Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World With Net Worth

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In addition to performing religious acts, offering spiritual counseling, and overseeing other church activities, a pastor is responsible for various other duties. He is the pastor of a Christian congregation, and he is responsible for providing guidance and direction to all of the members of that church. Today’s our list of 10 Richest Pastors In The World, A strong feeling of responsibility is required for their work.

A pastor is not a materialistic person, and hence gaining money and being wealthy is not his ultimate purpose. If you want to save money and build riches for yourself, this is not your work.

In terms of monetary compensation, this is a low-paying profession. You will only get what you need for your survival, not what you want. In this profession, individuals are pleased with sufficient incomes to meet their fundamental necessities. Pastors who serve in small congregations rely on the contributions of members of the congregation to support the operation and maintenance of the church.

On the other hand, some pastors have amassed considerable fortune via addressing large groups of people in a public setting, producing their spiritual and religious books/C.D.s, preaching on the television program, and a variety of other activities. In light of this, let us examine the top ten wealthiest pastors in the world as of January 2022, as measured by their net worth and the methods by which they have amassed their fortunes.


10. Ayo Oritsejafor ($120 million)

Ayo Oritsejafor

According to Forbes magazine, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, who has a tremendous net worth of $120 million, is the third wealthiest pastor in the world. Ayo is sometimes referred to as “Papa Ayo Oritsejafor” in certain circles.

He is the founder of the “Word of Life Bible Church,” a Nigerian evangelical Christian organization. Ayo is recognized as the senior pastor of this particular congregation. His sermons and discussions are carried on Christian television stations across Africa and in seventy-five other countries around the globe.

Ayo has previously been referred to as the “President of the Christian Association of Nigeria” and the “National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria,” among other titles.

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9. Enoch Adejare Adeboye ($39 million dollars)

Enoch Adejare Adeboye

According to our ranking, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye is one of the richest past

or globally. He is the priest in charge of the Converted Christian Cathedrals and is in charge of the organization. In addition, he owns “Dove TV” a Christian television station that broadcasts a wide variety of church programming, including weekly sermons, to viewers across the world. Priest Adeboye is a rich individual who owns many properties, including a private plane.

When Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye was a lecturer at the University of Lagos in Nigeria, he decided to pursue a career in this sector. It has been a part of the enormous number of converted churches established in more than a hundred countries throughout the globe.

Adeboye is working hard to realize a long-held desire: to create a church within five minutes of every home on the planet. Adeboye has made a huge contribution to his nation, having helped to build over 14,000 branches of the Redeemed Church of Nigeria thus far in his career.


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8. Joel Osteen ($40 million)

Joel Osteen

With a fortune of $40 million, Joel Osteen is the one of world’s richest pastor. After his father’s death, John Osteen, in 1999, Osteen was left in charge of his father’s church and television ministry. While he has served his community with distinction as a priest, Joel has also become the author of a New York Times best-selling book and the senior pastor of America’s largest protestant church.

“Joel Osteen Live,” the talk show he started, broadcasts his sermons live on the air, as do his other side enterprises. Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria, also a pastor, live with their two children at their home. Attendance during his weekly service at the Houston church is substantial.

A year after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Joel reacted by creating a huge church with 16,800 seats for people escaping the destruction. Joel had been criticized for his failure to help those in need during the crisis.


7. Benny Hinn ($42 million)

Benny Hinn

Source: Facebook

Benny Hinn, real name Toufik Benedictus, is a rich preacher with a net worth of $42 million. He was born as Toufik Benedictus. He is a televangelist who grew up in an observant Jewish family in Israel. When he was a teenager, he began to feel a strong attraction to religious and spiritual rituals and practices.

He was baptized as a Pentecostal Christian when he was quite young. By way of the Orlando Christian Center, he began preaching the principles of Christ and performing faith healing. Later on, he started to offer speeches and healing workshops to big groups, which grew in popularity.

His sermons are presented on “The Trinity Broadcasting Network,” which is distributed all over the globe. Benny is well-known for his social efforts and his famous television show, “This Is Your Day.”

He is also noted for his philanthropic work. He is well-known for his expensive assets, including a private aircraft, the “Gulfstream G4 jet,” and many other high-end goods. Benny Hinn has been involved in many issues over his career.

He has a public image as a healer because of his work in “faith healing,” yet the U.S. government investigates him to manipulate his tax status. In addition, his ministry has been flagged as a “Donor Alert” by Ministry Watch.

Benny has a strong network of friends in both Canada and the United States despite his precarious financial circumstances. People who adhere to his teachings think that true and real prayers offered from the heart will cure any ailment they may be suffering from.

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6. Chris Oyakhilome ($50 million)

Chris Oyakhilome

Source: Facebook

Chris has built the foundation for the Christian organization “Believers’ Love World Incorporated,” named after him. Chris is well-known for his ability to cure people via faith. Christian followers worldwide admire his beliefs, activities, and discussions about Jesus Christ, as do non-Christians.

