse breed

In the Netherlands, the Friesian is a horse breed that originated in the province of Friesland. Friesians have a light draught horse-like build, but they are elegant and agile for their size.

During the Middle Ages, it is thought that Friesian horses’ progenitors were in high demand as military horses across continental Europe. Some of the world’s most expensive stallions may be found in the United States.

As a rule, Friesians are black and have a shiny coat. A highlighted gait helps them stand out from the crowd. Friesians are recognized and well-praised for their gentle disposition, intellect, and eagerness to learn, in addition to their natural beauty.

Approximately $7,500 to $100,000. a well-trained show horse will cost you around $40,000, and breeding stallions will be much more expensive. a During the Crusades, they were used as mounts for knights because of their strength and versatility.

To help with agricultural production in North America, Friesians (also known as “Dutch trotters”) were imported to the United States. Carriage horses, some excel in dressage. As a result of the exceptional quality of these horses, they have a premium price tag.


4). Selle Français

Selle Français Most Expensive Horse breed

The Selle Français (SF) is a French sport horse breed created in the early 1900s. It is one of the most popular breeds in the world. It is most renowned for its showjumping successes, but many of its riders have achieved success in other disciplines, including dressage and events. A bay or chestnut coloration is typical for this breed of horse.

The Selle Français was established in 1958 when several French riding horse breeds were united into a single studbook to become the Selle Français. When horses were replaced by automation, the new species served as a unified sport horse for the whole world.

In several different equestrian sports, Selle Français has achieved success at the highest international level. Although they are most often associated with combination driving and equestrian vaulting, they may also be seen competing in competitive trail riding competitions.

Many accolades have been bestowed to their riders and horses at the Summer Olympics and World Equestrian Games, including gold medals in show jumping and events in 2002 and 2004, respectively.

The amount is in the millions of dollars, about $15,000. According to sources, World champion Selle Français Palloubet d’Halong was sold for $15 million during the 2013 World Championships.


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3). Arabians

Arabians Most Expensive Horse breed

Here comes the oldest horse breed and the one by whom every species has to consider it as a legend to follow. The Arabian breed is a unique exotic horse. Derived from the Arabian Peninsula, it is renowned for its strength and unique face shape.

Equestrian sports benefit from their speed and endurance. He is famous not just for his persistence and long-distance riding abilities but also for his elegance.

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In addition to their beauty, Arabians are recognized for their intellect. In addition to the Middle East may be found in the United States and Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. About 1 million Arabian horse breeds exist in more than 60 nations across the world.

This breed was the ideal cavalry horse throughout the 1800s and 1900s. It was developed by the US army for its stamina and durability up until roughly 1940.

Bay, grey, chestnut, black, and roan purebred horses can be registered by the Arabian Horse Association. For a well-trained horse or a competent broodmare, Arabian horses may pay $100,000 or more. An Arabian horse called Pepita sold for slightly under $2 million in 2015 at the Pride of Poland auction.


2). Dutch Warmblood

Dutch Warmblood Most Expensive Horse breed

When it comes to racehorse breeds, the Dutch Warmblood is considered one of the costliest. Born in the Netherlands, this breed is regarded as one of the best competition horses in the world today.

Horses that are Dutch warmbloods are well-known for their outstanding temperaments as well as their superior performance levels. Size, build, character, and movement make them a favorite of the world’s top dressage and show jumping riders.

The Gelder lander and the Groningen are two more Dutch breeds from which Dutch warmbloods have traditionally originated and been developed.

White markings are present on most Dutch Warmbloods. When competing at a high level, they are a wonderful choice because of their calm temperament.

They continue to expand in number throughout time. According to the most recent estimates, the city’s population is approximately 840,000 people, from $4000 to millions of dollars. $13 million was paid for the most expensive Dutch warmblood stallion.


1). Thoroughbred

Thoroughbred Most Expensive Horse breed

The one which is the most expensive to buy and afford is Thoroughbred, and it is rightly costly because its abilities are matchless and incomparable.

As a racing breed, the Thoroughbred horse is well recognized and well-praised. Since Thoroughbreds are the only purebred horse breed that uses the term, it is often used to describe any purebred horse that uses the word.

They are “hot-blooded” horses that are noted for their flexibility, quickness, and vigor. However, Thoroughbreds are also employed in other riding activities such as show jumping, combined training, dressage, and foxhunting in addition to racing. A frequent crossbreeding practice involves the formation of new breeds or the improvement of existing ones.

The Quarter Horse, Standardbred, Anglo-Arabian, and other warmblood breeds have all benefited from this crossbreeding practice. For $70 million, a Thoroughbred named Fusaichi Pegasus became history’s most costly horse of all time.

Frankel, a former British champion, was reportedly valued at more than $100 million. Breeding these horses to improve their inherent agility and speed has been done because of their innate skill and speed.

That’s why the price of this breed has skyrocketed. This breed, which originated in the United Kingdom, is the most prominent worldwide. The estimated population is about 500,000.



For those who can afford it, horseback riding is one of the most costly and distinctive pastimes available. Almighty lord’s most beautiful creature is unquestionably the horse.

Horses differ because they have distinct features, and the more desirable they are, the more expensive they are to buy and maintain. Therefore, we should cherish these creations and wonders of the lord as they are worth a million.


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