Top 15 Best Richest Gamers In The World with Networth

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In games, individuals like beginners, amateurs, professionals, etc., have higher rankings. The games such as Dota 2, PUBG, Tekken 7, FIFA are fascinating. The tournament was considered as the core of Dota 2, PUBG, Tekken 7, FIFA.

The victorious player received enormous rewards and some healthy sums after the game contest. Who fits under the eSports competitive category? Game creation is the most incredible learning skill. Firms are hiring you to create these games.

As a result, this article is the most beneficial for your learning. Get inspired to become a professional player in the gaming business after reading this article. Sports organized annual tournaments throughout the nation and brought together professional gamers.

Some of the most well-known computer game genres associated with esports include multiplayer online fight field (MOF), first-person shooter (FPS), combating, card, fight royale, and continuous system games.


15). Zhou “bLink” Yang Net Worth: ($1.955,318)

Zhou bLink Yang Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth

Source: Liquipedia

Zhou Yang was born in 1992 in Shenzhen, Zhejiang Province. The Solo Middle Role player, who has previously played for organizations like Speed Gaming.

Cn and Wings Gaming and teams like Team Random is now signed up with Sun Gaming. A squad of five new gamers, none of whom had ever played professionally before, comprised Zhou Yang’s first professional gaming team. He was the youngest member of the squad at 22, but he was also the most experienced.

Zhou Yang remarked that the team’s youngest members, both 16, worked together to overcome difficulties and achieve success. According to him, he put his scholarly pursuits on hold while he was on the first trip.

He said that in China, it was the norm to practice for more than 12 hours a day with others and that before going to bed each night, he would think about how to beat his opponents.


14). Chu “Shadow” Zeyu Net Worth: ($1.955,458)

Chu Shadow Zeyu Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth

Source: Celeb Networth

Team Eclipse’s Carry, Chu Zeyu, takes on the position. He was born in China in 1997 and had been living there since he was a child.

When he wasn’t playing for Eclipse, he was with various other organizations such as Green Shoots Gaming, Immortal Magneto Gaming, Kefiran United, and Wings Gaming.

Eclipse, his current team, was founded in May 2017 and is based in China. In August 2016, Chu Zeyu hit the $100,000 mark.

When he played in The International 2016, he won $1,827,800.40 in prize money, the highest money he has ever won in a single event.

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13). Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida Net Worth: ($1,962,687)

Zhang Faith_bian Ruida Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth

Source: Liquipedia

Dota 2 player Zhang Ruida hails from China. Before he turned 18, Zhang Ruida had raked in over $10,000 from three events. The year he was born was 1998.

He now plays the position of Offlaner for Team EHOME. Many people consider him to be the world’s best mechanical Offlaner. Before joining EHOME, he had stints with Speed Gaming. Cn, Wings Gaming, and Team Random.


12). Zhang “Y.’” Yiping Net Worth: ($1,962,747)

Zhang Y. Yiping Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth


In his native China, Zhang Yiping is the number two rated player. He was born in 1998, which makes him a teen. He played in 23 Tournaments to win the current amount of prize money.

While at Speed Gaming. cn, he was captain of Team Wings and played for Wings Gaming, Team Random, and EHOME. Team EHOME has assigned him the positions of Support and Captain.

According to Yiping, each tournament has been a unique experience with its own set of pressures, thrills, and buildup to the big day itself.

His and his team’s goal is to become better at the games as they’ve been upgraded and released in new versions. He and the other members of his crew like to give their friends and other players different nicknames. Another player was given the nickname “Fat Headed Fish” because he was grumpy at the time.

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11). The “Aui 2000” Kurtis Net Worth: ($1.971,547)

The Aui 2000 Kurtis

Source: Liquipedia

Kurtis Dota 2 player Daniel Ling is from Canada and is currently rated as the best globally. Since his debut in 1999, he’s been with 14 different organizations, including Animal Planet.

