Top 10 Football Clubs With The Most Fans In The World

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Football is the most widely watched sport globally, and all the football clubs have a large international fan following of their own. However, as time passes, the number of people who support a certain team either rises or falls.

Some players stay loyal to their club, while others move clubs and abandon their prior teams while going through a tough period.

We discover that the football teams with the greatest number of followers are also the most powerful clubs globally. Let’s take a closer look at the football clubs with the most number of followers throughout the globe.

The number of fans that a club has will be determined by the number of fans that the club has on social media. Our research discovered that the richest teams in the world are also the most renowned because they have the financial means to recruit high-profile players, who in turn attract more followers.

As an example, when Juventus recruited Cristiano Ronaldo, the club earned millions of new fans.

According to the United Nations, social media is the fastest expanding platform in the world. Real Madrid is the most widely watched football team on the whole globe.

Real Madrid is on the verge of surpassing 100 million Instagram followers; at the moment, the club has 99.5 million followers.

Barcelona is the second most followed club behind Real Madrid with 97.5 million followers. Football clubs have been more popular on social media platforms in recent years.

The following is a list of the top ten most popular football clubs globally, according to the number of supporters they have in 2022.

10.  Arsenal (77.7m)


Surprisingly, Arsenal makes it onto the football clubs with the most supporters. Arsenal is one of the most successful and largest clubs in London, with a combined fan following of 77.7 million on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In recent weeks, the club has struggled to find its best form. Arsenal has also been absent from the Champions League for an extended period.

However, their fan base has stayed steadfast in its support. Arsenal players such as Pierre-EmerickAubameyang and Nicolas Pepe seem to be their only chance of reclaiming the title of “Kings of England” that they have previously held.

The squad has won 14 trophies in the FA Cup thus far. Arsenal also managed to win 13 Premier League championships throughout their time in the competition.

A large number of football matches are played each year between hundreds of clubs, and countless transfers take place, as well as several award ceremonies.

As a result, the number of supporters of major football teams either rises or declines year after year. Even though some individuals are devoted supporters, some people may switch their allegiance to the club they support for various reasons, such as a player move, the number of victories the team has achieved in a given year, and so on.

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9.  Manchester City (81.6m)

Manchester City

The Citizens are ranked last on the list of football teams with the greatest number of supporters. Since Shiekh Mansur took over as manager of Manchester City, the club’s supporter base has seen a significant transformation.

After taking control, the fan base grew dramatically, and the club was once the most well-supported in the country. Although it is the most followed club in England, it will not be the most followed in 2022.

Sport, a Spanish media organization, presented data on Manchester City and Manchester United, which indicated that Man City’s fans increased by 523 percent while rivals Manchester United witnessed a staggering 19 percent decline.

It’s important to remember that Manchester City’s rise to prominence and financial dominance is very recent. During the 2018-19 season, they also became the first team in history to win a domestic triple.

Manchester City is one of the most powerful teams in Europe, thanks to the talents of players such as Kevin De Bruyne, Sergio Aguero, and Raheem Sterling, among others.

8.  Bayern Munich (86.8m)

Bayern Munich

German football club Bayern Munich is the most successful club in history. Aside from that, it is the most popular club in Germany, second only to its rivals Borussia Dortmund in terms of attendance.

It is mostly due to their victories that their fans have stayed loyal to the team for a long period. Due to their dominance in Germany and Europe this season, Bayern Munich’s recent success in club competitions seems to be on the horizon.

In this season’s Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal Cup, and Champions League, Bayern Munich won the trifecta by winning all three competitions.

Due to their success, FC Bayern has amassed a large following, with an average of 75.354 fans attending home games regularly.


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7.  Liverpool FC (94.2m)

Liverpool FC


Liverpool F.C., the most successful team in England, has a massive fan following that extends all over the globe. Liverpool is one of the football teams in England with the greatest number of supporters.

With the appointment of JurgenKlopp as manager of Liverpool, the club’s fan base has experienced significant growth in several fans. JurgenKlopp introduced the “heavy metal” football system to the club, which was well received by the fans, and the team began to establish a strong social media presence.

Players like Virgil van Dijk, Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, and Thiago have all contributed to the club’s worldwide growth, particularly in Asia and Africa, and its domestic expansion.

The club’s recent achievement is noteworthy since they won their first Premier League title the season before their victory in the prestigious Champions League.

Liverpool will win their first major FIFA World Cup title in 2019. In addition, Liverpool Managers were victorious in both the UEFA Super Cup and the UEFA Champions League in the same year.

