Top 10 Strongest Beers in the World

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You were at a bar, and you decided to order a stout there. The alcohol level of the drink was 12%. After you’ve had your fill of this beer, you’ll notice that it has a noticeable impact on your body.

Since you are already feeling tipsy, you have begun to ponder the topic of how potent beers may become and what kinds of beers are considered to be the most potent in the world.

Some of the world’s strongest beers have alcohol levels that are higher than 60%. You read that sentence correctly. But why do they even make beers that are this potent in the first place? Let’s be honest: while making these beers, a lot of these beer makers didn’t put much thought into the flavour or quality of their products.

Some of the beer makers did it because they wanted a new challenge, some did it because they wanted to break the record for the world’s strongest beer, and a few did it because they wanted to improve the flavour of their beer. If you consider yourself to be a true beer nerd, you owe it to yourself to sample each of them at least once. But without wasting any more time, let’s find out which beers throughout the globe have the highest alcohol content.


10.   Koelschip Obilix’s

Obilix - Brouwerij 't Koelschip | Photos - Untappd

The fact that Koelschip made it into the list twice is promising. The Obilix was the brewery’s first entry into the category of world’s strongest beers, and it proved to be a resounding success.

The short shelf life of the limited-edition beer didn’t prevent it from leaving an indelible mark on the market and showing an increased need for powerful alcoholic beverages.


9.   Baladin Esprit de Noel

Esprit De Nöel

The Baladin Esprit de Noel, Italy’s strongest beer, is a premium offering. Esprit de Noel has been matured in oak barrels for three years, a technique that is suited for a beverage inspired by the country’s illustrious wine regions.

This brew is a must-try for every craft beer fan, thanks to its silky texture and subtle hints of wood and chocolate.

8.   Beer Utopias

Samuel Adams Utopias 2009 | While waiting for the 2011 vinta… | Flickr

And last, the one at the very bottom of the list is going to get here from the United States. The Sam Adams brewery developed a beverage that has an alcohol by volume (ABV) content of 28%.

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In this particular instance, obtaining a high alcohol content was not as important as getting the flavour just right. The beer has aromas of fruit and malt and is finished with a touch of sweetness.



7.   BrewDog

BrewDog Hop Rocker | A bottle of Hop Rocker from BrewDog bre… | Flickr

BrewDog, a Scottish brewery, is responsible for the creation of Tactical Nuclear Penguin. In addition to concentrating on producing craft beer, the brewery also has beer bars in Brussels and Paris. Both of these bars serve beer.

In spite of the fact that their primary emphasis is on producing high-quality craft beer, they decided to take on an ambitious Endeavor and make the strongest beer in the world.

The alcohol-by-volume (ABV) level of the beer is 32%. The intention was to draw attention to Scotland as a destination for craft brews and to generate excitement about the region.

6.   Beer Struise Black Damnation

De Struise Brouwers Black Damnation V Double Black | Flickr

Belgium, which is well-known for producing beers of high quality, has also contributed a robust one to this discussion.

The Struise Brewery produced an imperial stout with a 39% alcohol content. The flavour of the other strong beers is questionable, but the flavour of this stout beer was improved by the use of powerful alcohol.

The end product is a delicious beer that has hints of coffee, chocolate, and peaty whiskey in it. Although it did not take first place for the strongest beer, it has an excellent harmony between the flavour and the amount of alcohol it contains.

5.   The PT’s Punch Beer

Alcohol Images | Free Food & Beverage Photography, HD Wallpapers, PNGs & Illustration Graphics - rawpixel

A brewery in California known as Rock Bottom Campell has produced a beer with an alcohol content of 56%. The factory is located on the opposite side of the planet. It is a pale ale that has had guava, orange, and passion fruit infused into it.

This one is much simpler to consume in comparison to the others that were discussed.

Because Beer Esprit de Noel Italy did not want to be left off the list, a company called Balandin made up a version of the beverage that included 40% alcohol.

