Top 10 Best Universities In The World 2019

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List of Top 10 Best Universities in the world, Choosing a university could be a difficult method. Other than the short-run factors that you need to take into account, like the name of the college, the standard of the course and the location of the field, there’s additionally the long game to think about.

After all, wherever you decide to review once feat faculty will end up having a significant impact on your career prospects.

Today we will discuss the top 10 universities around the world.



Oxford One of Best Universities In The World

As the oldest university in the English-speaking world (there is proof of teaching as way back because the eleventh century), the University of Oxford boasts a history and influence within the UK that’s quite remarkable.

This includes 69 Nobel Prizes, 160 Olympic medals, and half dozen Turing Awards, whereas 27 British Prime Ministers (as well as varied international heads of state) have received their education there.

Oxford is known for its little teaching teams and tutorial-style of learning. It also options many prominent clubs and societies, together with the Oxford Union (which often features world-famous speakers) and therefore the infamous Bulling don Club, a society similar in structure and influence to the skull and Bones at Yale.



University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge,though it doesn’t boast as much influence politically as Oxford (just the fifteen Prime Ministers, in comparison), Cambridge graduates are liable for an incredible 118 chemist Prizes, while its scientific alumni include such vital figures as a physicist, Charles Darwin, and Hawking.

There are many different parallels to Oxford (indeed, the university was supported by Oxford academics in the early 13th Century). Teaching ways are terribly similar, for example, whereas Cambridge also hosts a variety of separate schools.

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Harvard University

The oldest educational institution in the U.S.A. (the faculty was based in 1636), Harvard could be a saw for academic excellence and remains one of the most important universities within the world.

Alongside 8 former U.S.A. Presidents, Harvard has also graduated a world-record 158 chemist laureates, 14 Turing Award winners and 48 publisher Prize recipients, yet as collectively amassing 10 Academy Awards It’s not simply its students that set Harvard apart, either.

Whereas the school has pioneered varied academic ways and processes that are adopted or imitated by thousands of universities across the world, its wider cultural influence has conjointly been felt elsewhere.

Several of the fundamental rule changes in American football was created at Harvard, as an example, while Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg – two former attendees – have revolutionized the technological world.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2019

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was based in the middle of the 19th century and has always endeavored to produce financial aid to students on a want’s basis. The very first architecture classes anywhere within the US were educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The primary female student, Ellen Swallow literary critic, was admitted to the academic department in 1871. Just two years later, the primary international student – from Canada – graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, includes 18 student residences, several gardens and public works of art.




One of the most striking features of Caltech is its unusually small size; solely about 1,000 undergraduates and one,250 postgraduates are listed there.

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The faculty boasts a high student-to-staff ratio. Caltech aims to foster an associated knowledge base setting during which students study and tackle the foremost difficult and basic scientific or technological issues. The institution was founded as Throop University in 1891.

It assumed its current name in 1920. There were vi,506 candidates for the entry category graduating in 2019 and 99 percent of the scholars accepted across all years were within the high ten percent of their high school category.

More than half of Caltech students receive need-based funding. the average financial aid package is $38,983 (£29,890).



UCL University

Down three spots but nonetheless enclosed among the ten prime universities in the world, the UK’s UCL earns its best score in the educational name indicator, and also achieves a strong score for its proportion of international students, creating it a diverse place to study.

This university provides one of the world’s best educational systems and most reasonable scholarships so you don’t need to worry about the money if your child is good in studies.



ETH ZURICH Best Universities of World

Undergraduate courses are taught in German (although English-taught postgraduate opportunities square measure available), whereas a second additional rural field – Science town – was created to celebrate the university’s 150th anniversary in 2005.

The school is also identified for the celebrated Playball event, a conventional ball dating back to the 1880s within which over 10,000 people annually participate.

The Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich – otherwise called a people Federal Institute of Technology in an urban center or, more simply, ETH Zurich – could be a STEM-focused establishment noted particularly for its contributions to physics and chemistry.

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Best Universities In World

Since its introduction in 1746, ordered generations of students have developed a large and somewhat bizarre array of traditions (including organized minute-long screaming sessions and also the Nude Olympics), whereas Firestone Library – one of the world’s largest university libraries – contains the first signed manuscript of F Scott Fitzgerald’s the good Gatsby.

It is, however, also liable for manufacturing 65 Nobel laureates, 13 mathematician Award winners and various entrepreneurs and politicians.



Best Yale University

Founded way back in 1701, university – a league member and one among only 9 educational institutions in the U.S.

To precede the country’s formation – may be a predominantly field college with a name for producing graduates into powerful positions.

For example, no but 5 former U.S. Presidents have studied at Yale, whereas various state officers, politicians and Supreme Court Justices also are among its alumni.

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Whereas various state officers, politicians and Supreme Court Justices also are among its alumni.



10 Best Universities In The World

University founded in 1890, the University of Chicago has long maintained a name for educational excellence across a spread of disciplines, with 98 Nobel laureates (including 32 in economics – currently a world record) one of the top business colleges in the world – is part of the University of Chicago, whereas the University’s internal publisher is that the largest university press in the U.S.

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