Many branches of his Christian ministry are active, including three Christian television channels, the “Love World” book series, the NGO Inner City Missions for Children, the Rhapsody of Reality Ministries, and the Healing School.

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Chris, a native of Lagos, is an extremely active preacher who has amassed a substantial amount of cash to date. Chris is now the proprietor of three independent television stations, each of which receives 2.5 million viewers for each event shown. Chris has also received a warning from the government of South Africa, stating that if he and his organizations fail to adhere to financial transparency, an arrest warrant would be issued against them.


5. Uebert Angel ($60 million)

Uebert Angel

Source: Facebook

Pastor Uebert Angel, who has a net worth of $60 million, is ranked sixth. He is a Zimbabwean pastor who has created the groundwork for the “Spirit Embassy” church, which he called after his country. The “Good News Church” was the name of this church until it was changed later.

Uebert has also established the Angel Organization, separate from his other ventures. He now serves as the organization’s chief executive officer. The business magazine Forbes defines Uebert as a priest who delivers services to very wealthy individuals short on time.

Mr. Uebert is an international minister who has established the Millionaire Academy, which strives to assist individuals in dealing with business ventures and provide mentoring for them in the process. Uebert is a wealthy businessman who lives in a magnificent estate sprawled over fourteen acres. He also has a large collection of high-end automobiles.


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4. Pat Robertson ($100 million)

Pat Robertson

Source: Facebook

Pat Robertson is a well-known American preacher who hails from Virginia. Marion Gordon Robertson is his given name at birth. He is a Southern Baptist with a captivating philosophy that draws people to him. Robertson has a phenomenal net worth of $100 million. In 1960, he established the Christian Broadcasting Television Network, which broadcasts “700 Club” weekly.

Robertson serves as the show’s emcee and anchor. This program is aired in 180 countries and 71 languages throughout the world. It is his most popular program, and it airs daily. It includes news, music, testimony focused on the Christian lifestyle, and live guests.

In addition to this initiative, he is involved with a few other projects as a consultant. He ran for President of the United States of America in 1988 but was unsuccessful. Following his failure in his political endeavor, he established a Christian wing group known as the “Christian Coalition,” which is still active today.

This organization aims to generate money to assist conservative candidates running for office in the United States. Regent University was founded by televangelist Pat Robertson and the other institutions. He now serves as the university’s chief executive officer and chancellor. In addition, he established a law company in Washington, D.C., called “the American Center for Law & Justice.”

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3. David Oyedepo ($140 million)

David Oyedepo

Source: Facebook

According to Forbes, David Oyedepo has a net worth of $140 million. Born in Nigeria, he is the founder and pastor of “Living Faith Church,” where he serves as an associate deacon.

This church, known as Winner Chappel, is affiliated with many other foreign congregations with the same name. David also serves as a senior bishop at the Faith Tabernacle a religious auditorium that bears his name. 50,000 people may be accommodated in this auditorium at any one moment due to its size and configuration.

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This Nigerian priest is also the owner of many magnificent assets, which include a private plane and homes in the United States of America, among other things.

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2.  Thomas Dexter Jakes ($150 million)

Thomas Dexter Jakes

Source: Facebook

Bishop TD Jakes, who has a magnificent net worth of $150 million, is in second place on this list. He is also referred to as “Thomas Dexter Jakes” in certain circles. Currently, he is the senior pastor of ‘The Potter’s House,’ a non-denominational megachurch located in Dallas, Texas.

From the beginning of his career in this profession, he has had a great deal of support from his congregation. In addition to being a priest, Thomas works as a film producer and director.

A few of his outstanding films are “Winnie Mandela,” “Heaven is for Real,” and “Miracles from Heaven,” to name a few examples. Profits from his films, gospel music, and the selling of the books that he has published to date have been the primary sources of his financial success.


1. Kenneth Copeland ($350 million)

Kenneth Copeland

Source; Facebook

So, at long last, we have “Kenneth Copeland,” the wealthiest preacher on the face of the planet. He has a large net worth of $350 million, unheard of in his generation. Kenneth is the founder of the “Kenneth Copeland Ministry,” based in Lubbock, Texas, in the United States.

The grounds on which the ministry is being constructed are scattered across about 1,500 acres. In addition to serving as the host of the T.V. ministry program Believers Voice of Victory Kenneth is also a leading televangelist. This show is aired on radio, podcasts, and television stations all across the globe and online.

Since childhood, Kenneth has dreamed of being a recording artist, and he has already sold many music records in his career. On the Billboard Hot 100 list in 1957, one of his tracks, “Pledge of Love,” reached the twelfth spot after its debut. His other accomplishments include various articles and books that he has authored. Kenneth now lives with his wife, Gloria, in a church-owned estate with an estimated worth of $6 million. The United Methodist Church holds the property.



Pastors may be quite wealthy as well. The list demonstrates that sharing the word of God may also result in financial gain. Pastors who lead congregations, telecast/webcast their sermons, and write books/C.D. s have amassed vast fortunes via their efforts; This demonstrates how financially rewarding the act of speaking about God can be.

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