Top 20 Toughest Exams In The World

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List of Top 20 Toughest Exams In The World, The higher education competition from a premiere institution is cutting off in today’s scenario with millions and trillions of candidates. The exam is one of the worst optimistic dreams.

The tests are more difficult and competitive as we grow up. Examinations are the shove every single person needs. The competition between the applicants to score higher marks help them to work harder and motivate themselves.

Not only does it increase the knowledge but it also helps the scientist deal with any difficult situation in life.

To aspirants, the profession is extremely important and this is the era when several scholars will bundle in and open their notes to review the arrangements for the dreaded exams. Students should attend assessments as a medium to assess their level of knowledge in a specific subject. These tests are difficult to break.



Nvidia produces Graphics Processing Units both for the game market and for the mobile computing platform on a chip package.

It is one of the 25 best companies that perform the toughest exam, according to Glassdoor. The collection is made in two stages. The first experiment covers topics such as a final state computer, pipelines, cache control, virtual CMOS development, and C programming principles. A technical interview is the next phase.

Instead of dwelling on how technologically stable you are, the formalities are not what you have certificates.



Astronaut scholars NASA accepts a request on a required basis for their position.

In addition to the graduation, the candidates must have had at least 3 years of related, increasingly accountable, academic and minimum 1000 experience as a graduate.

NASA selection is an interview and medical screening that lasts a week. For civilian as well as military applicants under final review, the implementation is required.


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The Student Scholastic Performance Assessment is a comprehensive student assessment.

In 1994, it was made official and was operated by the Curriculum and Evaluation Korea Institute. The test is commended for its performance, strong results internationally, and meritocratic element.

Also, CSAT explains “the opportunity to make a work or to break it up.” Around 20% of students demand the test again.


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In the United States, Canada, Australia and elsewhere as well, LSTA has been a part of the admission process. The test started in 1948 and since 1991, the current examination structure has been used.

The LSAT was designed to measure 3 competencies: quantitative and logical reasoning and comprehension of learning. The exam consists of six parts: four sections with several different options, one section with one text and one section with experiments.

Four times a year it is conducted. Nevertheless, after two years, the nominee may not appear more than three times.



The Indian Management Institute (IIM) is responsible for the selection of academics to undertake their business administration program annually by the Common Admission Test (CAT).

It is a test based on a computer. CAT is a three-hour assessment to assess the applicants ‘ abilities in objective terms, learning awareness, interpreting data, verbal capacity, and practical explanation.

More than 2 lakhs are hoped for every year and 1500 are admitted to IIMs only.



The IES is a UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) hybrid academic examination administered in India. The test consists of a Test of General Aptitude, a Technical Purpose Report and an Interview.

This is one of the most wanted areas after the examination is cleared, as lucrative employment opportunities exist.



USMLE is a multidisciplinary review in the United States under the auspices of NBME and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). The USMLE is an externally sponsored examination.

This exam gives an MD to a doctor. In the nation to practice medicine. The assessment consists of a three-part process that measures the applicant’s knowledge and ability to apply his medical expertise.

This is a 16-hour test in two days, with a period of 8 hours per day. There are 454 questions with multiple choices and the full 1 hour to rest for the candidates every day.



This is a UK entry training test for lawyers with nine schools taking part. The exam takes two hours and 25 minutes and is designed to assess comprehension of learning and logical reasoning.

There are a speech and an essay afterward. It is a respected assessment with an average score of 22,3/42 in the 2014/15 review.


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CALIFORNIA BAR EXAM Toughest Exams In The World

The examination at the California Bar takes place in the USA. Two times a year (in February and July) is the most complicated bar examination.

The test lasts 18 hours and is split into three days. Three essay questions in the morning and a performance test in the afternoon take place on the first days.

In the morning and in the evening, on the second day, the candidate has to answer 100 Multistate Bar Questions. The third day is followed by the first day. The lowest rate of success for any US exam, and the success rate varies from 35 to 55%, is the California Bar Exam.

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The CA examination is a three-tier exam by the Indian Chartered Accountants Association (ICAI). The assessment takes place in India. The Standard Competitiveness Test (CPT) is the first step.