Liverpool has won the UEFA Champions League six times, the UEFA Cup three times, and the UEFA Super Cup four times.

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6.  Chelsea (102m)


Chelsea F.C., another London-based team, has a significant social media presence and a significant fan following across the globe.

Chelsea’s early success in the twenty-first century was aided by the presence of billionaire Roman Abramovich, who helped the club win the Premier League many times.

Also, in 2013, Chelsea became the first English team to win the Champions League. Since then, the Blues’ fan base has stayed steadfast in its support for the team.

This summer’s transfer window saw Roman Abramovich spend heavily on acquiring the most talented players available, and the club’s prospects seem to be bright in the future.

The fans seem to be quite enthusiastic about the prospects for the future.

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5.  Paris Saint-Germain (103.6m)

Paris Saint Germain

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Football club Paris Saint-Germain is the most well-followed club in France. The current Ligue 1 champions have a massive fan base that extends across France and around the globe.

PSG is the only French club to be in the top ten list of the most popular football teams in the world. PSG is now one of the world’s most rapidly expanding football teams, with an annual revenue growth rate of more than 50%.

French giants Paris Saint-Germain are recruiting some of football’s top talents, such as Neymar and Lionel Messi, and as a consequence, they are gaining millions of new followers.

The club now has a formidable front two in the form of the Brazilian Neymar and the teenage Frenchman KylianMbappé. PSG spent £406 million for Neymar and KylianMbappé alone, a record-breaking sum.

The club’s current success seems certain to continue since they have won the Ligue 1 championship for eight consecutive seasons and advanced to the final of the Champions League this season.



4.  Juventus (108.5m)


Juventus, the “old lady,” is the most popular team in Italian history. As a result of winning eight straight Serie A championships and other domestic triumphs, the Old Lady is also the club with the greatest fan base in Italy.

Since the acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus has seen its fan base grow. Consequently, the club has risen to the top of Italian football, gaining millions of new supporters from all over the globe.

JuventusFolwloer has increased dramatically in recent years, as well. As a result, the squad is ranked as the fourth most popular club. In addition, Juventus has been crowned Intercontinental Champions on two separate occasions.

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3.  Manchester United (160.6m)

Manchester United

Liverpool is the most followed and supported club in England, while Manchester United is the most followed and supported team globally.

The Manchester United football team has consistently been one of the most popular globally, regardless of where they play. It used to be that the Red Devils ruled England and Europe when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge of the club.

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It wasn’t until the previous season that they were crowned champions of England, having won the Champions League and Premier League.

Manchester United has had difficult times recently, but its supporters have chosen to remain loyal to their team despite the difficult circumstances.

How long do you think the club’s fans will stay devoted to it? According to FIFA World Rankings, the Manchester United Red Devils are now the most popular English football team in the world.

2.  FC Barcelona (248.3m)

FC Barcelona

Everyone knows who FC Barcelona is since it is one of the most well-known teams globally, with fans from all over the globe.

Barcelona is unquestionably a worldwide club, and no one in their right mind would disagree with that. It is quite famous because of players such as Lionel Messi and the club’s history.

With its high-quality roster and a large number of supporters all over the globe, the Catalan club is one of Europe’s most powerful teams.

It is a professional football club based in Spain. Barcelona is represented by three top forwards: Neymar, Suarez, and Messi. They have assisted Barcelona in winning several important titles.

Barcelona was victorious in the Champions League. Copa del Ray, La Liga, Club World Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup are among the competitions. Barcelona is the second most followed team on social media, after Real Madrid, and the third most followed team overall.

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1.  Real Madrid (263.3m)

Real Madrid

Until 2022, Real Madrid will be the most popular football club and the team globally. However, despite the absence of their talisman, Real Madrid continues to be successful in winning trophies and attracting large numbers of fans from around the globe.

As a result of their success, Real Madrid won La Liga last season, and the club’s fans have maintained their support. In 2022, Los Blancos will be the biggest and most popular when it comes to the football club.

In terms of Champions League victories, they currently hold the record (13 titles). The fact that Real Madrid has won the most La Liga titles is also a record (34 titles).

A club as successful as this has such a large fan base comes as no surprise. Download the best Real Madrid wallpapers if you consider yourself a Madarista.

After receiving 42.35 percent of the votes, Real Madrid was named FIFA Club of the Century. Real Madrid is also well-known on social media, with the squad having the most followers.


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