Top 10 Most Popular Best Soccer Teams In World 2022

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As we all know, the popularity of football clubs has overtaken that of international football, and this trend is expected to continue. There are many, many supporters of their teams all across the world. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have shown that Spanish clubs are better than other countries.

In our Today’s topic of Top 10 Most Popular Best Soccer Teams In World, We have ranked out the best teams. The English Premier League titans, German and Italian national champions, and the French capital, round out the field. Some of the world’s greatest teams believe these European clubs to be among the best.

According to FIFA rankings, there are a few more, but these are the most incredible ten teams globally.

10. Arsenal

Arsenal - Best Footclub Teams

Despite their recent lack of success in football, Arsenal can still be considered a ‘super club’ because of their social media activity. The Gunners developed a devoted following during their heyday under Arsene Wenger. Even though they have already gone some 18 years without winning the Premier League championship – with no doubt a few more to come – their fan base shows no signs of waning.

Despite the decline in their overall record, Arsenal is still one of the finest clubs in English football. With 14 FA Cup victories, 13 Premier League championships, two FA Cups, and 16 Community Shields, Arsenal has set a new club record for most trophies won. Arsenal hasn’t won a European title, but they have won the Europa League, which is something.

More than 75.1 million people follow the team on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.
Wenger has had a spectacular management career in north London and is the most exemplary manager in the club’s history. Thierry Henry, David OLeary, Tony Adams, Cesc Fabregas, and Robin van Persie are a few great who played for Arsenal.


9. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich team

Bayern Munich supporters have long taken pride in their club’s position as the most successful team in Germany. According to newly discovered Michael Masi quotes, Lewis Hamilton’s decision went against the F1 chief’s rules.

While Manchester United Interim Head Coach German watches on, Norwich City and Manchester United play English Premier League football at Norwich’s Carrow Road Stadium in Ralf Rangnick’s absence.

Ralf Rangnick is experiencing increasing unhappiness as the third Manchester United star aspires to depart in January.

Sergio Perez expresses regret to Lewis Hamilton for assisting Max Verstappen in winning the world championship. John Terry selects four championship challengers for the Champions League following the draw.

Bayern Munich has long been established as the dominating power in the Bundesliga and a somewhat helpful force on the continent, where they won the Champions League in 2020. They are also well-respected around the world.

A big part of their global appeal stems from their virtually consistent and sustained success; their 54.1million Facebook followers are the second greatest following outside of the top three on our list.


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8. Liverpool


Anfield’s Kop remains one of football’s most recognizable and iconic stadiums worldwide. In recent years, Liverpool fans have been inspired and revitalized by the club under Jurgen Klopp after what has been deemed a “fallow era” by the club’s standards.

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The club’s historic Champions League triumph in 2019 and subsequent long-awaited Premier League triumph. The following season produced some of the most memorable moments and images in the club’s long and illustrious history. Their position as one of the most widely supported clubs globally has long since been established.


7. Chelsea


Chelsea’s international following has been continuously growing for over two decades. The current European champions saw a significant increase in their fan base after winning the continent’s most prestigious club prize earlier this year, and the fact that they rarely go more than a few months without winning a trophy or two puts them in a strong position when it comes to attracting new supporters.

The choice of Thomas Tuchel as a manager to succeed club star Frank Lampard earlier this year has turned out to be a brilliant move on the part of owner Roman Abramovich, who will be thrilled to watch the club’s progress since he took over the reins from Lampard in 2003.

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6. Juventus


In all, Juventus supporters have seen their club win 36 Serie A championships, including each of the previous nine.

Juventus supporters have seen their club win 36 Serie A championships, including the past nine seasons before the current campaign.

Juventus may have lost Cristiano Ronaldo, but the club continues to exist, even though the Portuguese star’s summer exit may have cost them a few social media followers across various platforms.

Before last season, when rivals Inter Milan halted their nine-year winning streak in Serie A, the Turin giants were unquestionably the uncontested rulers of all they surveyed in Italy.


5. Manchester City

Manchester City

The city is unquestionably one of the finest teams in the Premier League, as we’ve seen in the last decade when Aguero’s late goal gives the city the first premier league title. While United has a rich history, they have also won several awards. The Blues have won seven Premier League titles, six FA Cups, eight League Cups, and six community shields.

A lack of success in European competition has plagued the city of Manchester, particularly last season when Pep Guardiola’s team fell to Chelsea in the final. More than a quarter of a billion people follow the team on social media.

To name just a few, Manchester City had the likes of legendary players Colin Bell, Bert Trautman, David Silva, Vincent Kompany, and Sergio Aguero during its history.

Following recent achievements, the city has started to attract fans from all across the globe. Even though they are routinely subjected to snide remarks from opposing fans – and sometimes even their manager – for an apparent lack of support at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City are starting to turn heads online.

On Facebook, they have 41.2 million followers, which is only surpassed by Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League. On YouTube, they beat Chelsea and have the same number of fans as 4.9 million individuals.


4. Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint Germain

Following the signing of Lionel Messi by Paris Saint-Germain, there has been an increase in interest in the club. With the arrival of Lionel Messi in the summer, PSG moved up to fourth place on our ranking, surpassing the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, and Juventus, all of whom were previously ranked seventh or eighth. Even though Messi is still getting acclimated to life in the French city, his interest in him continues to grow.

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Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, and Ramos are among the top players in the world now playing for the club. The Parisians have yet to win a European trophy, but they have a long list of local honours to show for their efforts.

There have been nine Ligue One championships, 14 French Cups, nine French League cups, and ten French super cups won by the Rouge et Bleu. With a strong team, they should break their barren European streak.

More than 94 million people across the globe follow the club on social media. Even though Paris Saint-Germain has had several outstanding players throughout its history, the club has made some notable additions since the Qutar Investment Group took control as majority owner in 2011.

Pauleta, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic and Mustapha Dahleb were just a few of PSG’s star players. It would be fascinating to watch whether interest in PSG continues once the Argentine has left, particularly given that Kylian Mbappe seems to be on his way out the door.


3. Manchester United

Manchester United

United have long been regarded as the most famous club in the United Kingdom.

When Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus, it seemed as though Manchester United benefited from the situation. The Red Devils outperformed their Premier League competitors to claim third place on this list. After all, their Facebook following alone is almost twice as large as Arsenal’s in 10th position, so it’s no surprise that they pushed out every piece of Ronaldo material that was available upon his return to the club after a 12-year absence.

The glory days of Manchester United, with a youthful Sir Alex Ferguson on the bench overseeing a star-studded side. Indeed, Manchester United is the most important club in the Premier League, with a long and illustrious history and many followers all over the world.

A list of Manchester United’s successes includes three Premier League championships, 21 FA Community Shields – the most of any team in the Premier League – three European Cups and one Europa League, five League Cups and one Intercontinental Cup, and 12 FA Cups – the most of any club in the league.

It is no secret that the Red Devils have had remarkable success both domestically and globally, and they have a big number of supporters to their credit, with over 141.3 million followers on social media alone.

In addition to Eric Cantona and Ryan Giggs, the club has produced exceptional players like as David Beckham and Wayne Rooney as well as Cristiano Ronaldo when he was at the peak of his powers. Including this club in any ranking of the top ten football clubs in the world would be incomplete; otherwise, the list would be insufficient.

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2. Barcelona


Although the squad has suffered recent setbacks, Barcelona fans remain loyal to their team. Things on the field may not be running well now, but Barcelona’s social media presence remains strong – at least on the surface of matters.

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A tremendous following has grown across the five channels we’ve examined, with a staggering 12.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone, dwarfing the rest of the competition in terms of size. FC Barcelona is the second-best club in the world, behind only Real Madrid.

Great achievements have been done by the Catalans during the previous many decades. Although the club’s prospects of victory in Europe are modest, they have had considerable success on their own turf.

No other La Liga club has five European Cups, three Fairs Cups, 26 La Liga titles, 31 Spanish Cups, and thirteen Spanish Super cups to their name. Bayern Munich, like FC Barcelona, is the first team to win the triple on two separate occasions.

Barcelona is the most well-known city on the internet, having garnered over 279.8 million followers across all social media platforms combined. In addition to Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta, La Masia has produced many other talented players, including Sergio Busquets. The club has had legendary players such as Diego Maradona, Ronaldinho, and Ronaldo Nazario. Coaches like Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola were developed at the club, too.


1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid

Real Madrid has the most followers across all five channels in terms of social media engagement. Real Madrid has been crowned the most famous club globally, almost edging out its great rivals by 1.1million followers to earn the title.

Consequently, the Spanish giants and 13-time European winners have the most followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on social media platforms. They can legitimately claim to be the most popular club on the globe. There’s no denying that Real Madrid is a major league team.

Real has been the only club to earn FIFA’s Club of the Century award. Spain’s national team has been crowned European champion 13 times and league champion 34 times. There are four UEFA Super Cups, four FIFA Club World Cups (four of which were subsequently disbanded), 11 Spanish Super Cups, and three intercontinental cups afterwards abolished.

There are 271.6 million people that follow the team on social media. Di Stefano, Raul, Zidane, Ramos, and Ronaldo have all come from Real Madrid. The club has a long history of high-profile signing players like Galactico’s and has received several honours as a result. In terms of football, it is one of the world’s most famous clubs.



In conclusion, it is important to remember that while football clubs are growing in popularity, international football isn’t going anywhere. It is important to support local teams, but it’s also important to show interest in other national teams. At the end of the day, it’s all about supporting your team!

The popularity of football clubs has overtaken that of international football because there are many supporters across the world. Football clubs are more popular than international football. There are many fans all across the world.

So Let us know in the comments below, which team is your favorite?

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