Top 10 Most Helpful Apps for Students

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Mobile applications are making their way throughout the globe. It is abundantly evident that, now that we live in an era of smartphones, we are adjusting to considerable changes in how we learn and consume information.

Apps are playing a significant part in this transition. The days of using antiquated technology and carrying about a pen and paper to take care of business are long gone.

The technologies and digitalization that lie at the foundation of these mobile devices are ushering in new trends causing substantial changes in the field of higher education! Students may improve their learning experiences and everyone else’s quality of life by downloading valuable applications.

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Here is a list of 10 excellent apps for students that are useful in higher education in case you want to encourage your students to start making use of the numerous technological resources at their disposal.

When it comes to learning, it’s simple to get sidetracked by all of the different concepts and notes. Because of this, we have developed a list of the top most helpful apps for students to help them effectively work on projects, such as producing flashcards, mind maps, and citations.


10.  Mindmeister


Source – YouTube

Best for: Coming up with New Concepts

Devices: Android and IOS

Mindmeister helps students take those initial essential steps by assisting them in mapping out their thoughts and ideas more clearly.

Since getting started is typically the most difficult part of a project, Mindmeister helps students get started on their assignments.

Students can create and update mind maps and rapidly arrange them into folders with themes, photos, notes, and links, as well as other components.

It’s great when technology can help you succeed in school, but it’s even better. Therefore, we have evaluated and ranked the best ten student applications available today.

The goal of each of these apps is to make students’ academic and personal lives simpler. Everything (well, almost everything) about being a student is simplified by the availability of communication technologies, from ensuring you’re in the right place at the right time and submitting your work on time to keeping tabs on your finances and planning an active social life.

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Finding ways to keep yourself motivated, on track, and organized when studying is essential.



9.  EasyBib


Source – YouTube

Devices: Android, and IOS

Best for: Writing Research Papers and Creating Bibliographies

The citation, note-taking, and research capabilities that EasyBib offers are some of the finest that can be found in mobile educational applications.

Citation Guides not only instruct students on what information they need to provide for references to books, internet resources, or television shows, but they also direct them to the locations where they may get that information.

In addition, students may save and share papers, take notes, and verify the accuracy of their sources—all in one convenient location.



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8.  Chegg Study

Chegg Study

Source-Online Tech Tips

Best app for Questions and Answers, Tutoring, and Books Compatible

Devices: Android and IOS

The working hours of professors are ideal for obtaining assistance with homework; nevertheless, the vast majority of instructors do not have the time to walk students through the solutions.

Chegg Study can assist you with this. They offered to aid with homework around the clock, seven days a week, with step-by-step solutions to thousands of textbook problems and guided video walkthroughs.

You can send a picture of your problem to one of Chegg’s subject matter experts for review if they are not already familiar with the answer.



7.  Office Lens

Office lens

Source- Win Central

Device: Android and IOS

Best use for: taking notes and recording lectures.

Office Lens is an excellent resource for students; who do not have access to a scanner at their institution or who do not wish to pay for the use of a scanner there.

Most significantly, it does not cost anything, is very easy to use, and has very few adverts. Office Lens is able to digitize paper contracts and documents, as well as class notes and presentations, ID cards, and electronic signatures, by utilizing the camera that is included in the device.

The resulting files may be saved as PDFs or JPEGs. There is no limit to the number of pages that may be scanned, and once the document has been scanned, it can be transmitted to anybody in a matter of seconds.

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These applications may be helpful for students to scan their notes on their respective subjects. While in the library, students may utilize these learning tools to read and annotate any relevant pages.

This is good for the books’ condition and spares the student from having to lug about heavy books.



6.  GoConqr


Source – YouTube

Devices: Android, and IOS.

Best for Student Planning and Reviewing

GoConqr is an app that is helpful for higher education that allows students to produce and exchange educational information with one another.

Students access a content library, user groups, and tools for creating their material. Through GoConqr, students can access various content formats, such as mind maps, quizzes, notes, flowcharts, and presentations.


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5.  StudyBlue



Best for: Studying for Exams, Going Over Old Material, Making New Plans, and Taking Notes

Devices: Android and IOS

StudyBlue is the second software that is believed to be helpful for students. A community of students just like you has contributed over 400 million study tools, including flashcards, notes, and guides.

StudyBlue is a mobile app that allows users to create and use digital flashcards on their smartphones and tablets for on-the-go learning.

Using this platform, students may build and share their own study materials, find information suggested by their peers, track their own progress, receive reminders, and even design and conduct their own interactive exams.



4.  myHomework Student Planner


Source-Mrs. Lyon’s Blog – Teaching: The Art of Possibility

Device: Android, and IOS  

Best use for Student planning.

myHomework Student Planner is a digital planning program for students that enables them to arrange their academic work, upcoming responsibilities, and day-to-day activities.

The only thing that users are required to do is input their class information into the calendar. Simply clicking a button is all that is necessary to add explanations to homework assignments.

Users are responsible for determining the due dates, hours, and priority levels (high, medium, or low). They also can establish reminders.



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3.  PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro


Devices: Android, Apple’s iPhone, and iPad

Best for:  Taking notes while reading, creating lesson plans, conducting research, and writing dissertations

Students would benefit greatly from having access to a PDF Reader. They even can view PDFs in the presentation as slideshows in the classroom.

It has many fantastic capabilities, such as making comments, filling out documents online, inputting electronic signatures, and utilizing the most recent OCR technology.

Students who, among other things, wish to combine documents online, split files, encrypt data, process files, and convert documents will find it to be a beneficial tool.



2.  RefME is an abbreviation for “Referencing Made Easy”

RefME is an abbreviation for "Referencing Made Easy"

Source – CampusWell

Devices: Android and IOS

Best for: Citations and References

Students can quickly construct references, citations, and bibliographies using the award-winning app RefME, which automates the referencing process.

Students can build references, citations, and bibliographies by searching (for book/journal title, DOI, ISBN, or ISSN) or copying and pasting URLs.

This program will generate a reference for you, which is helpful if you are currently working on a research article. After that, you can export your contacts to Evernote or yourself through email.



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1.  Evernote


Devices: Android, and IOS

Best for: Taking Notes, Studying for Exams, and Planning

Evernote is one of the most helpful programs that students can use. Evernote simplifies a student’s life by arranging all of their classes and homework in a way that allows them to quickly find the information they are looking for, regardless of whether they are in high school or working toward a degree.

Students will be able to maintain their organization and keep to their schedules if they use this. The finest aspect of it is that its free basic plan allows you to take notes in various media, such as text, drawings, photographs, audio, and video.

It is simple to synchronize your notes across your devices, and you can also effortlessly share them with others.


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