Top 10 Highest Paid Doctors in The World

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Some people are lucky enough to have the best doctors in the world, but what do you need in order to get these best doctors?

Today, we will be discussing the 10 highest-paid doctors in the world and how much they make. This is an interesting topic that many people find incredibly fascinating.

This is important for people who are interested in their own health and the state of medicine.

Many people will be looking into how they can become a doctor, or what degree one would need to get in order to work as a physician.

If you’re already working at this job but want more information on high-paying medical jobs, you can also learn more about this here.

Making a lot of money is always something that people want to achieve, and becoming a doctor might be the way for some individuals to go out in life.

If that is what you want, then it might be a good idea to check out the highest-paid doctors in the world.

However, before we detail this topic and why these people are making so much money as medical providers, let’s first discuss how being a doctor works.

In some countries, you can become a doctor without having to complete years of studying.

However, in more developed countries like the US and Canada, one must study for many years before practicing medicine.

This means that people who have studied their entire lives will be at an advantage compared to someone who has not put in the time and effort required.

This is why these individuals might be able to charge more money for their services than anyone else, because they have studied longer than others.

There are many different types of medical jobs that people can choose from today, but some pay better than others do.

Many doctors will work in clinics or hospitals, where they will be paid by the hour.

However, some doctors work for themselves or in private practices. These ones can charge more because they don’t have to split their money with anyone else.


What Are All The Different Type Of Doctors?

There are several different types of doctors, and this list includes the following:

-Family medicine doctor


-Obstetricians/gynecologists (OBGYN)


Each one has a unique specialization in terms of their profession.

For example, an OB-GYN is someone who works with women during pregnancy and childbirth. A pediatrician will work with children on a daily.

This type of medical job comes with its own challenges that other jobs just don’t have to deal with. For instance, you might be required to deliver babies every day or take care of sick children all at once.

While it can be extremely rewarding when things go well, it can also be very challenging when things don’t go the way that everyone expects.

If you are interested in becoming one of these professionals, you need to know how much money they make on average annually so you will have an idea if this might interest you enough for further study.

The Highest-Paid Doctors In The World – How Much Do They Make?   There used to be many doctors who could charge their patients a lot of money thanks to the fact that hospitals would set extremely high prices without regard for anyone’s financial status.

However, with recent changes in health care policies around the world, more attention is being paid towards making healthcare accessible and affordable for all people at all times.

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Which are the highest paying countries for doctors in the world?

In the US, doctors are being paid a lot of money.

However, this also means that their services come at a high cost for patients because insurance companies will not cover all costs.

One physician has been able to charge astronomical prices and demand them from his clients as well.

That person’s name is Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, and he works in Michigan with many different people every day.

He charges $100 per minute when it comes time for him to do consultations with his patients or perform surgeries on them (he performs an average of 15 hours worth of work each week).

He used to be working alongside another doctor named Jumana Nagarwala, but she now faces charges of performing female genital mutilation on girls between the ages of six and eight.

This is not something that would be considered normal, but she has been able to get away with it for several years without being caught until recently. This one-man makes so much because he practices medicine in a way that other people don’t.

He also doesn’t have any restrictions or limitations placed upon him when it comes time to charge his patients full price.

There are many different countries around the world where doctors will practice their profession every day, including the following:


-United Kingdom (England)


– India

– Pakistan

– Nigeria

So Now Let’s move to our list of the highest paid doctors in the world:


10). Sanjay Gupta – Net Worth: $12 Million

Sanjay Gupta Highest Paid Doctors in The World

Source: CNN

He earns an average annual income of $4 million.

He is a neurosurgeon who specializes in the management of complex disorders.

This makes him work for CNN as their Chief Medical Correspondent and also has his own show called “Sanjay Gupta, MD.”

He has been controversial due to some inaccurate reporting on topics such as medical marijuana and brain death, but he continues to be one of the highest-paid doctors in the world no matter what people think about him and his work.

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9). Garth Fisher – Net Worth: $15 Million

Garth Fisher Highest Paid Doctors in The World

Source: Twitter

Garth Fisher is an American plastic surgeon who lives in Santa Monica, California, and practices his profession there as well.

He has been on several different television shows including “The Swan” which aired from 2004-2005 where he helped non-celebrities have their own Hollywood makeovers back when that was popular to do so.

It’s not just the fact that he looks good enough to be successful doing what he does for other people because it takes more than just being pretty or attractive to land this kind of job.

It also involves having the right personality traits like working hard without complaining about long hours even though others may struggle with those same conditions.”


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8). Paul Nassif – Net worth: $20 Million

Paul Nassif Highest Paid Doctors in The World

Source: OtakuKart

Paul Nassif is an American plastic surgeon who lives in Beverly Hills, California, specializes in reconstructive surgery.

His medical career started when he joined the United States Army after graduating from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 1999 where he completed a residency program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to practice military medicine before being stationed overseas.

He’s been best friends with fellow plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow ever since they met back in 1997 while working together at The Plastic Surgery Institute.”

He works as a facial cosmetic & reconstructive plastic surgeon with several different locations throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County (where his friend Dr. Dubrow also operates similar practices).

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People like him because he has a good sense of humor and because they can trust him to do his job well.