He was nine years old when he started playing DotA for the first time. After a while, he joined the StarCraft club at the University of British Columbia, where he had his first competitive experience.

He became interested in Dota 2 game after reading about the tournament’s $1.6 million prize fund. Even though he was a sociology student, he had to work two jobs to pay his way through college.

He worked as a grocery store stocker and a janitor at a preschool. While he’s been a professional gamer, he’s done a lot of things. Icy Planet signed Ling in January 2018, and the squad has been performing well since.


10). Ii Peng Net Worth: ($1,998,867)

Ii Peng Net Worth Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth

Source: Celeb Networth

Before xiao8 asked him to join team Big God, Li Peng was well-known as a “pub star” in Shanghai. After two months with Big God, he switched to Wings Gaming.

At Summit 5, ESL One Manila 2016, and The International 2016, Ice and the Wings squad came out. He continues to play professionally as a Support for the Sun Gaming squad.


9). Clinton “Fear” Loomis Net Worth: ($2,457,351)

Clinton Fear Loomis Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth

Source: GOSU.AI

In his hometown of Medford, Oregon, Clinton Loomis now lives in Orange County, California, with his fiancé and their two dogs. After a while, he declared his retirement from the game, but he continued to coach.

Many people consider the American to be one of the greatest players from the United States in the last 10 years. Loomis can play a variety of positions and compete at the highest level no matter where he plays.

The Evil Geniuses include him as a part-owner and captain, although he’s considered an excellent complement to most squads. He was the captain of “Plug Pullers Inc.”

when Loomis first started playing Dota. They were one of the first to be sponsored by complexity Gaming in early 2006.

At the time, Loomis was widely regarded as the most outstanding player globally and served as an inspiration for newcomers to the game.

Loomis returned to professional golf in 2017-18 after taking a break from it for a while. As a result of his dominance in Dota during his career, Evil Geniuses created a video series on his life and a line of merchandise just for him.

Another Evil genius Dota 2 player, Clinton “Fear” Loomis won The International 2012, the largest “Dota 2” tournament in the world, and brought in $1,326,932.14 USD. Previously, he played for Plug Pullers INC, on-line Kingdom play top-rated Dota 2 players in EG.

Moreover, he trained the video game team of Evil geniuses for The International 2014 and ESL One city in 2014.

He has played 44 tournaments and won half a dozen championship titles and other awards. Currently, his annual income is a staggering $1.3 million us dollars.


8). Maroun “GH” Merhej Net Worth: ($ 2,507,653)

Maroun G Merhej Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth


Maroun Merhej was born in Lebanon and raised in the United States. Internet cafés are the most popular places for gamers to congregate, and advertisers frequently pay the players to play there.

Because high-speed internet connections for the home are prohibitively costly, most gamers must travel a long distance to play at internet cafés. Despite his anonymity, he’s well-known in his nation for his gaming prowess.

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He was a law student in college who gamed to pass the time since he couldn’t find work he liked. Ninety-nine percent of his wins came when he was playing for Team Liquid.

Veteran gamer Kuroki scouted him and brought him to Team Liquid. Because of his late-game talents, Shadow Fiend is now his favorite hero to play. According to the FIFA World Rankings, Lebanese soccer club Merhej is rated first in the country and eighth globally.


7). Peter “ppd” Dager Net Worth: ($2,646,776)

Peter pp Dager Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth

Source: ESTNN

Peter Dager was born and raised in Indiana, but after winning The International, he relocated to San Diego, California. He’s been promoted to the position of Evil Geniuses’ new CEO.

While he no longer competes professionally in Dota, he still employs his leadership abilities as a team captain to improve communication and unite the members.

Winning was always his aim while he was actively participating in Dota 2. As a coach, he brings that same competitive attitude to the table.

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Ever since he was in his early teens, he’s been involved in Dota gaming. Even though his parents did not encourage him to pursue gaming as a career, he has established himself in the business and amassed considerable wealth as a result.