Because it has spent three years aging in oak barrels, the beer has taken on the appearance of wine rather than beer. It has a velvety mouthfeel with hints of chocolate throughout.

4.   Schorschbrau

Schorschbrau SchorschBock 16 'World Strongest' Lager Beer, Bavaria, Germany | prices, stores, product reviews & market trends

The well-known Scottish company that is in control of the record for the strongest beer ever produced has also, working together with the German brewery Schorschbrau, produced another powerful beverage.

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A Belgian Golden Ale that has been matured in whiskey barrels is combined with Eis bock to create this unique beer. The freezing of the beer followed by the reblending of the brew is what the Eis bock process entails.

In addition, the Schorschbrau brewery in Germany has made its own attempts to create the strongest beer in the world on its own. According to what the name says, the Schorschbock 57 contains 57% alcohol.

Some people have compared it to having a burning sensation in their throat. Be careful how much you drink!

3.   The Future Begins Beer

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) | Alcohol abuse disorder | Alcohol disorder

Now, the minimum amount of alcohol in your drink must be at least 60 percent. This ale was first brewed at a small brewery located in the Netherlands. It was formerly recognized as the beer with the highest alcohol content in the world.

This beer was produced more with the intention of breaking a record than with the intention of focusing on the Flavors that should be present in beer. As a result, many individuals who have tasted it have not appreciated the taste.

2.    The Armageddon of Beer

Armageddon Beer | The world's strongest beer at 65%. Ingredi… | Flickr

Try the somewhat less potent Armageddon instead of the Snake Venom if the former is too intense for you. Long before Snake Venom was even an idea, the same brewer created it.

The alcohol content is 65%, and the concept behind it was to create something that was perfectly balanced between a beer and a whiskey. It is still a pretty strong sensation, so you should proceed with care if you decide to attempt it.

1.    Beer made with snake venom

Real snake and scorpion wine on sale (Detail) | Snake wine (… | Flickr

Snake Venom won the competition to determine which beer is the strongest in the world. Because it has an alcohol content of 67.5%, the beer is sold with a warning label. You read that sentence correctly.

The brewery is located in Aberdeenshire, which is located in Scotland. Because the brewmaster had the desire to produce unique beers, he came up with the idea for the Snake Venom in 2013.

The smoked peat malt, two different yeasts, lager, and champagne are the four ingredients that go into making the brew. The tongue can still detect notes of malt, hops, and caramel in spite of the high alcohol content.

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Can you name the world’s strongest beer?

Brewmeister Snake Venom is the world’s strongest beer. The Scottish beer is the heaviest on the market, with a bottled alcohol content of 67.5%.

The Brewmeister Snake Venom, where can I get some?

Some alcohol wholesalers, including Drink Supermarket, Amazon, and the Brewmeister site, sell the Snake Venom. However, you should know that it will cost you close to $80 USD for a bottle of this robust beer.

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Can you consume 100 per cent alcohol?

As pure ethanol, it is very lethal since it dehydrates living organisms until they die. Due to its equilibrium condition of 95% ethanol and 5% water, pure ethanol efficiently desiccates cells. Because of this, consuming pure alcoholic beverages is not recommended.


It’s important to go over terminology now that we’ve dove into the list of the world’s strongest beers. Beer gets its ethanol and carbonation from the fermentation of the starch sugars in the wort.

Hops are used in the brewing process of almost all current beers, and they provide a pleasant bitterness. The reason this understanding is vital is because the fundamental definition of what is and is not a beer is very disputed.

It’s a key reason you will find more than one brewery claiming to offer the strongest beer in the world. Brewmeister’s Snake Venom, for example, has to be among the world’s highest ABV beers; but, since it is fortified with extra alcohol, many people don’t count it.

Some purists object to the “freeze distillation” process that breweries like BrewDog and Schorschbrau use to increase alcohol content. It’s not enough for brewers throughout the world to claim that their beer is the strongest in the world; they have to really make it.

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