Top 10 Fastest Helicopters In The World

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The most effective source for logistics, fighting, military use, and supply is the helicopter system.

Speed is a key requirement for helicopters, whether it is for war or rescue purposes. It matters when it comes to the world’s most technologically advanced helicopters.

Whether the improvement in emergency response times or the successful service of the helicopter maker constantly pushes speed limits to demonstrate the new and highest aviation capability. The 10 fastest helicopters in the world are listed below.



Top 10 Fastest Helicopters In The World

The aircraft is a four-blade American twin-turbo-shaft attack with a tailwheel landing gear and a tandem cabin with one double pilot. It has a sensor suite for the acquisition of objectives and night viewing systems on the nose.

In hot days, the speed can be a maximum of 284 km / h. The Boeing AH-64 Apache is a twin-turboshaft attack helicopter for an American team of two with a tailwheel type landing gear and a tandem cockpit.

It has a camera array on the nose for goal and night vision applications.

It is armed with a chain gun of 30 mm M230 between the main aircraft landing gear, under a fore fuselage, and four hardpoints, typically a combination of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and Hydra 70 racket pots, mounted on stub-wing rocket pylons for armament carrying and stores. In order to improve combat survival, the AH-64 has significant system redundancy.


9). MIL MI-26 (HALO)

Fastest Helicopters In The World

The Mi-26 is a heavy elevator helicopter for military and civil uses which has a cabin space and payload of the Mi-6, the then world’s largest and fastest production helicopter and is designed to replace previous heavy elevator helicopters Mi-6 and Mi-12.

The Mi-26 was designed primarily as the transport to remote locations by military aircraft such as AntonovAn-22, IlyushinIl-76, or 13-meter-ton (23000 kg), 29 000 lb., amphibious blinds, and rotating ballistic-rackets.

It is a heavy-duty Soviet / Russian helicopter that is the largest and most powerful helicopter in series production, operated by the military and civil operators alike, and flies with a top speed of 295 km / h making it one of the world’s fastest aircraft.

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Top 10 Fastest Helicopter

A military tandem, two-seat, all-weather Russia’s day-night anti-armor attack helicopter is the Mil Mi-28(NATO reporting name “Havoc.” It is a secondary transport helicopter without a required power, better configured than Mil Mi-24.

The aircraft has one weapon and loads on the external pylons under the stub wings in an underside barbet. It has been developed to conduct searching and killing operations against tanks, armored and unarmored vehicles, and hostile combat personnel and low-speed airborne targets.

This is a modern attack helicopter. It can be operated day and night, and in harmful weather. The NH90 and Ka-52 Alligator helicopters, which give the same range, can reach maximum speeds of 300 km / h.


7). KAMOV KA-50

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters In The World

The Ka-50 is the V-80Sh-1 model production version. On 14 December 1987, the Soviet Council of Ministers ordered the production of the attack helicopter.

The helicopter was first recorded for production in Western countries in 1984, and the first photo was taken in 1989. The workload on the pilot was found similar to that on the fighter-bomber pilot during operational testing between 1985 and 1986, which meant that the flight and navigation duties were carried out.

Ka-52 Alligator is a Russian one-seat attacker with the distinctive Kamov Design office coaxial rotor system. It was developed for use in the Russian army in the 1980s and introduced in 1995. It is produced in Arsenyev by Progress. This scout helicopter is heavily armed.

This is the world’s first emergency ejection device operating helicopter.


6). NH-90

 Fastest Helicopters In The World

A medium-format, double engine, multi-role military helicopter is the NH Industries NH90. It has been designed for a combat field helicopter which could also be used in maritime environments, in compliance with NATO requirements.

The NH90 was developed and produced by NH Industries (formerly AgustaWestland) a collaborative company owned by Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo and Fokker.

In December 1995, the first prototype carried out its first flight; the type entered operations for the first time in 2007. The NH90 reported 185,000 hours of flight in the armies of 13 nations as of July 2019.



Fastest Helicopters

The AgustaWestland AW139 is an AgustaWestland designed and constructed medium-sized 15-seater, two-engine helicopter now build by Leonardo.