He considers eSports to be a remarkable development in modern society. In his opinion, anybody interested in gaming, regardless of whether or not they play it, may contribute. The company, he added, needs a wide range of talents to keep the team successful in the future.

Peter Dager a 23-year-old American player and is presently the captain of team Evil Geniuses. The last 2 years for Peter are some of the best that anyone may ask for in e-Sports.

Peter has won 99 of his money – or $572,000 – taking part in Dota two. In 2014, Peter won $313,000 from nineteen tournaments, together with $207,000 once Evil Geniuses placed third within the International 2014.

For having solely been playing professionally since 2012, you can’t really ask for a far better start or career than Peter’s.


6). Sumail Hassan Net worth: ($2,676,991)

Sumail Hassan Net worth Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth

Source: Celebrity Cowboy

Sumail Hassan is a Pakistani Esports gamer. Three of his family members share his tiny flat, which is a total of 8 members. His family moved to the United States so that he may continue his Dota 2 career.

A 15-year-old boy, when recruited, had no professional experience and had never even lived outside of his home state of California. However, he soon established himself as a player after garnering a stellar reputation for himself.

Eragon went from low to high in the tournament rankings as soon as he joined and won. Sumail was the first person under 30 to win a million dollars playing video games. In addition, he was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Teens of 2016.

As the youngest ever gamer to surpass $1 million (£763,570) in earnings, Karachi-born Sumail Hassan is one of the most recognizable figures on the eSports scene.

He was featured in Time magazine’s high 30 influential teenagers of 2016 and was a core member of the Evil Geniuses team that won the International in 2015.

He has remained with Evil Geniuses ever since and can also represent Team USA within the upcoming WESG tournament alongside his brother Yawar.

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5). Lasse Urpalainen Net Worth: ($2,889,227)

Lasse Urpalainen Net Worth Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth


Finland has claimed Matumbaman as a Champion. He is the greatest player in Finland’s history. On March 3, 1995, he was born. Lase Aukusti Urpalainen is the official name of this species.

His squad is called Team Secret. URPALAINEN, MASTURBAMAN is Lasse’s alternative id. Carrying and Solo Middle are fundamental roles. Lone Druid, Lycan, and Brood’s mother are Matumbaman trademark heroes.

He amassed a magnificent net worth of $3,767,278 as a result of his winning competition. The OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division awarded him a $200,000 reward in 2020 after his team won 3:0 against them.

In 2017, he became a member of Team Liquid, where he worked with players like Miracle-, MinD Control, GH, and Kuroky.

The Fin player is currently a member of Team Liquid. He values more than $3.4 Million. He previously played for the roaster team in 2017 a period after they won the international award. At 23, the gamer has received such a lot of success within the eSports field.

He is one of the professional players of 2017 and still in the list of the richest and professional players in the world.


4). Ivan Borislavov Ivanov Net Worth: ($2,889,522) 

Ivan Borislavov Ivanov Net Worth Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth

Source: Celeb Networth

MinD Control identifies as a nationalist Bulgarian. He is a well-known professional gamer in the area. On January 20, 1995, I was born.

Team Nigma member who contributes to the team’s success. Offline is the most fundamental of the roles. Mind Control, MindControl, and MC are all possible alternative IDs.

Ivan Borislavov Ivanov is his full name in Romanized form. Dark Seer, Nature’s Prophet, and Beachmaster are some of his more memorable characters. He has a substantial net worth of $4,580,493.

In a variety of contests, Ivan has won significant sums of money. In 2018, he won the China Dota 2 Supermajor game tournament, earning a total of $555,000 and a 3:2 victory over the competition’s other competitors.

2017 saw him as a member of Team Liquid, which featured members such as MATUMBAMAN, Miracle-, MinD-Control, GH, Kuroki, and other notable players.

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3). Saahil Arora Net Worth: ($2,953,956) 

Saahil Arora Net Worth Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth

Source: Trendrr

Saahil is an American patriot who also happens to be a terrific professional player with exceptional abilities. It is referred to as a Universe. Sarah Arora was born on October 11, 1989, and went by the name of Sarah.