The second is the Integrated Competency Course (IPCC). The second tier of practice. The IPCC contains a total of seven issues grouped into 4 and 3 classes.

The last test, dubbed the CA Last Test, unceremoniously mix blood, sweat, and tears to render the most challenging exams in the world. The CA test success rate ranges from 8% to 16%.



The Diploma Test Masters Sommelier is known as the most rigorous test in the world. Aspirants don’t understand how selective managers can be during the test the examination is divided into 3 parts including theory, services, and blind degustation.

Consequently, in the third phase, most participants struggle and try to reappear in the three. The applicant tries it on average two to three times, with some attempting six times.

The test, which took place 40 years ago in the UK, was selected for this test and only 200 applicants have been selected.



Oxford University in London conducts this examination. To receive a bachelor’s degree at the university the test must be cleared.

The test consists of four documents, each of which is three hours long. When only two participants are chosen every year the level of complexity can be evaluated.

To answer these questions through tests, one needs immense amounts of accurate and extremely brainstorming skills.



It is a technical certification that the CFA does not necessarily reflect an assessment given at the US CFA Institute globally. It has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the world’s difficult test.

The “CFA Charter” is given for applicants who successfully complete the program and meet all technical conditions and become “CFA Charter holders.”

Only 1/5th of the applicants clear the test every year after a number of repeated attempts. Two goals and one essay type documents are included. In the last decade, only 9% of the students had passed all three levels consecutively. The examination has an enormously harsh reputation with success rates that are up to 32%.



GRE is a generic assessment maintained since 1949 by the Educational Testing Services (ETS) and must be taken at many colleges in the United States that provide higher education.

The test can be done online and offline. There are 6 different sections that include portions of descriptive reading, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, question task, argument process, and analysis. This is one of the big exams for many students worldwide.



Mensa is the world’s largest and oldest IQ company. In 1946, Dr. Lancelot Ware (British scientist) and an attorney (at Lincoln College) in Oxford (UK) were founded by Roland Berrill (Australian barrister) in an attempt to create a society for smart people.

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A high IQ is the only leadership requirement in Mensa society. It is a non-profit organization accessible to people who achieve 98% or more on regulated IQ or other authorized information tests.

It is a non-profit organization. Various nations and national groups are subject to their own examination procedures. Mensa also has a framework for evaluating people on the basis of their skill performance.



In India, the central agency holds assessments to select all the country’s top governments. The IIT and GATE clearers find it difficult to clarify UPSC. It is seen as the most complicated test in the country.

The evaluation consists of three stages. The applicants answer objective questions at first, the second phase is an interrogation and then the qualitative one. Around three lakh scholars appear annually, only 1000 of whom are selected for the examination.



The JEE Advanced Institute is an engineering school entrance examination conceived in India and was previously known as the IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination).

The candidates who would like to be admitted to the most prestigious engineering institutes in India must clear it. JEE Main, including NITs, IIITs, CFTIs and IIEST, Shibpur, is the first stage of the exam, while JÉE Advanced is the second stage of the examination. This test is only allowed for the nominated aspirants from JEE Mains.


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The Gaokao National College Entrance Examination is an annual educational examination administered in China. This test is necessary for accessing virtually all undergraduate-level higher education institutions.

The examination is conducted for approximately nine hours over two days including subjects from Chinese and Mathematics in all of the tests. The average sum of the individual subjects is the general mark received by the candidates. It is the 8th most difficult test worldwide to break.



CCIE is an Internet professional management credential test offered by Cisco within its enterprise. Through 2 steps, the exam is split into 6 sections. The second phase is only approved for candidates passing the first phase.

The check lasts 8 hours during the realistic process and has a clearance level of 1 percent. According to Cisco, CCIE picks and credentials just 3% of applicants.



CCIE is an Internet professional management credential test offered by Cisco within its enterprise. Through 2 steps, the exam is split into 6 sections.

The second phase is only approved for candidates passing the first phase. The check lasts 8 hours during the realistic process and has a clearance level of 1 percent. According to Cisco, CCIE picks and credentials just 3% of applicants.



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