It’s used for various roles from VIP / business travel, marine transport, firefighting, police, search and rescue services, emergency medical services, emergency relief, and boat patrols.

The AW139 is manufactured in Russia by the Joint Undertaking Heli Vert in addition to the AgustaWestland manufacturing facilities in Italy and in the US. Initially, Agusta and Bell Helicopters designed and developed the AW139 and marketed it as the Agusta-Bell AB139.

Bell retired from the project to be renamed AW139 The AW139 became one of the most popular items of AgustaWestland since its introduction in 2003 and was eventually converted into two enlarged medium-lift helicopters, the militarily focused AW149 and the civilian sector AW189.


4). AW101 (EH101) MERLIN

Top 10 Fastest Helicopters In The World

The AW101 is a medium-lift helicopter for both military and civilian use. The first flight was developed in 1987 in compliance with the national specifications for a modern naval utility helicopter by a joint venture between Westland Helicopters in the UK and Agusta in Italy.

For their AW101 aircraft, several operators use the name Merlin, including the British, Denmark, Norway and Portugal armies.

The manufacturing site is located in Yeovil, England and Vergiate, Italy. In Japan and in the United States, approved montage was made.

The AW101 entered the service during 1999 and since then has displaced many older types of helicopters like the Sikorsky Sea King, carrying out roles including medium-sized transport, combat, and transportation.

A variant of AW101, the CH-149 Cormorant, is used in the air/sea rescue function by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

Before the program was canceled, another variant called VH-71 Kestrel was developed for the use of the American presidential transportation fleet. In roles including passport and VIP travel, civil operators also use AW101s.

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3). MI-35M

Fastest Helicopters In The World

The MI-35 M is an eight-passenger capacity large-size helicopter gunship, a helicopter attack, and low-performance troop transport.

The company was produced by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and operated by, and 48 other countries, the Soviet Air Force, since 1972.

The NATO variant for sale, Mi-25 and Mi-35 are referred to as “Hind D” and “Hind E,” with a letter suffix. The Mi-24 was called by Soviet pilots a “flying tank” (letayushchiy tank), a name historically used by the famously armored ground-attack aircraft of the World War Two Soviet il-2 Shturmovik.

Official names were more common: “Galina” (or “Gayla”), “Crocodile” (Crocodile),



Fastest Helicopters

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The Chinook was originally designed by Vertol, who began work on a new, Vertol Model 107 orV-107 tandem rotor helicopter in 1957.

The Department of Defense in the United States has declared at around the same time its plan to upgrade the new, gas turbine-compatible helicopter with the Sikorsky CH-37 Mojave piston engine.

In June 1958, the United States Upon evaluation, some officers of the army found that it was too heavy to conduct attack missions and too light to be shipped, and the army ordered a small number of V-107 from Vertol.

The Boeing CH-47 Chinook has been developed by US-based rotors Vertol (later Boeing Rotorcraft Systems) and produced by Boeing Vertol as an American twin-engine, tandem-rotor heavy-lift helicopter.

The CH-47 is one of the western helicopters with the heaviest lifting. Its name, Chinook, is a modern Washington Native American Chinook.



Top 10 Fastest Helicopters In The World

Euro copter X3 (X-Cubed) is an Airbus Helicopters (formerly Euro copter) operating high-speed composite aircraft.

A high-speed, long-range hybrid helicopter or H3 demonstration vehicle, X3 registered 255 knots of performance in the level flight of June 7, 2013 (472 km / h; 293 mph).

It was located in June 2014 in the small village of St. Victor, in a French air museum. During the summer of 2012, Euro copter demonstrated the X3 in America with an aircraft’s reporting 55 flight hours with the ability to fly the aircraft offered to several commercial and military operators.

On 7 June 2013, with the integrated aerodynamic blindness on the rotor head, the X3 had a speed of 255 knots in flight level (293 mph; 472 km / h) and a speed of 263 knots (303 mph, 487 km / h), which was shattering an unofficial record set in September 2010.

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