He is no longer a participant in a game. On April 23, 2020, he announced his retirement from the Dota gaming tournament. The universe is his alternative identifier, “I was an Offlaner and a Support guy in the game”.

He has accumulated a net worth of 3,063,415 dollars. Dark Seer, Faceless Void, and Tide hunter are three of the universe’s most recognizable heroes.

His most recent victory came at The Manila Masters in 2017, when he took home a prize of $125,0000 after finishing third with a score of 3:1. ppd was a member of the Evil Geniuses in 2015, including Fear, Sumail, Universe, Aug 2000, and ppd, who were all co-players.

Saahil “Universe” Arora is an American Dota two-player who is presently offline (a position in the game) for Evil Geniuses Saahil has to contend professionally since 2011, though his best years were beyond any doubt 2014, and currently 2015.

He won $312,000 from 18 tournaments in 2014, as well as $207,000 once Evil Geniuses placed third in the International 2014.

He has so far won $258,000 in 2015, from 2 tournaments, $256,000 of that coming back from Evil Genius’ DAC 2015 1st-place win.


2). Miracle Net Worth: ($3,128,079)

Miracle Richest Gamers In The World with Net worth


Amer Barqawi is Jordanian, Amman. He is a skilled gamer with clear group responsibilities. He manages the mid-game position and may also transmit it in the game. He rivals Team Liquid Dota 2 right now.

The base camp of the Group Liquid is in the Netherlands, and its troops are now the most convincing in eSports. Barqawi was a key Team Liquid player.

He received the 2016 grant from the Esports Rookie of the Year. He also reached 9000 MMR and is named the main Dota player as such. He needed to pass Aliwi “W33” Omar, who was huge. Barqawi started playing at the age of twelve.

He accepted his sibling’s clues in Defense of the Ancients 1. Its net total value is $4,793,035. He played so brilliantly that he started winning.

His game identification was obtained from his campaneros, who nicknamed him “The Miracle Boy.” Along with Team Liquid, Barqawi won the $10.8 million prize at the International 7 Dota Championships. Barqawi is now ranked number two in the globe and number one in his own country of birth.


1). Kuro Salehi Takhasomi Net Worth: ($3,549,039)

Kuro Salehi Takhasomi

Source: ESTNN

Kuro Takhasomi is a Dota 2 player from Berlin, Germany, playing the game for quite some time. He was formerly a member of the Dota: Allstars team.

Many people regard him as one of the best Dota players of all time, and he is consistently ranked in the top five. At just four years of age, he began to play competitively in the sport of basketball.

He started to play Nintendo games. He has accumulated a total net worth of 45,200,716 dollars. When his legs were damaged, he was able to regain some of his remarkable mental faculties.

He took great pleasure in playing computer games on a very high level of intensity. His passion for playing developed into professional zeal, and he has amassed a substantial earnings record that spans more than a decade of activity.

Every year that he has participated, he has seen a steady increase in his prizes. In 2008, he was not even 18 years old, but he won his first monetary prize, which came from a single competition.

The years 2008 to 2017, when he earned $123.34 and $2,436,667.40, respectively, have been the best in his playing career thus far.

He was a champion in 36 of his tournaments, a runner-up in 12 of his games, and a third-place or semi-finalist in 16 of his tournaments.

He is the highest-ranking acquiring player from Germany, and he is ranked first in the most significant by and large revenue categories.

Kuroki is also essential for Team Liquid, an alliance of nine groups with considerable power in various video gaming genres.



There is a close, highly intellectual, often hidden community of eSports millionaires. Most of their interview questions revolve around video games, whether they ever answer any questions at all.

They spend most of their hours playing video games to sharpen and polish their abilities. They form invitational teams with the sole purpose of competing for a prize.

They want to win because it would be wonderful to achieve and receive a large sum of money if they did. Above is the most recent information on Top 15 of the industry’s most successful esports gamers worldwide.


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