7). Dr. Drew Pinsky – Net worth 25 Million

Highest Paid Doctors in The World

Source: Variety

He earns an average annual income of $500,000 and is known for hosting shows like “Loveline” and the VH-One show called “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.”

He also has his own radio show called “Dr. Drew Midday Live With Mike Catherwood” which is broadcast in syndication across several different cities.

While he might not have the same type of medical knowledge as some other doctors who practice medicine, many people were watching and listening to him daily because he says things that make sense even if they aren’t always politically correct.


6). Leonard Hochstein – Net worth: $30 Million

Highest Paid Doctors in The World

Source: NBC News

He earns an average annual income of $800,000 and primarily works as an aesthetic plastic surgeon in Miami where he has several different locations.

He also owns the Leonard Hochstein Breast Enhancement Center which is located on Lincoln Road Mall.

He was originally born in New York City but moved to Florida to practice his art there instead.

People pay him well for what needs to be done because it looks natural even though it might be bigger than normal or smaller than average.

This one-man makes so much because he practices medicine in a way that other people don’t. He also doesn’t have any restrictions or limitations placed upon him when it comes time to charge his patients full price.


5). James Andrews – Net Worth: $40 Million

James Andrews Highest Paid Doctors in The World


He is a doctor specializing in treating sports injuries and makes $20 million per year.

He’s been practicing medicine since 1985, but he didn’t really become famous until Michael Jordan started winning championships with him as his personal physician.

People then realized just how good he was at what he does despite being young for an orthopedic surgeon (which means that most patients are going to be younger than normal).

He earns an average annual income of $11 million and works as an orthopedic surgeon in Pensacola, Florida.

He is best known for being the team doctor to many different sports teams like the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, and Baltimore Ravens.


4). Terry Dubrow – Net worth: $50 Million

Terry Dubrow Highest Paid Doctors in The World

Source: Page Six

Terry Dubrow is an American plastic surgeon who lives in California and practices his profession there as well.

He also owns the Terry Dubrow Center For Cosmetic Surgery which has several different locations throughout both Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Dr. Dubrow specializes mainly in breast augmentation procedures like the transaxillary approach (which involves using tiny incisions to place implants).

He earns an average annual income of $12 million and primarily works as a cosmetic surgeon in California where he has several different locations.


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3). Gary Michelson – Net worth: $1.7 Billion

Gary Michelson Highest Paid Doctors in The World

Source: Dr. Gary K. Michelson

An American orthopedic surgeon, medical inventor, and billionaire philanthropist.

He is best known for creating the transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) surgical procedure which has been used by several different surgeons to successfully treat patients suffering from spinal disc herniation.

He earns a yearly salary of $100 million and primarily works as an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, California where he focuses on research & development.”

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Michelson’s medical career started after graduating with honors from Tulane University School of Medicine back in 1976 before becoming certified through both the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and The American College of Surgeons.

People like him because he has skills when it comes to performing surgeries and because his life story proves that you can rise out of poverty to become successful in doing what you love.

His net worth is currently estimated at $1.7 billion and he has given away huge sums of money in order to help improve different people’s lives like the ones who suffer from paralysis after a spinal cord injury or burn victims (he even founded Found Animals Foundation which provides free spay & neuter services).


2). Patrick Soon Shiong – Net Worth: $16 Billion

Patrick Soon Shiong Highest Paid Doctors in The World

Source: Wikimedia Commons

An American surgeon, medical researcher, professor and businessman.

He is the founder of NantHealth (a health information technology company), chair & CEO of National LambdaRail (NRL) (the high-speed computer network designed to handle large amounts of data traffic in real-time for research purposes), co-founder of Health Technology Management Associates (HTMA) which provides consulting services when it comes to pharmaceuticals like Abraxis BioScience that was acquired by Celgene Corporation back in 2010.”

His estimated net worth is currently $16 billion and he owns several different companies including Varian Medical Systems which manufactures radiation equipment used for cancer treatment as well as Culver City’s Times Mirror Square building where his medical offices are located.”

He earned his medical degree from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa back in 1975 before completing a residency program at the UCLA Medical Center three years later.

People like him because not only is he an amazing surgeon but also because he’s currently working on developing new cures for cancer & diabetes.”

His current major initiative called “The Cancer MoonShot 2020″ aims to reduce the mortality rate of people suffering from various types of this disease by 60% during the next couple of years (he plans on achieving this goal through early detection and more effective treatments).”


1). Thomas Frist – Net worth: $21.2 Billion

Thomas Frist Highest Paid Doctors in The World

Source: The Tennessean

An American billionaire physician and businessman who works as the founder, co-CEO, and chairman of Hospital Corporation of America.

He is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of heart disease and earns $15 million per year. He was born into wealth because he comes from a family that used to own HCA (the largest for-profit hospital chain in America) before it became publicly traded back in 2006.”


Final thoughts:

Whether you’re looking for a cosmetic surgeon or an orthopedic surgeon, it’s clear that these 10 doctors are top-notch in their field and worth considering if you need surgery.

Each of the surgeons we’ve mentioned has different specialties but they all have one thing in common – excellent skills for performing surgeries with minimal risk to patients.

If you want more information about any of these doctors, simply click on the name and be taken to their website where there should be contact information available as well as testimonials from previous clients who had successful outcomes after going through similar procedures themselves.

Which doctor did you find most interesting? Why? Let us know by leaving a comment below!



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