Ready Set Go: A Quick Preview Of The Ascot Racing Schedule

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Horse racing is considered a popular sport in many countries, including Australia. One of the major racecourses in the country is located in Perth.

The Ascot Racecourse is regarded as the grand old lady of Australian racecourses. It’s the headquarters of the Western Australian Turf Club, which organizes different racing events.

The Ascot Racing Carnival, Railway Stakes, and Perth Cup are among the major racing events returning to the Ascot Racecourse.

Minor races are also happening in the said racecourse today and in the following months. Here’s a quick preview of the seven thoroughbred races in the historical Ascot Racecourse that happened today.


Race 1

In Race 1 which started around 3:49 PM, the six horses were already at the starting line for the 1000m race. Pundits forecasted that the horse named Invisible String would be the winner.

The horse was a prominent figure in the Ascot Racecourse. They also predicted that the Magnum horse would be a strong contender as it had just won its maiden Pinjarra title.

To the surprise of many, the horse named Ultimate Command breezes through the racecourse. It won the race over the heavy favorites Invisible String and Magnum.

Many fans and pundits would now notice and support Ultimate Command if it were racing tomorrow since they already know that it would be in command of such a race.


Race 2

It was another surprise win from an underdog horse named Amelia’s Trust in Race 2 1000m distance. Such a race happened at 4:24 PM and was participated in by ten racers. Amelia’s Trust was forecasted to perform fairly during this race. It has never won a race in its entire racing career.

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Pundits were focused on two horses – Oregon Hiker and Star Power. The pundits predicted Oregon Hiker to finish strong in the race as it has recently been freshened and has a more experienced and furnished galloper.

Pundits also predicted that Star Power would be a major player in the race as it was already finishing strong in its previous races. Yet, the trust between Amelia’s Trust and its jockey catapulted it to a win.


Race 3

The 1400m Race 3 was participated by ten horses. Among the horses, the attention was focused on Buckets Ridge and Investment Strategy. Pundits and fans have considered Buckets Ridge as a strong horse racer.

It has continuously improved since its race debut. The experienced William Pike was tapped to take the helm of the horse racer.

Unlike the previous races, this race that started at 4:59 PM was won by one of the race favorites. Pundits earlier predicted that Investmentstragety has a significant chance of winning the race.

It has always been placed in its previous races, giving it due consideration before the race started. Indeed with the right strategy, it claimed the win.


Race 4

It was 5:35 PM when the 1200m race started. Nine horse racers were signed up to participate, but one could not finish the race. The pundits and fans forecasted that the Exceltrain and Budgerigar horses would finish strong in the race.

Exceltrain has always been excellent and described as an excellent key player by the pundits. At the same time, Budgerigar was also a strong and competitive horse racer besting other former race winners. However, the horse named Kelvinate rode below the pundits’ radar even though it was perfectly drawn to the race.

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Race 5

Race 5 had ten initial horse racers, but three were scratched. The distance of the race was 1200m. It started around 6:16 PM. Pundits and fans thought that horses named Pompey and Givemeonereason would be race favorites.

Indeed, Givemeonereason has been running a great race. It had proven that it could best other former winners and have a good strategy for this racecourse when it placed third. In comparison, Pompey has also shown consistency in the rankings.

Pundits and fans described it as a good and competitive horse racer ready to erupt its greatness this season.


Race 6

This 6:47 PM race with a 1400m distance was participated by 12 horse racers. Many considered Sesswa and Central Force as strong winners for the race. Central Force is a horse racer winner that favorably has used its experience and skills in winning horse racing.

While Sesswa was legitimately crowned race winner, it came with no shock as it has the best horse racing record among the participant horse racers. It has many great skills that other horses do not have. Sesswa indeed used these skills significantly.


Race 7

Fifteen horse racers participated in Race 7, but two were scratched. The 1600m race started around 7:21 PM. The heavy favorites of the race were horses named Kia Ora Jewel, and Juan Won One.

Kira Ora Jewel has been described as a strong contender beating other winners in previous races. The experienced William Pike also stayed to steer it as a jockey. While Juan Won One is a consistent finisher having strong finishes in races.

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In Conclusion

With the conclusion of the recent races in the Ascot Racecourse, there have been many takeaways from it: Race favorites don’t always win the race, Consistency is key for winning races, and most importantly, underdogs shouldn’t be taken for granted. Horse Racing is such an exciting and unpredictable sport, and the previous races mentioned above show exactly that.


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