10 Best Richest Gamers In The World with Networth

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List of 10 Best Richest Gamers In The World, Gaming may be a hobby for several and for a few it’s a passion. There are many people within the world that created cash out of this passion by changing it into a profession. After you play games in a very tournament and have contracts, you get rewarded with money, and this issue has attracted the eye of the many gamers.

Skilled gamers invest a lot to bring home the latest technology so they can simply win the tournaments. Below is the list of 10 richest gamers in the world:


1. SUMAIL HASSAN ($3 Million)

Top 10 Best Richest Gamer In The World

As the youngest ever gamer to surpass $1 million (£763,570) in earnings, Karachi-born Sumail Hassan is one of the most recognizable figures on the eSports scene.

He was featured in Time magazine’s high 30 influential teenagers of 2016 and was a core member of the Evil Geniuses team that won the International in 2015.

He has remained with Evil Geniuses ever since and can also represent Team USA within the upcoming WESG tournament alongside his brother Yawar.


2. JANG “MOON” JAE HO ($4 Million)

JANG “MOON” JAE HO ($4 Million) Gamer

Source: Alchetron

Born on 14th December 1986, Jang Jae Ho sometimes known as Fantasist may be a skilled gamer from South Korea. he’s specialized in the games Warcraft III and StarCraft II. he’s also considered as one of the expert Night Elf players.

Nicknamed as fifth Race, he’s a five-time world champion and has also won the Korean Warcraft III Championships three times. He has attained quite $400,000 from various tournaments and contracts and presently, he’s the fifth richest gamer in the world.

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3. PETER DAGER ($5.7 Million)

Top 10 Best Richest Gamer In The World

Peter Dager a 23-year-old American player and is presently the captain of team Evil Geniuses. The last 2 years for Peter are some of the best that anyone may ask for in e-Sports.

Peter has won 99 of his money – or $572,000 – taking part in Dota two. In 2014, Peter won $313,000 from nineteen tournaments, together with $207,000 once Evil Geniuses placed third within the International 2014.

For having solely been playing professionally since 2012, you can’t really ask for a far better start or career than Peter’s.

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4. SAAHIL ($2.7 Million)

Top 10 Best Richest Gamer In The World

Saahil “Universe” Arora is an American Dota two-player who is presently offline (a position in the game) for Evil Geniuses Saahil has to contend professionally since 2011, though his best years were beyond any doubt 2014, and currently 2015.

He won $312,000 from 18 tournaments in 2014, as well as $207,000 once Evil Geniuses placed third in the International 2014.

He has so far won $258,000 in 2015, from 2 tournaments, $256,000 of that coming back from Evil Genius’ DAC 2015 1st-place win.


5. CLINTON FEAR LOOMIS ($1.3 Million)

Clinton Fear Loomis

Another Evil Geniuses Dota 2 player, Clinton “Fear” Loomis won The International 2012, the largest “Dota 2” tournament in the world and brought in $1,326,932.14 USD. Previously, he played for Plug Pullers INC, on-line Kingdom play top-rated Dota 2 players in EG.

Moreover, he trained the video game team of Evil geniuses for The International 2014 and ESL One city in 2014.

He has played 44 tournaments and won half dozen championship titles and other awards. Currently, his annual income is staggering $1.3 million us dollars.


6. KURTIS LING ($1.8 Million)

Top 10 Best Richest Gamer In The World

Kurtis aka ‘Aui_2000’ is Canadian Dota 2 player and at 22, he’s the second-youngest in e-Sports Earning’s top 10.

Last year he brought in nearly $2 Million United States dollars from The International 2016, the biggest Dota 2 tournament within the world. He previously played for Speed.int, Team Dignitas, Pot Bottom, and Evil Geniuses, however, he’s currently playing for Team NP.

He won a total of vi championships like MLG Championship Columbus, Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015 & Dota Pit League ocean three with EG and Team NP and took in $6,634,660.68 USD till currently.


7. JOHNATHAN WENDEL ($ 4.2 Million)


He was born in Missouri on Feb 26, 1981, and though he’s a retired gamer, he made a lot of impacts and won tons of tournaments throughout his course.

He established the Fatal1ty incorporations, however as of 2013, he was given a record of winning the highest quantity of cash won in Exports.

He was thought of as an Esports god. The youngster was a professional player at age 18, and he has coached the G2 Esports in 2016. he’s also said to be the eighth richest gamer within the world with about $4.20 million estimates.


8. CARLOS OCELOTE ($ 8.2 Million)


Born on June 15, 1990, in Madrid, he played soccer for a serious a part of his life and vie as a middle laner. He has also invested in himself by becoming the founder of G2 Esports that was Ernst known as Gamers2.

He, therefore, twenty-seven years recent and is extremely celebrated for his gaming habits. He was enjoying the league of Legends however soon returned to high school to finish his education in 2010. He is one of the richest gamers in the world.

His choice of career has really paid off for him and he’s valued at an annual salary of $820,000. he’s eight on the list of the highest ten richest gamers in the world 2019.


9.  PETER DAGGER ($2.4 Million)

PETER DAGGER Richest Gamer

At the age of 26, the American gamer has earned over $2.4 million.

In 2015, the LED the Evil Geniuses group into the tournament giving them the victory. His fast deciding is thought to be his key factor in winning.

Though he retired in 2016 for a govt role, he created his comeback in 2017 by choosing a freelance team that everyone awaits its potential representation.


10. LASSE URPALAINEN ($ 3.7 Million)

The Fin player is currently a member of Team Liquid. He values more than $3.4 Million. He previously played for the roaster team in 2017 a period after they won the international award. At 23, the gamer has received such a lot of success within the eSports field.

He is one of the professional players of 2017 and still in the list of the richest and professional players in the world.

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