Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

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Some people all over the world like to know and experience unique locations. But knowing the following dangerous towns is always easier.

The enlisted ten chosen towns due to the greater murder rate. Let’s explore its shocking facts. The people of these cities lived dangerously and always being scared of death every day.

Whether you’re traveling a lot or just going on vacation once in a blue moon, knowing the area you’re in is always crucial. Even if you want to relocate somewhere, whether permanently or temporarily, this is true.

With the world’s more than four thousand four hundred sixteen cities, there are seemingly infinite places to move around the world and cultures to experience.



 Dangerous Cities

The gateway to the Belem amazon belongs to Brazil’s southern part. The town was developed by this Portuguese in 1916. Belem is known for its colonial characteristics and its proximity to the Amazon River.

The city plays an important role as the universe’s main tourist destinations. Besides these, its place in the list of the world’s most dangerous countries is the bitter reality about the city.

Murder rate reports and several crimes serve as evidence for this reality. The murder rate per 100,000 is 71.38 out of the total population. In latest years, the number of violent events in the town has grown. The visitors who went there to enjoy the town also had experiences of theft and mugging.

It is always suggested that valuable products should not be kept on the city journey. The town shares boundaries with the areas of Peru, Columbia, and Bolivia.



Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Ciudad Victoria is located in the Mexican state’s northeastern part. This city is the world’s most dangerous city in term of incidents happened there. Every day, a city reports a lot of violent events.

Ciudad Victoria’s homicide rate is 83.32. Drug murders and associated activities have an important role to play in this. Numerous criminal groups ‘ members are engaged in shooting and shed blood in the town. Even shooting incidents also took place in police stations.

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Travelers are also asked for safety issues to prevent the city. Several travelers to the city are discovered fighting the gangs.

The city’s border states are heavily involved in smuggling and related operations.


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10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

La Paz is one of Mexico’s biggest cities. The small but charming city is known for its landscapes and adventures. The unique features make the town a significant tourism sport.

But Mexico’s coastal town reports a lot of offenses. As a dangerous location to visit, it is increasing,  and travelers are now very concerned about visiting the site. Valuables are susceptible to theft in vehicles or hotel rooms.

Drug wars and murders are a town incident that is generally heard. The city’s murder rate is 84.79 per lakh. Thus, the calculations show the point that La Paz is no longer Mexico’s secure reflection.



 Dangerous Cities In The World

Natal city is on Brazil’s Atlantic coast. The town’s name implies Brazilian Christmas. The city’s attractions include beautiful beaches, historic sites, and shopping malls. There are also warnings and risks in the so-called sun area. The eye-catching beaches in the town are a regular robbery scene.

Many examples have been recorded by beach tourists. The city’s muggers will notice with people the camera and valuable stuff. Blackmailing at gunpoint is used for robbery in some of the worst cases. Walking in a group with a local person is going to be a better idea for Natal’s tourists.

Police officers also harass people for giving them a bribe. Thus, with the news of gang violence and insider trading, the Brazilian town is shocking. The city’s murder rate is 102,56 per lakh.



Dangerous Cities In The World

Acapulco is a significant seaport town on Mexico’s Coast. The ideal bay and hot climate are the city’s major attractions. The city, however, has a crown as the world’s third most dangerous town.

The city’s murder rate is 106.63 per person’s lakh. In the past few years alone, the resort town had been included in the list of hazardous. The city’s most appealing features are the lovely mountains and landscapes.

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The town was the jewel of the Pacific coast of Mexico in the previous days. However, the increase in crime and drug trafficking has made the town a dangerous place to land.



 Most Dangerous Cities

Caracas is Venezuela’s second most dangerous city in the world. Under the Avila mountain, the populated town is located away from the coast.

This cultural center’s climate is unique. Caracas is Venezuela’s most dangerous city. The main factors which lie at the foundation are political instability and food shortages.

Public use of mobile phones will jeopardize individuals. Pickpocketing and snatching rates are also taking place in Caracas. For the outsiders, the town has several No-Go areas. The city’s killing date is 111,19 per 100,000.

Economic instability also functions as a major reason behind the increased rate of killings. The city’s murder rate is likely to be high because it is not precise to calculate the population.

The town is known for the city’s greater crime rate. In the night time, the army ordered to prevent travel. The city is following a dangerous method of killing first and stealing next.



Dangerous Cities In The World

Mexico’s Los Cabos City is a beautiful beach town. But in the latest years, followed by a number of killings, the town has become the world’s top one dangerous town.

There is no longer the reputation of the town as a peaceful gateway. The drug handlers played a key part in repainting a red mark across the town.

The number of killings in the town is skyrocketing as time goes on. According to the recent calculations, the homicide rate for each lakh person is 111.33. In this deadliest town, the beaches, bars, and holidaymakers are not safe. The visitors have given the town beach a name as a beach of murder.


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Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Tijuana is Mexico’s border town just south of California. Its busy main road is lined with souvenir stores and lively bars, Avenida Revolución.

The landmarks include the Jai Alai Fronton neoclassical palace and the Tijuana Cultural Center, a modern cultural complex in the district of Zona Río.

Stadiums stage Lucha libre (wrestling) matches throughout the city, while Rosarito’s nearby city faces Tijuana has a murder rate of 138 per 100,000 residents, making it the world’s most dangerous town.

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This also suggests that Tijuana is the world’s murder capital. In 2018, 2,640 killings took place in Tijuana, located right on the California border. Despite the increased rate of murder, it is a famous tourist destination where Americans are driving across the border for a weekend trip.

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World


For some time, this has been one of the world’s most dangerous cities. It is still a war zone, despite the gradual removal of U.S. soldiers from the nation. Terrorist attacks are common, including countless bombings.

Kabul is facing a very uncertain future and in the foreseeable future, it is likely to be a very dangerous location. Kabul, like Baghdad, is a town where at any time violence can happen. Afghanistan is mostly known for terrorism and most people think it’s dangerous to travel there.



Dangerous Cities In The World

In the Vale del Cauca dedication south-west of Bogota, Cali is a Colombian region. Salsa dance is popular, and in Juanchito, the suburb there are many clubs.

In the oldest neighborhood in Cali, there are works from the Quito School in neoclassical San Pedro Cathedral. The San Francisco Religious Center is located between the 18th and 19th centuries. The first mass since the establishment of Cali in 1536, was held in La Merced Chapel.

Cali was declared the 10th most dangerous town in the world as 64,27 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants have been registered.

Visiting places around the world is now easier than ever. However, owing to dangerous conditions, some locations are best prevented.

On the other side, some hazardous locations are also desirable destinations for tourists. You should at least be conscious of the risks and take reasonable precautions if you decide to visit such areas. Here, in descending order, are the most dangerous places in the world. Still, people travel there for fun or a person who loves to travel around the world.

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